The Light, Book 2

by Joe Writer Man

Chapter 15

That evening we all joined for dinner at an exclusive seafood restaurant. The mood was light; the atmosphere was pleasant, open and welcoming. Peter sat next to me on one side while Andy sat on the other. The rest sat at other places around the table. Drink orders were taken and then we ordered dinner.

Drs. Miller and Borkwin spoke first. They shared their most notable experiences in the operating theaters having had been opportunities to practice and integrate both western and eastern medicine principles. Both announced hopes they could bring that concept back to Hawaii, hoping the medical system would be at least open to the ideas they had learned.

Both Sensei and Dr. Wong were appreciative of our travels to a distant land while carrying hopes for a cure. Dr. Wong accepted an invitation to come to America for same and similar reasons that Drs. Miller and Borkwin traveled to Singapore. All three had hopes for integrations of their arts.

I was asked to speak next. I was deeply and forevermore appreciative of the care and treatment received in Singapore, obviously.

Benji and Sensei, much to my dismay, declined to speak.

With dinner completed, we all shared warm, emotional and appreciative farewells and then we headed back to the hotel where we shopped around the boardwalk shops. Mom, dad and Shoo decided to go into town to an opera theater. Shoo was resistive until speaking with mom away from the rest of us.

After watching them get onto the public transportation system at the front of the hotel we took off for our rooms with the intentions of going swimming to relax after a tense and stressful day.

Benji took off for the room he shared with his mother while the rest of us went to our assigned rooms. Before entering we agreed to wear swim suits because of Benji's soon-to-be employment position at the hotel.

Peter and I stripped naked and then hung our good clothes in the closets on hangers so that they would not get wrinkled. We took a shower and played around just enough to experience a quick but intense moment of sexual pleasure.

Andy and Jeremy, Antoine and Matt, Allen and Angel, me and Peter gathered in the hallway. We waited for Benji however he didn't show up. Andy went to Benji's door and knocked. When there was no response we took off for the pool anticipating that he would soon be up to the pool.

Arriving at the pool, we tossed our towels to the concrete, dove in and swam to the other end, the deep end of the pool. We were happily surprised to see that Benji had already arrived and was awaiting our arrival. Quite a few people, young and old were already swimming and/or goofing off so we didn't have a whole lot of room to play, and water soccer was out of the question. The diving boards were however manageable.

Allen and Angel took turns jumping off. Angel, for the first time ever, hesitantly hit the high dive then with some urgings and encouragement from us jumped in amidst cat calls, whoops and hollers. He flipped us off just as he hit the water flat on his back. Jeremy and Allen quickly made their way to provide him aide however he quickly resurfaced on his own power albeit moaning and groaning his pain and discomfort. He swam over with Allen and Jeremy on either side. His back was major red but he brushed it off, returned to the board and did a perfect dive creating very little splash. That was his last dive. He just needed to prove to himself, and to us, that he could do it.

Peter wasn't all that keen on diving off the high board so he did perfect dives from the low board from where he felt most comfortable.

Benji, meanwhile, was taking it all in. He had been standing on the ledge at the side of the pool. When Angel made his last dive, Benji looked at me and gave a shit eating grin then hoisted himself up and out of the water.

The boy was stark naked, wearing only a smile, his fully erect prong leading the way to the high diving board and then he performed a perfectly executed slice through the water head first.

Benji surfaced and then quickly then swam to us. With an impish smile he asked, "What?" He broke into wild giggles.

Needless to say, Benji receiving a lot of ribbing for fooling us into thinking he'd be wearing his swimsuit because of his position at the hotel. Nevertheless, Benji tossed our jibes back, all in fun of course.

Seeing that the object of our affections and restraint had no qualms with being naked in a public place it took not 2 minutes to become just as naked as he was.

Andy, Harry and Benji went to the opposite corner and huddled close together where they talked, laughed and played around. Interestingly enough the boys got quiet though they were smiling. With both Andy and Harry flanking Benji, Benji's eyes all of a sudden went wide open. I giggled then turned my attentions to my brothers diving from both the low and high boards.

Jeremy decided to show off. I knew he was a good diver but I wasn't prepared for what he did next. Running the high board he launched and executed a perfect two and a half slicing the water with very little splash. In a way, I kind of looked at him with sort of a longing wishing I could do something like that however all desire to swim and compete, other than the little bit we did at home evaporated at the time my leg had been amputated.

