Red Sky at Night, Schoolboys Take Fright

by Jolyon Lewes

Chapter 4

"Daddy," said James Steadman, addressing his father who was seated imperiously in his study. "I've been invited to go climbing again in the Peak District, at Stanage Edge, the place the Headmaster took me to last month. Some of the boys have asked me to go back for a weekend at the end of August. Please may I go?"

"Yes, James, Mr Hemerdon has told me you showed promise there but as he will be climbing in the Andes he won't be able to supervise. Is there a young man who will take responsibility for you?"

"Yes, Daddy, his name is Colin and he's eighteen and a student at Sheffield University. He's a good climber and I'm sure I'd be in good hands. He's got a car and has offered to pick me up and drive me back again on the Sunday."

James paused, expecting his father to shake his head but instead, he looked at James and told him to continue.

"If you agree to let me go, Daddy, there's one thing I'd really need and that's a pair of proper climbing shoes. Of course, I'd also like some long trousers. Please may I have some?"

"Shoes I will gladly buy for you, James but not long trousers. You know I will not let you wear those until you have some hairs on your legs and begin to look your age."

"But Daddy, I beg you. I'm sixteen and boys of sixteen wear long trousers."

"But not you, James. You'll go in your school uniform - not your newest, an old one - and take PE kit for the climbing. And a pullover and gloves in case it's cold."

Sadly, James climbed the stairs to his bedroom and took out his PE kit: white cotton singlet and shorts, white socks and white plimsolls. Then he looked at the grey jackets and short trousers that comprised his school uniforms. The two newest suits James would be wearing when he joined the Sixth Form in September but also in his wardrobe were two grey jackets and three pairs of grey shorts he'd had for some time. He tried on each pair of shorts in turn. Only one pair still fitted, being looser round the waist than the others but much shorter in the leg. With inside leg length of only one inch this pair was even shorter than his PE shorts. A dismayed James looked at his reflection in the mirror.

'In these things people could see the start of my bottom,' he thought. 'God knows what Colin will think.'

Then James remembered some of the admiring words Colin had said to him at Stanage Edge. He'd even said that James was 'very good-looking.' James wondered whether Colin found him a bit sexy. Maybe these stupid little grey shorts would turn Colin on. To James's surprise he found himself with an erection and without warning his penis shot out of the right leg of the shorts and stood proudly horizontal, its tip a good four inches from the straining fabric of the shorts. Putting his hand on his wayward organ, James knew he'd never force the thing back inside his shorts until it had become flaccid. He imagined it wasn't his hand holding his penis but Colin's and this excited him still further.

James knew an emission was unavoidable and he grabbed a handkerchief and allowed his penis to pump frantically away. What had begun as a profoundly embarrassing situation had turned into one that was exhilarating. James mopped himself up and lay on his bed, thinking.

'Colin was ever so gentle with me at Stanage Edge,' he thought. 'If these stupid shorts turn him on and he wants to wank me it could be quite nice. It'd certainly make a change from always having to do it myself.'

James decided to wear the tightest underpants in his collection for the climbing weekend. 'I don't want my wretched thing popping out of my shorts willy-nilly.' Then he chuckled at the thought of a willy-nilly penis and stood up to remove the grey shorts. He set them down on a chair and instead of glaring at them in disdain, looked at them with a degree of fondness. 'You could just be the key to an interesting weekend.'

Next day his father took him to a sports shop and bought him some high-quality climbing shoes and a pair of PE shorts in black nylon and wickedly brief. James was now ready to pack his rucksack in readiness for Colin to collect him on Friday.

On Thursday night James had a dream that got him so aroused he only just managed to wake up in time to avoid messing the sheets, a crime that would result in the housekeeper informing Dr Steadman and James receiving yet another humiliating dressing down in his father's study. James had long believed his parents had never indulged in sex of any kind and wondered how he'd come to be in the world. Perhaps he'd been adopted as a baby.

