My Freshman Experience

by Joel Young

Chapter 23

Tug of War Antics

Peter, Tom, Mitch, Adam and I arrived at the soccer field for the 'Tug of War' games a few minutes before 2:00 p.m. We were all wearing sweatshirts, jeans, and sneakers. Everyone except me brought their every day, winter gloves. I was sure I'd get teased about the new, top-of-the-line sports gloves my mother bought, but I didn't. Instead, the guys were impressed with the padded knuckles and the rubber grip-strips on the palms and fingers. Consequently, they moved me to the front of our line. "Thanks, Mom!" I thought to myself. "Now that I'm out in front, I'm more likely to get dragged across the ground!"

There was a light rain, and the grass was slippery. Oberlin distributed rain ponchos to the parents, demonstrating once again that they knew who 'buttered their bread.'

I thought the games should be delayed. "No!" Peter said. "The rain will make everything more fun!"

Eight teams were participating in the games, so there were three rounds of competition scheduled to determine the winner. My friends and I did well in the first two rounds, and we wound up as one of two teams in the final competition. Just before that last 'Tug of War,' the skies turned dark, and it started raining much harder.

Everyone looked to the referee to see if the games would continue. He said we should try to finish the contest. "I'll have to stop the games if there's any lightning," he said. "But for now, let's keep going. We're almost done!"

Our team lined up, and I took my place at the head of the line. Our opponents, who called themselves 'The Conquerors,' got into position. I saw intense focus and determination on their faces. "Don't get too cocky, Boys," I thought to myself. "The 'Plymouth Rocks' want this win just as much as you do – maybe even more!"

Peter was right behind me. "Look where they're standing," he said to me. "Some of them are on a mound, and there's mud right behind them. If we all step forward and suddenly give them some slack - at just the right time - they'll all slip and fall backward!"

"When is the right time?" I asked.

"When they're pulling as hard as they can," Peter answered. "We'll have to take one big step forward – all together. Then, we dig in our heels and hold on tight to the rope."

"Got it," I said. "Tell the guys to take a step forward on a 'three, two, one countdown.' When I say 'One!' it's time to step forward."

"Yeah, 'The Conquerors' will think we're counting down to a burst of energy to pull them across the center line," Peter said. "When we give them slack instead – boom! They'll slip on the mud and fall on their asses!"

Peter turned around and explained the strategy to Mitch, Tom, and Adam. All three nodded their heads in agreement just in time for the final competition to begin.

Despite the rain, there were lots of spectators on the soccer field. Parents and friends hollered out encouragement to the team that they supported. My dad was off to the side, near our opponents. He was facing me. I saw him pumping his fist in the air as he yelled: "Go Plymouth Rocks!"

The pulling and the tugging from both teams were fierce! The advantage kept changing as one team managed to get the other close to the center line. Then somehow, the tables would turn, and the team nearing the center line regained their strength and pulled back.

The wind picked up, and the rain started coming down even harder. I could feel water running down my face, and I wanted to wipe it away from my eyes. Of course, I couldn't do that without taking at least one hand off the rope; and I wasn't about to do that!

Both teams were fighting to keep their balance on the slippery, muddy field. The sloppier it got, the louder the spectators hollered and yelled.

I felt a slight increase in the force exerted by 'The Conquerors.' Just as I was about to start the countdown to take a step forward, I heard Peter say, "Not now; wait!" Through the rain dripping off my eyelashes, I looked at our opponent's position. They were a few inches in front of a big patch of mud.

We kept a tight rein on the rope but let our opponents pull us forward just a little. I saw that the teammates at the back of their line were on the muddy patch.

'Now?" I asked Peter.

"Now!" he answered.

"Okay, guys!" I yelled. "Three, Two - ONE!"

Each member of our group took one big step forward in perfect unison. Then, we held on to the rope tightly as we dug our heels into the ground.

"Aghhhhh!" the other team yelled as they lost their balances and fell backward. One-by-one, they hit the ground and splashed mud all over themselves! Our team was still standing and holding on to the rope. We had not crossed the center line. We had won the 'Tug of War' games!

When we let the rope fall to the ground, we were hollering, jumping up and down, and hugging each other. Sure, it was just a small, intramural competition, but we had worked together as a team and accomplished a goal. It felt great!

Our parents came over to us, and they were very excited, too. Of course, none of the parents gave us hugs; everyone on our team was a muddy mess!

Immediately after the 'Tug of War' games, Oberlin served beverages under a tent set up on the far side of the soccer field. There was Gatorade for the participants and soft drinks and coffee for the spectators and parents. The top four teams received certificates for each of their members. I gave mine to my dad to hold for me. "I don't want to get it all dirty," I said.