Peter took my hand in his, squeezed firmly thus sending his love in and through me. His eyes never left mine. I felt him reading my thoughts... I opened my closed mind, shut by fear, to him. He understood my fear, and he understood my desire.

Benji, seeing our communication, swam over, joined us in quiet solitude then he said, "You can do it, David."

I rebelled as a wave of fear transcended my spirit. No, the fear was not paralyzing, constricting or death defying... it was more of a physical fear... I was thinking, "Face it. I cannot dive one legged. It would be too dangerous." So filled with fear was I that I didn't even realize I was verbalizing out loud those thoughts.

Jeremy looked at me very carefully. With love and orneriness showing through his eyes he said, "We'll have your back bro. You used to be a pretty good diver, just not as good at me. It'll come back to ya. Just try it."

Allen and Angel pledged their support even though they didn't need to say it, nevertheless their encouragement nearly swayed me but it was Andy who pushed me over the edge, so to speak.

According to Andy's accounts he'd never before been on a diving board much less jumped off and certainly had not ever dove off. Without a hitch he lifted his body out of the water, quickly walked to the low board, walked out on it, looked directly into my eyes piercing through the shield of fear that had previously served me well.

I nodded. The other guys began cat calling, whooping and hollering to give him courage and support. Jeremy swam to where he was waiting underneath the diving board. Andy turned around and began walking toward the stairs... for a second I thought he was going to join me in my fears but then he turned back around, and then like an airplane begins its screeching travel down the runway he ran the entire length of the diving board then leaped off it just like when a jet leaves the ground. He executed a perfect dive; a dive amazing for a boy who never dove before. He swam to me, kissed my lips and latched onto my side with Peter assisting with his support. "It's a nobrainer, bro."

We were all silent for a few short moments. I reached deep inside of myself and pulled a reserve of strength from my innermost self front and center. To the guys, and to myself, I said, "Okay."

Andy got out of the water, grabbed my crutches and held them up as I lifted my body from the water. I took them. With Allen on one side and Jeremy on the other, with Peter providing support for my back we ascended the stairs to the low board then made our way to the end where we stood for a moment. With a gentle nudge from Peter we did a star formation and landed in the water unscathed. Jeremy went left, Allen went right, Peter dove over my head as I landed in the water, and Andy, well he landed right next to me and provided me with just enough buoyancy so that I could then swim to the side otherwise unassisted.

I was stoked.

Soon, with only Peter supporting my left side, I was basically diving on my own. As the water rushed toward my face I made certain little adjustments so that my stump and good leg sliced the water in harmony. They were telling me I had it down and that I was leaving very little to no splash.

I was stoked even more. But I got tired. Not sleepy tired. My muscles were just tired from the exertions so I got out and sat on the side of the pool to rest them. Meanwhile, all the while, I watched Andy take the first step off the high board. Talk about stoked that boy was STOKED. On the way down, at the very last second he turned and twisted his body to prevent a repeat performance that Angel had done. Jeremy was waiting under the diving board. Allen was in front of him. When Andy came up he was punching the air with his fists. He screamed, "YOU GOTTA FUCKIN DO IT DAVID. IT'S WICKED!!!"

Automatically, I looked all around to see who might have been paying attention, particularly mom and dad but, thankfully, they were nowhere to be seen.

Peter emerged right in front of me, held himself up by using my thighs as a perch. He looked into my eyes. The guys all came around in a semicircle. They didn't say anything; they didn't need to say anything. Once again, Andy saved the day, he said, "It's fuckin awesome dude. If you want a thrill just follow me in, we'll show 'em."

With that he climbed up and out of the water then ran (tsk tsk for running) toward the high dive but before he got there he lost his footing, slipped and landed on his elbow and butt. Quickly, he got up and went up the stairs to the high board like he'd done it a million gazillion times in his life. Just like he did on the low board, using the same airplane analogy he went flying off the board like greased lightning. He made quite the splash -but- he tried it -and- he did it.

The little shit head!

No, I wouldn't be flying like that unless somebody tied a rocket to my ass... but still.

The stairs to the high board were very narrow and shallow but I made it to the top because of the strength in my arms, legs and stump too. Jeremy, Allen and Peter accompanied me but we soon found out that the board was also very narrow, too narrow for all three of us.

