On Christmas Day in the Morning

by Jolyon Lewes

Chapter 2

Christmas Eve

In the first few days of the holiday I'd seen Jenny only fleetingly but on the morning of Christmas Eve we went into town to see the beautifully decorated shop windows and buy some small treats. It was a very cold day and the clouds had a snow-bearing look to them. Sitting in a little bar with steaming mugs of hot chocolate, we chatted about this and that until I could hold myself back no longer.

"How's Neil?"

"Oh, Frankie, that boy!" said Jenny, with feeling. "He and Dad are at each other's throat the whole time. Dad thinks he's come home with all sorts of airs and graces and at this drinks party we're going to at lunchtime he's going to make him wear his old school uniform to remind him he's only a fifteen year old boy!"

"But I'll be in my school uniform, too and so will most of the other boys."

"Ah, yes, Frankie but Neil's going to be in short trousers."

I could feel stirrings down below. "He wears short trousers at school? But he's fifteen!"

"He doesn't wear short trousers at school now but he did till last year and Mum doesn't throw anything away so he'll be in the shorts he last wore when he was fourteen. Same at church tomorrow and probably more times after that. He's not very happy."

"Will they still fit him?"

Jenny nodded at me. "He had to try them on yesterday. He's grown taller but no wider so no problem. Mind you, they're very short!"

Suddenly, I couldn't wait to see what Neil looked like at this party but I didn't say that to Jenny. I just said it was time we headed home.

In my grey, long-trousered school uniform, I accompanied my parents to the party, in a house a minute's walk away. Jenny's house was the same distance in the other direction. The couple giving the party I liked very much and I knew I'd enjoy chatting to people and drinking. The buffet lunch laid out in the dining room looked scrumptious - but not as scrumptious as Neil did when he arrived with his family. Jenny was right about his shorts - they reached nowhere near mid-thigh. I hadn't seen his legs bare before and wasn't disappointed. They were pale, hairless and very nicely shaped. He was clearly embarrassed because his face was pink and he spent most of his time looking at the floor but oh, what a gorgeous sight he made!

I had to watch myself and resist the urge to go to Neil and tell him how lovely he looked so, drink in hand, I circulated like a professional party-goer, chatting to Jenny, young officers and their wives and some of the other teenagers there. If you knew me you could tell I wasn't as relaxed as usual because I was concerned for Neil, the only person there in shorts. I managed to keep him in view over the shoulder of whomever I was speaking to. He looked very ill at ease and when people spoke to him I guessed it was about his shorts because he was permanently blushing.

"He won't have to wear those shorts when we go carol-singing tonight, will he?" I asked Jenny. "He'll freeze to death. Look, the snow is falling."

"I think he'll have warm clothes tonight, Frankie but it'll be those grey shorts for church tomorrow morning and probably for the rest of the day."

This news made me highly aroused. I liked Neil and didn't want him to suffer, yet I couldn't banish my sexual yearnings for the poor boy and the more I looked at him the stronger the feelings grew.

That evening, at about six o'clock, we youngsters went round the officers' married quarters singing carols and hoping for something warming in return at each front door. Some tasty morsels of the edible kind were offered. We were so warmly wrapped up that all you could see of us was our faces. No bare legs; Neil was as warmly dressed as the rest of us. The householders were very generous with their duty-free alcohol, at least to the older ones like Jenny and me.

Walking from one street to the next, I found Neil by my side. He said he'd noticed me looking at him at the party.

"You spent a lot of time looking at me Was it those flipping shorts Dad made me wear?"

How could I answer that? Of course it was his shorts. I said "Well, you didn't look very happy. They're remarkably short."

"Yeah, that's what everyone else said. It was very embarrassing."

"Sorry, Neil, I didn't mean to sound like other people. At least your shorts aren't as short as the Lederhosen German boys wear. Just imagine having to wear something like that!"

"Yeah, it'd be absolutely terrifying but luckily, I don't have any. Do you?"

"Not bloody likely! I prefer long trousers even in hot weather. I hate wearing shorts. Look, if you want to chat about things some time I'll be all ears."

"Might take you up on that," said Neil, giving my arm a pat. "I don't like shorts either."

When we parted to go to our own houses, I kissed Jenny and asked her round for a drink before lunch next day. It wouldn't have been proper for me to ask Neil round too but he and I nearly kissed – unintentionally – when he slipped on some ice and sort of fell against me, his face coming within a couple of inches of mine. I grabbed his shoulders and helped him steady himself. That simple little incident fired my loins for the rest of the night.

It was after midnight when our household went to bed, having hung up our stockings. I was anxious to get into bed and think about Neil. Something strange in my psyche forbade me to play with myself on a holy day so the much desired masturbation had to wait for 24 hours, until Boxing Day. Doing it on a bank holiday was fine but not on Sundays or other holy days. Thankfully, that self–imposed restriction did not survive long into my twenties.

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