The Apple Orchard

by Jobe

Chapter 12

"I think we need to talk to Mr. Thomas. You are getting busy with bookings and you really don't need the money. You need to make a record of your favorite songs; we could send it to various radio stations and see what happens. Tony you're good and people like you, what do you say?"

"I don't know. I like to sing and play the guitar but I'm not sure I want to make a career of it. I still want to get my degree."

"You do realize that since the Wilson party, you have played every Sunday for the last three months. You have earned more than 6 months wages as a stock boy. Why don't you really give it some serious thought? Maybe you can ask Anna what she thinks about the idea."

"If I make it career what are you going to do? I may have to travel and be on tour or doing a gig somewhere else. I don't want to be away from you."

"As long as you have me in your heart, I'll be with you. Who knows, if the apple orchard is a success, I can travel with you doing off season."

Tony just shook his head as if to say, 'I don't know' and went back to work. A lot of the customers always complement Tony, as he started singing while he worked. Not loudly, but more softly to himself, but if you were within 30 feet of him, you could hear him sing.

Then I had a brilliant idea. Maybe Tony believed he couldn't make it as a singer. The first chance I had I would speak to Anna without Tony, I'd ask her to record several of Tony's songs on Monday night. Then I'd send them to several radio stations that primarily were music stations. If they thought his music was good, maybe Tony will rethink over my idea.

It was several weeks later that Anna stopped at the store on the pretense she ran out of coffee. When checking out, she gave me the tape. "Does he know?" She shook her head no.

That evening in bed after playing our version of POW, "You know if people knew how we played POW, they might want to be captured. We should change the initials to POL."

"POL? What does that stand for?"

"Prisoners of Love, POL. At least that's what I am, a POL."

"I like that but if you are a POL, what am I?"

"You're the one who has captured my heart." It never fails, when I start talking like that, Tony tears up. But the good thing is what happens next. The emotions I feel when we make love has never changed. And I know Tony's feels the same way.

I drove Tony to work and then I went to have copies of the tape made. While I was in the store, "do you mind if I try something?"

"As long as you don't destroy the tape, ok."

"I'll make a copy as insurance. I want to see if I can eliminate some of the background noise."

I watched as he placed the tape in a scanner that showed sound waves on the screen. The technician showed me a wave pattern that was stronger than the others. "This is what we want to copy; hopefully we'll have a clear sound."

When he was finished scanning, he recorded a tape from the scanner. When he played the tape, I was amazed at the clarity of the sound. "What do you think?"

"It's great; I didn't know you could do that. I think he'll be surprised to hear it."

"Do you know the singer?"

"Yes, he's my boyfriend."

"I think rather than a tape, why you don't consider putting it on a disc. If you are going to do what I think you are, discs are better."

"Ok let's make 24 discs, and I guess I'll need a disc player if I want to play it.

I left the store 2 hours later, with the discs and a disc player. We agreed that he would keep one disc in case I needed more. I couldn't wait to play the disc.

Over the following two weeks, I mailed a disc to all the radio stations within a 50 mile radius.

One morning as we were driving to work, I had the radio tuned to a music station. "Jim, listen to that song. That singer sounds like me."

I didn't say anything, when the song ended, the announcer commented on the song. "Folks, this was recorded by a young man who I predict will make it big. Just remember you heard it here on KCKA."

Tony looked at me, "That was me, right? How did they get a recording of me singing?"

"I guess someone must have recorded you singing either at Anna's or one of your gigs. Did you hear what the DJ said; he predicted you'd make it big."

"That's only one DJ. For all you know, it could be just BS radio talk."

"If I could prove to you that you could make it singing, would you do it?"

"Maybe, I might consider it."

I now knew what I was going to do to prove to Tony that he could make a career out of singing.

I took 10 of the remaining 14 discs with me to Anna's café. "Anna, here are discs I made of Tony singing. I want you to sell them for 9.98; you keep 2 dollars as a commission. I'm going to prove that people are willing to pay to hear him sing."

Leaving the café I went to the store to begin my shift. We weren't that busy so I had time to help Tony on the floor. I guess I was overplaying my hand, "Jim, why are you looking at me and smiling like that? Are you hiding something from me?"

"No, I just like looking at you. I love you so much, you always bring a smile to my face and you are, as they say, easy on the eyes." I was hoping he bought that. He just smiled back so I think he did.

When I dropped Tony off at the store Monday morning, I went to the café to check on the sales of the discs. Walking into the café, Anna had a big smile, grabbed my arm and led me to the cash register.

"I sold all of the discs and I think I could have sold 20 more. A lot people said they heard Tony on the radio. I mentioned that I had a disc of him singing, they wanted to know where I got it so they could buy it as well. When I told them I had a few, they had their money in their hand. I sold all 10 in two days. I told the rest they were on back order. Jim, I need 30 more to cover the back order and at least 20 for inventory. I'll pay you as soon as you deliver them."

"Anna that's terrific. Let me see if I can take care of your order." I left the café and headed to the electronic store to see how soon I could get 50 copies of Tony's disc.

When I arrived at the store, the technician who helped me smiled, "I knew you'd be back. I played the disc for a customer who was buying a disc player. He wanted to know who was singing and if we sold the disc. While we were talking, about 5 other people stopped and listened to the disc."

"That's great news, now I need 50 more copies."

"I figured you be back so I made another 20. If you come back tonight before closing, I can have another 30 for you."

Tony is going to be so surprised, I did a quick calculation, with the 20 sold and the 50, Tony would earn close to 400 dollars. Heading for the store, I dropped off the 20 at the café. When I entered the store it was obvious Tony was waiting for me. "What are you up to? Two people came into the store and asked me to sign their discs. Where did those discs come from?"

