Mason in the Center, Part 3

by Joe L

Chapter 5

June, 2014

"Is everything all right? You look really nervous or something," my Uber driver says, looking at me through her rear-view window.

"Yeah, I… I just have a lot on my mind." I stare out the window of her car, hoping she won't ask any follow-up questions.

This is it. This is the big day. I left school today. My finals are done and all of my projects are turned in. I never have to set foot in that school again. I'm on my way to New York. I'm spending the summer there before I start college at Columbia in the fall. I won a contest that gave me a full academic scholarship. All of that extra work paid off. All of my belongings are in boxes in Mr. Hendrick's garage. He was my boss at the IT department. He's going to mail them all to me once I get settled in New York.

I just have one side-trip to take. I'm going to get Tyler. I'm going to convince him to come with me.

There is one particular memory that cinched it for me. It's one that I've spent a lot of time going over recently. It was one night near the end of our time together. I'm pretty sure it was a night when Parker was in Mom and Dad's bed because Tyler had already made love to me several times that night. We were lying together in complete darkness, sharing a good-night kiss… but it turned into something much deeper. The kiss went on for a very long time, but it wasn't sexual in any way. It was a kiss of love. It was a kiss of complete togetherness. It was so deep and so sweet, and we were both conveying exactly how we felt about each other. I look back at it now as our best kiss ever.

I have no idea how long it lasted, but after a long while, I noticed that Tyler was cumming. I felt a couple of warm squirts against my abs, and it completely shocked me at first. This was not a sexual kiss. Tyler wasn't moaning or grinding or humping or thrusting. He was just letting me know how much he loved me… then he came. It was almost like… he didn't even notice that he came. It was like the kiss was so powerful, that he didn't realize that he was having orgasm. The kiss just kept going after that at the same loving intensity.

I continued to kiss him, thinking about how lucky I was to have someone that felt that way about me… and then I came. I came just like he did, and I just kept the kiss going. It was just too perfect. Unfortunately, I was spent from all of the sex earlier in the night, and it was getting pretty far into the early morning hours… so I fell asleep. I don't even remember the end of the kiss. Sometimes, I like to pretend like that kiss is still going on… and what I've been living through since has just been one long nightmare.

That kiss seems to sum up our time together perfectly. We didn't even talk about it the next day… we didn't need to. It was just perfection. If that's not worth fighting for, I don't know what is.

I didn't know how I was going to pull this off, but I came up with a plan the last few months. I knew Tyler had to be working as a waiter now. I decided to call every restaurant around our house until I found the place where he works. Luckily, I found him on my second try. My first try was his old restaurant. My second try was the place my mom and dad went to when they wanted to celebrate a special occasion. It's a nice place. I hope he's been making some good money.

My driver drops me off at a motel just down the street from Tyler's restaurant. She processes my payment and drives off. I glance down the street, and my nerves grow when I see his restaurant's street sign peering back at me. How the fuck am I going to walk in there and ask him to come with me in front of a bunch of people?

Sometimes I'm mad at myself for never trying to sneak out of school and see him. Sometimes I'm mad at him for never trying to come and see me. I wonder if he's mad at me, too. It's been three and a half years since I've seen him. Everything is different now. He's been out of high school and working for a year now. He has to be a different person now. He's gone through a lot… and he's had to deal with his therapist and Mom all that time.

I know I have to try. If I didn't try, I'd always wonder what could've been… the same as when we were together. I don't even know why I'm so nervous. I just feel like… if Tyler has moved on and says something like, "Can you believe the shit we used to do when we were younger?"… I'd just lose it. I'd crumble. I'd turn to dust and an inexplicable gust of wind would blow through the restaurant, and there would be nothing left of me.

I pay for a room and take a deep breath as I let myself in. This room is either going to be a place of extreme happiness and joy or a place of… I don't even want to think about the alternative. I quickly unpack one duffel bag, throwing a change of clothes into a drawer. I also put a tube of lube that I bought as incentive in the nightstand by the bed… just in case.

I need to wait a few hours before I head to the restaurant. I think 8pm will be about the perfect time so that he's not swamped. It's about 4pm now. What the fuck am I going to do for four hours? I think I'll take a shower and clean out my love hole… just in case.

I stare at my watch outside of the restaurant. It's about five till eight. This is as good of a time as any. I feel like there is acid washing around my brain. I don't even know if I can speak or if I'll just stand there, trembling and drooling.

With a deep breath I step towards the door, but it opens in front of me. A party of drunk, laughing old people pours out. I quickly turn around, hiding my face, as if they actually know why I'm there. After they pass, I slip in the front door. The first thing I see is the men's room, and I bolt for the swinging door.

Luckily, it's empty, and I splash some water on my face. I carefully check myself in the mirror, as I've already done eighty-three times tonight. I'm wearing a pair of jeans that makes my ass look good… I think. I'm also wearing a faded hoodie, and I've gone with the intentionally messy hair style. I flick a couple of tufts of hair back perfectly out of place. I hope this does the trick. This look would've driven Tyler absolutely wild back in the day.

I slink back out into the waiting area and approach the hostess at her podium.

"Good evening, do you have a reservation?" she asks with a polite smile.

"Umm… no. I… uhh… am meeting someone here."

"Aww, you're on a first date, aren't you?" she smiles, and slides out from behind her podium to touch me sympathetically on the arm. "There's no need to be so nervous."

"Umm… no… can I look–" I point to the main section of the restaurant, but she ignores me.

"What does she look like?"

"She… umm… do you mind if I just… take a look around?" I say, trying to weasel my way around her.

"No, go ahead," she says, patting me again as I pass her.

I walk around the corner and into a section with several booths, and I see him.

The sight of Tyler socks me in the face and then enters my bloodstream, coursing through my veins. He looks unbelievable. I was worried that he might not be as hot as he used to. I thought he might look beaten down or maybe he would've gotten fat working at a restaurant. He's… just so much hotter than I expected. He's way hotter than Carson was at his age. This just adds to the nerves. I feel like I want to run away, but my feet can't move. I just watch him.