Dad was obviously proud, and he took the certificate from me. He smiled as he read the words, 'FIRST PLACE.'

"Your Mom and I want to take everyone on the team out to dinner tonight – off campus," Dad said. "We'll celebrate your victory!"

"Okay, 'Plymouth Rockers!' Time to hit the showers!" Peter yelled.

Ours was the only 'Tug of War' team with students from Pilgrim Hall. We entered the building through the side entrance. Tom, Peter, Mitch and I grabbed our towels and caddies. I made sure to bring an extra towel for Adam. Everyone took off their muddy shoes. I found two large plastic bags for our dirty clothes.

I expressed concern when I saw that we were tracking mud all over the corridor as we headed for the showers. "Screw it!" Tom said. "It's about time they cleaned the carpet anyway!"

We entered the bathroom and saw that the showers were empty. Peter took a plastic bag for Tom and himself. I opened the other one for Mitch, Adam and me. We all stripped down and stuffed our filthy clothes into the bags.

As we rinsed off under the shower heads, sheets of mud rolled down our bodies and onto the floor. It was a sight to behold, and our team started laughing at the mess we were making. Of course, laughter begets more laughter; and soon we were all giggling and tossing bits of mud at each other.

"Hey," Peter said. "You guys ever sing Roll Me Over in the Clover?"

Tom and I had never heard of it, but Adam and Mitch remembered it from their summer camp days.

"Ooooh! That's a fun song!" Adam said. "We should sing it!"

Mitch looked hesitant, but he said nothing. Peter took that as agreement.

"Great!" Peter said. Here's how it starts:

"Oh, I tried it once or twice,

And I found it rather nice!

Roll me over, lay me down and do it again!"

"Now, everybody sings the chorus," Peter explained.

"Roll me over, in the clover! Roll me over; lay me down, and do it again!"

"Next," Peter said. "We make up our own versus – one at a time. I'll do the first one, and then you each get a turn."

"Oh, this is number one,

And we're gonna have some fun!

Roll me over; lay me down, and do it again!"

"Now, the chorus again," Peter directed.

"Roll me over, in the clover! Roll me over; lay me down, and do it again!"

"Adam," Peter said. "It's your turn!"

Adam pointed at me.

"Well, this is number two,

And I'm so in love with you!

Roll me over; lay me down, and do it again!"

Suddenly, Adam grabbed my butt cheeks, and I shrieked. Peter started the chorus again.

"Roll me over, in the clover! Roll me over; lay me down, and do it again!"

"Mitch!" Peter said.

"Oh, this is number three,

And I've really got to pee!

Roll me over; lay me down, and do it again!"

Mitch let out a powerful stream of urine, and he aimed it at me! "Gross!" I screamed as I tried to step away. But, I was trapped in the corner of the shower. I had no choice but to fight back - in the same manner. Our pissing match continued while the rest of the group giggled and sang together.

"Roll me over, in the clover! Roll me over; lay me down, and do it again!"

Mitch and I rinsed off after we finished. I noticed that I was getting a boner. I tried to cover myself, but I wasn't very successful.

"You're up next, Joel," Peter said. "But then again, it looks like you're kind of up already - you horn dog!" I gave Peter a dirty look and took my turn.

"Oh, this is number four,

And we should have locked the door!

Roll me over; lay me down, and do it again!"

I really didn't want other guys barging in on us, so I went to lock the door. "Shit!" I shouted when I saw that there was no lock on the door.

"Communal bathrooms don't have locks, Babe," Adam hollered to me. "Now get that cute ass of yours back in here!" Then, Adam picked up the chorus again.

"Roll me over, in the clover! Roll me over; lay me down, and do it again!"

"Okay, Tom. You've got the next one!" Peter said.

"Oh, this is number five,

And I'm feeling so alive!

Roll me over; lay me down, and do it again!"

"Well, something's sure coming alive there, Tom," Adam teased. "I was wondering how you were going to keep Peter happy, but now I see you're more of a 'grower' than a 'shower!' Keep it sprouting, Boy!"

"You guys!" Tom protested, sounding like he was embarrassed. Then, he got defensive. "I'll show you how I keep my roommate happy." Tom started to jack himself, pulling his cock out as far as it would stretch. "See!" he said.

Mitch decided to get in on the teasing. "There you go, Tom! Just remember 'The Little Engine That Could' - I think I can; I think I can; I think I can!"

Peter quickly came to Tom's defense. "Don't let these goof-balls get to you!" he said to Tom. "You've got everything you need to keep me very happy!" Peter gave Tom a quick kiss before he began singing again.

