Backdoor Slider - A Love Story

by Joe L

Chapter 24

My phone vibrates and hops slightly on my desk next to me, indicating a new text. It snaps me out of my daydream… or late-evening dream about Luke. I smile as I know it must be from him.

"Skype me PLZZZ!!!!!" it says with urgency. I've somehow missed the ping of his Skype invitation as I sat there thinking about his beautiful dick and how I was going to love it so hard tomorrow after school. I glance in the mirror before I connect to him and smile uncontrollably as I see Luke's face appear on my screen.

"Hey, what's up?" I whisper innocently, knowing exactly what's up. It's a few minutes after eleven, and the house is dangerously silent. Everyone has turned in for the night; there are no TV's on and my brother isn't playing computer games. Still, any one of the three of them could still be awake and will hear me if I'm too loud. I slip on my headphones so his voice won't disturb anyone who is lying in bed with their eyes open, staring at the ceiling.

"I'm just thinkin' about how fuckin' hot you are and I just want to see your face. Damn, I wanna kiss you so bad! What're you doin'?" His words make me blush.

"I'm trying to finish this paper. It's due tomorrow… but I keep thinkin' about you, too." I grin shyly and look down at the floor.

"Dude, is there any way you could sneak out and come over here?" He is trying his best to look as sexy as possible. He is wearing his Cubs t-shirt and his backwards Mustangs cap, and he knows the sight of him is enough to make me squirt in my shorts. "I've got the fuckin' biggest hard-on ever, and it's got your name written all over it!"

"Oh yeah? Let's see," I whisper a little too loudly, and I listen quietly for a moment to see if I hear any stirring from another room… safe for now.

"See?" Luke stands up, bringing his dick into view of his webcam. He brings it close to the camera so it fills up my screen. It's long, hard, veiny and beautiful, but he's written 'G's all over it with a marker and drawn some hearts and big arrows pointing at his dickhole. I laugh uncontrollably and double over, trying desperately to stay as quiet as I can.

"You dork!" I gasp, trying to get myself under control. "You'd better clean that shit off before I get over there tomorrow!" As I admonish him, inside, I feel all warm and fuzzy inside. This was a very romantic gesture, although goofy, and I feel very loved right now. It's so Luke. My heart feels like it's about to pound out of my chest.

"You could help me clean it off tonight!" His face reappears on the screen, smiling with sexy satisfaction. "C'mon, you can sneak out!"

"Yeah, but that's not the problem! I can sneak out of the house without anyone hearing me, but I guarantee that one of the three of them is going to hear me start my car in the driveway. I don't know which is worse… if my folks hear me or my brother."

"Yeah, but–" he frowns, still looking unbelievably sexy.

"I was just over there! Just… four hours and twenty-one minutes ago, I was over there and you were plowin' me!" I smile more widely as the memory comes flooding back.

"Dude, that's like… a million years in boner time! You saw what I've worked up here."

"Trust me, I wanna be over there with you, too… but we have school tomorrow. We'll have all evening and all night together. We won't have anything to worry about, and we can totally concentrate on… that beautiful dick of yours. We can just stay in your bed all afternoon, all evening and all night!"

"Lemme see yours!" He smiles and bites his lip.

"Kay," I stand up and pull down the waistband of my shorts. My dick pops out and slaps against my abs. I dance around a little and make it sway in the air.

"Oh fuuuuck, G! How could you deprive that beautiful guy? He wants me so bad… he's fuckin' throbbin' for me! I'll make him feel soooooo good… I'll make him jizz so fuckin' hard. Your fuckin' cum will be like… shootin' in the air so high… who am I kidding? It'll be shooting down my throat. I'm not missin' a single drop—"

"Dude, you're gonna make me cum right now!" I sit back down so my dick is out of the camera angle, trying to control my trembling.

"Mmmmmmm… G, talk dirty to me. You know I love hearing you… talkin' all sexy 'n shit."

"You want me to tell you what I'm going to do to you?" I whisper with a smile.

"Oh, fuck yeah, G." He scoots back slightly so I can see the top of his dick and his face on screen. He's got a firm grip on his bulging cock, but he's not jerking it. He's going to let my words coax a hot cumshot out of his dick, and by the looks of it, it won't take long.

"When we get in the car tomorrow after school, we won't say a word to each other. We'll just lock eyes and smile, knowing exactly what's ahead of us."


"As I pull out of the parking lot, I'll stick my hand down your shorts and grab onto your hard dick… free of ink, I hope."

"I'll scrub it till it sparkles," he chuckles.

"Anyway, I'll grab onto it, and lightly rub it with my thumb… not too hard, but enough for waves of pleasure to pulse through your body."


"You'll close your eyes and lean over towards me, lightly kissing up my arm while I drive, then up to my shoulder while I continue to rub your hot cock."