He's working a table… he's working them perfectly. His smile is so irresistible. He's so confident and knowledgeable and friendly. I bet he's going to make a big tip from those people. I'm transfixed. I bet I could grind my dick up against the wall and cum in a minute or two just from staring at him.

He quickly turns to say good-bye to a couple that are passing by, and he spots me. He recognizes me immediately, but he doesn't react. He holds a finger up at me as if to tell me to wait a minute while he finishes up with his table. I nonchalantly stare at the ceiling, and then at a plant while I wait for him. What the fuck is taking so long?

Finally, he leaves the table and heads in my direction. I hope my brain and my voice are going to work.

"Hey," I say to test them out.

"Hey," he says, his eyes darting around the restaurant. "What are you doing here? If Mom found out you were here, she could still move us to Oregon."

"Tyler… you're nineteen. You're an adult now. If Mom wants to move to Oregon, let her! You don't have to go with her!"

"Yeah, well… she could kick me out of the house," he says, still looking around for someone that might report our meeting back to her.

"That's kinda why I'm here," I say, taking a deep breath. "I'm going to New York to school–"

"Yeah, I heard about that. That's really cool!" he says, smiling and nodding politely.

"Yeah… I uhh… I want you to come with me." I somehow manage to get the words out.

"Mace... I… I have like… three tables of food coming out in the next ten minutes. Can you wait for me out back by the loading dock? Nobody will be there at this time. After I get that food out, I can talk to you for a few minutes."

"Sure," I say, and Tyler disappears. I have no idea what the fuck just happened. I can't read him at all.

It's probably best that we talk alone, anyway. I head back to the lobby, and the grabby hostess clutches onto my arm as I get near her. Shit, I should've tried to dodge her.

"Did you find her?" she excitedly asks.

"Umm… no… I uhh… think I'll wait for her outside." I squirm away and bolt for the door.

"Okay, I'll check on you later!" she calls after me.

I head around the back of the restaurant and lean up against a wall that isn't too dirty. These ten minutes are going to take forever. There is a side street that intersects the main drag that the restaurant is on, so I decide to count the cars that go by until Tyler arrives. After the forty-third, I hear a door creak open and Tyler appears.

"Hey, Mace," he says, taking a deep breath of his own. "I don't have a lot of time… but I just wanted to tell you that I hope you have a great life."

"What?" I feel like my body really is starting to crumble.

"I admit… when we were… together… I didn't really get the whole… brother thing. I do now. I've had a lot of therapy, and I get it. I don't want you to go through your life being… that guy. I want you to have a great life, and I know you will. You'll go to New York and meet all kinds of cool people, and you'll totally make it work… and they'll love you. I just don't want you to think you're doing something terrible or wrong or that you're a deviant or something."

I'm totally stunned, and I can't think of anything to say.

"I'll be all right. I have a good job and some friends… and I… I'll be okay," he says, unsure of how to react to my silence.

"I WANT to be THAT guy!" I say, finally regaining my faculties. "I've had a lot of therapy, too, but they could never give me a good reason on WHY… what we were doing was wrong. I KNOW it's right."

I pause to give him a chance to respond, but he's just staring back at me.

"Look, I want to have a great life, too," I continue. "Believe me! I want to be happy, and I've given it a lot of thought. I won't be able to be happy unless you're there with me. I want YOU to have a great life, too… and I think… I think I can make that happen. I know it's kind of selfish for me to ask you to come with me… for me to make the decision for us, but there are a lot of restaurants in New York City. I'm sure you'll be able to find a job because… you know… you're kind of… nice too look at."

He smiles slightly, and I linger on those beautiful lips.

"I had a job at school, and I saved about eighty-five hundred dollars. It should get us through the summer and last at least until you find a job. I know apartments near campus will be expensive, but–"

"I've saved forty-six thousand," he says quickly.

"For what?" I gasp. I was pretty proud of my savings.

"For this day."

"How did you know I was coming to get you?"

"Carson told me."

"Carson? I haven't talked to Carson in like… over two years. He didn't know I was going to ask you to leave with me."

"No, this was right after Mom sent you away," he explains. "I was lying in bed, just weeping. I couldn't do anything else. I couldn't speak, I couldn't eat, I couldn't sleep, I couldn't breathe… all I could do was cry. He sat on my bed and put his arms around me. It was weird; he'd never hugged me before. I just wept into his shirt for a couple of minutes, and then he pushed me back and smacked me across the face. He hit me really hard. I was so shocked that I stopped crying. Then, he told me that I had to go back to school and graduate, and I had to go to work and save some money. He said that you and I couldn't be together right now, but the day that we could be together was coming. I just had to make it through one day at a time, and every day that I got through… was one day closer to the day you and I could be together again."

"He never told me about that." I can't believe what I'm hearing. I know Carson didn't believe that we were supposed to be together, but this… this talk he had with Tyler may have just saved his life… saved everything.

"Yeah… it really helped. I did what he said. I still cried sometimes, but I had hope. I went back to school and got caught up. I went to work and saved my money, and didn't let Mom 'borrow' any of it… ever."

"That's smart."

"Yeah… so I graduated, and I started working at the restaurant full time. I had to pay Mom and Dad rent after I graduated, but I was still able to save some money."

"So… you're coming with me?" I ask, the pieces finally fitting together in my brain.

"Yeah, I'm coming with you," he smiles lovingly at me.

"You DICK!" I give him a shove, and we both start laughing. "You scared the SHIT out of me! I almost DIED… standing right here on THIS SPOT… almost FUCKING DIED!"

"Sorry 'bout that." He continues to laugh.

"Why did you turn me down at first?"

"I meant what I said." He stares at his shoes. "I didn't know how you felt about things… after your therapy. If you felt like we were deviants, I knew it wouldn't work. When you came to get me, it had to be because you wanted to be with me. It couldn't be because you felt sorry for me or felt like you had to. I just had to make sure."

"I WANT to be with you," I say, and a shiver of pleasure shoots through my body. "Do you… do you think we're deviants?"

