Backdoor Slider - A Love Story

by Joe L

Chapter 30

Dammit, this is all going wrong. It's my birthday… finally! I have never anticipated a birthday more than this one: not my 16th when I got my driver's license, not my 13th when I finally became a teenager, not my 9th when I got to go to my first major league baseball game. It's just Luke and it's just sex, but that's what I'm all about right now. He's built it up so much these last couple of weeks. I can't wait to get over there. I'm so horny, and yesterday was the first day that we spent completely apart since our sexual relationship started. I had a big paper due today, and had procrastinated right up until the end. I had to do it all Thursday after school, with no distractions. I usually don't put off schoolwork, but Luke is my number one priority these days. I guess it's just that I'm thinking with my dick. I give it a little squeeze to let it know that I haven't forgotten. Damn that felt good. I hope my mom and dad didn't notice that... Nope she's still crying and dad's comforting her. I can daydream a little more.

Luke has played in two more games this week. He pitched in one, and he did awesome in both. He pitched a shutout on Sunday and hit two home runs on Wednesday. I'm so happy that he's playing so well, but I'm a little jealous that I'm not there with him. However, I do love it when he comes home from a game. He smells incredible, he's in a great mood and he fucks me all afternoon. Every time it's so electric and I know he's really making love to me, not just fucking my hole. I can't wait to get him alone tonight. I can't believe that I would be wishing to get fucked on my birthday, but he's so good at it and I've grown to love it. Maybe I can suck his dick tonight, too. It's seemed like forever since I've gotten a big creamy load. I lick my lips thinking about how big of a load he's worked up. Nah, I just want to kiss him until we both cum from the electricity and passion. Nah, all three... and then repeat.

I didn't even see Luke at school today. I wonder how Luke is doing in school. We never talk about schoolwork and I haven't been on top of it like I promised Denise. Well, we'll talk about it later, but not on my birthday. Right now, I'm still sitting at our family dinner table having my special birthday dinner. My mom is still sobbing and trying to get herself under control.

"Mom, I'm sorry," I say, but she bursts back into tears. I play with my chicken. She made me fried chicken. I hope I'm not turning into an anorexic or an insensitive jerk, but I don't want to eat this. I try to scrape off some of the breading and just eat the chicken.

I've worked out really hard lately. I've been doing P90X at home when I'm not at Luke's. I swear I can see new cuts in my shoulders, chest and abs. All day at school, I've been pretending like I have an itch or something so I can look down my shirt or lift it up and look at my muscles. Also, I've been laying out and getting some sun. Since Luke and I are always in bed when we're together, and I'm not playing baseball anymore, I noticed I was getting a little pale... or paler than Luke. It didn't take me long, just a couple of days. I have a nice tan now. I look really sexy. I look fucking GREAT. I'd do me… but I'm stuck at home. Mom finally composes herself.

"I just miss the way it used to be," she sniffles. "Now, your brother won't even join us for your birthday. You don't even want to eat your dinner and you just can't wait to get out of here!" She buries her face in her hands again.

"Mom, the dinner is great. It's just hard to work out as much as I do and turn around and undo it with a high-calorie meal." I resist the temptation to say greasy and fatty. "I've had a really tough couple of weeks...." Actually, I've had a fucking amazing couple of weeks. "I had a big paper due that I turned in today, and the only thing I want to do is play my new video game with Luke until I fall asleep from exhaustion." I guess that's not completely false, we'll be playing with our joysticks until we fall asleep from exhaustion. "I know it doesn't sound like a special birthday or anything, but that's all I want to do." My words seem to have no effect, so I look over at my dad in desperation.

"Let the boy go," he says. I'm in shock that he's taken my side. We haven't been on the best terms since my strangling episode. He doesn't think I've taken it as seriously as I should. He thinks there's something more to the story. He's a smart fellow, sometimes.

"All right, go on," she says. I run over and give her a big hug. She has no idea how happy she's made me, but I try to hide my excitement. I'll try to remember to make it up to her somehow... but tonight, it's all about Luke and me.

"Thanks mom, I love my presents." I kiss her on the cheek and run upstairs to grab my stuff as fast as I can. I packed as soon as I got home from school. I pick up my phone and text Luke as I head out the door. "I'm on my way... ===D" He's been texting me hearts all day and he sends me back a whole screen of them. Holy shit, I can't wait to see him.