Dr Steadman had been apoplectic when James's first sheet-soiling had been reported to him. This was two years earlier, in 1972. For a fortnight James had been forced to go to bed with an enormous iron key fastened with Elastoplast to the small of his back, making it painful for him to lie on his back. Back at boarding school, however, he was released from such degrading punishment and learnt that when he wanted to wank it was quite fun to lie on his tummy and 'shag the mattress,' as one of his dorm-mates put it.

Anyway, this dream of James's: it starred Billy, the gorgeous, fourteen-year-old boy with whom James was besotted. James hadn't seen Billy since the end of term and for two reasons the start of the new school term couldn't come quickly enough for James. Firstly, he'd see Billy again and secondly he'd escape his unhappy home life. As if his overbearing father and cold-hearted mother weren't enough, there were those dinner parties when James, always in one of his short-trousered suits, would be seated beside horrible old businessmen who'd spend the meal fondling his smooth, bare thighs.

In the dream, James was travelling alone on a train and into his compartment came a tearful Billy , wearing nothing but torn PE shorts and pair of plimsolls. With nobody else about, James clasped Billy to him and much cuddling ensued, then some kissing and the next thing was James's penis shooting from the right leg of his grey shorts and that was the signal for him to wake up in a panic.

When Colin arrived in his ancient Citroen to collect James he wasn't surprised to see the frowning youth in his humiliating short-trousered school uniform.

'Bloody hell,' thought Colin, 'I don't remember his shorts being so short! I can see bare bum!'

Colin regretted having chosen to wear his skin-tight jeans because his arousal would surely be spotted by James or, worse still, his father, who came out of the house with James.

Colin quickly shook hands with Dr Steadman then swiftly grabbed James's rucksack and put it in the car. He was glad to be back in the driving seat, especially as his erection hardened still further once he had had bare-legged James sitting beside him.

Off they sped. James, who'd seen the tent in Colin's jeans and had been privately pleased, was the first to speak.

"Last time I did this journey it was with old Hemline Hemerdon driving. Wretched man kept touching my legs."

"Sounds familiar," said Colin. "He was like that with Ollie and some of the other boys with hairless legs. My legs are hairy so he never tried it with me."

"I wish my legs would grow hairs. Only then will my father allow me long trousers."

"Look, James, you're very good-looking and your nice long legs are just lovely!"

"That's obviously what some of my father's dinner guests think. Horrible old men, constantly pawing at my thighs. They've no shame at all!"

"Would you mind if it was another boy doing it? Like your young friend Billy? Have you heard from him, by the way?"

"No, I haven't heard from him but I'd love it if he touched my thighs. Ollie did it when we went camping at Chatsworth and it was fabulous but Billy and I hardly touch each other. He's not keen on that sort of thing."

For a few minutes Colin was busy negotiating some very heavy traffic on the A610 in Eastwood and conversation was minimal. But in the countryside the road was quiet and Colin could once again admire James's entirely bare, well-bronzed thighs. He was slightly alarmed when James spoke again.

"I wouldn't mind if you touched my legs, Colin."

"Oh, gosh," said Colin. "D'you mean it?"


Colin slowed down a little and placed his left hand on James's right thigh and stroked very gently.

"Gosh, that's nice!" said Colin, his erection returning.

"Very nice," agreed James. "You can go higher if you like. All those old men do."

Colin slid his hand slowly up James's thigh until it had travelled a long way yet was still far from the hem of James's grey shorts.

"Gosh, this is a real treat! Sure you don't mind?"

"No, it's nice," said James. "I hope you didn't think I was saying you were like those old men."

Colin had to take his hand off James's thigh to change gear. He said "No, James but you mustn't get me too excited or I'll lose control - of the car! We've got two whole days together to look forward to. Did I tell you there'll only be a couple of others tonight? The rest arrive tomorrow."

"That'll be nice. Do I know any of them?"