"Fuck if I know. I know how I feel about you… about us, so I don't give a shit what other people think about us."

"I wish I woulda said that." I look around to see if there is any chance I could sneak a kiss.

"I'm not going to be able to go with you tomorrow, though," he frowns.

"Why not?"

"I have to give my two weeks' notice. Mr. Harrison… he's the owner and the manager here… he's been, like, really cool to me. I can't just drop it all and leave like this. He's given me the best shifts and really looked out for me. Anyway, I'm going to need a reference from him, too, if I want to find a job in New York."

"Shit," I mutter. Two weeks seems like way too long to wait.

"It'll be all right. You can go find us a place to live, and you can send the information here. I'll be able to get it without Mom finding out."

"Can you at least come to see me in my motel room after work tonight? It's that place right down the street on the left."

"Mom always picks me up from work, but I think I can sneak out once she goes to bed. I probably won't be able to make it to the motel until… after midnight."

"I'll wait up for you," I smile. "Room 216."

"I'll be there," he turns around to head back into the restaurant. I want to kiss him, but it'll be much better to wait and be able to take our time in the privacy of the motel room. "See ya," he says, and suddenly my knees buckle. My vision goes white, and I know I'm going to faint. All I can think to do is sit down on the ground immediately so I don't hit my head on the ground.

"Shit," I groan, rubbing my eyes, trying to get my senses back.

"Are you okay?" he asks, helping me to my feet. Everything clears up suddenly, and I'm looking right into his eyes as he holds my hands.

"Yeah… yeah, I'm okay. I don't know what happened, but… I think my heart just started beating again."

"Good. You're gonna need that," he laughs. Suddenly, he leans in to whisper something in my ear. "I love your hair, by the way. You look so fuckin' hot!"

"Thanks," I smile with embarrassment. Suddenly, he leaves and heads for the door again.

"After midnight," he says, peeking from behind the door.


Shit, now I've got another four long, excruciating hours to wait. Plus, I don't know how I'm going be able to be apart from him for two more weeks after we… meet tonight.

It's 12:20am, and there's no sign of Tyler. I want to wash myself out again, but I don't want to be in the bathroom when he arrives. It's been about an hour since I last did it. I've done it four times already, but I want everything to be perfect. I mean… we don't have to fuck the first night… but if things progress in that way... whenever I stop and think about it, I smile uncontrollably and my body starts shaking. He did say after midnight… I guess that doesn't have to mean 12:01am.

I can't watch any more TV. I just keep getting up to peek out from behind the curtains every time I hear a noise. I might as well just pull the chair over to the window. I start to push it across the room when I hear some quick and heavy footsteps outside the door, followed by a soft knock. I completely forget the chair in front of me and trip over it as I dash towards the door. I go all the way down on my knees, but I spring back up and grab the doorknob all in one motion.

I open the door to see Tyler doubled over, breathing hard and clutching onto the door frame.

"Did you RUN all the way over here from home?" I ask, not knowing what to do. I notice that he has a backpack that looks pretty full. He must be staying the night!

"Yeah," he still can't catch his breath.

"Lemme get you a Gatorade. They have the blue ones you like in the vending machine out there."

"O… kay…." He continues to pant and stumbles into the motel room. I run down to the end of the block of rooms and quickly shove a couple of dollar bills into the slot. Every movement feels like it's taking forever. Tyler is waiting for me back in that bedroom… finally. I hear the thud of the bottle dropping down to the bottom of the machine. I grab it and race back to the room and fling open the door.

Tyler has kicked off his shoes and is lying on the bed. He has a big smile on his face and is stretching his hand out to me. It takes me a couple of seconds to realize he's asking for his Gatorade and not for me to join him in the bed.

"Thanks," he says quickly before chugging more than half the bottle. "You remembered."

"Yep," I smile and awkwardly sit down in the chair that is totally out of place at the foot of the bed.

"Well, I have good news and bad news," he says before finishing the bottle. He seems to have caught his breath. I never could have run that far…. We must be four or five miles from home.


"I talked to my boss, Mr. Harrison, and he said that I didn't have to give my two weeks' notice! I did have the best shifts that everyone else wants, so he said it wouldn't be a problem to get them covered. He also said he'd mail me my last check and my reference, so… I can go with you tomorrow. I'm all yours."

"Forever?" I ask, not believing what I'm hearing.

"Yeah," he smiles. "Now for the bad news…. I kinda told Mom."

"Really?" I laugh. "What happened?"

"She was drinking her herbal tea before bed, and she threw the mug at me."

"Did she hurt you?"

"Nah, it just glanced off my arm and broke on the floor. Then she said that we were both disowned."

"Disowned from WHAT?!?" I shout loudly. I have to remember it's after midnight and I'm in a motel.

"I know!" he laughs.

"What did you say?"

"I just said I was sorry… for her. But I'm not sorry for me, and I'm not sorry for you. That's just the way things are."

"Wow… check out mature Tyler!"

"Yeah, I kinda learned to think about what I'm going to say before I say it."

"What did Dad say?"

"Dad… doesn't know yet. He's at this bar tonight. Actually, he's at this bar a lot. I almost never see him."

"Really?" I suddenly get a pang of guilt. I really feel sorry for Mom. Maybe we can reconcile someday. It won't be easy.

"How is the rest of the family?" I ask, not knowing what to do.

"Everyone kind of just… does their own thing. No one hears from Carson unless he needs money… not like he's getting any of mine. Parker is like… a Christian now. He doesn't want anything to do with me, which is just fine."

"If anyone pays any attention to anyone else, it's usually about Harris. He's three now."

"Wow. I only saw him when he was a little baby." We stare at each other in silence for a few seconds. I take off my shoes and fidget with my sock.

"There's something I gotta tell you," he says with a big sigh. "I want to be completely honest with you. I kinda… messed around with this guy from work."

"I kinda had a boyfriend at school for a few months," I blurt out. I wasn't even sure if I was going to tell him about Cam.

"Really? I want to hear all about it, but me first."

