Backdoor Slider - A Love Story

by Joe L

Chapter 47

I'm having a quick pre-sex shower in our hotel bathroom. Luke has gone to get us some ice and some drinks. I offered to, but he's pretty good on his crutches and I don't want to treat him like an invalid. My mom and Denise are all settled in their room, so I'm hoping we won't be disturbed. I still can't believe I'm here… and I'm with Luke. I can't wait to touch that body. I thought I'd be trapped at that place for weeks... or months. I wonder why I didn't consider the possibility that Luke would come rescue me. I sure would have done the same for him. I wouldn't even have thought about it. Apparently, he didn't either.... my knight in shining armor.

I make sure I shave carefully. I didn't bother this morning. Once, Luke and I made out for hours when we had a little stubble. We both got a rash around our mouths. Luke didn't like it at all. He thought of it as evidence, and that someone would figure out why we both had the same irritation. I loved it. I kept touching my mouth repeatedly the next day at school so I could feel it. It was the good kind of pain. It was a little reminder of Luke that I wore on my face all day.

I get out of the shower and brush my teeth. It's funny that Luke packed my razor, my toothbrush, my deodorant, and of course, some lube. He always prepares just in case there's the remote possibility for sex. That's one of the many things I love about him, and I don't think I've ever loved him more than I do right now. I feel like my heart is about to leap out my chest. I start shivering before I even leave the bathroom. I try to get myself under control. Luke should be back with the drinks and ice by now.

I step out of the bathroom, wrapped in a towel and look at the bed. Luke is lying there, still with his red Diamondbacks cap on, turned backwards. Other than the cap, he's completely naked. He's smiling up at me, while he very slowly jerks his hard, purple cock. It looks as happy to see me as Luke did when he rescued me. Underneath Luke is our comforter. That is, the comforter that he uses on his bed at home. He's brought it along, too. It's become our favorite thing to get under when he's fucking me. Denise wants us to get it professionally laundered or just throw it away. She says that it could crawl out his room on its own. It's not like it's soaked in cum... most of our cum goes up a butt or down a throats, anyway. To me, it just smells like two sexy, sweaty teenage boys. It smells like an Arizona summer full of insatiable horniness. It smells like our love. We air it out sometimes, but I won't let Luke wash it or throw it away… and he brought it for me. I can't wait to get under that comforter and under Luke.

"I was just thinking as I got out of the shower: 'I sure hope Luke is naked in bed and stroking his dick'," I say, standing back for a moment and admiring the view.

"I wouldn't disappoint you," he smiles. "And check this out!" I notice that he's taken off his boot cast, and his surgery ankle is only wrapped in some gauze and athletic tape. I want to suggest that he put it back on, but watch in silence as he carefully flips over onto his stomach. He positions his foot so that it barely hangs over the edge of the bottom of the mattress. He slowly begins grinding his hips into our comforter and tongue-kissing the pillow under his face. "Ohhhhhh G..." he moans as he continues his display. "I'm gonna fuck you all... night... long!"

My boner becomes exasperated with being confined and manages to bust out and undo the towel tied around my waist, dropping it to the floor. Luke happens to see that out of the corner of his eye, and we both start to laugh.

"Too perfect." He rolls back over, motioning for me to join him.

"It doesn't hurt your foot to do that?" I ask, walking towards the bed.

"Nah, it's that fucking boot cast thing. It puts pressure right on my incision. If I take it off, it doesn't really hurt at all."

"I guess the designer of that cast didn't take buttfuckers into consideration."

"Get over here, G." Luke is ready for some action. By the look of his dick, he's not going to be able to last long. "I just have to warn you, once you get in this bed and my lips touch yours, I'm not going to stop kissing you until we walk out that door tomorrow morning."

"You promise?" I try to act sexy and confident, but my heart is still racing and I'm having a hard time catching my breath. I feel a little light-headed, and I lay down next to him, plopping my head onto the pillow.

"What's wrong, G?" He puts his arm underneath the back of my neck and brings our faces close together.

"I don't know. This has never happened to me before. I feel nervous for some reason."

"Nervous? Why?" He starts slowly rubbing my chest and arms, trying to calm me down.

"Maybe it's how we left things. You know what happened the last time we were doing it–"

"THAT was not our fault. You can't think of that anymore."

"I know, but everything's changed."

"What hasn't changed is that I love you, you love me, and we both love... doing THIS."