"Four from last time but not Dan or Ollie. One of them's bringing his young cousin, about fifteen I think, so you won't be the youngest member of the team this time."

"But the only one in shorts, I bet."

"Very possibly, James. Look, you've just given me a treat. Will you give me another?"

James, now feeling flirtatious, shifted forward in his seat, making the hems of his shorts ride even higher up his bottom. But Colin wasn't thinking along quite the same lines.

"You always have this worried look, James. It'd be a real treat if you gave me one of your rare dazzling smiles!"

"You old softy!" said James, turning to Colin and smiling from ear to ear.

"Thank you, that's lovely! Now I'll tell you about my treat for you."

"Oh really?" said James, surprised and expecting some more touching.

"Yeah, I've got you some tights for climbing. You know, like what Dan wore. So unless you rip 'em, you'll have something to protect your beautiful legs."

"Oh, thanks a million, Colin!"

"My pleasure. They're a bit gaudy, all the colours of the rainbow but you only wear them for climbing, mind. The rest of the time you can look just like you look now, which I find highly appealing, as you've probably realised."

"I'm not used to words of admiration, so yours are very welcome."

"I mean it, James. You're bloody scrumptious!"

James didn't find Colin remotely scrumptious but wallowed in his kind words and hoped that his little fantasy of his penis being held and encouraged by Colin would soon turn out to be fact, not fiction.

And so it did, but not until some serious rock-climbing had taken place.

At the barn which Colin's climbing club used as their clubhouse, James saw two of the boys he'd met back in July. They were on their way with ropes and other equipment to the rock face on which James, with the charismatic Dan and his good friend the gorgeous Ollie, had taken his first lessons. Alone in the barn with Colin, James wondered if there would be more touching but Colin wanted to get onto the rock and merely suggested they both get changed.

"I'd like you to have these tights, James. I bought them on Wednesday. They'll go nicely with your new climbing shoes and I suggest you wear PE shorts over them."

"Thank you very much," said James. "I've got some new PE shorts in black which will probably look more up to date than my sad old white ones."

"Can't wait to see you in 'em, so off with your school uniform!"

When James was ready Colin stood back to admire him. "Great colour scheme! White shirt, black shorts, multicoloured tights and red shoes. Quite an eye-turner. Gimme another smile!"

"Don't you have any tights?" asked a smiling James. "Or are you going to wear those skin-tight jeans again?"

"Gotta keep my horrible hairy legs out of sight in case they frighten you away."

"Oh, if only my legs would grow some hairs," said James, now looking mournful.

"Never mind, I like you just as you are! Let's get up that cliff."

Colin's aim was to get James to tackle some tricky climbs before the rest of the crowd arrived on Saturday and with help from the other two boys, that's exactly what happened, as well as some abseiling. James felt rather special in his colourful tights and as there were other climbers in tights on Stanage Edge that day he didn't feel conspicuous. What a change it was for him not to feel conspicuous.

That evening, however, he had to wear his little grey shorts again, albeit with his pullover, not his grey jacket, because Colin drove the four of them down to Hathersage for supper in a pub and 'sports kit' wasn't welcome there in the evenings. It suited Colin very well, because when James pulled down his pullover it extended below his grey shorts so made it look like he wasn't wearing anything below the waist. This effect was enhanced by the occasional peeping out of part of James's bare bottom. Colin wasn't the only one to observe this, as evidenced by a couple of old men who were - if you knew where to look - highly aroused by our young hero's appearance. Colin couldn't wait for bedtime.

Back at the barn, after a beer or two and some fish and chips at the pub, the other two boys made for the far end of the barn and were soon contentedly snoring in their bunks. Colin sat on his bunk and invited James to sit beside him.

"D'you want to talk about Billy?"

"Oh, gosh, Colin. I said a lot about him last time. I'm dying to see him again but I don't know what he really thinks of me - or whether he even thinks about me at all."

