Backdoor Slider - A Love Story

by Joe L

Chapter 6

I look up at Luke with a guilty smile after seeing his text. He's sitting on his bed slightly bouncing and giggling.

"What?" My dick starts to tingle as I watch his bubbling excitement.

"I dunno… it's just… I'm horny all the fuckin' time! And it used to be like… jerkin' off before you came over… sneakin' to the bathroom to jerk off… waitin' till you fall asleep and jerkin' off under the covers… adjustin' and hidin' my boner…. But now, it's like… everything's changed. We can do whatever we want… we can just fuckin' MAKE OUT … then fuckin' SUCK DICK … and eat fuckin' CUM whenever we want… then we can make out some more…. Holy shit, there's gonna be SO MUCH CUM !"

"I know… it's surreal. I still feel like it's a dream, though. I guess it hasn't sunk in yet." I feel my body start to shiver with anticipation, but I try to keep it together. "I feel like I've just fantasized it all in my head… and when I look up at you, it'll just be the old Luke and I'll have to go back to pretending I'm straight."

"What can I do to help it sink in?" He leans back on his bed with his sexy smile. I see the outline of his hard dick through his nylon basketball shorts.

"Uhh... you promise not to laugh?"

"Yeah, whatever you wanna do!"

"Can I just get in your bed… and get under the covers with you?" I feel my face turn red again, but it's better than sitting on my bed shivering.

"And then what?" Luke eagerly gets under the covers and holds them open for me.

"If you could just hold me… I mean, not that I don't wanna do other stuff… I just—"

"You want me to spoon ya?"

"Yeah!" I jump up and turn out the lights. His reading lamp is still on, so I turn it up towards the ceiling and climb into bed with him. That great tingly feeling immediately returns as I feel his body against mine.

"Mmmm." Luke gives me a bear hug. His arms feel so warm and powerful. "Feel good?"

"Yeah," I take a deep breath. "Thanks."

"This is nice." Luke whispers as he tenderly kisses my shoulder. "I love being close to you… sorry about the boner pokin' you in the butt."

"It's okay," we chuckle. "I'll take care of that a little later."

"Damn, you make me feel so good ," he hugs me so lovingly, and I turn my head to give him a quick kiss. He continues giving me light kisses on the back of the neck and then wraps his hands on top of mine, interlocking our fingers under the covers.

"Wow." I have to remind myself to breathe. "You're makin' me feel pretty good, too."

"So I was thinkin'…," his voice snaps me out of my bliss. "I need to come up with a nickname or somethin' for you while we're... ya know... lovin'. Garrett is kinda hard to say in the heat of the moment. You're probably already tired of hearing 'man' and 'dude'."

"I dunno… 'man' and 'dude' are just so… you … and they make me feel all manly. What're you thinkin'?" I ask with a huge smile.

"Let's see... Garrett... Garrett... Garretty?... Retty?"



"I have a fat uncle with a moustache named Gary."

"Oh yeah," he chuckles. "How 'bout pumpkin... or punkin?"

"No way."

"Sparky? Spanky? Spunky?"

"No, No, No."

"How 'bout short-stack?"

"How 'bout F U ?" He hugs me again as we chuckle.

"Hotness?" He moans and kisses me on the shoulder.


"How 'bout Veronica?"

"All right. I mean, NO !"

"How 'bout G-spot?" He pokes me in the ribs and I jolt.

"How 'bout just G?" I jump on the only reasonably tolerable one so far.

"G it is!" He squeezes me and grinds his dick against my left butt cheek. "Mmmmm G," he whispers in my ear, his hot and minty breath gives me chills. "Ohhhh G... Fuck yeah , G... That feels so good, G.... " He starts to get a little louder. "Yeah, suck it , G. Yeah, G! I'm gonna fuckin' nut, G! Eat that fuckin' CUM , G--"

"I think I get it," I can't help but laugh, so I flip over to face him. I kiss him to shut him up, which was probably his plan from the start. In about three seconds, the kiss quickly develops into the most passionate we've had so far. This time, it's much slower and much more tender without the frenzied horniness. I pull back to take a breath and see how the kiss affected him.

"Kissin' you is the fuckin' best, G." He smiles as he strokes my hair. "Yeah, 'G' is perfect."

"Kissing would be my favorite… if it wasn't for that whole 'hot-cock-cumming-in-my-mouth' thing."

"Yeah, that's pretty fuckin' hot… but man, I've been thinkin' about kissin' you for SO long… and it feels SO good… and you're SO good at it…." I bring my lips to his slowly with a smile. The pressure's on now; I have to make this the best kiss so far.

I hold the sides of his jaw with both hands as I start off very tenderly, touching my lips to his and gently pressing into him until my mouth is completely sealed on his. Luke brings me in closer, wrapping his arms around my back. He quickly brings the lower halves of our bodies together, as his legs snake around my ass. His crotch is so hot and I can feel his shaft pressed up against mine, each throbbing cock unfortunately encased in our baggy nylon shorts.