"I seem to remember that part... but I'm still nervous. I want it to be perfect, and I'm afraid I'm gonna screw it up somehow."

"I know what you need," he says, gently leaning over to kiss me. He's right. It's so slow and warm and romantic, just like I kept daydreaming of while I was at New Foundations. However, I still can't let myself get lost in his kiss like I used to. I feel like someone is going to barge in the room and catch us.... housekeeping, my mom or dad, Dana, Timothy, Mr. Hart, Mr. Wilks... someone. Luke pulls back and looks at me, slightly disappointed.

"Sorry." I take his baseball cap off, put it on my head and pull it down over my eyes.

"It's cool... I just have a little bit of a challenge tonight." He kisses me several times on the lips and pulls the lid of the cap back up so he can see my eyes. "Pretty soon, I'll have you cumming so hard, you'll be bouncing off the ceiling."

"I don't doubt that... I just want to be there for you, like I used to be," I say, running my fingers through his hair. It's so long and sexy. He would've gotten a haircut a week or so ago, but his surgery kept him from the barber. I love it extra-long like this, especially when he wears his baseball cap. I continue to stroke his hair; just feeling it between my fingers is already helping to calm me down, and his smile is letting me know that he notices.

"This is actually gonna be pretty sweet. We can pretend it's your first time." He lubes his dick up, climbs on top of me and we get cozy under his comforter.

"Your foot okay?" I whisper. I can tell he's trying to find the perfect position because it must really be hurting.

"Yep... I think so... mmmmm... grrrrrr...." he grunts as he keeps changing position slightly, unsatisfied with each maneuver.

"Ooooh!" I fake surprise as one shift causes the head of his dick to press slightly up inside my hole.

"Sorry about that, sir. Just a little preview," we chuckle as he continues to shift around.

"No problem at ALL," I whisper, rubbing his sides up and down with my hands and wrapping my legs around his waist. He'll have to take that extra bit of pressure into consideration because there's no way I can stop from hugging him with my legs when he's really giving it to me. I try to keep my shivering in check, and his warm body pressed up against mine is helping with that.

"Ahhhhh... PERFECT!" he whispers, rubbing the tip of his nose against mine. I lift my head up slightly to kiss him once quickly, but he pulls back. I think he's going to tease me a little. "All right, G. You comfortable?"

"Uh huh," I nod and smile. His hot breath on my face is driving me crazy.

"Okay. You might feel something now..." He slides his dick inside of me, and we both moan. "It will probably feel like a hot love injection that will penetrate into your soul…."

"Soul penetrated!" I gasp, begging him to kiss me.

"What you might be feeling NOW... is.... a warm gush.... of love fluid... inside of you... because I'M SO FUCKING TURNED ON RIGHT NOW...." He really pounds me as he releases his first cumshot. I knew it wouldn't take long. That dick was ready to squirt when I got out of the shower.

"Uhhhhnnnn... Luuuke," I moan as I press down on his ass cheeks, trying somehow to shove him inside of me further.

"Now for the really fun part..." he stops his fucking motion and catches his breath, still with his mouth poised just over mine. "Now we get to the really serious kissing. The kissing that makes your dick explode with hot cum between us... the kissing that turns my flimsy, sloppy, dick back into a rock-hard, purple fuck-machine. The kind of kissing that will make you forget all of your nerves and anxiety and just give in to love."

I can't take it anymore and grab Luke by the back of the head, pressing his mouth onto mine. He's completely right about everything. All of the anxiety instantly leaves my body, and I drift away from reality and into Luke. I feel like his body is my entire universe right now. I quickly build towards an incredibly intense orgasm. Even though my body is firmly latched around his, my squirting dick does make me feel like I'm bouncing off the walls and ceiling.

I take in a huge lung-full of air as Luke rises up to catch his breath, too. I realize that tears are running down my face.

"You okay, babe?" Luke smiles at me, momentarily pausing his fucking motions.

"Yeah.... good kind of tears... GOOD kind!" I pant. He continues fucking me, and I watch his face smiling down at me as his body thrashes around with pleasure. I know he's close again.

"I love you so much," he manages to say before planting his lips on mine for the final few thrusts. I let my hands roam around his body, feeling all of his muscles as tight as they can be as he unloads into me again. I love being able to give him this kind of feeling. I need to fuck him again soon so I can feel it, too. However, I don't think I could feel any better than I'm feeling right now.