"Roll me over, in the clover! Roll me over; lay me down, and do it again!"

"Okay," Peter said. "One more round. Same order as before. I'll start."

"Oh, this is number six.

And it's time to suck some dicks!

Roll me over; lay me down, and do it again!"

"Ah - thanks, Peter; but I'll pass," Mitch said before the next chorus. "Dang! How big is that thing, anyway?!?" We all laughed, and Peter led as we continued the song.

"Roll me over, in the clover! Roll me over; lay me down, and do it again!"

Then, Tom turned and knelt on the tile floor. He took Peter's dick in his mouth. Peter got super hard, and I couldn't believe what I saw. Peter's huge dick looked like it had grown another three or four inches!

"Hey, Peter," I said. "I know you don't like the 'Torpedo' nickname, but you know, if the super-sized condom fits...."

"Shut up, To and Fro!" Peter shot back at me, referring to my big balls. "Guys with cannon balls like yours shouldn't make fun of a ramrod like mine!"

Adam was staring at Tom sucking on Peter's cock. "Joel, I'm feeling a little left out over here," Adam said. I got on my knees and took Adam's hard cock into my mouth.

Adam moaned and sang.

"Oh, this is number seven.

And Joel's taking me to heaven!

Roll me over; lay me down, and do it again!"

Only three guys sang the next chorus. Tom and I were otherwise occupied.

"Roll me over, in the clover! Roll me over; lay me down, and do it again!"

Mitch knew he was next.

"Oh, this is number eight,

And I've got to masturbate!

Roll me over; lay me down, and do it again!"

Mitch already had a hard-on, and he started stroking himself. "Don't get me wrong," he said. "I don't want to suck any of your dicks, or have you on mine. But damn! This is just so fucking HOT!"

Adam and Peter were moaning, but they still managed to sing the next chorus – this time without Tom, Mitch or me.

"Roll me over, in the clover! Roll me over; lay me down, and do it again!"

Mitch was so turned-on that he started to cum. He launched an epic load, which hit me just below the shoulders! I almost yelled at Mitch, but then I thought better of it. After all, we were all letting go and having a team celebration!

"That was one awesome shot, Dude!" Adam said. "I didn't know you had it in you!"

Peter smiled. "Sorry to tell you this, Adam. But, it Joel's turn."

Although I was thoroughly enjoying what I was doing, I was ready to stand up and get my knees off of the hard, tile floor.

"Oh, this is number nine,

Let's all form a jack-off line!

Roll me over; lay me down, and do it again!"

Everyone but Tom sang the chorus.

"Roll me over, in the clover! Roll me over; lay me down, and do it again!"

"You heard the man!" Adam said. "Line up!"

"Yeah, but who's going to peel Tom off of Peter," Mitch asked. "Not me!"

"Oh, for Christ's sake!" Adam complained. He went over and put a hand on both of Tom's shoulders. "No puns intended, Tom," he said. "But are you coming on your own, or do you want me to help?"

Everyone, including Peter, cracked-up at Adam's joke. Reluctantly, Tom and Peter separated and followed Adam to where Mitch and I were standing.

Adam started humming the tune to 'Roll Me Over in the Clover" as we all jacked off. Then, out of nowhere, Tom chimed in with the last verse.

"Oh, this is number ten.

Let's see if Mitch can cum again!

Roll me over; lay me down, and do it again!

"Hey!" Mitch said. "You guys may be one-hit-wonders, but personally, I'm ready for a double-header!"

We all watched Mitch while Adam continued to hum. Mitch was really going at it!

Adam pulled me closer to him, and we started jacking-off each other. Soon, Peter and Tom followed suit. It wasn't too long before I knew I was getting close. I leaned into Adam. "I'm gonna cum," I moaned. Adam put his mouth right next to my ear. He hummed in a sensual and sexy manner. He tightened his grip on my throbbing cock. Three strokes later, I shot my load!

I think I started a chain reaction. Before I knew it, Adam came. Moments later, Tom ejaculated straight into the air. Peter wasn't far behind, and soon he splattered ropes of semen all over the shower room floor.

We were all panting when we heard Mitch start to groan. He was pumping his cock as fast as he could, and he was turning red in the face.

"Come on, Mitch!" Adam said. "Knock another one out of the park!"

As if he were following Adam's command, Mitch let out a muffled, high-pitched scream and came for the second time. He leaned back against the wall of the shower to steady himself as cum fell from his cock, forming little white pools on the shower floor.

We all clapped and cheered for Mitch. "Way to go, Slugger!" I said. "Too bad you only play for one team!"