But if you found you had some time with him alone, what would you like to do with him?"

"Oh God - I don't know! Stroke his legs, kiss him, tickle his tummy, lick his ears - I really don't know!"

"You know, James - thanks to those little grey shorts you're a bit like a dog who wags his tail when he's happy. I can see your little friend is dying to get out - oh, and so he has! And not such a little friend, either!"

"Sorry, Colin, it's always happening when I get excited but I try to hide it from people. Oh Christ - it's so embarrassing!"

Colin enjoyed watching James trying without success to get his engorged penis back inside his shorts. He'd seen that James wore little briefs that would never be able to contain his penis when urging to express itself and wondered whether to recommend a jockstrap but decided a strong thong would be better, as the rear bands of a jockstrap would surely be visible below the hems of James's ridiculously short grey shorts.

"Imagine for a moment that I'm Billy," said Colin. "Would you like it if Billy held your cock?"

James's penis stiffened even more and he gave up trying to put it away. He asked Colin if he fancied him and Colin said "What do you think?"

A nice little interlude followed, with Colin, himself rigid with lust, encouraging James to climax, not that it needed much encouragement. When James has shot his load, into a vest he'd certainly not be wearing next day, Colin held the boy in gentle embrace for a minute or two then went out to 'check the weather,' much as he'd done after Ollie's caning back in July. As for James, he lay on his bunk, recalling how it had felt when Colin was holding his penis. It wasn't an altogether beastly experience and the thought of Billy doing it made James breathless with excitement.

Colin turned out to be a gentlemen and when he returned from his outdoor wank made no attempt to coerce James into more sex but simply said this.

"In the morning, the others and I will help you do that Hard Very Difficult climb you did last time and when the rest arrive you'll have done it and be a morning hero. So get some sleep, my sweet boy and we'll have more fun tomorrow."

He kissed James gently on the forehead and retired to his own bunk.

James was awake early and put on his new tights, then the black PE shorts, then his singlet and shoes and went out to gaze at Stanage Edge in the early morning light. If only Billy could see him there!

After breakfast all four boys went to the place where James had done that Hard Very Difficult climb. One boy went to the top and secured a rope for safety purposes but James would essentially be free-climbing. He'd be attached to the rope but it wouldn't help him climb, it was only to stop him falling to the ground if he made a mistake. Colin would be below James, making any suggestions necessary and enjoying the view of James's lithe body being tested to its limits.

Cutting a long story short, by ten o'clock James had made that climb twice, using different hand and foot holds on the second ascent and he was feeling jubilant. After all the congratulations one of the boys said he thought he could see reinforcements arriving. Having recovered the safety rope, the four boys walked along the top of Stanage Edge until in sight of the barn. Sure enough there was a Land Rover beside Colin's Citroen. Six boys were taking their stuff down to the barn. James looked and his heart missed a beat.

"Colin," he said. "One of those boys is Billy!"

"Well, fancy that! I knew he was coming but had to keep it secret. Now the world's your oyster, James. And now you know what to do with him! By the way, I see he's not in school uniform."

It was true. Billy was in jeans of the palest blue and a chunky, cream sweater. His golden hair glistened in the sun and he looked ravishing. Colin had an instant hard-on but James was still too shocked to react. Shocked but thrilled beyond measure.

"James," said Billy, when James and Colin had trotted up to the Land Rover. "You're the last person I expected to see here! I'd no idea you're into climbing. Nice tights, by the way."

Colin thought Billy looked a little embarrassed to see James, as if he wanted to keep associations with school at arm's length. Colin's suspicions were confirmed when Billy turned to his cousin and offered to help cart baggage to the barn. Colin saw James looking crestfallen so tried to buck him up.

"I can see what you mean about Billy. He's bloody fantastic! But I bet he doesn't know anything about rock-climbing. We'll let him do a bit of simple stuff then we'll show him how good you are."