He rolls off of me and lies on his side, still holding me. He has such a surprised and exhausted look on his face as he inhales huge breaths. I want to just stay in his arms, but I have so much cum inside of me, I'll soon be sitting in a small lake if I don't do a quick clean out. I slither out of his arms and run to the bathroom, hoping to make it quick.

"I still... just can't believe... how hard... you make me cum..." he yells to me as I do my maintenance, trying to catch his breath.

"You sure know how to make a guy feel special," I call back. What a sloppy mess I am! But, I don't care.

"Get back in here. I know I can do better than special." I run to the bed and jump back in his arms. He pulls his comforter up over us and leans over to kiss me. He starts out slow and sweet. I've been waiting for this part, and I totally let myself go. We're both smiling so much through the kissing that occasionally, one of us sneaks out a little giggle. It quickly subsides as the passion takes over again, but neither of us can stop smiling.

We eventually settle down and get into a zone. I can feel the love he has for me so strongly now. Our heartbeats are thumping back and forth through each other's chests. He's communicating to me through his kiss. This time, he's saying "I will never take you for granted again." Right now, I believe him. I'll do my best not to take him for granted, either. At this moment, I could easily be sitting on some wooden bench in the chapel or pretending to read the Book of Mormon in the library... or worse: getting some one-on-one counseling. As these thoughts go through my mind, I hug Luke extra tight and kiss him with a little extra love and gratitude.

I can't help myself as I roll over and start humping Luke's ab muscles. I gush out a hot, wet load all over us, and I continue to kiss him with total recklessness. I collapse on top of him, wishing that feeling could've lasted forever.

"Dude, that was so fuckin' hot," he whispers in my ear.

"Yeah... thanks for that." I give him another kiss and peel my sticky body off of his.

"You're not goin' anywhere," he says, pulling me back into bed as I try to head for the bathroom. "I'm gonna clean you up this time." He starts licking the sweat and cum off of my chest and abs, pausing to get a finger off of his own body from time to time. I enjoy watching his clean-up, and assist here and there. Once we're relatively clean, I crawl back under the comforter and latch onto Luke, laying my cheek against his shoulder.

"Mmmm," I close my eyes for a minute, enjoying the closeness.

"Hey, aren't you gonna finish me off?" He tickles me slightly in the ribs.

"Nah, you've got a lot more fucking to do tonight. I don't wanna wear you out." I hug him even tighter.

"I LOVE the way you think, G." He pulls the covers over both of us, and cradles me in his arms.

"Let's just stay here... in this town. We can get jobs at this hotel, and just fuck all night." I grab his dick and give it a little squeeze.

"I'd love that." He nuzzles my ear with his nose and kisses it a few times. I'm already starting to get hard again.

"Well, at least we know we'll never have to spend any money on vacations. We can always just check into a hotel in whatever city we live and have sex vacations."

"That's true. Hotels do seem to bring out the best in us."

I feel Luke's arms slide up around my chest, settling there and hugging me with great affection. His comforter, wrapped around us, is so warm and familiar, with such a dizzying, sexy smell. I tilt my head to look him in the eye, and I see the warmest, most loving smile I could ever hope for. I feel absolutely perfect, completely in the moment.

"Love you," I whisper.

"Love you, too," he leans over for a soft kiss.

"It's so great to see you smiling again."

"I can't help it! I've got my G back in my arms. I can hold him, kiss him, make love to him, and just be with him whenever I want. It's all I've ever wanted, and I'm going to make sure we're always going to be together."

"I'm so lucky to have you. Those sad kids... that got sent away to that center… they have no one. They have to go through this whole thing alone."

"Maybe some of them can find love there. I mean, with a bunch of gay kids... the odds are–"

"They're mostly terrified and ashamed." I go on to tell Luke about Miles and how I want to be able to help kids like him in the future. "You're right. We're lucky that we aren't the kind of dudes that get bullied. We have no idea what it's like. Still, I couldn't handle the whole coming out thing without you."

"HOLY SHIT! You went to school yesterday!" I slap my forehead. "I can be so self-involved. I'm so sorry! What happened?"

"You have the right to be a little self-involved after what you went through the last few days," he chuckles and kisses my cheek and ear a few times. "We've got a lot of shit ahead of us."

"Tell me everything!" I demand. I can tell he doesn't really want to talk about it.