Jeremy had an idea.

He went around me then walked out on the board and stood on the end and waited for me to make my way to him. I did make it. He took a very firm hold of both my hands. He was balancing himself on the tips of his toes then on 3 he yanked me up into an arch while he fell straight down. I thought, "Holy fuck, I'm fucking flying!" The cat calls, the woofs, the whistles, the whoops and hollers were coming from ALL AROUND THE FUCKING POOL... everybody was encouraging me. Although my landing was light years shy of stellar... I did it. I made it. While everybody was proud of me Andy was the most moved. I got out of the water, stoked beyond belief, yet I was exhausted. Andy stuck to me like glue. When the guys went off and swam on their own after I said I was worn out, Andy said, "You're the strongest dude I know... I'm proud that you're my brother!"

His words brought tears to my eyes, blinding tears.

After regaining my composure and after a couple of silent moments, Andy dove in and joined our brothers who'd started a game of water hockey using, you guessed it, Benji's bright yellow Speedo, for the puck.

While I was sitting there watching my brothers play, a man of maybe 30 years old swam over to me. The man said, "Hi, my name is Arthur Rhodes. I coach a boy's swim team in Hartford, Connecticut. If I may say so, I am extremely impressed with your diving capabilities. You definitely have balls. You really should join your swim team. I have no doubt that you'll excel. You are definitely Olympic material. I'd be glad to sponsor you... where are you from?"

"Oh no sir, but thanks, I'm just here for fun. My brothers were all around. I wouldn't do it if they weren't."

Peter swam over, wonderment fully on his face. The man repeated what he'd told me. Peter looked at me with a question on his face. I said to Peter, "I'm not really interested in doing all that." To Arthur I added, "Maybe... no, I can't participate, sir, we're home schooled."

Quickly he countered, "Most school districts have agreements with home schooled kids that permit them to participate in extracurricular school events sponsored by the school district. You should try out. I really think you'd be an asset to the team."

I replied, "I might check it out when we return home, but right now, I don't think so. But thanks."

The man said, "Just think about it. You definitely have talent." With that he swam over to a woman and some kids huddling around. I assumed their being a family.

When the man left, I looked back to my brothers but only saw them swimming toward the corner of the pool. Antoine arrived first. He quickly, and like an eel, went underwater and plucked out a boy who was maybe 7 or 8 years old. He began pounding the boy on his back. Soon the boy was coughing, sputtering, sniffling, and snorting. I dove into the water and made my way to them. By then the boy was on his feet. His parents were supporting the boy but he appeared to be safe.

A man, I assumed he was the child's parent said to Antoine, "Thank you so much. I have no doubt that you..." He could not go on further as he became filled with distraught emotion.

Very quietly, I asked Angel what had happened. He replied that the boy had gone underwater when his parents had looked away, that Antoine had fetched the boy up and probably saved him from something very bad.

Benji swam to Antoine. Matt joined them. Benji touched the child's shoulder. Benji's whole demeanor changed, and it changed dramatically. His perpetual smile left his face.

The lady, I assumed to be the boy's mother, spoke up, "Thank you, but why are you still touching our son... please let go of him?"

Benji complied with her request by releasing the boy. The woman said to her husband, "I don't know what these kids think they're doing but I don't like it."

Her husband, clearly annoyed, said, "He saved our son's life!"

Benji took one step back, reverently bowed to the lady and then to the man, he said, "I am sorry ma'am. I mean no harm. Your child, he is very, very sick."

The man looked at his wife. A knowing look passed between them. Together they looked at Benji. The man offered, "Yes, our son has leukemia. He is in the final stages." With tears, not pool water, streaming down his face he added, "We brought him here. He wanted to see castles and temples, to play in an amusement park, and to go to the beach. We searched the world over looking for such a place that had all of them together. This is why we are here. It is our last gift to our son. Oh I'm sorry, this is my wife Elisa. My name is Ben. This is our son Seth."

Peter spoke up, "Maybe Benji could help your son."

Condescendingly, Elisa replied to Peter, "Ignorant child, we have taken our son to the best of medical facilities."