"Yeah, G, that's fuckin' sexy…."

"But I'll make sure you're not gonna cum yet… I'm just buildin' that load… churnin' those balls."

"Yeah… fuckin' churn those balls, G!"

"When we get to your place, we'll sprint up the stairs and get into your room as fast as humanly possible. Then, we'll both strip down, throwing our clothes all over your room until we're standing face to face with our hard dicks bobbing up and down.

"Ahh, yeah, G!"

"You'll get into your bed and lay back. I'll climb in and straddle you and press our shafts together. Still, we're not saying anything… just staring in each other's eyes.

"Fuckin' hot!" Luke begins to squirm in his seat, resisting the temptation to jack his shaft. I also try to resist, as a few jacks would be all it takes for me to unload all over myself.

"I'll lean forward without a word, and kiss you… softly at first, but as we melt into each other, it quickly becomes deeper."

"Mmmmm… It's gonna feel so good to put my arms around your hot bod, G!"

"Yeah, I'm gonna hug you so tight and kiss you so hard… so deep… so slow… so wet…"

"You're such a great kisser. You make me fuckin' crazy when you're kissin' me."

"I'll reach down and grab your dick in my hand, and give it a soft squeeze."

"Dude, I'll be so ready to pop!"

"I can tell… just by how hard and hot it is… when you're gonna squirt… and I'm gonna wait until the last possible second."

"Fuck, G! You're gonna have me fuckin' moanin'!"

"Yeah, that's another clue," I say, and the tension is broken with a momentary chuckle.

"So… what are you gonna do?" Luke almost chokes on his words.

"I'm gonna wait until I know you're gonna shoot… and at the last second, I'll drop down and get ready for it."

"I'll shoot so hard for you, G!" Luke whispers, squirming in his seat, his resistance crumbling as he squeezes his dick in his fist.

"The timing will be so perfect. As soon as my tongue touches your dick, you're gonna squirt cum all over it. I'll gulp it all down, massaging your dick while the rest of your body tightens. You'll be wailing as the waves of pleasure wash over you. "

"Holy shit!" Luke releases his dick for a moment, only to wipe away the streams of his watering eyes heading down both cheeks.

"You'll collapse, but you're not done yet. I'll be ready to blow, and I'll shove my dick in your mouth. The taste of your cum will push me over the edge, and I'll unload in your mouth while I savor it."

"Yeah, I want yours! Your hot jizz will be so fuckin' good since it'll be inspired by eatin' mine!"

"But you can't swallow," I whisper with a smile.

"Why the fuck not?" He moans with frustration as I know he's close to eruption.

"Cuz I want you to feed it to me. I want it all."

"Dude, that's so fuckin' hot!" His voice climbs two octaves. "I'll feed it to you! I'll give you what you want! Fuck! I'm cummin'!" I watch closely as I see streams of cum blast through the air, splattering on his face and coating his mouth. "Fuck, G! It's so hot and sweet! You're gonna love it!" he squeals before reopening his mouth as wide as he can, hoping to catch one more squirt. The sights and sounds send me over the edge, and before long, my cum is also launching into the air. I almost regret not going over to his house even though I'm sure I would've been caught.

"You'll kiss me deeply as we both enjoy my load as I swallow it down…. Mmmm, it's gonna be so goooood. Then, you're gonna get all horned up again, kissing me through all that cum."

"Fuck yeah I will," he pants, still stroking his dick.

"I'll go back down again, and really suck you good this time."

"You want more cum?" he flashes his sexy smile.

"Yeah, but first I wanna really work you over good. I wanna really suck that dick… make love to it with my mouth. I want you moaning hard. I want to make you feel so good and—"

"Feed you some more cum," he chuckles.

"Yeah, and feed me some more." I laugh. He knows me to well.

"So, you're gonna have a cum feast?" he asks with a raised eyebrow.

"Yep, I want one of us to be cumming or trying to cum at all times. I want to actually feel full… you know… satiated, from cum."

"I've seen how you eat, dude. That's gonna take hell of a lot of cum!"

"You up for it?" I smile, wanting to jump through the screen and start my plan now.

"Fuck yeah. It'll be really fun to try." He looks down at his dick with surprise. "Dude, I'm cumming again!" I realize that he's never stopped jerking after his first cumshot, and he's worked up another cum-dump on his abs.

"Wow," I lick my lips, wishing I could taste his creamy goodness. "Okay. Don't cum again until we start… tomorrow after school." I say, unexpectedly yawning, getting ready to end our Skype session and go to bed.

"Wait, wait! Where you goin'?"

"Dude, it's 11:30! We gotta get to sleep. Just think about how we'll be together tomorrow…. Well, don't think about it too much, or you'll be jerkin' off again."