"Okay," I bite my lip and a knot forms in my stomach. I don't even know if I want to hear this.

"This guy got hired at work… he was kind of a skater-surfer-poser type. Every other word that came out of his mouth was Brah."

"Was he cute?" I ask, stupidly. I feel like I'm not even in control of my brain and my mouth.

"Yeah, I guess. Nice body… okay face. Anyway, he was like… following me around from that day on. He wanted to hang out after work, too."

"Of course he did." I'm eating this up for some strange reason.

"Anyway, we went to a party at this girl's place from the restaurant, and everyone had either gone home or fallen asleep. We were sitting on a couch together and he started rubbing his dick and talking about how horny he was and how he wished that chick hadn't gone to sleep."

"Wait… I've seen this porno!"

"I know, totally," he laughs. "Anyway, soon we had our dicks in our hands… and then the 'Have you ever touched another guy's dick?' thing happened, and we were jerkin' each other."

"I bet he was goin' crazy with your hand around his dick."

"Yeah, it was all throbbin'… but I wasn't really feelin' it. I was getting kind of impatient, so I just bent over and started suckin' him off."

"Really? What did he do?"

"He was surprised… but he came in like… four seconds."

"I bet! He was really into you."

"Yeah. He tapped me on the shoulder… telling me he was about to cum. I didn't realize he meant that I should stop sucking. I just kept going and he came in my mouth... and I ate it."

"How was it?"

"It was okay…. I mean, it was nice to taste cum again, but it wasn't really doing it for me. I didn't feel anything for him, so it was hard for me to get it goin'."

"What did he do?"

"He just stared at me with his horrified expression on his face. Then he just blurted out, 'Dude, you ate my cum! Why would you do that?' I didn't really understand why he was so freaked out. I mean, why would you suck a dick and not eat the cum? That's like… the creamy prize at the end!"

"Totally," I laugh.

"So he stood up and said, 'Not cool!' and went for the door. I told him to get back here and suck my dick… and that I knew he wanted to… but he didn't turn around. He just left, and I never saw him again. He didn't show up to work the next day, and that was it. So… are you pissed at me?"

"No way…. I will have to find this Brah and murder him, though."

"What about you? Who was this boyfriend, and did he make love to you as good as I did?"

"Not exactly," I play with my sock again, wondering why I told him about this. "I didn't have a boyfriend on purpose… I felt like I was forced into it."

"Aww, you poor baby! Did someone make you have a boyfriend?" he asks with a sarcastic frown.

"I'm serious!" I laugh. "He was my best friend. He was my only friend. It turned out that he was only my friend cuz he liked me. I didn't want to lose him as a friend, and my therapist was really pushing me to get with him… so I caved."

"What was the sex like?"

"We never did it! We just kissed a few times, but he eventually figured out that I wasn't into him. He didn't want to be just friends, so I rarely saw him after we broke up."

"That's funny."


"You kissed a guy and I sucked the cum out of a guy's dick. That's the opposite of what I would've expected."

"Yeah, I guess so," I chuckle nervously.

"Okay, so that's behind us forever. We don't have to worry about it ever again."

"Sounds good to me." I take a deep breath.

"I umm… still have your note," he says, taking it out of his wallet. "I always have it on me no matter what."

"I still have yours, too. I read it all the time," I say, taking his note out of my pocket. It's been folded and unfolded so many times that it's starting to come apart. I have to handle it very gently.

"Really? I haven't read yours once since you left! I always felt like if I read it, I would burst out in tears. Still, I couldn't let it out of my sight."

"We could ceremonially burn them together… to show that we're together for good now."

"Fuck no! I'm keeping mine!" He quickly unfolds it and reads it with a big smile. I read his note again, too, trying not to get choked up. "What's wrong?" he asks after we finish reading.

"What? Nothing."

"Dude, you're shaking."

"I dunno… I can't stop. I guess… I'm really nervous."

"Why? It's me."

"It's just… I've been thinking about tonight for a long time, and I think you probably have been, too. I've been away from you for so long, and I want things to be like they used to be. I'm afraid I've lost it, and I won't be able to…."

"Don't worry, man. If you're terrible in bed, I'm sure I can get my job back, and Mom would probably take me back, too."

"SHUT UP!" I throw a shoe at him and he laughs hysterically.

"First of all, we've got to stop your shakin'," he says, patting his chest. "Why don't you come and lean up against me."

I try to hide my blushing cheeks as I scoot up the bed. He spreads his legs wide enough for my body to slide in, and I lean back against him and carefully rest my head back against his chest.

"Uhoh," he says, wrapping his arms around my body. His warmth is overwhelming, but the tingles running through my body are making my shaking worse.

"Wha-at?" I manage to stammer.

"I've got you in my arms again," he whispers. "I'm never letting you go again."

"Good," I whisper back, still unable to control my body.

"Just close your eyes… and take some deep breaths." He begins to rub my shoulders, deeply and forcefully. I try to control my moans, but one escapes every few seconds. His hands feel amazing. There's nothing I can do about it. "Feel good?" he asks, moving his hands down to rub my chest.

"Mmm... yeah." I squirm on top of him loving the feeling. I slowly feel the tension of the last three-and-a-half years begin to melt away. My breathing slows down, and I let the warmth of his body radiate into mine.

"See?" he asks, snapping me out of my bliss.

"What?" I look up at him for the first time.

"You've stopped shaking."

"Yeah, I guess I have," I smile, knowing what's coming next.

"Okay, I gotta try something." He follows with a smile of his own. "I'm going to give you a little kiss… just a spin-the-bottle kiss. I think it will let us know if there's still any of that old magic left."

"Okay," I whisper as he slowly brings his lips down to meet mine. He barely allows our lips to meet before pulling back, but a strong jolt shoots through my body, causing my chest to bounce up off of his.

"Hmm… something happened there," he says with a widening smile as he returns to rubbing my chest.

"Yeah, I felt something. How 'bout you?"

"Yeah… like fireworks going off inside my body."

"That's a good start," I say, pleading with my eyes. "We'd better do a longer one just to make sure."