Luke moans as we inch deeper into each other's mouths. I know this is no ordinary kiss. This is a sex-kiss. I'm gonna make Luke cum from this kiss. I'm learning what Luke responds to… what to do with my tongue and the way I work on his lips with mine. I love to play with his hair and hold the back of his head when I'm really workin' inside his mouth. All things considered, Luke seems to love it most when I press down on the small of his back and help him grind into me.

Luke begins to rhythmically grind against my crotch as the passion grows. With one particularly long humping movement, Luke whimpers into my mouth and I know he's passed the point of no return. He's going to shoot from a kiss. I can't believe he's so into this. I can't believe he's so into me! I'm driving him crazy with this. I clutch the back of his neck as I kiss him as hard as I possibly can. He's loving every second of this kiss and he's loving every move I make with every part of my body. The feeling of Luke unloading from this kiss makes my dick respond with its own squirts. I hump each stream into my shorts, every single one full of white-hot desire for my guy.

As our dicks soften and seem to fall asleep, Luke breaks the kiss to catch his breath and look at me with his big wide-eyed grin.

"Wow!" he pants before returning his lips to mine. We share a kiss that is simultaneously exhausted, thankful and congratulatory. Luke jerks his head back again with surprise. "G, what the fuck are we still doing in our clothes?" We both laugh as we slink out of bed.

"These smell so cummy." I really notice the strong, sweaty, sexy aroma as we emerge from under the covers, carefully peeling our clothes off. "The whole room smells really cummy."

"I know." Luke sniffs the air with a smile. "Now, get back in that bed. I gotta get that hot naked body next to mine so we can continue where we left off."

"Okay," I smile. I start to feel strange, but it's nothing that kissing Luke won't cure. I jump back into bed and Luke wraps the sweaty, cummy covers around us. He shivers with pleasure as we lock our bodies together, and immediately plunge into a deep kiss.

My strange feeling begins to grow. I've never had this feeling before, but it's certainly intense.

I can't be about to cum again so soon, and it doesn't feel like I have to pee. The feeling starts to overwhelm me and I can't help but worry. Surely, I wasn't going to puke. Finally, I have to pull my head away from him and I wince with pain. Suddenly, I explode with tears and I try desperately to stifle my sobbing. I hold my hand over my mouth, but it's no good. I've totally lost control.

"No, no, no!" Luke quickly grabs my face, "Garrett, what's wrong? What's wrong, baby?"

I want to tell him that I don't know why it's happening, but I can't form any words. Finally, I bury my head in his chest and I feel him wrap an arm around my back, holding me firmly. With his other hand, he lightly strokes my hair... I can't stop sobbing.

I keep trying to speak with no success. After a few minutes, I'm able to take three deep breaths without a sob. I take one more and try to force out a sentence.

"I'm sorry, Luke. I don't know what happened." I look up at him and see his eyes have welled up with tears. One drips down his cheek, and I wipe it away with my thumb. "I'm so sorry. I guess all the pain and anxiety I've been going through these past couple 'a years were just released on you." I wipe another tear off of his cheek as he does the same for me.

"Everything's gonna to be all right, now. Everything's gonna be FUCKING AMAZING ! Don't cry, dude," his voice cracks. "It just rips me apart to see you cry."

"You just have no idea what it means for me to be able to KISS YOU ." I take another deep breath. "And you don't know what it means to me for you to kiss me back." I feel my cheeks flush.

"I think I have some idea of what it might mean to you." Luke's eyes become misty again, but his smile and voice are unwavering. "G, this isn't just some 'bros helping out bros' kind of thing. This isn't even just incredibly hot sex. The reason you make me feel so good is cuz…. Cuz I love you ." I immediately burst into tears again and I bury my face back in his chest. He resumes holding me and stroking my hair as I emote all over his muscular pecs. He continues to squeeze me tight and I hear him sniffle. "I love you so much, G… SO much. I wanted to say it all day. I shoulda been saying it all day. Actually, I did say it when I was walking off the mound towards you when you made that catch… not that you could hear it, but I did say it. It's just that we've been makin' out and suckin' dick and shootin' cum all day, and I just wanted it to be special… when I said it for the first time."

"Luke, I—" I gasp as I jerk my head back up to look at him. He puts his hand over my mouth to stop me.

"I don't want you to say it just cuz I did. I want you to wait until you really feel like sayin' it." Luke smiles as he continues to hold his hand over my mouth and I eventually nod to let him know that I understand. When he releases me, I push him over on his back, climb on top of him and straddle his waist. I touch my forehead to his and pin his arms to the mattress over his head. He bites his lip with anticipation as we lock eyes.

"Look!" I begin and take a dramatic deep breath to lengthen the pause. " I… LOVE… YOU! And trust me, I'm feelin' it right now! It's not just the sex for me, too… although I fuckin' love it and I fuckin' love every inch of your body!" Luke giggles and I feel his dick start to grow under me, which makes mine do the same. "I love everything about you! I love the eighty-seven ways you smile. I love how you're nice to dorks and you're never stuck-up… although you totally could be and no one would hold it against you cuz you're so adorable. I love how you're so… effortlessly comfortable socially, and I'm SO not… but you never make me feel awkward or stupid or unworthy of you. I love how whenever you buy something… food or clothes or whatever… you always buy something for me, too. I love how just the sight of you at school can make a shitty day into a great day… even if you don't see me. I love how you never show me up at the gym even though you can do way more than I can. I love when you give me that goofy face when I get down on myself at a game. I love that you let me put my head on your shoulder and sleep on the drive home from camping last fall—"

"I had the biggest boner!" he bursts out laughing. "I can't believe you didn't see it!"

