Mason in the Center, Part 3

by Joe L

Chapter 3

October 2010

"I'm gonna try something different today," Tyler says into my ear. There's no way anyone can hear us; the school bus is loud on its own, not considering the screaming kids.

"What?" I'm trying not to smile too much.

"Let's just say I have a new move that I've been thinking about… a move that will make you cum all over yourself."

"If you talk about it anymore, I'm gonna cum right now," I say, leaning my head back against the seat and closing my eyes. It's only about five more minutes until we get to our stop. Tyler turns around to talk to some kids, and I try to breathe as the seconds tick away like hours.

Last night was… amazing. Every fucking night is amazing because I get to spend every night in Tyler's bed, but last night….

We danced. I can't help but giggle like a little girl every time I let the memories creep into my mind. The idea started because they announced some lame fall dance at school. Tyler told me that he didn't want to go because he wouldn't be able to dance with me. Then, he got it in his mind that he really wanted to dance with me. I resisted because I don't dance. I've never danced in front of anyone; I feel too awkward. I'd never seen Tyler dance either, but he's at least coordinated.

It wasn't even a night when we were sending Parker down the hall with a fake nightmare, but Tyler wouldn't be deterred. We waited until Parker fell asleep, and we stood next to the computer. We plugged the earbuds into the audio jack, each one of us putting one bud in our ear. We loaded an internet radio station that plays cheesy love songs, and just stood there swaying in each other's arms.

It took me a little while to stop giggling; I felt so stupid. That feeling didn't last, though. Tyler was so romantic, and the mood was just perfect. One particularly romantic song came on, and we looked into each other's eyes… and then it was on. We stood there, kissing deeply, still swaying, and we both even came in our shorts. It was so intense. I don't know how long it went on, but we must have listened to twenty or thirty songs.

Then… we made love. We couldn't NOT make love after that. We promised each other that we wouldn't do anything other than just make out on the nights that Parker is in the room with us. We kept that promise… for a while. Then one night, we were cleaning up some cum with our tongues under the covers and ended up 69-ing for a while. After that, 69-ing under the covers became a nightly routine. Last night, we finally went all the way with Parker sleeping on the other side of the room.

I think Parker has finally put the pieces together. He knows that sex is something that people do when they're in love, and he probably knows that Tyler and I aren't just kissing the entire time we're together. We haven't talked about it, but Parker has been avoiding us a lot lately. He doesn't even want to play with us after dinner. That's all right with me. It allows Tyler and me time to sneak a few extra kisses and blowjobs, which is really vital for us. I can be fine one minute, and completely, uncontrollably horny the next minute. Before, I just had to deal with it, but now, we can usually find a place to be together.

I felt bad about having sex in the same room as Parker for a while, but it's not like it ever wakes him up. He can sleep through anything and everything, and I think he must be getting used to the smell of sex. Sometimes it's hard to stay ahead of the laundry. Everything is always soaked in sweat and cum. We even had to use some of Tyler's earnings to buy more sheets identical to the ones we have. They were wearing out quickly with all the washing, and Mom would notice that kind of thing if she's paying close attention.

Everything is in order, though. Every day, when we go to school, our room just looks and smells like a normal room that three boys share. When Mom gets home from work, our room just looks and smells like a normal dudes' room… nothing out of the ordinary.

Tyler nudges me as I notice the bus is stopped. We smile at each other for a brief second, then bolt out of our seats. We always sprint home, using the excuse that we're trying to beat each other to the remote every day. I can never beat Tyler in a race, but he lets me win sometimes.

We dash through the house, ripping clothes off as fast as we can. I lock myself in our bathroom, as I don't let Tyler see my clean-out routine. He always stands on the other side of the door, usually banging his head against it while he waits.

"You are gonna cum SO HARD," he says through the door between bangs.

"I always do," I laugh.

"I'm gonna cum SO HARD against this door if you don't get out of there!" he sighs, continuing to slam his forehead against the door.

"I'll be out in a minute!" I call out, trying to speed things up. "Quit bangin' your head! I want you lookin' pretty for me when I get out!"

Eventually, I'm satisfied. I lick my lips because the second I throw open that door, Tyler's lips will be locked onto mine. I twist the knob, and Tyler doesn't disappoint. We embrace and kiss deeply as we try to maneuver to Tyler's bed. His dick is already lubed up, and the instant my back touches Tyler's mattress, his dick slides perfectly inside of me. We both moan, finally feeling the sensation that we've been waiting for. We made love for a long time last night, but that seems like ages ago. That complete feeling of Tyler inside of me, kissing me, embracing me, pressing every part of his body against every part of mine… it's something that I'll never get tired of and will always need.