"Nobody could stop me," he says, and our lips meet again, tenderly. I slowly open my mouth, and he does the same. His embrace tightens slightly, and I let everything go. I want this to be the kiss that he's been thinking about while we've been apart. It certainly is rocking me. I know I haven't lost it. We haven't lost it. We're just as hot as if we haven't been apart for a day. I hear a slow, soft, deep moan come from Tyler, and I know he's in heaven. This couldn't have gone any better. He finally pulls back, and I stare lovingly up into his eyes.

"I never stopped loving you… not for a second," he whispers, stroking my hair.

"Quit! You're gonna make me–" It's too late. I begin to bawl, and I quickly flip over and bury my face into his chest. He rocks me slowly and kisses the top of my head while I release the rest of my pent up frustration and pain.

"It's okay," he says, trying to soothe me. He strokes my hair and kisses the top of my head.

"Damn," I say, finally catching my breath. "That felt… really good."

"Yeah, glad you got that out," he smiles again.

"Why aren't you crying? You always used to cry!" I give him a playful shove.

"I've cried SO much over you… you have no idea. But now… now, I feel like I will never cry again in my life."

"I'm gonna make sure of that." I stroke his arm with my fingertips as he continues to rub my chest.

"I did cry… a little… after you left the restaurant tonight."


"Yeah… I had forgotten what it felt like to be loved… and you coming to get me and pleading for me to come with you… laying it all on the line like that. It just hit me all of a sudden, and I was trying to carry trays of food and drinks with tears running down my face."

"Okay, we've both got the crying out of the way. It's time for other stuff."

"Yeah," he smiles, going in for another kiss. As our lips meet, I think about all of the kisses that we could've been having over the past few years, and all of the happiness I could've brought Tyler. I pull away in anger and surprise Tyler.

"I want to make you a promise," I say, looking back up into his eyes.

"Ooh a promise. We should hold hands." He slides his hands into mine and interlocks our fingers.

"Yeah," I give his hands a little squeeze. "I promise that one day, you will say to me, 'Mace, we have officially made up for all of the lost kisses in the time that we were apart."

"Dude!" he laughs out loud. "That's a lot of kissing!"

"Yep," I smile confidently.

"I mean, that's a lot of EXTRA kissing… on top of the kissing we'd already be doing!"

"We'd better get started then," I say as adorably as possible.

"Yeah, we'd better." I can see the hunger in his eyes. We kiss for just a few seconds before he pulls back in laughter.

"What now?" I ask, wanting to continue.

"I have a promise for you, too," he giggles, slipping his hands back into mine.

"What is it?" I ask, trying not to catch his giggles.

"I promise you… that I'll NEVER say those words!"

"Why not?"

"Cuz that means the extra kissing is over!"

"Yeah, I didn't think of that."

"Okay, how 'bout this? LOTS of extra kissing… FOREVER!"

"Sounds good to me," I say as his tongue slips back inside of my mouth. We turn on the passion for the first time, really working it. He slips his hand up my t-shirt and I run my fingers through the hair on the back of his head. He always loved when I did that. I feel the heat from his dick rising from underneath me, and mine feels like it's harder than it's been in three-and-a-half years. These shorts have got to go.

"Wait!" he says suddenly and breathlessly, pulling away.

"What?" I continue to massage the back of his head with my fingers.

"I haven't cum in like… three days," he admits with a touch of embarrassment.


"So, I'm about to… like REALLY about to. I thought… ya know… you might want it."

"Yeah, I might!" I say with a big smile as I try to pull down the waistband of his shorts. We both giggle as he assists me in freeing his dick. He's wearing some pretty tight underwear that look like they were designed for sports. We peel them down and see his dick pop out.

"Holy shit!" I gasp. I feel like I'm seeing his dick for the first time. It does look the same as I remember… just more manly, more glorious… more tasty.

"It looks so… different!" Tyler says. I look up at him and see the same look of wonder on his face that must be on mine.

"What do you mean? You see your dick every day!"

"Hey… it's been a long time since I've had a Mace-boner, okay," he bites his lip.

"So you don't think of me when you're jerking off?" I ask, frowning.

"Yeah, of course I do… but that guy knows the difference between jerking off… and when you're really here." He makes his dick bounce, as if it's trying to reach me. That's all I can take. I wrap my hand around his burning shaft and give the head a big lick. Tyler moans, and I look up at him, trying to convey the hunger that I'm feeling.

"That feel good?"

"Yeah… dude," he pants. "I know you probably want to make this last… but I gotta cum. You gotta just let me cum… but promise me something."


"You can't cum yet… I wanna get yours, too!"

"There's no way I can stop it! I feel like I could cum just sitting here staring at your dick!"

"Okay, fine… but I'm still getting yours."

"Whatever you say!" I finally dive in and wrap my mouth around his dick. I give him some firm, but slow strokes. I want to coax as much cum out of his dick as possible, and I know how to do that. I brace myself, as I want to remember this one forever.

"Mmmmm… Mace… those lips… uhh… that feels… that feels so… here it… here it… COMES!"

I glance up to see the pleasure on his face as the pleasure washes through my body. Hot jets of cum fill my mouth over and over as I swallow them down. It's as amazing and jarring as it was the first time, but familiar and connecting, like it was every time after that.

"Dude, are you sure that was just three days? That was like… three years of cum!" I say before returning to hopefully get another drop or two.

"Oh man," he says, trying to catch his breath. "I was afraid… I couldn't cum… like that… anymore."

"What are you talking about?" I laugh. "You've always been such a great cummer."

"I remember how I used to cum for you… just squirting hot cum all over the place… squirt after squirt. Lately, I have to pound my shaft in my fist really, really hard… just to get four of five drops to dribble out. Sometimes, I can't even get there."

"I'll have you cumming like a sixteen-year-old again," I smile, jacking his dick.

"Yeah, you will!" he laughs. "Speaking of cumming… did you?"

"Umm…," I stick my hand down my shorts and feel the warm goo. "Yep!"