I jump in the car and drive over to his place. I can hear and feel my heart beating, and I can't keep from smiling. I bet I look like an idiot. The drive seems especially long, but I eventually get there. I see him standing in his front doorway as I get out of the car and run up the stairs. His smile is even bigger than mine. He looks as sexy as I've ever seen him.

"Happy birthday, G," he says as I run up and embrace him. He wasn't expecting it, so he hugs me back and drags me inside his entry way and eventually closes the front door. Just being able to touch him and embrace him is overwhelming. I realize that I'm kissing him on the neck and that Denise must be around somewhere. I hear her start to laugh.

"Happy birthday, Garrett," she says and I compose myself. I give Luke three or four more little kisses on his sweet lips, and then run over to Denise. She starts to stand up to hug me, but I run over and hug her from behind so she won't feel my boner.

"Thanks, Denise."

"Before you do anything else, I think you should open up my present," she hands me an envelope.

"Mom, I didn't know you were getting something for Garrett. I hope it doesn't outshine my present," Luke says and I feel myself blush.

"Shut up," I mouth at him as I open up her card. As I read the front and open it up, a small plastic thing that looks like a restaurant gift card slips out and falls to the floor. I continue reading the card as I fumble on the ground for what slipped out. Her writing reads:

"Happy Birthday, Garrett! I wanted to get you something very nice for your birthday, as I consider you part of the family. I decided the best thing I could do was to kick you out for the evening! I've gotten you a hotel room downtown at the Wyndham for the night, and you can choose one friend to go with you. Love, Denise." I realize the plastic card in my hand is a hotel room key card, and I know I must look shocked.

"I'll take that guy," I say to Denise and point to Luke. We start laughing. "Thank you SO much," I want to sound grateful, but not like a total horn dog.

"What?" Luke looks confused, so I hand him the card. He reads it and his mouth drops open, too. He runs over to hug his mom. "You're the BEST, mom! By the way, this is what I want for my birthday, too!"

"I could've guessed," she says. We both sprint to his room to get ourselves ready. Denise cackles as we almost fall over each other. "It's like two little boys going to Disneyland!"

"You didn't know about this?" I ask as I stuff a couple of tubes of lube into my duffel.

"Hell, no! I don't think I could've kept a secret that amazing."

"This must've cost her a lot of money. That's a very nice hotel."

"Nah, I don't think it cost her much. We stayed there a couple of years ago when our apartment was being sprayed for bugs. Her law firm pays for out-of-town clients to stay there. She probably got a nice discount or maybe a freebie."

"Sweet." I frantically look around for my keys and realize they're in my pocket.

"Maybe I can see if she'll get us a room to celebrate other things... like the end of school, my birthday, every weekend," he says.

"Every night." I pinch his butt. "Fuck, I've missed you." He gives me a quick kiss and grabs my hand and pulls me to the door. We're all packed and ready to head out.

"Hold on guys," Denise says as she notices we're bounding to the door. "A couple of rules: first of all, just go there and then straight back here tomorrow."

"That won't be an issue," Luke says.

"Drive safe and don't speed. If you guys get in any trouble there, I get in trouble at work. Just don't be too loud, and NO ALCOHOL! This is the hotel my law firm uses, and I can get discounts there. You may order room service, just don't bankrupt me. And finally, PLEASE have a little consideration for the housekeeper that has to clean up after you guys." I can feel my face growing red again, so I turn away. "Just try to pick up after yourselves, and here." She hands me a five-dollar bill. "Leave this as a tip for the maid."

"Okay, we will." I take the five from her. "Thank you again so much, Denise. We'll see you tomorrow." We head out the door and run down the stairs to my car.

"Can I drive?" Luke asks. "I know where it is, and that way, you can open your present on the way there. Then we can... get down to business when we arrive."

"Ooh, a present? For meeee?" I throw him the keys and we get in the car.

"It's no night-at-a-fancy-hotel, but it's from my heart," he pretends to cry. "Okay, close your eyes."

"Gimme!" I say. I close my eyes and feel his hands around my shoulders. He's fastening a necklace around my neck. Hmm, I've never worn any jewelry my entire life. I wonder what it is.

"Okay, you can look," he says as he turns the ignition and pulls out of the parking lot. I look down at it. It's a very simple silver chain with a silver lightning bolt pendant. It's totally us; it's totally perfect. We're so electric together. "Look, I got myself one, too." He pulls the same chain and pendant out from under his shirt.