"Tyler, get off of your brother. Mason, in the car… two minutes." Mom's voice cuts through the air, and we freeze. I jerk my head towards our door, and I see Mom, standing there, staring at the floor. No one moves a muscle for what seems like an eternity. Finally she turns and heads down the hall. I glance back at Tyler, who has tears running down his cheeks.

"Oh no. Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Oh FUCK!" he whines, and it quickly turns into sobs. I feel like I'm going to faint or throw up or both… but I know I have to be the strong one right now.

"Tyler, look at me," I say trying to keep my voice steady. "TYLER!"

"FUCK!" he wails, his sobbing getting louder.

"Tyler, I… I've been thinking about this for a long time," I say, quickly getting dressed. "I've been preparing for this. I guess I've always known that this was going to happen eventually. I know what to do. I know what to say. I need you to trust me. I promise, I won't let anyone or anything keep us apart."

My words seem to have no effect; I'm not even sure if he heard me. He just continues to sob into his hands and screaming, "FUCK!" every few seconds.

"TYLER! Do you trust me?" I yell, and he finally looks at me. His sobs quickly stop as our eyes lock for a few seconds. He eventually gives me an uncertain nod, and I give him a quick kiss before heading out to meet Mom. Holy shit, it is finally happening.

I get in the car, not looking up. Mom calmly drives down the driveway towards the park where we normally have our "in trouble" talks. I continue to stare at my hands. I don't think I'll ever be able to look at Mom in the eyes again… and Dad, oh shit. I don't think Dad would ever be able to look me in the eyes again. I feel so much more ashamed than I thought I would. I'm proud of my love for Tyler. I guess it's because she caught us in the worst possible position.

Mom continues down the road, not slowing down at the park.

"Where are we going?" I ask, managing to force the words out.

"I'm taking you to Urgent Care," she says flatly.


"You have to be checked out. We have to see if your brother did any damage to you."

"NO! He didn't! We're always careful! I'm fine!" I protest, as the tears begin to flow. I wasn't expecting this at all. I can't imagine anything more mortifying than having a doctor inspect my hole in front of MOM.

"You think I can believe anything you say at this point?" she scoffs. "You're FIFTEEN years old. Your body isn't built for that. I can't believe you let Tyler sodomize you."

"He doesn't sodomize me. He makes love to me," I say, immediately regretting my words. Mom lets loose a backhand to my face, and a stinging pain jars me to the core. She's never hit me before. She's never hit any of us… ever… regardless of the awful stuff we've done. I guess I can give her a pass on this one. I look down and notice a couple of drops of blood have dripped down on my jeans. I check the mirror and see that my lip is bleeding pretty badly.

"Here," Mom says unapologetically and hands me a stack of fast food napkins that were shoved in the door pocket. I hold the napkins against my lip for a minute, thinking about my next move.

"You do know… what's going to happen if you take me to Urgent Care, right?" I ask, finally looking at her.


"They'll ask me what happened to my lip, and I'll tell them," I say.

"Are you THREATENING… ME?!?" she slows down the car so she can stare me down.

"No, I'm just telling you what will happen. They will know you're upset because you brought me there, and they'll know the reason. They'll see that my cut is fresh, and they'll put it all together… even if I lie for you." She continues down the road, not acknowledging my sentence. "Can't you just pull over and we'll talk this through?"

With a big sigh, she pulls into a grocery store parking lot, and parks away from the other cars. We sit in silence for a few minutes. Neither of us knows what to say.

"So talk," she says, finally.

"So, Parker finally turned us in, huh?" I don't know what to say, and I just can't start with Tyler and I being in love.

"No, he DIDN'T," she makes a loud, dramatic laugh. "And I don't want you boys to retaliate against Parker for this! Do you want to know how I found out? You'll LOVE this."

"How?" I ask, my heart beating up in my throat.

"It was Parker's school PSYCHOLOGIST!"

"WHAT?" I ask, panic shooting all through my brain.

"Yes!" she laughs, sarcastically. "I had to take off time from work, go to Parker's school, sit in a STRANGER'S office, and hear him tell me that my two teenage sons were having KISSING TIME alone in their bedroom at night and make their little brother fake nightmares so they can be alone."

"I can't believe he was seeing a psychologist… and that he told him about us," I mutter.

"Of course he was seeing someone! A boy his age is suddenly having constant nightmares and doesn't want to sleep in his own bed? Believe me, it wasn't easy to get it out of him. Mr. Harper knew he was lying from day one… but Parker wouldn't tell him what was really going on. He asked a lot of questions, and it wasn't until yesterday that Mr. Harper finally figured out the final piece of the puzzle."

"We won't wail on him for this," I say. I guess Parker did as best he could for us.