"That will be my appetizer then," he says, hoisting me up on the pillows in the position that he was in. He pulls down my shorts and begins licking and gobbling up the explosive orgasm that I experienced when he was cumming in my mouth. The sight of him cleaning me up and enjoying every lick makes my dick hard instantly hard again. "Ooh," he pretends to notice my boner for the first time, and then gobbles it down.

I watch him and quickly build to another orgasm. I forgot what a good cocksucker he was… I always used to think of his love-making skills, but he can work my cock with his lips like an expert. I buck my hips, but he holds me down while I return the favor in his mouth. As soon as I finish, he scoots up to give me a deep kiss. He eventually pulls back, hovering over me and staring into my eyes.

"Mace… I think I'm gonna have to," he smiles.

"What?" I ask, hoping to hear the magic words.

"I kept telling myself that I should take it slow… that it would be better if we got to know each other again, and just spent some time together first. But I gotta… I just HAVE to make love to you."

"I was hoping you'd say that," I say, rubbing my hand down his back.

"I got some lube. It's in my bag." He makes a movement towards his bag, which he set down near the door.

"Me too! It's in the drawer there!" I clutch onto him. I can't stand the thought of him leaving me for those few seconds.

"Ahh… of course you have some," he chuckles as we scramble to get it. "You ready? I mean, like right now?"

"Yeah, I spent all of the time while I was waiting for you… getting ready."

"Good… cuz I'm ready." He squirts a big glob of lube into his hand and quickly slickens up his dick. "Welcome home, little guy," he says as he slowly presses it in. Chills run through my body as I see the pleasure growing on his face. This is what I've been waiting for. This is what I've been missing.

He slumps forward and gives me a very soft kiss before pulling back and looking into my eyes.

"Hey," he whispers.


"I just wanted to say… thanks for coming to get me tonight." His smile is as big as I've ever seen it.

"Thanks for coming with me."

"You're very welcome." We both get a case of the giggles, but they don't last long. I feel like I'll cum again as soon as he starts pumping. "I'm going to make love to you now. I know this isn't going to last as long as I want it to, but I just want to tell you that I love you."

"I love you, too." I just barely get the words out before our lips smack together in desperate passion. He begins to thrust, and all of those perfect memories of our love making come flooding back. It was real, and now it IS real. I feel the pleasure dripping from his body and soaking into mine, and I quickly build to a powerful orgasm while he continues to carefully thrust inside of me. I know he's trying to go more slowly to make it last longer, but it's powerful enough to make me cum. All I can do is kiss him and be there for him until he releases inside of me… oh fuck yeah… he's gonna cum inside of me. I need this so bad.

I know it's very soon as he moans louder inside of my mouth. I give him everything I have, pushing my tongue against his as I run my fingers around his sweat-drenched hair. I know it's happening now. His cum is squirting inside of me. His cum is filling me up inside. A rush of pleasure bolts through my body, just like our first time. Everything is going to be just like it was… maybe even better. We can do this anytime we want now. We're together, and we don't have to sneak around.

"Ahh…," he grunts, pulling back and looking at me for a couple of seconds before descending into another kiss. He picks his head up sleepily. "Mace," he whispers breathlessly, rubbing my chest.

"Did that feel good?"

"Yeah… oh YEAH, Mace. It felt SO fuckin' good… and SO fuckin' right… but I know I can do better. I just couldn't control it."

"I think you did a damn fine job," I say, giving him a quick kiss. "Look, I glazed myself."

"I think I did a little more than glaze," he says with a big smile.

"C'mere!" I say, embracing him tightly and going in for another kiss.

"So how does it feel… to have my cum inside of you again?"

"It's always been there, remember? That's all that kept me going during the really tough times."

"Yeah, well…. How does it feel to have some FRESH?"

"REALLY fuckin' good!" I say before breaking into a case of the giggles. We tussle around in bed, laughing and kissing. Damn, this feels perfect. Eventually, he lays his head down on my chest with a heavy, satisfied sigh. "Do you wanna go to sleep?" I ask. "It's one-thirty."

"No fuckin' way," he replies perfectly, kissing my chest and down to my abs.

"I got an idea," I say, propping myself up on some pillows. "Scoot up here with me so I can hold you for a while."

"Okay," he excitedly slides up the bed between my legs, and I embrace him tightly, kissing his cheek.

"Let's… talk about our time together… the good memories."

"Ahh… you just want to get me hard again," he laughs.

"Maybe a little," I giggle.

"Okay… you go first," he sighs, relaxing onto my body as I rub his shoulders.

"How 'bout… our first kiss?"

"That was pretty… amazing."

"What was it like for you?" I ask, kissing the top of his head.

"Hey, I said you go first!" He looks up at me with a big smile. I know he's been replaying it in his head.

"I was really nervous," I admit.

"You didn't think you were gonna be a good kisser?"

"No, I was nervous that you were just fucking with me… that the whole thing was a huge set-up. I thought that when I leaned in to kiss you, would punch me in the balls and call me a fag."

"Shit!" he laughs.

"Then, when our lips met, I felt this wave of relief… that all we talked about was real."

"Fuck yeah, it was real."

"Then, I thought, 'Hey, this is pretty nice.'"

"Mmhmm…." He strokes my leg.

"Then, I felt you dick through your shorts."

"I bet you did," he laughs.

"You were such a good kisser right from the beginning. You were gentle, not trying to force anything… and you tasted good. You kinda tasted like… candy."

"Did I eat some candy right before we kissed? I don't remember."

"No, you always taste like that," I say, leaning over to get another taste, "except when you taste like cum."

"Yeah, I taste like cum A LOT," he laughs.

"What about you? Your turn," I rub his sweaty chest down to his abs. He's so fuckin' sexy.

"Hmm…," he smiles. "It's hard to describe. As you know, kissing has always been… really important to me. I spent a lot of time thinking about what it would be like to kiss a guy. I was really nervous… I wanted it to be as good as I always thought it would be, and I wanted it to be just as good for you, too. But it was so different… and SO much better than I thought it was gonna be."