"I love it! Where the hell did you find these? They're so awesome." My voice cracks and I start blubbering. "Ahh shit," I can't believe I'm crying again.

"Don't start that again, G," Luke nervously laughs. I can tell he's trying to hold himself together, too.

"Fuck! I can't stop crying!" I sniffle. "Before G-Day, I don't think I had cried in over two years."

"I think you're all emotional cuz you're in luuuvvvv."

"I think you're right."

"Okay, new topic… this thing that happened yesterday… you staying home and working on school stuff and not seeing each other the whole day... that can't happen anymore."

"Yeah, I agree."

"If you have to do schoolwork, just come over to my place. You can sit at my desk and use my computer. I'll just crawl under the desk and suck your dick while you work. I promise, you won't even know I'm there."

"Yeah, that won't be distracting at all," I laugh.

"I just missed you, G. I hope this doesn't make you cry again, but I didn't realize how hard it was going to be."

"How many times did you cum yesterday?"

"Once," he smiles.


"Okay four times, but they were so weak and they didn't even feel that good. I don't even enjoy jerking off anymore."

"I know, kinda bland." I look out the window and realize I don't even recognize where we are.

"How much longer till we get there?"

"A few more minutes," he says. "Okay, G, I've planned out a nice evening for you, but I've decided you can pick something that you'd really like to do."

"Ooh ok. Hmm..." I ponder for a minute. "Okay, I got it. Maybe after you cum at some point, you can just pile up the pillows on the bed, lean back against the headboard, and I'll just go to work on your dick." I grab his hand from the steering wheel and suck on the tip of his index finger. "A little of this," I flutter and wiggle my tongue around his fingertip. "And definitely some of this," I take his whole finger into my mouth and suck on it. Luke says nothing and just slams his foot down on the gas pedal. We both crack up.

"Shit, G. You're gonna make me cum before we even get there." He rubs his boner through his shorts. "Look, there it is!" He points to a large building coming up a few blocks away.

"We gotta play it cool in the lobby." We park and casually stroll through the parking lot and through the front entrance. Luke knows where the elevators are. Luke puts on his shades and takes the "acting cool" thing a little too seriously. He leans up against the wall next to the elevator with his arms folded.

"Sup," he nods at me and we both bust out laughing.

Since we're alone in the elevator, we engage in a quick tickle fight. We head up to the ninth floor laughing, red-faced and watery-eyed and eventually find our room. My heart is beating out of my chest.

We open the door and are shocked at what we see. It's some kind of suite; it has a living room separate from the bedroom... like we'll ever make it out of the bed. We run around like idiots looking at everything. Denise has left us a cooler with two champagne glasses on top. Surely, she didn't leave us booze. I open the cooler to find it stocked with Gatorade G2's and a note that says "Happy Birthday!" Well, that was thoughtful. I guess she knew we'd need replenishment.

We head into the bathroom and stop in our tracks. There's a huge Jacuzzi tub, just calling out for us. We stare at each other with wide eyes and simultaneously start stripping without saying a word. Luke starts running the water, waits for it to get hot and plugs the bottom. I bring our cooler into the bathroom.

"Holy shit, this is going to be so awesome," I say.

"Goddamn, G! You're lookin' really hot! Have you been workin' out or something?"

"Thanks for noticin'," I give him a quick kiss.

"Of course, I noticed. I know every inch of your hot body. I think about it all the time." He smiles a little embarrassed and turns back to the tub. "It's going to take forever to fill up."

"Just get in. We'll let the water fill up around us," I smile.

"Sounds great," Luke climbs in, leans back, spreads his legs and pats his chest. He wants me to lean back against him as he holds me. A huge shiver runs up my spine when my brain processes the info, and I jump in and do as he says. I let out a huge sigh as he wraps his arms around me.

"Holy fuuuuck," I whisper. The hot water feels so great slowly climbing up my legs. Luke is sensually rubbing my abs with one hand and rubbing my pecs with the other while he kisses my neck. I rub his legs up and down because there's nothing else I can do with my hands except jack-off.

"Ohhhh, G. It feels so good to have you in my arms again. It's been such a long time."

"Yeah, this feels so good."

"We're gonna make some luuuvvvv tonight," he whispers, kissing my ear. "It's going to be fucking out-of-this-world. It's gonna be like a... gay sex atomic bomb. Guys within a 100-mile radius will instantly turn gay," we both chuckle. "Guys within a 500-mile radius will all be a little bi-curious."