"You know what?" She shakes her head. "I never even had a CLUE. I mean, I always thought Tyler was hiding something from me, but YOU were completely off my radar. You know how you have these… thoughts sneak into your mind? Bad thoughts… DARK thoughts… thoughts you dismiss immediately… thoughts you are ashamed ever crept inside of your brain? The truth about what you boys were doing never even once occurred to me. It never even once flitted through my mind."

"But–" I start but am quickly interrupted.

"But the SECOND Mr. Harper told me, I knew that it was all true. Everything made sense: you sabotaging water park day, Tyler buying you those shoes, you constantly washing towels and sheets, you and Tyler constantly brushing your teeth and FLOSSING? I could never get any of you boys to brush regularly, and suddenly you and Tyler are both BRUSHING AND FLOSSING after EVERY meal? And then, there was the constant changes of outfits, multiple showers every day, the complete freak-outs over getting ONE zit, constantly fixing your hair and looking in mirrors, disappearing off together at random times, often during your favorite TV shows, and the SMILING… the CONSTANT SMILING…. It all hit me at once, and it made me SICK! It's always the WORST case scenario with you boys! You're always up to something that's WORSE THAN I CAN EVEN IMAGINE!" She opens the car door and bends over the pavement. "I think I'm gonna be sick."

I have to think carefully about my words. This is the most important moment of my life. Everything depends on this.

"Mom, I know how you must feel," I start.

"You have no idea until you have children… children that betray and lie and… I guess you won't have that problem. You won't have children."

"Okay, let's start there. I'm gay… and so is Tyler… and you have no idea what it's like to be a gay teenager. It's scary, it's lonely, it's depressing…. You feel like you're LESS THAN everyone else. You feel like you're going to have a hard life no matter what. That's why so many gay teens kill themselves. I really think Tyler was headed down that path."

"Tyler was not going to kill himself. He can't even rip off his own Band-Aids!"

"There comes a point where living is far more painful than dying. Anyway, we came out to each other, and I didn't even think anything would happen. Even then, it felt good… ya know, to have someone to talk to… someone that knows what I was going through. The other stuff started… soon after."

"I don't want to know any details."

"I know, I know. I just want to let you know that I didn't plan it. I thought… it was just going to be… practice. What I didn't know… was what an amazing person Tyler is."

"Oh don't give me that."

"I'm serious! The real Tyler… the Tyler that came out when we started our… thing... is someone that no one else knows! He's so sweet and kind and thoughtful, and he has so much love in his heart."

"I think I'm going to be sick again."

"Okay, maybe that was a little much, but it's true. All he needed was someone to show him a little bit of love for the first time in his life!"

"Tyler knows that everyone loves him!"

"No he DOESN'T!" I snap. "He always thought that you hated him! He even said that many times before our thing started."

"He knows I don't hate him. He's my son!"

"You only ever paid attention to him when he did something wrong. You belittled him and made him feel like he was stupid. You never took an interest in him or anything he was doing."

"I'm only HUMAN! What am I supposed to do?" Her voice cracks and tears stream down her face. "He behaved so badly and did things that were… unbelievably… thoughtless… and…." She's trying to find other words to use besides stupid. "and rash and irresponsible, and he seemed to never learn from his mistakes no matter what punishment I levied out. What was I supposed to DO? Was I supposed to shower a child like that with love and affection?"

"It might have helped."

"Maybe I could have been more supportive to Tyler, but that's not what we're talking about right now."

"Okay, okay. I know you said that all the smiling makes you sick. I know you must think that we're smiling all the time because of the sex, and that we're getting away with something. But the real reason we're smiling is because we're happy! We're both SO FUCKING happy!"

"So you just get to say that word whenever you want because you're grown up and having sex?"


"You were happy BECAUASE you were having sex and getting away with it!"

"NO!" I slam my fist on the dashboard. "We're happy because we're in love! I fell in love with Tyler because of his smile! I realized that I was the one that was making him smile, and it felt good! It felt SO good to bring that kind of happiness to someone. I realized Tyler was making me just as happy. We fell in love with each other, and it's only grown over the past few months. I worried at first that one of us might get tired of the other… and things might end badly. I worried that sharing a bedroom with your ex wouldn't be too fun. But instead, our feelings have only grown stronger and our relationship has only gotten more solid."

"I can't believe I'm sitting here listening to this!" she laughs sarcastically. "So Mason, what EXACTLY do you want me to do?"

"If you want to do what's best for us, you've got to just let it go!" I try to keep my voice from shaking. "The last few months… you've been totally ignoring us! We've been behaving and not getting in trouble–"

"That's just because you didn't want the extra attention, and you didn't want to get caught."