"Well, I got to school, and the rumors were already flying. I remembered how you said that people wouldn't believe we were gay even if they saw us holding hands and kissing in the quad at lunch. I decided to go with that and DENY, DENY, DENY. I just tried to stay calm, act surprised and just say that David was pissed at you and was starting stupid rumors."

"Did it work?"

"At first... then I realized that you weren't at school. I was really pissed... I thought you chickened out and left me to deal with this on my own. Then I turned my brain on and actually thought about it for a second. There was no way you'd do that to me, so I knew something must be wrong."

"Damn right."

"I continued to deny it, but people weren't buying that story since you weren't at school. They knew there was some truth to it. At lunch, I tried to lay low, but there were some new rumors that you were sent to a fag farm... that's why you weren't at school."

"Fag farm? What a way to put it."

"I know. I started to lose it. People knew my story was B.S., but I didn't care. I was just so worried about you, and I felt so helpless. I texted my mom about the rumors, but she was in court. She couldn't pick me up from school until about thirty minutes after sixth period was over. We went straight over to your house and found out the truth."

"My dad told you?"

"No, he wouldn't talk to us or let us in the house, but your mom came out and told us. That's when I poured my heart out to her, and my mom really let her have it for sending you there. She told her what kind of place you were at and the things that went on there. We must've talked on your front porch for three or four hours."

"Your mom is the coolest."

"Yeah, she really came through for us.... but your mom was awesome, too. I really felt like she wanted to listen to me... she wanted to help you... to get you out... right from the beginning. She knew your dad had made a terrible mistake."

"Not to be an ingrate or anything, but why didn't you come rescue me last night?"

"Believe me, I wanted to. But your mom wanted to try to convince your dad, so the two of them could come pick you up together. I don't think she made any progress with him. She didn't want to talk about it on the drive up. It was about 11pm when your mom gave up and told us that the three of us would leave first thing in the morning. We just went back home and tried to get some sleep. Believe me, if it wasn't for my fucking foot, I'd have taken off for you right then. I can't even think about driving, though."

"I know." I give him another kiss.

"One weird thing, though… coming out is the thing that's always terrified me the most. I couldn't even think about it without wanting to barf. But then when it was actually happening, the one thing happened that was much, much worse... the possibility of losing you. Maybe this whole thing was a... you know..."

"A blessing in disguise?"

"Yeah, that. Coming out doesn't really seem so bad anymore. Maybe even the worst part is behind me. This whole thing just made me realize that I don't care what Sally or Jimmy or Fucko thinks about the fact that I love you. I literally couldn't care less what they think."

"Wow, that's quite a turn-around for you. Are you still worried about your baseball career?"

"Well, kinda, but if baseball doesn't work out, I still got you right?"

"I think you can count on that," I say, and we kiss again. "So I'm guessing you haven't slept in two days?"

"Yeah, but I'm fine. I'll sleep in the car on the way home tomorrow."

"So how do you feel right now?" I ask.


"Yeah," I play with his hair.

"I'm tired... I'm sore... my foot is killing me... the tip of my dick is really bruised and tender... but I can't WAIT to fuck you again."

"Well, get in there!"

"I'm gonna give it to you good this time," he whispers as he rolls back on top of me.

"You were giving it to me SO good before... I just love how turned on you get," I smile, wrapping my legs back around him and rubbing his shoulders as he gets in position.

"I swear... when I haven't seen you for a while, just the SIGHT of you..." he starts kissing me between every few words. "I swear I could cream my pants sometimes..."

"You too?"

"Yeah, and when I get my dick up inside of you," he slides his dick in as he says the words. "I just start gushin' cum like a fire hose."

"Ohhhh yeah..." It feels so warm and perfect. My eyes roll back as my head collapses back onto the pillow.

"But right now... I got ya... and I'm in control of myself. I can make love to you for HOURS. It's exactly what we both need... to reconnect... to love each other..."

He has to slow way down to keep his word, and we start passionately kissing as he tactfully thrusts his dick in and out of me. I hug him very tightly, as I know this is our last night for a while with no worries. He seems like he's turned a corner, but I know it's not going to be as simple as he thinks. We can't care what other people think all we want, but there will be times when other people will get in our way and cause trouble for us. It's inevitable. We can postpone the worry and bad feelings for now, and just concentrate on being together. We can concentrate on our love and the pleasure we bring to each other.

This is the Luke that I want with me always, but we've certainly seen that life is complicated. We've seen it get in the way of our sex life far too often. I just don't know what I'd do if I couldn't have this.

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