Peter flinched slightly at the harshness of the woman's words but recovered quickly, "Ma'am, my brother David, had metastatic cancer. His death was imminent, there was no hope. We came here. He received treatment. He is cancer free, I swear to you. Just ask Benji."

They looked at Benji with contempt clearly on their faces, Elisa more so than Ben. Benji respectfully bowed, "Sir, ma'am, we may be able to help your beloved son. He is very sick. He has very little time left. We can help him."

By that time many people had gathered around us, making comments, staring us down, just generally being rude. I suggested, "Maybe we could get out of the water and find a table where we can speak freely without so many people around us."

Skeptically, Ben and Elisa thought it was a good idea so we all got out. Jeremy, Peter and Andy went to fetch enough chairs to seat us comfortably around a large pool table at one end of the concourse.

Because Ben, Elisa and Seth wore swimming suits, we all donned ours so that they didn't feel any more uncomfortable than they already were. While we were putting on our swimsuits Benji dove in and retrieved his, and while underwater put them on. When he got out he made some significant adjustments to cover his privates completely. Bikini's are difficult at best... especially when 'things' are a bit pudgy. Nevertheless, he was soon properly attired (his words, not mine) and returned to the table. He humbly said to Ben and Elisa, "I am sorry. I am male. These guys insisted on such attire."

I laughed. Benji rolled his eyes then turned back to Ben and Elisa.

Elisa smiled as Benji sat in the center seat. Quickly, he scooted so that his lower half was under the table. Wasting no time, he said, "I do not mean to alarm you. We must act quickly. I am very sure we can help your son. David <Benji touched my arm> had very bad cancer. His Earth death was imminent. Please listen to him explain his history."

Everybody turned their attention to me. Assuredly I said, "Five years ago I was diagnosed with osteosarcoma. The cancer tumor is very aggressive and is, according to Western Medicine, most often fatal. My leg, as you can see, was amputated. I also received chemotherapy and intense radiation therapy. I was deemed cancer free for most of those five years however it returned less than a month ago. My body was riddled with the disease. My doctors did everything they could. The end was near and I hadn't even noticed it other than for an achy back sometimes. When I got here I rapidly went down the tubes. When I started treatment here I was on death's door."

My eyes clouded over. I felt a small sob escape but Peter saved my bacon by putting his arm in mine. Elisa looked at us real strange like, like she was disapproving of our touch. I added, "Peter is my mate for life. We are gay if you want to call it something. We have much, much more... we're soul mates, spiritual beings if you will. We are together."

Ben offered, "Our oldest son, Elijah... he's 17... is also gay. He chose to remain in the US to finish school. He's preparing to take finals. Are these all your brothers?"

"Yes, we are a family. Our mom and dad, and Benji's mother went to a movie. In case you hadn't noticed my brothers severely challenged me tonight."

Ben nodded. He said, "That was very brave of you, David. You showed strength and perseverance. As is your family I am very proud of you. Please go ahead. I'm listening."

"Thank you. As you have seen my body in its entirety you noticed that I have no massive surgical scars anywhere. They did nothing invasive to me although the treatment was indeed invasive. Benji can better explain what happened and what caused my cancer cells to completely go away. Even my US doctors traveled here to observe my treatments. My entire family was involved."

Matt spoke up, "I was severely injured in a fall off of a cliff where we live. We live in Hawaii on Maui. There are many great cliffs there. My boyfriend and I were climbing the rocks when I was... when I fell. I was in the hospital for several months. I was not expected to live. Antoine, my life mate, was there for most of the time caring for me as a volunteer in the hospital. I had many scars and I had constant pain because there were many broken bones. As David said, you have seen my body and hopefully saw that I no longer have scars and I tell you that I no longer have pain. Benji's grandfather and a doctor at University and Benji too removed those scars and pain. They are why we brought David here. If Benji says he can help you then he can definitely help you. Please consider."

Next, Peter spoke up, "I have had no major problems like David and Matt have had but my deepest pains were inside me. I had an operation a few months ago. During the procedure I burst a blood vessel causing me to die. The doctors were however able to save me in time."

Matt added, "Peter gave me a kidney transplant. He had severe complications. Like my twin brother said <Elisa and Ben nodded their understanding that Peter and Matt were indeed twin brothers> he died. Thank God, he was brought back to life. Our incisions, they were very large, and they hurt even after several weeks... are healed."