"Damn, that just means more competition."

"No way, you're all mine and I'm all yours." He hugs me really tight. "So G.... Are you ready for your birthday kiss?"

"You mean my official, super-hot, super-wet, boner-growin' birthday kiss?" I slide down slightly and look up at him so he can kiss me without stopping what he's doing with his hands.

"I don't think you need much help in the boner-growin' department." He gives me a quick peck on the cheek. "Happy birthday, G."

"That's not gonna cut it," I smile up at him, and he finally leans over with the sweetest smile to kiss me. I let him take control and yield to his lips and tongue. We both start moaning as every sensation we're experiencing adds to the passion. He continues to rub my chest and abs as I rub his legs over and over. I then rub his arms as hands as they explore my muscles. I can't stand it anymore, and I try to flip over so I can kiss him head-on without craning my neck around. The sudden movement sloshes a huge amount of water off onto the bathroom floor. Neither of us had realized that the tub was almost overflowing.

"Oops," Luke says.

"I guess that was a pretty good birthday kiss. I had no idea that the water was so high." I turn off the faucet and open the drain so the level will go down a little, and then I settle back against Luke. "So, where were we?"

He wraps his arms around me again and we just enjoy being with each other for a while. I especially enjoy the break because I was about to cum and I want to enjoy this feeling a little longer.

"I know something that I want for my birthday." My smile widens as a thought enters my brain.

"Anything," Luke says, kissing my neck.

"Tell me about the moment you fell in love with me," I say as a fresh set of shivers work their way up my spine.

"I don't know if there was a single moment," Luke ponders.

"You said you started liking me in 6th grade. There must've been a moment," I urge him on.

"Okay, I think I know," Luke says and immediately is overwhelmed by a case of the giggles.

"What? You have to tell me!" I demand.

"It's just so stupid," he says through the laughter.

"I always thought you were pretty cute, but there was this day at little league practice in 6th grade… when we were on the Rangers."

"Oh yeah… with Coach Fuckface."

"Yeah," Luke laughs and rests his forehead on my shoulder.

"Come on! Tell me!"

"It's nothing really that great. I was mouthing off to coach like always, and he finally had enough of me and made me run two laps around the field."

"Ohh yeah…."

"I was like… totally shocked. I didn't think coach would show me up in front of the team, but I guess he had his limits."

"You were such a dick that year," I giggle, and then have to kiss the frown off of Luke's face to make him continue.

"Anyway, I jogged out to start my laps and then you ran after me, remember?"

"Yep," I smile and get tingles as the memories flood back.

"Coach was already really pissed and wanted to punish me, and didn't want you to run with me. He wanted me to think about my behavior."

"I was kinda worried about you. I didn't know what was bothering you, and I wanted to find out."

"Coach yelled at you to come back and not run with me, but you ignored him. Then he said that if you ran with me for my two laps, you'd have to do two more laps by yourself afterwards as punishment. Do you remember what you said to him?"

"I'm not sure. I think I just said 'Whatever'."

"Yeah, 'Whatever!' Do you realize that in all the years that I've known you up until that day, I had never seen you get in trouble for anything?"


"Yeah, my little rebel!" Luke hugs me and kisses my neck.

"Who knew it would turn to a life of gay sex and strangling?"

"I'm so glad it did," Luke whispers and we share a loving kiss.

"So that's the moment you fell in love with me? You wouldn't even tell me what was wrong while we were running those laps."

"Nah, it was a little later while you were running your two laps."

"Yeah… I remember that. I had those cheap cleats on, and they gave me really bad blisters and I had to sit out the entire next game! Hey! Why the fuck didn't you run with me during my two laps?"

"I was gonna, but coach said I would have to do two more laps if I ran with you."

"You should have."

"Damn, dude. If I would have, we'd probably still be out there running laps."

"Okay, I guess you're forgiven."

"Anyway, you were running your laps, and you were hobblin' and flippin' me off and I was laughin'."

"I was so pissed off at you!"

"The reason I was so pissed off then was cuz I didn't want to be gay… but as I was watching you run those laps… cuz of me… cuz you cared about me–"

"You're not gonna start crying, are you?"

"Hey, that was a rough time!" He pokes me in the ribs.

"Sorry, go ahead."

"Anyway, I was just thinkin'… for the first time… that you would make an awesome boyfriend."