"How so?"

"I was so worried about what I was gonna do… I didn't even think about what you were gonna do. Then, it struck me. It wasn't what I'm doing or what you're doing… it's what we're doing. It's how we react to each other's movements. It's how in synch we are with each other."

"You figured all of that out on our first kiss?"

"Yep. It was… pretty awesome."

"Too bad Mom interrupted us. I wonder what woulda happened if she hadn't called to me from the kitchen window."

"I woulda jizzed."

"Yeah, me too," I laugh.

"What about the next night?" he asks, smiling up at me as I stroke his hair.

"That… was really amazing."

"Thinking back… it was kind of like our honeymoon. We had just said, 'I love you' for the first time, and I felt closer to you than I could ever imagine. I was so happy, lying there in bed, looking over at you in your bed… then the miracle happened, when Parker went to Mom and Dad's room." I can see the joy in his face as he talks about it.

"Yeah… I couldn't believe it."

"I know I came a lot that night, but all of those orgasms put together didn't feel as good as it felt to have you in my arms… in my bed… under the covers… and feel you loving me as much as I was loving you. Okay, I'm fully hard again," he laughs.

"Yeah, me too!" I squirm underneath him to shift my boner into a more comfortable position. "For me, it was when I felt grown-up for the first time instead of a little boy. You made me feel… confident… and sexy. I never once thought of myself as sexy."


"I'm serious. I knew… I wasn't ugly, but I never thought… a dude would lust after me like the way I did about other guys."

"One dude was lusting after you," he smiles up at me again. "What about the kissing?"

"Hmm….," I lean over for a quick one. "I felt like you figured out how to kiss… I mean how to really kiss… and you taught me without saying a word. You were… SO amazing at it."

"I was pretty good," he says before we share another one.

"I think… what I loved the most about it was that I could make you cum… just from kissing. I hadn't really considered that possibility before, but it was SO hot. I loved how you held me and kissed me when your body tensed up… the way you tried to make it last as long as possible… and then the way you moaned inside my mouth while your dick was gushing cum. I couldn't believe that I could make you feel that good… it made me gush cum, too."

"At first, I felt bad about keeping you awake, then I realized you were as much into it as I was, and I knew we were going all night," he smiles.

"Yeah, there was no stopping us."

"Do you remember what you said to me after the alarm went off?"

"Yeah, that I wished we had more time to kiss."

"Do you know how much that meant to me? I kept replaying that in my mind all day."

"Yeah… I kept replaying all of the times I made you cum."

"Mmmmm… that was a lot of times."

"Yeah," I sneak another kiss.

"Do you remember…." He laughs hysterically and then doubles over.


"Do you remember…," he continues, trying to control himself. "Do you remember how fucking miserable weekends were?"

"Yeah, totally. The house was a clusterfuck. We couldn't get a second to ourselves."

"Sometimes, I'd find myself just staring at you… thinking about kissing you. Every word that came out of your mouth… every little smile drove me crazy. I'd be walking around all day with this raging boner. I would want to go jerk off in the bathroom just to get a little relief, but I never would. I knew I had to save it up for… the next time that we were together. I knew I would really squirt hard for you if I saved it up… squirt hard… and A LOT… in your mouth… and I knew how much you loved it. That's what made it worth it…."

"I wonder how many gallons of your cum I swallowed in those seven months."

"You'd make me feel so good… I would feel like I could squirt a gallon of cum every time… but once I started making love to you…. Hmmm… I think I probably squirted more gallons of cum up inside of you than you ever swallowed."

"Yeah, you probably did," I laugh and we indulge in another long kiss. "Do you remember that Saturday… when Mom and Dad took Parker and Jackson to the park?"

"Yeah," he moans.

"I was in the shower and you were pounding on the door. I thought there was a home invasion or something. You scared the shit out of me!"

"Sorry about that," he giggles.

"Then I got out of the shower and opened the door… and you were standing there completely naked with the hugest boner."

"I was ready for ya," he smiles up at me. "I started to tell you what happened, but you grabbed my hands and we were in the shower together in two seconds."

"Yep, I was on my knees working out one of those big build-ups you had for me."

"And I seem to remember you feeding me quite a load in return."

"Yep… I was pretty turned on," I laugh.

"You remember what happened after that?"

"Yeah… we got out of the shower and just made out on your bed until they all came home."

"Yeah," he smiles with a heavy sigh. "That was a great day…. Hey, do you realize, that we can just make out on a bed whenever the fuck we want to now?"

"You and me in a bed… we're gonna be doing a hell of a lot more than making out."

"Yeah, that's true."

"Okay, I got one," I smile, biting my lip. "What about the first time that you fucked the cum out of me?"

"I was so nervous," he laughs. "Thinking back, I shouldn't have been… I shoulda known it would turn out perfectly. I was so nervous about hurting you… and then I look down and see cum squirting out of your dick… so I thought, 'Yeah, I'm doing this right.' What did that feel like?"

"It felt like…. I can't really put it into words. I had just been thinking about it for so long… to have you inside of me… going crazy with pleasure… for me to make you feel that good… and then see it on your face… I just lost it. I lost control of my body. I just had to lie back and let it happen."

"It was so fucking hot."

"I know… and it always feels just as good."

"It really does," he looks up at me adorably and we kiss.

"If I were to say, do you remember THE kiss, would you know which one I was talking about?" I ask.

"Hmmm… I think I do," he says, sneaking another kiss. "You mean that good-night kiss that made us cum… where we were just holdin' each other?"

"Yeah, that's the one. What were you thinking about that led to that?"

"I dunno… I was just kissing you good-night, and it kept going. I started thinking about how much you must love me to kiss me like that when you were so tired… and then I just started thinking about how much I loved you. I just felt so good inside, and I knew I was gonna cum without even moving. I just kept kissing you and let it happen. Then, you came, too! I was so happy that you experienced exactly the same feeling that I had. I just wanted to let it build up again so we could turn the little puddle between us into a lake. Then, I fucking fell asleep!"