"All those things we were saying last night," said James, mournfully, "and he can't even be bothered to stay and chat."

"I think he's as surprised as you are, my boy. I wonder what he'll wear for climbing. Those flared jeans will be no good at all. Maybe he's got some shorts. Let's look on the bright side."

"Oh God, if he's got shorts like the ones Ollie wears I won't be responsible for my actions!"

"That's my boy!" said Colin, slapping James around the shoulder. "Let's go and look!"

But Billy didn't change into shorts; he put on some much tighter jeans, jeans of dark blue that had seen better days, with gashes above the knee which, if you looked carefully, gave tantalising glimpses of bare thigh. One of the lads had made a brew of tea and all ten boys sat down to talk climbing. Billy must have got over the surprise of seeing James because he went to sit down beside him.

"How's the summer holiday going?" he said. "I've done some scrambling in Snowdonia which is why these jeans are ripped but I've never done rock-climbing before. Isn't it good to be away from school and having to wear those stupid little grey shorts all the time?"

James began to blush and Billy spotted it.

"Oh, God, sorry! I forgot your dad makes you wear shorts all the time at home."

"Yes, he does. I don't possess a single pair of long trousers, apart from pyjamas. I'd love some jeans like yours."

"Well, I like your tights, James. I bet your dad didn't buy them."

"No, he'd be livid if he saw me now. Colin gave them to me."

"Poor James. Look, we haven't shaken hands yet. Sorry if I was a bit rude when we met. It was such a shock to see you. But a nice shock cos I've been thinking of you quite a lot."

"Have you really, Billy? I think about you lots as well."

A wonderful feeling of warmth had spread across James's chest and as he shook hands, Billy shifted on the bench, moving closer to James. Now their knees were touching and James was filled with joy. He looked over at Colin and gave one of his dazzling smiles. Colin responded with a wink. And then went off for a wank.

Billy was taken off to be shown the rudiments of rock-climbing and James went off with Colin and a couple of others to do more serious stuff on Stanage Edge. His skills were improving rapidly and after lunch it wasn't only Colin who wanted to show Billy what James was capable of as most of the others also wanted to watch James tackle another Hard Very Difficult. Billy was clearly impressed and Colin noticed he was idly fiddling with one of the gashes on the right leg of his jeans, a gash that was slowly getting bigger.

Colin saw Billy's hand had moved a little higher up and was now massaging a growing bulge at the front of his jeans. He concluded that the gorgeous youngster was sexually aroused, his eyes fixed on the nimble figure of James now close to the top of his climb. Colin smiled as he thought he'd probably have no need to be the catalyst for fun to take place between James and Billy that night.

Standing at the top of the cliff, James waved jubilantly, delighted that Billy was waving back and smiling. The next thing Billy saw was James abseiling down to ground level and acknowledging the applause.

"You were fantastic!" said Billy, making James feel ten foot tall.

Before Billy could get too carried away he was led away by his cousin for some more basic instruction.

"We'll all be going down the pub later," James called after him. "I'll buy you a drink!"

When climbing was over for the day all ten boys gathered in the barn to change out of climbing gear. The weather had turned chilly and James knew he'd need his pullover but as he couldn't wear tights in the pub, nor PE shorts, all he had to wear were his ludicrous little grey school shorts.

Billy had changed into his pale blue jeans and looked over at James. "Bloody hell - you're never going to wear your school shorts!"

"No choice, said James, blushing. "I've no long trousers, remember?"

"But they're ridiculous," said Billy, walking over to James, "and verging on being rude! Turn round. Oh God, they're really rude! Let me lend you my jeans."

Billy was already unfastening his jeans when James turned to face him.

"But what will you wear?" asked James.

"My climbing jeans. They're a bit torn but maybe one day it'll be fashionable to have ripped jeans. Come on, get those stupid things off!"