"Okay, okay. Just stay up with me a little longer," he says, licking some cum off his fingers.

"Whattya wanna talk about?" I ask, suddenly becoming shy.

"Let's… cyber-cuddle." His smile melts me from the inside. Even though it sounds stupid, cyber-cuddling is exactly what I want to do right now… whatever the fuck it is.

"What's cyber-cuddling?" I bite my lip.

"Just pretend that you're here with me in my bed, and I have my arms around you. What would you say to me?"

"Uhh… I love you?"

"That's a good start… what else?" Luke laughs and straightens his cap. He'd better wash that. It's his game cap, and teenage guys are pretty good at spotting cum stains on fabric.

"Well, you put me on the spot. What would you say to me?"

"Probably that you're really cute or somethin'… whatever it would take for you to kiss me."

"That wouldn't be too difficult." I smile and blush, looking at the floor. I can't believe I still get all coy and embarrassed when we talk about the lovey-dovey stuff, especially after talking through my cum-guzzling plan.

"AHHHH! You're so fuckin' cute! I can't stand it!" Luke spins around in his chair.

"Go on," I laugh nervously.

"These are the moments… that are so great. I mean, I'm fuckin' horny for your bod 24/7, and the sex is so… totally amazing… so much better than I could've ever imagined. But I just love… you know, being with you… and saying sweet stuff to you, and seeing how much the things I say make you happy… and seeing that look in your eye when you really want to kiss me."

"Does it look like… this?" I try to make a joke to keep myself from turning even redder.

"No, you can't fake that look. I know it too well." He continues smiling at me, staring into my soul from the computer screen. "I mean… I was afraid that things would change between us if we ever… took that next step. But everything is just… so much better! I mean, I feel like we're still best buds. We could still just play video games, break each other's balls, talk shit… probably with lots of kisses in the middle of all that… then just suck each other's dicks and totally jizz each other out for hours… then just enjoyin' being together… n' snugglin' n' kissin' n' stuff. Like we could switch back and forth and do any of the three things and be totally fine and comfortable with each other."

"Since when have we done anything else lately besides… jizzing each other out?" I say, my unfounded shyness peeling away with his incredible words.

"Well, that's what tends to happen, cuz that's the funnest right now. But we could do those other things and totally be fine. Ya know what I mean?"

"Yeah, I know. You're totally right… and you don't know how much it means to hear you say that." I say, totally staring into his eyes, causing him to coyly smile and look away with red cheeks.

"Okay, your turn. Say something like that," he tries to turn the tables back on me.

"So… 'I love you' isn't gonna work?"

"Nope… just pretend you're here in my arms. Now, tell me something… totally 'G'."

"Okay." There's only one thing I could think of to tell him. "I've spent like… the last two years, just thinking about what it would be like to make out with you and suck your dick… and now that I'm doing it, I feel like I'm living inside a dream. I have to constantly question myself and convince myself that it's really… real. When I wake up in your bed with you, it's so easy, and everything is perfect… but when I wake up here… away from you… sometimes it feels like the whole thing is not real, and that things are like they used to be, and I start to panic for a few seconds… like I'd have to just go over to your apartment after school, and we'd talk about baseball and work out and play video games… and I just couldn't take that after what's happened with us—" I feel my voice start to crack and a tear roll down my cheek.

"G!" Luke grabs onto the side of his laptop screen and shakes it because that's the only thing he could grab. "What we have… it's so fuckin' real! We'll never go back to the way things were. I promise… you can suck my dick whenever you want!"

"Shut up," I laugh, trying to compose myself. "I know it's stupid."

"No, no way. It's not! I feel the same way. This last week, it feels like I'm walking around in a dream… like I'm floating in a cloud. Then, as soon as I lay eyes on you, I'm snapped back into horny, hard-on reality."

"Yeah, all it takes is to see you give me that sexy smile, and everything's perfect again." He gives me the requested smile.

"All right, G. Here's what I want you to do. If you're sleeping apart from me, I want you to get a pen right before you go to sleep. Write an 'L', a little heart, and a 'G' right on the tip of your finger. Then, as soon as you wake up in the morning, look for that, and you'll be reminded immediately that I love you, and I really told you to write that. Then you won't have to worry."

"Thanks," I feel the tears start to well up in my eyes again as I write on my fingertip. It's so perfect, and it will do the trick. Luke's so brilliant when it comes to things like that. "You are… one hell of a great boyfriend."

"I know… cuz I'm sooo in love!" He kisses the webcam eye. "Love you, G! See you tomorrow!" He wiggles his eyebrows as he shuts down his laptop.

"Love you, too." I climb in bed, leaving my desk lamp on so I can stare at the tip of my finger as I drift off to sleep. Oh shit! I still have to finish that paper!

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