"I do make a good boyfriend."

"Fuck right, you do. So, for the first time, I was thinkin'… ya know… that it might not be such a bad thing to be gay… if I had a guy like you. Actually… it might be pretty fucking sweet to be gay… if I had a guy like you." I crane my neck around and give Luke another kiss.

"I thought you were just laughin' at me. That's what you were thinkin' while I was running those laps?"

"Yep. I was also thinkin' about how fucking awesome it would be to kiss you. I was fantasizing about grabbing you when you were done running and pinning you up against the backstop and just kissing you really hard."

"That would've been pretty sweet."

"Nah, it would've been really awkward and unromantic… and you probably would've punched me."

"Yeah, you were a little ahead of me with the whole gay thing. I was like… totally super-Christian back then. I wasn't ready to be kissed."

"Yeah, I knew that. I decided not to kiss you right then, but I did get the idea of trying to kiss you when you were asleep in my room sometime. That's why I was really smilin'."

"I'm ready to be kissed right now, though." I crane my neck up at Luke and our lips reconnect. That story really deserved one, and it certainly gave me that loving sensation that I was hoping for. I feel like the love surging through my entire body.

"All right," Luke unexpectedly pulls back. "Tell me about the moment you first fell in love with me."

"No way! I have to save that one for your birthday," I say, leaning back in to continue the kiss.

"We're gonna put everything else on hold until you tell me." Luke pushes me back just far enough that I can't reach his mouth. "I'm not so nice that I won't tickle you for your entire birthday."

"Okay, fine!" I flip over and settle my body back against his as the steam rises from the water. "It was about a year ago. Do you remember when my family went to Florida for two weeks to visit my grandparents?"

"Ahhh… I know what you're gonna say."

"Well, let me tell the story! You wanted me to, remember." I pinch his lips together.

"Go ahead," he murmurs through my fingers.

"So, when I got back, I met you at the gym that day–"

"Oh yeah!"

"Shh!" I elbow him in the ribs and he gives me the innocent, I-didn't-say-anything shrug.

"Anyway, I was starting to think about what my life was gonna be like as a guy dude, and I had decided that I wanted to just try to have a normal life except for that one little thing. I didn't want to be one of those gay guys whose only friends are other gay guys. I wanted to have a lot of straight friends to do normal guy stuff with, and that began with you. Every time I started to crush on you, I stopped myself and made sure I didn't let those feelings grow. That wasn't too hard cuz… before you were hot, you were kind of a doof."


"I thought you were a cute doof, but I was diggin' on every dude I saw." Luke gasps and stops rubbing. "I mean almost every dude I saw."

"That's better!" He runs his hands back over my pecs.

"So I hadn't seen you in over two weeks, and when I first saw you in the gym…"


"I dunno… I guess I noticed your results from working out for the first time. You were doing the chest press, and you didn't see me yet. I kinda froze, and I was starin' at you. For the first time, I let those thoughts go wild. I was thinkin, 'Okay, Luke is fucking hot. There's nothing I can do about it. He just is.'"

"Fuck yeah I am," Luke says confidently.


"Hey, you said it yourself… I've officially gone from doof to fucking hot!"

"Okay, okay." Luke wraps his arms around me and sloppily kisses the back of my neck. I moan and forget what I was talking about.

"Anyway, I'm hot 'n stuff?" he whispers, and I try to pick up where I left off.

"Yeah, so I was standin' there watching you and tellin' myself it was okay to think you're hot… then you looked at me."

"What did I do to make you fall in love with me?"

"You just smiled. A big smile came across your face. It just rocked me… really hard. I was like, 'Okay, so I'm in love with Luke. There's nothing I can do about it. I just am.'" We chuckle as he nibbles on the back of my neck.

"I remember that. You looked pretty fucking hot yourself, that day. I must've been smiling cuz I was thinking about kissing you."

"Yeah right."

"Hey, remember… I'd been in love with your ass for over two years at that point!"

"Oh yeah," I snicker.

"Lemme give you the kiss that I wanted to give you that day," Luke whispers, and I quickly flip back over. His flutters his tongue in my mouth while he sarcastically moans, and we bust up in laughter. After I compose myself, I lean back against Luke with a satisfied sigh.

"G, I wanted this to be a fucking awesome night for you... but shit! I had no idea it could be this good."

"We're so spoiled," I flip over again and grab the back of his neck to continue with my birthday kiss.

