Backdoor Slider - A Love Story

by Joe L

Chapter 26

Chapter 25

We lay on the kitchen floor, squirming and groping and moaning as we finally indulge in the kiss that we've both been thinking about all day. It's not as sweet as the kiss we exchanged last night, but the hunger that we're exhibiting sure is getting my dick hard. Luke is starting to hump me through his jeans, and I'm getting a little uncomfortable as the back of my head keeps getting bounced off the kitchen floor. I finally tickle him off of me.

"Okay, okay… to the bed?" he giggles.

"Sure," I stand up, but then bolt for the bathroom. "But I gotta get ready!" I run in and lock the door, and I hear Luke groan with impatience. We've got quite a while of alone time, so that means I'm probably going to take it up the ass, eventually. I want to be there for him with total confidence, so I'd better do a quick flush out. I get all cleaned out, and I jerk my dick a couple of times. It doesn't take much to get it totally hard again. I wrap a towel around my waist, but make sure that my boner is creating a noticeable tenting. I head back to Luke's room.

He's put on some Incubus and is lying on his bed, totally naked. He laughs as he sees me enter.

"G, I think your little guy is anxious to see me." I walk over and stand beside his bed.

"You think?"

"Lemme say hi real quick." He gives the towel a little tug and it falls off of me, and my boner bounces up and down from the release. He scoots over and sits on the edge of the bed.

"What's up?" he whispers at my dick as he grabs hold of it. "G, he wants me to give him a little kiss." I watch as he kisses my cockhead, looks at it again, and gives it a slightly longer kiss. He then gives it a little squeeze and a tiny drop of precum oozes out. "Oooh, G, he's got a little something for me," he whispers as he gives it a little lick, then an even bigger lick. Suddenly, he takes me in his mouth and gets in three vigorous sucks before I can get away.

"Luke! Not fair!"

"I don't know what came over me." He smiles up at me with his innocent little boy look.

"I should probably go take a cold shower so that I can come down from that." I look over at the bedroom door, as if I'm about to leave. Luke quickly grabs onto me and pulls me down on the bed.

"I'll be good." He smiles as I lay down next to him.

"Okay, lay back. Time for us to feel some of that love stuff," I say. He lays back and gives me his sexy smile. I give him one back. I slowly move my hand down to his and interlock our fingers. I bring his hand up to my mouth and kiss it. I release it and lightly rub my fingertips over the back and front, then suck and lick his fingers.

"G, you're drivin' me crazy!" he whines. I take the cue to move on, and I kiss a line up his arm and stop to give sloppy, sensual kisses to his bicep. He flexes it a few times for my pleasure. It's so hot and manly. I push his arm up and give a few hungry licks at his pit, again, for my pleasure. I finally pick myself up. I can tell by his face that he just wants me to dive my tongue into his mouth, but instead I just give him a couple of soft kisses on the lips. I move on down to his neck and then to his chest. I give plenty of attention to his pecs and nips, as I tongue them over and over. I love on him some more, licking and kissing his abs. They're so hot. Luke is moaning and grunting, and I notice he's gotten a nice little bead of precum for me. I lick it off without letting my tongue come in contact with his dick at all. I start to move down to work on his legs, but he pulls me back up.

"I've had just about enough." He hoists me up so that the tips of our noses are touching. I try to give him the same innocent look as he gave me. "Get your hot tongue in my mouth!"

"Yes sir," I say and we start to giggle through the first few seconds of our kiss. We both let out simultaneous "Mmm's," as we generate a little electricity. I lower my torso down on his, slide my legs under his thighs and enjoy the feeling of our bodies fitting together with like two puzzle pieces. I could hump a load out on our bellies in just a few seconds if I wanted to, but I enjoy feeling my cock throb as it gets smashed up against his. I think it's time for a little love talk to rev us up. I break the kiss and bring my head down by his ear. "I love you so fucking much, Luke," I breathe into his ear.

"Ohh, baby. I love you more. You make me feel so perfect." After hearing that, I can't help but to pick my head back up and shove my tongue back in his mouth. This time, we duplicate the feeling of yesterday's kiss. As we slowly make out and sensually lick each other's tongues, the tingling feeling of our love starts to overwhelm my chest, stomach and then starts to move through my whole body. I start to shiver slightly and my eyes start to water, but I continue to let my tongue go crazy in his mouth so I can keep the feeling going. I can tell Luke is starting to quiver, too. He finally taps me on the shoulder, and I break away.