"I was trying not to look down there," I smile.

I remember the scene so clearly… I remember loving being so close to him and trying not to freak out. I was right up against him, riding in the back seat with him and my stupid brother. I was so nervous, but I had gotten no sleep on the camping trip. Luke was so intoxicating and I let my senses overwhelm my nerves that day… I shake my head and bring myself back to the matter at hand.

"I love… to love you! I even loved it when I thought there was zero chance you'd return it and it made me miserable. I still couldn't help but love you. And now… I love kissing you… I love how you look when I'm about to kiss you or how you look when I just finished kissing you and I LOVE that I can make you cum."

" REALLY hard!" he's squirming under me, enjoying my monologue.

"This is epic… EPIC love! What does what's-her-name say to Edward at the end of that vampire movie? She loves him more than anyone has ever loved anyone else? Well FUCK HER ! I love you WAY more than that!"

Luke reaches up to grab my head and brings mine down for another kiss. A whimper and a gasp escape his lips and I can tell what I just said made him emotional. After a moment, I sit back up and look him over, still holding his hands in mine above his head. His smile is so huge and full of love, it looks like it could permanently stick. Another tear rolls down his cheek.

"Uhh… sorry. I hope all that didn't freak you out." I smile back, biting my lip.

"Nah, you just confirmed a suspicion that I had."


"That you love me almost as much as I love you." I jab him in the ribs and begin tickling him with great intensity. He shrieks out and we freeze, hoping we didn't wake up his mom. We lay motionless for a moment, listening to the silence, praying we don't hear a stir from her room. If she knocks or comes in here, she'll know exactly what's going on. I wouldn't be surprised if she could smell the sex all the way in her bedroom, anyway.

When the period of silence seems safe enough, I collapse back on top of Luke and roll to his side. I wrap my arms around him and lay my head on his shoulder.

"Being in love is pretty intense, huh?" he whispers, stroking my hair.

"Yeah. I can't believe we have to go to school tomorrow. It seems like we should have a two-week honeymoon where we wouldn't have to get out of bed."

"Holy shit, that would be so fuckin' awesome," Luke says a little too loudly.

"It's almost 1:30. We have to get some sleep! I hate being sleepy at school. Do you want me to… go sleep over there so we can at least try to sleep?"

"If you think I want you anywhere but right here in my arms, you're fuckin' crazy!"

"Okay, that's it. I just zoomed WAY past you on that one. It's official. I love you more."

"No way, man. When I said that, my love for you was still growing. It's still way out of your reach."

"Do you want me to poke you in the ribs again?"

"Okay we're tied," he giggles. I give him a peck on the lips and jump up to turn off his reading lamp. With the room completely dark, I slink back into his bed and into his arms.

"All right. Good night kiss," I kiss him several times and linger on the last one. Satisfied, I cuddle up wondering if I'll get a minute of sleep.

"One more," Luke kisses me again with an unfulfilled moan. He goes in for another and forces his tongue into my mouth. I giggle and squirm away from him.

"We can't play 'one more kiss' all night. We have to get to sleep!"

"I know, I know!" We try one more kiss and I cuddle up with him again. He takes a few deep breaths as I enjoy holding onto his naked body. "Shit… I forgot something."

"What?" I whine, not wanting to move.

"'Scuse me. Pardon me." I try to hold onto him, but he seems to be climbing over me. As he gets right over me, he lowers his body onto mine. "I forgot that I'm horny again."

"Yeah, me too," I rub my hands around his back and shoulders, taking in the feeling. I sense his dick cozying up to mine, begging for some attention. "You want me to suck it?"

"Nah, just kiss me like you did a little while ago, and I'll cum all over you."

"Mmmm… sounds good." I grab onto him as he begins a passionate kiss. The feeling of his naked body on top of mine is more than I can handle. For the first time, we've hit the height of our horniness and love for each other at the same instant. Being underneath Luke as he's loving me is the best feeling I've ever had. It takes only seconds for me to reach a frenzied orgasm, and Luke moans as he begins to feel my hot cum between us. Soon, he adds his own load, steamy and intense, thrusting his hips wildly. Our passionate kiss turns again to exhaustion as Luke collapses to my side. I continue to hold onto him and I recognize his breathing pattern as deep, exhausted sleep. It really does seem like his perfect game was days ago… so much has happened since then. I guess his body finally has had enough… I can't believe he squirted as much and lasted as long as he did.

"Love you," I whisper to see if he's really asleep. His breathing pattern doesn't change, so I sneak fingers of cum from under the covers and lick them up with guilty pleasure. Finally satisfied, I wrap Luke's arms back around me and bring about a perfect end to a perfect day.

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