"Wow, I thought I was the one that fell asleep," I chuckle.

"Well, maybe we can try that one again sometime."

"Definitely! Okay, I have one more question for you," I say, taking a deep breath.

"What is it?"

"Why do you think… we fell in love?"

"Why?" he laughs. "I think the real question is 'Why did it take us that long to fall in love?'"

"Maybe you're right."

"I guess I'll tell you what I told my therapist. She didn't really like my answer, but hey, I was honest."


"I was goin' crazy thinkin' about dudes… and then my brother turned out to be the cutest guy ever! You were my dream guy. That wasn't MY fault… it just happened. I couldn't help lookin' at you… fantasizin' about you… I just wanted to be with you SO bad… and I couldn't help it. I couldn't control it! Then I had the chance to kiss you playing spin-the-bottle… and I thought there could be a chance. Finally, I kissed you for real, and the way you touched me… and kissed me… and with me crushin' on you SO HARD… I couldn't help but fall in love with you. After that, it was all about you… I mean, I just wanted to make you happy."

"Good answer!" I say, leaning over for a big kiss.

"What about you?" He rests his head on my chest, looking up at me.

"I have to admit, when you first asked me to be your boyfriend, I was like… 'YES! I get to suck the cum out of his dick EVERY DAY!' I was just really craving dick and cum at that age, I couldn't really think about anything else."

"Uh huh," he chuckles.

"I didn't think about the emotion… or the feelings that I'd have for you."

"When did the feelings start to happen?"

"That next day, when I got home and you were crying… and I started crying… I knew something serious was up."

"Yep," he smiles, rubbing my chest.

"Then, it was like… you were everything that I ever wanted in a boyfriend… you were so sweet and loving."

"I am a pretty awesome boyfriend."

"I meant the other stuff… the stuff besides the kissing and the sex. The times that we spent together in front of other people… were perfect. You were attentive and loving and supportive… and you looked me in the eyes when I talked, and you listened, and you laughed at my jokes. And when we could sneak a second away from other people's eyes… a stroke of your fingertips on my arm… or when you touched my foot with your toes… or it could just be a look that showed me how much you loved me."

"Yeah," he moans, running his fingertips up my leg.

"I would love the way you would look at me when we hadn't seen each other all day. I could tell… in your eyes… that you had been thinking about me. That meant SO much to me."

"I did think about you all day… I DO think about you all day."

"With ALL of that… and how fucking ridiculously HOT you are… and how fuckin' STEAMY our sex is… I don't think anyone could blame us for falling in love."

"Speaking of that… I think it's time I show you how much I love you again."

"Bout time," I say as he quickly slithers his dick back inside of me. I hold onto his sides as he takes control, much more slowly and romantically this time. We moan deep inside of each other's mouths while the pleasure slowly grows. He breaks the kiss from time to time, looking down at my dick. It eventually dawns on me that he's trying to time his orgasm with mine. As I pass the point of no return, I let out a moan that removes all doubt, and he begins thrusting for the finish line. Our mouths lock tightly as the cum flows from both of us…. His timing is perfect. Tyler lifts his head sleepily to take a breath.

"We're back," he whispers with a big smile.

"We're SO back," I say, stroking his sweaty hair.

"Mmm… mmm," he grunts kissing me all over my face.

"Tyler," I say, grabbing his head from both sides, centering his gaze on me. "Okay, here's what I want you to do."

"Anything," he says, kissing me once more on the lips. "I'll do anything in the world for you."

"I want you to go to sleep, and I want you to hold me in your arms all night."

"I'll never let you go," he says sleepily as he wraps his arms around my body.

"Then, in the morning, when you get up… I want you to go across the street to Mickey D's and get us some breakfast."

"Okaaaay…." He looks up at me, slightly confused.

"And while you're gone, I'm going to go up to the motel office, and I'm going to book this room for another WEEK!"

"Are you fucking SERIOUS? You mean we don't have to leave for New York in the morning?" Tyler instantly perks up and looks as awake and excited as when he first got here.

"Nah… I don't even know where we're going. I didn't make any plans because if you weren't coming with me, I'd be moving into a dorm. Now, we're going to have to look for an apartment. I have my laptop in my bag over there… I can start doing some research on a place to live before we head out. Plus, we've been through a lot these last three-and-a-half years. I think we've earned a sex vacation."

"If you think I'm letting you out of this bed long enough to go across the room to get your computer, you're crazy," he says, hugging me tight to his body.

"Well, we have to eat. I promise, I'll be quick." I giggle.

"No way," he groans. Suddenly, he jerks up with a serious expression and looks me right in the eyes. "There's something very important I need to ask you, but before I ask you, I have to be hard and inside of you."

"Sounds like you really want me to say 'yes'," I laugh.

"Yeah, it's really important. Can I stick it back in?"

"Dude, you NEVER have to ask me that. That's like… two seconds sooner you could've had it in there!"

"You're right," he smiles, pressing it back in. "Mmmmm… it's warm and cummy in there."

"Let's keep it that way," I moan.

"Okay, I need a little kiss to get him back to 100% boned. He's pretty worn out."

"I have no idea what you're gonna ask me. Everything we said back then is still true. I love you. I consider us married. I'm going to be with you forever. There's nothing else we need to pledge to each other."

"Trust me. This one is really, REALLY important," he says, wiggling his eyebrows.

"Okay, one boner-producing kiss… coming up!"

I wrap my legs around him and kiss him with everything I've got. I'm so curious to hear what his question is. I have no idea what he could ask me that we haven't already been through. It doesn't take him long to get hard again, but he isn't budging out of this kiss. Finally, I squirm out from under his lips and he moves down to kiss my neck.

"What's your question?" I gasp, moving my hips against his thrust.

"Not yet," he grunts, diving his mouth back onto mine. Our tongues thrash against each other as I build toward another orgasm, and I know he must be close, too. He finally picks up his head and takes a couple of quick, deep breaths. "Okay."

"What is it?" I clutch onto his back.

"This… sex vacation…."


"Can we make it two weeks?"

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