Peter and Matt both stood up and showed Elisa and Ben where their incisions 'had been'.

Angel spoke up, "I had Juvenile Onset Diabetes. I was on an insulin pump because my blood sugars couldn't really be controlled very well despite eating a pretty healthy diet. The pump worked okay for the most part but I was literally tethered to it because it rode on my stomach and had a needle that went under the skin. Anyway, now I am cured. I've been eating like a pig without any bad effects."

I thought to add, "Our mom, Peggy, is pregnant with our sister. During our family treatment they found that the girl had a serious heart defect... our sister was cured of her anomaly. Benji, would you give them some specifics on how it all works... I'm still kind of fuzzy about it."

Benji bowed first to me then to Ben and Elisa. He sat.

Benji said, "Doctor Wong calls the process tissue rearrangement and tissue regeneration. My grandfather and I to a lesser extent because I am so young are able to transfer spiritual energies to the sick or injured Being. There must be a bonding with someone with strong energy. In David's case, Peter was his strength although the love of his family contributed greatly beyond words. The treatments are painless to the Givers and Receivers. Your son is very, very sick. He will die within the next 4 days. We must begin very soon."

Just then Seth climbed down off his dad's lap, walked to me, sat down on my chair then pulled my arms around him. When my chest and his back touched I felt sharp stabbing pains shoot through my belly. It traveled both up and down my body. I got very sleepy and light headed yet at the same time I felt okay. The sleepiness and light headedness disappeared when Peter grasped my arm in his hand. Seth then got on my lap. Together Peter and I wrapped our arms around Seth and provided him strength and encouragement and hope. Seth accepted our offerings. He fell into a peaceful and restful sleep evidenced by his light snoring, regular, rhythmical and deep breaths. Peter and I briefly kissed our affections.

Benji said assuredly, "Your son has bonded with the bonded ones."

Elisa said softly, "Our son has never <she held her arms out then brought her hands together until they were closed as in a prayer ritual>, he does not accept strangers. It takes him a very long time to..."

Just then Benji looked to Seth and then to Peter and then to me and then he returned to Seth. I looked down at Seth. His penis was twitching; you could definitely see it in the indirect light. Seth remained still however. Not a single solitary muscle moved in his entire body.

Elisa had a look of sheer terror pass into her eyes. It maintained. She reached for her son. I said, "Ma'am, we have done nothing to your son. He is not even aware of what is happening. He is safe. I promise you."

Benji quickly got out of his chair and walked over to us. He touched Seth's forehead. A look of alarm crossed through his eyes as he looked at Peter then to me. He turned to Elisa and Ben, "We must act quickly. Seth's lungs are filling with fluid. This is why he is asleep. This is why he feels nothing."

Antoine stood, opened Seth's closed eyelids, peered inside, and then urgently announced, "I will keep your son safe if you are concerned. I am The Warrior. I am charged with protecting and defending those who are in any kind of danger. I assure you that the danger is not from my brothers or my mate. The danger is within Seth's body."

Immediately, Antoine lifted Seth from our arms. Ben and Elisa stood. Ben said, "What do we need to do?"

Antoine said to Allen, "Call mom and dad. We will take Seth to the hospital immediately. Please arrange for our limo."

Within 30 minutes we were at the hospital. Dr. Wong immediately answered her page. In the same 30 minutes Sensei arrived. Seth, Peter and I were quickly prepared. We entered the healing pool with Seth in our arms.

The following morning, or some time later, I did not know when... I awoke in a strange place, yet not strange at all. I immediately recognized the 'white room'; I was lying in the bed with a person in front of me, nestled firmly against my chest and belly. The very next thing I realized was that my penis was deeply entrenched within a hot wet confining environment. Equally pleasant, equally assuring, I felt Peter's penis deep within my dark yet excited cavern of love. I know Peter's dick anywhere. I was in the middle a sandwich. I felt Peter's energies flowing into me. Our combined energies then passed into he who was tightly gripping my male appendage.

Carefully, slowly, meticulously, cautiously but decisively I opened my eyes. I was immediately blinded by bright sunshine entering through a large window and directly into my eyes. Quickly, I looked down and away from the bright light. I saw the top of a child's head adorned with golden blond-red hair. This child was very young. As more fog slowly cleared from my befogged brain a vision of a boy at the hotel swimming pool filled my consciousness.