"May I help you with something?" I smile as a couple of tears fall from my eyes onto his cheeks.

"G, are you crying?"

"No, my eyes are just watering. I got into it a little." I give him another quick kiss.

"G, my dick is absolutely screaming at me. I can feel my heart throbbing in the head of my cock!" I roll off of him so I can take a look.

"Aww, he just wants a little attention. We've been neglecting him."

"Poor guy!" he pants.

"Here, my dick wants to give yours a kiss so he won't feel left out." I rub my cockhead against his slightly and make a kissing sound with my mouth. Luke looks hornier than I've ever seen him as he looks down at our dicks. I kiss his dick with mine again, and a line of goo connects them as I bring them apart. I smile at him as he watches with wonder, and then he finally smiles back at me when he notices. I continue to slide them together, hole on hole and making sloppy kissing sounds. They totally look like they're making out, if I didn't know better.

"G," Luke whispers. "It's time."

"Yeah, I think so, too." I climb down to get into dick-sucking position.

"Remember, no swallowing," he snickers.

"We'll see," I start to lick up all the sweet ooze that he's worked up so far. He already has me in his mouth and is sucking me to a quick climax, so I go to work on him. I'm in total heaven as I anticipate his gushing load. I don't have to wait long as I taste the first huge squirt. It tastes so... fucking... good. I let my mouth fill up with the next gush, and the next. I smile as I guiltily gulp down a good bit, but his dick quickly replaces it, and I have a nice amount to share with him. I look down at him and see that he's savoring the end of my load. I was so into what was going on in my mouth, I hardly realized I had squirted, too.... hardly. His cheeks are all puffed out like a little kid holding his breath. He's pretending he has a mouthful of my cum. I start to giggle, and I puff my cheeks out, too.

I stand up from the bed and hold a finger up for him to wait. I run to the linen closet and get a couple of towels and bring them back to Luke's room. Luke sits up and I spread them out on the bed where our heads will be and throw his pillows on the floor. This is going to get messy. We look at each other, and can't help but laugh with our puffed out cheeks. He lies back down and I climb back on top of him and look him in the eyes. I slowly lower my head and touch my lips to his. At the same time we both try to push the cum into each other's mouths, and a bunch of it squirts out the side and drips down his face. We both start laughing as we realize what we did.

"Dude, you've GOTTA let me take a picture of you," I start looking for my phone.

"Okay, but I get one of you the next time you have cum all over your face," he smiles proudly.

"Deal. That way, we'll both have blackmail material on each other." I take a quick picture of him with my cell phone, and he sticks his tongue out and licks a little bit of it up. I toss my phone aside and settle back on top of him. Our chuckling suddenly stops as I decide to do something about the milky mess we've made. I lap up a tongue-full of goodness and quickly deposit it in his mouth. We both savor it for a minute or so, then I head back for another generous lick. We repeat the routine until I've licked him clean. He accepts each one of my cum-coated tongue kisses with heightened hunger. Finally, when there's nothing left, we look at each other with a big smile.

"Dude, that was pretty raunchy," he says.

"Yeah, it was. It sure got me boned, too."

"Me too," his smile gets even bigger.

"We might just have to do that again sometime."

"You promised."

"As for now..." I reach over and get an almost empty tube of lube.

"Holy shit, G." Luke's eyes get really wide.

"I want to show you something,"

"Does it have anything to do with my dick sliding up your backdoor?"

"Amazingly, it does!" I squeeze what's left of the tube into my hand and grease him up. "Good thing you bought five tubes."

"Ohhhh fuck," he whispers as I slide it inside of me.

"You see, I'm a pro at this now." I slowly start to bounce up and down on him. He holds my sides as if he's directing my movements. "I know you like to make slow, sweet love to me..., " I pause as I take his dick almost all the way out, and then moan as I slide it slowly all the way up. He nods and squeals almost inaudibly. "And believe me, I love it, too... but if you ever want to go a little faster...," I speed up and really start to bounce on him, "or a little harder...." I really go for it and smack my ass against his lap. "I just want you to know I can take it." It's at this point, I realize his eyes have rolled back in his head and I feel the warmth start to spread up inside of me. I continue to bounce as I can't help but chuckle. "I think you might like that a little."