"Maybe, but that's how it will continue to be. We will be good. We will help around the house. We will behave. We will not smile or be romantic with each other in front of you or the rest of the family. We will not send Parker to sleep in your room at night anymore. We will have our time together after school, and that will be it. No one will have to know, and we can just go on as things are."

"I'm not making any decisions right now. Your father will have to be a part of this."

"You're going to tell Dad?" I groan.

"Of course! I've sheltered your father from some of the things you boys have done, but not this one! I have no idea what to do… this one sure isn't in the parenting books!"

"I'm sorry you have to deal with this. I'm not sorry it happened, though. I'm not sorry that I fell in love with my brother. At first, I did feel guilty and weird and ashamed, but all that's gone now. I'm proud of my relationship with Tyler. I do have to keep it a secret for obvious reasons, but I know it's RIGHT. It's what's right for me and it's what's right for Tyler. I've thought a lot about this. I admit, it's unusual –"

"You think?" Her sarcasm has reached a new level.

"But it's only unusual because most families don't have two brothers who are very close in age, both gay, both lonely and unhappy, and both… attractive. I bet in that situation, the same thing would probably happen as what happened with Tyler and me."

"I think most people could refrain from resorting to incest."

"I would have agreed with you one year ago, but… like I said, being a gay teen isn't easy."

"Two gay sons." She shakes her head.

"Did you have any idea?"

"I always thought you were probably gay, but I had no clue about Tyler."

"You thought I was gay? Do I act gay?"

"No, but you've always been thoughtful and sensitive… and emotional and sentimental. You are a lot like I was when I was a teenager… except for the incest part."

"You made a joke!" I smile. I guess that's progress. She turns the key in the ignition and we start to head home.

I've never been so nervous. Today has been hell. I was sent to school alone. Tyler had to stay home while Mom and Dad figured out what to do. I just got a message delivered to my sixth period class that Mom was coming to pick me up and not to ride the bus home. I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing.

Last night, we had to stay separated; we weren't allowed to be in the same room at the same time. I gave Tyler the thumbs up, trying to tell him not to worry. He looked pale and terrified every glimpse I got of him. I wish I could just put my arms around him… that would make him feel a lot better. I sure as shit would feel better with his arms around me.

I head outside to the parents' pick-up circle and see Mom waiting for me. I can't read her expression. She looks exhausted and annoyed, but that's her normal face. I climb in the car with as much confidence as I can muster.

"Hi," I say, nonchalantly. She doesn't acknowledge me and pulls out onto the street. It's not long before I realize we're not going home.

"Where are we going?" I ask, and she answers with a long sigh. "Well?"

"You are going to switch with Carson. You're going to Martin Academy and Carson is coming home and going back to public school."


"Do I really need to answer that question?"

"What you're doing here… is wrong. I know you must feel like you should separate us or punish us, but it's too late. If you do that, all it will do is harm. We've gone too far and we've fallen too deeply in love. We need to be together."

"Oh no you don't," she says calmly as she turns the corner onto the highway.

"If you love us, and if you want us to be happy, you'll let us be together. If you keep us apart, only terrible things will happen. I don't even want to think about what Tyler's going to do if you send me away. It will be ON YOU!"

"Your father and I have discussed this… FOR HOURS. We know that it might be too late, but we need to give this a try. We have to give you boys the chance to lead normal lives, albeit… homosexual lives... but I'm not naïve enough to think I can do anything about that. You will both be apart for a while. You both will have to go to counseling and have to work through your issues. You will have to show progress. If you do not, or if you and Tyler try to contact each other in any way… phone, mail, email, texting, running away from home, running away from school, sending a message through a third party… any contact or any ATTEMPT at contact, and I will take Tyler and move in with my sister in Oregon."

"How can you do that to us? You're NOT trying to help us. You're NOT trying to give us a chance at a normal life. You are just trying to PUNISH us. You never want us to be happy. You want us to be miserable like we were before we got together. This is going to end badly. I know it. You are going to be responsible for ALL OF IT. All you have to do is take me home and ignore us like you've been doing!"

"You are at a very crucial age, Mason. Your high school years are where you form your personality and your social construction. If you continue on this way, you will not be interested in other people, both sexually and not sexually. You will only care about getting back to Tyler. You will only spend time with him and eventually withdraw from everyone and everything else… family, friends, school, work… life."

"We're fine! We're both happy, we're both doing well in school. We both have FRIENDS. Tyler has made several friends at school SINCE we got together. Tyler even has a GIRLFRIEND!"

"That poor girl." She shakes her head.

"I don't know how you can say that we're socially… maladjusted. Can't you just try it my way and see how it goes?"

"Your father and I have decided. We're going to try it our way. You'll understand why we had to do this when you're a little older. Right now, if this does just seem like punishment to you… well, that's gravy."

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