Billy's pale blue jeans felt warm and wonderful. A bit short at the ankle but otherwise a good fit and James felt decent at last. Down at the pub he bought Billy a glass of Woodpecker cider and for himself a pint of bitter. Actually, James gave Colin the money; at eighteen Colin was old enough to buy alcohol, unlike James and Billy.

When it was time to eat, James and Billy sat beside each other and Colin sat beside Billy's cousin.

"That gash in your jeans." said James, "the one at the top of your thigh, it seems to have got bigger."

"Must have caught it on something," said Billy. "And anyway these jeans are a bit too tight. But actually I made it bigger while I was watching you on that climb. Look, I put my finger in and sort of rip the fabric."

"Oh," said James. "It's a bit distracting."

"Well, stop peeping then!" said Billy with a cheeky giggle.

James was seeing a different side to Billy from that which he'd found himself worshipping at school. Here was an altogether more confident Billy, more chatty, even a little flirtatious. James loved it and try as he may, couldn't stop looking at that rip in Billy's jeans and the smooth, golden skin of Billy's thigh thus revealed.

Halfway through his cottage pie Billy said to James "Go on, then..."

"Sorry," said James. "What d'you mean?"

"The rip in my jeans. Why don't you put your finger in and do a bit of ripping?"

"Oh, I couldn't," whispered James. "I mean, what if your cousin saw me?"

"Come on, James, look at him and Colin - they look as though they're in each other's trousers already! Don't worry - my cousin won't say anything!"

James glanced about to check Billy's leg wasn't in anybody else's field of view and then gently moved his left hand to Billy's right knee. He felt Billy give a little shiver and slowly moved his hand until his forefinger reached the big rip.

"Go on, then," whispered Billy, tensing his leg.

James continued to eat his food with his right hand but his left hand was under the table, working away at the rip. Then he felt the denim giving way just a tiny bit and now, to his great excitement, he could get two fingers in.

"Oh James, you've given me a heck of a hard-on," murmured Billy, dreamily.

On the return to the barn in Colin's car, Billy's rip somehow got even bigger and now extended halfway round his leg. The sun had long set but there was enough light to go for a walk, which is exactly what Billy suggested.

"It's bloody cold now so as we've both got to spend the winter at school with our legs bare why don't we get some practice in. You could wear your grey shorts and I'll wear my PE shorts."

"And if we get cold we can have a cuddle," said James, tentatively.

"You bet! And we don't even have to wait till we get cold!"

Billy was now taking charge of James and James didn't mind a bit.

"You know I've got a collection of unusual fir cones," said Billy.

"Yeah, when we walk in the woods at school you're always hunting for them."

"Well, why do you think I like 'em?"

"Can't imagine."

"Think about it, James. If you shove one in your underpants it makes it look like you've got a hard-on. The bigger the cone the more massive the hard-on. I do it in chapel sometimes and hope people will notice."

"Oh God, Billy, that's hilarious!"

"You should try it some time."

"I don't need to. If I get excited my thing pops out of my shorts and it's a bugger of a job to get it in again. Anyway, in my stupid little shorts there'd be no room for a fir cone, even a little one."

"Oh yeah, you're so right. Poor James, I really feel for you."

"Do you?"

"Yes and I want to feel you right now. Look, there's a fabulous red sky - let's make a wish."

Both boys stood looking at the blazing western sky and were silent. Then Billy asked James what he'd wished for.

"A new school year with you as my best friend. What about you?"

"My wish was far naughtier," said Billy. "I wished you'd wear your tiny grey shorts tonight and we snuggled up and fiddled with each other."

"I can't believe this," said James, breathlessly. "It's a dream come true!"

Colin appeared from nowhere. "I've just been for a wank. It's a red sky at night but Hemline Hemerdon isn't here so no need for you two schoolboys to take fright!" Then he disappeared, blowing a kiss.

"What on earth was he on about?" said Billy.

"Long story," said James. "Forget the walk. Let's go to bed."

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