"Holy fuck!" he whispers after he catches his breath. Suddenly he pushes me over and climbs on top of me without letting his dick slip out. "All right, G, let's see what I can do with this new permission." I wrap my legs up around the small of his back, as if to invite some more pounding. I don't know how he's going to get his dick hard, though. He's squirted twice in the last ten minutes or so.

"Give it to me, baby," I whisper. I'm going to have to do some sexy talk to get him going again.

"You love it don't you?" he pants as he tries to grow a boner, somehow.

"You give it so good. I fucking love it," I whisper. With that, he starts kissing me again, and I rub my fingers through his sweaty hair. I'm amazed to start to feel him quickly harden again... well, not that amazed. I continue to kiss him, and then move my hands down to cup his butt cheeks, as encouragement. He pauses to try a new position. He bends his knees, which lifts my butt into the air slightly. The new angle seems to suit him well, as he's able to drill down and into me. Now that there's some space between our bodies, Luke grabs my dick and starts jacking it as he fucks me. It all feels way too good, and I'm quickly overwhelmed. "Uhhh… you're gonna make me cum."

"That's all I need, G", he says as he wipes some sweat off his forehead. I squirt a few hot streams on my stomach, and Luke wipes a handful of it on his tongue and licks his fingers. "Fuck yeah." He says as he quickens his rhythm and goes for broke. As he desperately tries to pound out one more load, he can't help but squeal and grunt. All of a sudden, he gets a satisfied and relieved grin, and I chuckle as I know he's headed for the promise land. I lean up and kiss him as he squirts his third load inside of me. After the last shaky pump, he collapses on top of me and I roll him onto his side so I can breathe. "G?" He keeps panting and tries to catch his breath.

"Yeah?" I smile and run my fingers through his hair, which is sopping wet by now. He says something totally garbled and I laugh.

"Huh?" He tries to catch his breath, and closes his eyes, but in seconds he falls fast asleep. I close my eyes, too, and I quickly follow him to dreamland.

I awaken and glance over at the clock. I figure I've been asleep about an hour and a half. I realize my mouth is dry and I'm pretty dehydrated. I sneak out of bed without waking Luke and run for the kitchen. I chug down a G2 Gatorade without stopping and stand in the kitchen, trying to catch my breath again. I figure Denise won't be home for a while, so I head for the shower.

I concentrate first on cleaning out my fuckhole, which sure got worked over today. After I'm satisfied, I start to shampoo my hair, but Luke startles me as he climbs into the shower. I didn't even hear him come in the bathroom.

"Hi there," I say, but he doesn't respond. He just wraps his arms around me and gives me a big hug. I reciprocate and rub his back as I hug him.

"Jesus, G," he finally whispers. "You gotta stop making me love you so much." I chuckle, and try to swallow down the lump that's formed in my throat. Finally, I'm able to get some words out.

"Sorry, can't help it," I whisper. He keeps hugging me, but I feel like he's about to fall back asleep in my arms. "Want me to wash your hair?"

"Sure… thanks," he mutters sweetly and I squeeze some shampoo into my hands.

"Luke, since you're in such a good mood, and you love me so much, I think I should tell you something." I look down at the bottom of the tub.

"What is it? You're not moving away are you? If you even try, I'll physically bring you back here, dick in butt."

"No, no, it's nothing like that," we chuckle as I lather him up. "I'm not going anywhere. It's just that at my appointment today…." I try to figure out the best way to say this.

"What happened?" He finally gets serious.

"That Mr. Wilson... I swear I didn't say anything... but he was there, at the game, during the fight, and he was there for your perfect game, too.... and he just knew."

"Knew what?"

"He knows about us."

"Fuck!" he punches the shower wall. "How could he know if you didn't tell him?"

"I swear I didn't! He had me all figured out the second I stepped into his office. He said that it was his gaydar, but he hasn't told anyone."

"Yeah right. I've seen him staring at me during games, ogling me, all open-mouthed n' creepy n' shit. Now he's gonna get all his pervert friends to come to the games and there'll be all these gross fags in the stands when the scouts come to watch me."

"Are you listening to yourself? He's actually pretty cool. He's going to let me do homework in his office while everyone assumes I'm getting anger counseling. You should go talk to him, too."

"No fucking way. I want to stay away from him, and you should, too. I can't fucking believe this." He almost tears the shower curtain as he swats it out of the way, snatches up a towel and storms back to his bedroom.

"That could've gone better," I say out loud as I climb out of the shower.

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