"Sing it one last time!" Peter hollered. "For Mitch!"

"Roll me over, in the clover! Roll me over; lay me down, and do it again!"

After we all calmed down a little, I grabbed some shampoo from my caddy. I passed the bottle around, and we all washed our hair. Then, Peter got some body wash, and each of us soaped-up someone else's back. We finished up, each under our own stream of hot water.

We dried off and wrapped ourselves in towels. Peter and I picked up our bags of dirty laundry, and we all headed back to our rooms to get dressed. I loaned Adam some clean clothes.

"My parents want to take everyone out to dinner – off campus," I said to Adam and Mitch. "You'll both come, won't you?"

Adam and Mitch grinned at each other. "I think we already did," Adam teased.

"Yeah," Mitch said. "And I played a double-header!"

I pretended that I didn't understand. "I have no idea what you perverts are talking about. Do you want my parents to buy you dinner or not?"

"Sure!" Adam said. "I'm starving!"

"I'll have to check," Mitch said. "I don't know when my parents are leaving."

Adam left to go back to his room in Wesley Hall. When he was gone, I looked at Mitch. "You sure you're okay with everything that went on in the shower?"

"Well, I wish I had a girl there with me," Mitch said. "But, yeah – I enjoyed it. I'll probably never do anything like that again, but don't worry. I'm cool. You ever do it in a group like that before?"

"No," I said. "I'm really a very private person. But, with all the excitement today and the team spirit, I guess we all just got caught up in the moment."

I went next door and invited Peter and Tom to dinner. They eagerly accepted.

As it turned out, my mom and dad had already invited all of my friends' parents to dinner. Dad left a note telling me to bring the guys, and everyone would meet at 'The Whistle Stop Inn' at 6:00 p.m. When we were all nicely dressed, the guys and I piled into my car to drive to the restaurant.

Adam was the only one of us who had been to 'The Whistle Stop Inn' before. "My parents took me there last year," he said. "The food is out-of-this-world! All of the servers are men, and they wear tuxedos. It's the kind of place where they put your napkin on your lap for you."

Some of the guys groaned.

"I'm glad you told us that," I said. "If some strange man reached into my lap, I might get the wrong idea!"

All of the parents were seated and having drinks when we arrived at 'The Whistle Stop Inn.' They began clapping for us as we entered. Everyone in the restaurant turned to see what was going on.

"They won the 'Tug of War' games at Oberlin today!" Dad explained to the room. Then, everyone in the dining room clapped for us as well. It was embarrassing – but nice.

Our table was huge, easily accommodating our party of thirteen. The guys and I all ordered soft drinks and looked at the menu. I noticed there were no prices listed.

"Order whatever you like," Dad said to his guests. "It's a very special day, and that calls for a very special celebration!" I noticed Dad was grinning. He almost never grinned.

I looked at Mom. She seemed jittery with excitement.

I was seated between my mom and Adam. I leaned over toward Mom and whispered, "What's going on?"

Mom ignored me. She tapped a knife on her wine glass and asked for everyone's attention.

"Joel's Dad and I have an announcement," she said. She paused a long time before speaking again.

"Joel took first place in the Oratory Contest!!!"

I was startled. With everything that had gone on in the 'Tug of War,' games, as well as in the showers that afternoon, I had completely forgotten that I gave a speech earlier that day.

Everyone in our group clapped, and I was embarrassed. Dad raised his glass. "A toast!" he said. "Here's to the 'Plymouth Rocks' - and to Joel!"

The group quieted down after the toast. Adam said, "May I make an announcement, too? I sold my first painting today!"

I was thrilled for Adam! The table erupted in excitement again. "To Adam!" my dad said as he lifted his glass one more time.

I put an arm around Adam's shoulder. "And, that's just the first of many pieces you will sell!" I said. Then, I took hold of his hand that was under the table on his lap. I squeezed it tightly as he flashed me a fleeting, loving look.

Soon, two waiters came to take our orders. Adam and I both ordered the roast duck in plum sauce. The restaurant served grilled asparagus spears on the side. The meal was light, and the taste was amazing! I ate the entire entrée. I skipped dessert, and I didn't feel sick after my meal.

Most of the parents were leaving for home directly from the restaurant. After dinner, I walked my mom and dad to their car. "Thanks for coming down and for the great celebration," I said. "I love you guys!"

I hugged Mom and then Dad. "I'm so proud of you, Son!" Dad said as he tightened his arms around me. I began to tear up. For as long as I could remember, I wanted to be just like my Dad. Making him proud was one of the most important things in the world to me.

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