Rather than being repulsed a tremendous burst of energy quickly entered my physical body, a massive dose of love entered my heart and brain... both of which I very willingly, deeply and completely passed into the boy in front of me.

With our Emergence complete, Peter and I rearranged ourselves and Seth so that the boy was lying on his back between us. Frequently we kissed him all the while whispering words of encouragement, love, strength and support into his ears. Equally and equally alike Peter and I gave to Seth sufficient oral ministrations to cause him to rapidly Emerge from his deep healing sleep.

Seth sat up. He shifted his gaze toward the window with the blinding brightly light entering. He was smiling but then suddenly he jumped up and off the bed, ran at breakneck speed into the mirrored bathroom. Within mere seconds the sound of releasing methane and other residue filled the air waves. Peter looked at me knowingly, smiled then we headed into the bathroom to be with the boy we'd shared energies and love with.

As Peter cleaned Seth's bottom I got into shower, turned on the water and got it to temperature. Peter and I then gently and tenderly washed Seth's small body. The boy insisted on washing our bodies.

Once we were dried off Benji appeared with snow white flowing white gowns, assisted us into them then took us to the Green Room where we rejoined Ben and Elise. They were ecstatic at seeing their son. They enfolded him into their arms, kissed him and held him closely.

Benji looked into my eyes, smiled and nodded his head. I knew then that Seth was going to be okay. Peter and I kissed gently then Benji accompanied us as we made our exit.

Benji led us to the corner room of the Emergency Suites. Harry and Andy were awaiting our arrival. They stood and walked to us. They reverently removed our gowns and then hung them on hangers in a closet. As one we sat in the middle of the bed with our arms intertwined, legs and knees touching. Silently, we joined hands, meditated, prayed, prostrated ourselves before our bonded ones, shared our deepest secrets, hopes, desires, wants, needs and love. Oh my God, there was so much love emanating from our spirits. Our bonds were undeniable, unavoidable, unquenchable... yet we were totally satisfied all at the same time. I'd never before had a similar experience – ever – and not one of that magnitude since.

Although the experience is, at best, difficult to describe, the essence is that we, Peter and I observed and participated in the spiritual marriage or union or consummation of the love between Benji and Harry and Andy, and Andy, Benji and Harry, and Harry, Benji and Andy. The grand finale was when Peter then I were invited into each of their caverns of love for celebration of their new lives. It was followed by Peter and me injecting ourselves only with our essence nectars.

Peter and I then performed the final preparations to Benji then to Andy and then to Harry, cleaning and anointing their bodies with soaps, waters, spiritual potions and finally special oils through massage and drying. Peter then did me, and then I did him while Benji, Harry and Andy looked on encouraging our progress through the stages.

The final act, the dressing, was performed ceremoniously... first Benji and then Andy and then Harry and then Peter and then me.

We then presented ourselves to the Family Reunion room where Seth sat amicably speaking with and interacting with his parents Elisa and Ben. He looked up at us as we entered. He arose from his place, walked to me, took my hand in his and then kissed my wedding ring to Peter. He then enveloped me into a deep, deep and memorable hug. He said, "Thank you. Your doctors, they say I am well."

I was overcome with joyful and peaceful emotions. I knelt down in front of Seth. Our arms joined, our lips joined and then we simply hugged drinking in our emotional and spiritual connections. Seth then shook violently for a second. I quickly looked into his eyes. They were tightly closed, almost clenched. His entire face was transfixed with ecstasy. I could not bear to break that which was happening to him naturally. My male member was uninvolved. I found it amazing that Seth had a normal and natural and untouched male moment. When he once again became still and peaceful and tranquil, we kissed one last time.

Next, he went to Peter, and experienced the same experience with my mate.

When their moment passed, albeit slowly, Seth returned to his parents.

First Ben followed by his wife Elisa walked to me then to Peter who was standing by my side, our arms intertwined and locked. They both hugged then kissed us chastely but meaningfully.

Ben said, when our greetings were completed, "Thank you so much for bringing our son back to us. We owe you so much. How can we ever repay you?"

I replied, "There are no fees thus there are no payments or repayments. As it was told to us the only way to make things right is to pass it on. Lend a helping hand, offer a smile and bless your fellow traveler."

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