We switch from passionate kissing to a real hunger. My dick is taking over because it is really ready to cum from all of the love talk. Just when I'm about to break the kiss, Luke beats me to the punch.

"G, I'm gonna cum. Do you want it?" he gasps.

"Fuck yeah, I do!" I say. Luke picks himself up to sit on the edge of his tub while I quickly try to get his dick in my mouth. A huge squirt hits me in the face, but I get my mouth planted to get the rest. I gulp down squirt after squirt. It tastes so good, and I'm in complete ecstasy as I suck it down. Inexplicably, I start laughing. It's just so amazing, and I'm so happy. I love how the head of his dick swells slightly with each squirt. I keep sucking a couple more minutes, totally addicted to what he's given me. Luke finally starts tickling me, as his spent dick is very tender. "Wow, Happy Birthday to me!" I say as I wipe what's left on my face off with my finger and lick it clean.

"My turn, G." he pants.

"Ummm... I don't know how it happened... but I think I already came." I point to a floating white streak in the water.

"Ahh dammit!" We both laugh as we point out more white streaks. "Ok, as soon as we get out of the tub, you're going to write out an IOU out on a piece of paper: 'I owe Luke one load. Signed, G.'"

"Fair enough. I guess I was just a little too turned on. That was some creamy, delicious cum you fed me, and my hands were up here on your dick the entire time. I wasn't jerkin' at all, but my dick exploded anyway."

"Wow that's pretty hot. Let's just sit back and enjoy the hot water for a while," he says and I reach over and get us both a cold G2. "There are a couple things I want to talk about."

"Uhoh… sounds serious."

"All good stuff, G. Actually, you can consider it the other parts of your birthday present."

I settle back against his chest and he wraps his arms around me again.

"Let's hear it."

"Well, you know I love you, right?" He starts rubbing my shoulders.

"Yep. I love you, too." I close my eyes and enjoy the feel of his hands.

"I say things to you during sex... in the heat of the moment... I just want to let you know that I really do want to be with you forever. I mean, I want to get married someday... I don't have a ring or anything, but I just want to let you know that I seriously, ALWAYS want to be with you."

"That's so sweet," I twist around and give him a kiss.

"That's so sweet? That's all you have to say?"

"Well, I've given it a lot of thought, too. I know that I'll love you my entire life, but I just thought that when the time came, I would let you go. You'll be a professional athlete, on the road all the time, and you won't want to be tied down. You might want to fuck some major league ass.... and I don't want my life to be over when that time comes."

"G, how could you say that to me?"

"Stand up a minute. I want to show you something." We both step out of the tub and stand before the bathroom mirror. "Look at you. You are a fucking TEN. If your baseball career doesn't work out, you know you could be a model... and not a JC Penney catalog model. You could be the fuckin' Paris or Milan high-fashion kind of model. I just think it's a little bit naive of me to expect that you'll have only one sexual partner your whole life." Uhoh, he seems kind of upset by this. His face has turned red and his eyes are getting misty.

"G, there's one thing that you're forgetting. This is totally, madly in love with THAT," He points to himself then to my naked, dripping body. "We started out as best friends seven years ago. I started getting a crush about four years ago, and it soon turned into an obsession. I'd lay awake at night beating off to your hot butt, or your cute face or something sexy that you said or did that day, and then trying to keep myself from ruining everything.... and we finally got together… and it's so much better than I could ever imagine. I mean, the love I feel for you is beyond anything I could ever describe–" At this point, I realize that we're both shivering, standing wet and naked on the wet bathroom floor.

"Here," I get back in the tub in Luke's spot, "Let me hold you for a while." He gets back in the tub and sits between my legs. I wrap my arms around him and start kissing the back of his neck.

"But seriously, do you think I could ever find someone who turns me on more than you? Do you think I could ever love someone more than I love you?" His voice starts to crack.

"You're gonna make my cry again," I whisper. "Nothing would make me happier than to be with you forever. I'm yours."

"That's what I wanted to hear." He turns around and we share a passionate kiss as a few tears drip down our cheeks.

"Together forever," I say as we finally break it. I'm super boned again, but I just want to hold him and stroke him and kiss his neck and shoulders. We sit in silence for a long time, and then Luke runs some more hot water into the tub, as the temperature had cooled down considerably. "Luke, was there something else you wanted to talk about?"

"Oh yeah, the other thing… I want you to fuck me tonight."

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