"Tony, you know I always have your best interest at heart. I love you and you're worth more than being a stock boy. I had 20 discs made from one of your tapes. I sent 6 to the radio stations and I gave Anna 10 to sell. Tomorrow I'm giving Anna 50 more, 30 to cover back orders and 20 for inventory. Tony people love your singing, you have to sing."

Tony looked at with tears in his eyes, "OK you have proven your point, 10 sold and 50 more."

"That's just the beginning. I think you better have a talk with Mr. Thomas."

"But shouldn't I wait till we're more definite?"

"OK, let's give it a month, then if everything continues on track, you can give Mr. Thomas noticed so he can hire your replacement and you can train him."

It seemed Tony was agreeable to that but I felt that Tony still had some doubts, but I didn't. That night I proved to Tony that I loved him as he proved it to me. Our private life provided the confirmation and knowledge that the expression of our love was true and would last. Each time we made love, our emotions soared, recommitting our vows to each other.

Since my schedule changed when Mr. Thomas hired Jane, I had mornings off except for Saturday. This gave me time to promote Tony's disc. It was a good thing I gave Anna the 20 discs yesterday before Tony's performance. After dropping off Tony, I went to the café to check on the discs I had dropped off yesterday before going to work. She sold them all and needed another 25 for back orders.

I went back to the electronic store to get the additional 30 and order 30 more. When the clerk saw me he had a big smile, "more discs? I have a proposition for you; I'll make 100 discs for 250 dollars including supplies. I can do this at home. If you need more I can do a limited number, but if this takes off, you're going to need a recording company and a recording studio."

I agreed to the proposition, gave him 100 dollars and the rest on delivery. He gave me his name and phone number. Looking at the paper, "Brad, do you know of anyone who has a recording studio?"

"You might try the college over at Edgemont. If they have a music department, they might have one."

Thanking him, I took the 30 and headed to Anna's. I told her I just ordered 250 disks and as soon as they are ready I'll drop them off. I had lunch and headed to the store.

Arriving, Mr. Thomas waved me over, "I heard we have a recording star working here."

"I think so however the one singing doesn't think he's a star, wait a minute." I went to the car and got one of the discs. I kept 4 from the original 20. Returning to the store, "Here's a disc for you, let me know what you think."

I saw Tony and blew him a kiss as I relieved Jane at the register.

Driving home after work, "Tony didn't you study music at college?"

"It wasn't my major; I took it as an elective. Why?"

"Did they have a recording studio? I was thinking it would be nice to record some of the songs you have composed. You know, 'like music by Tony'. I know I'd cherish it especially if there were love songs."

He grinned, "You're a sneaky devil, but you're the devil I love. I guess if I make that disc, we can listen to it on the radio."

I just smiled and squeezed his hand which was resting on my thigh. And yes my little man took noticed.

The next morning, after dropping Tony at the store, I drove to Edgemont to talk with the music department at the college about renting their studio, if they had one. When I arrived at the college, Anna called and said she needed more discs. I called Brad and checked on how many discs he had ready for pick up, then I called back Anna to tell her I'd have more discs for her later this morning.

I found the music department and waited till I could see the dean. While I waited I read the bulletin board outside of the office. I noticed they had live music on Friday nights sponsored by the music department. Of course I immediately thought of Tony. While I was writing down the place and time, a girl approached me, "Are you interested in coming to this event? It's usually very good and the admission fee helps the music school"

I politely said no, I'm just waiting to see the dean. I gave her one of Tony's cards. "I know him, that's Tony Dante. He used to go to school here. I haven't seen him for a while. I suppose you are Jim."

"Yes, I'm Jim and what's your name?

"My name is Margaret but everyone calls me Maggie."

"Well Maggie, I'll tell Tony I saw you and you said hi."

We chatted a little more when a woman came out of the office, "the dean will see you now."

She started to talk to Maggie as I entered the dean's office. It was a typical dean's office, one chair in front of the desk, if you could call it a desk. There was music spread all over it and I don't believe you could find a bare spot. I told the dean who I was, giving him one of Tony's cards, and what I was doing there. They did have a recording studio but before that would let us use it, he wanted to hear Tony. I agreed to have Tony at the school Friday night for a performance at their fund raiser. Now I just had to figure a way for Tony to have Friday night off. Thanking the dean, I headed to Brad's to pick up the extra discs.

"Tony, may I see you for a minute."

"Sure Mr. Thomas, I hope everything is ok."

"Jim gave me one of your discs. I think you're going to be a big sensation. My family played it all day and my girls really liked it. I just want you to know that if you need time off to work on your career, just let me know. My oldest son, just turned 14 and I think he should start learning the business from the floor up. I'll bring him tomorrow evening, and you can start working with him."

Tony thanked Mr. Thomas and started to believe what Jim was telling him. He loved music but never thought he was good enough to make a living from it. Maybe he was wrong.

Jim stopped and picked up additional discs from Brad. He paid Brad another 100 dollars with the last installment of 50 dollars when he picked up the remaining discs. He told Brad about his visit to the college and the concert on Friday night. Brad said he might bring his girl and go to it especially if Tony was going to sing.

With the extra discs, Jim stopped at Anna's café. When Anna saw him coming in, "How many do you have?"

"Would 100 be enough for a while?"

She laughed, "Maybe a week." Jim then told her about the meeting he had with the dean at the college over in Edgemont.

"Now I have to figure a way for Tony to be off Friday night so he can attend the concert. The dean wanted to hear him sing and then he'll make a decision about letting us use the recording booth."

Jim sat down in his usual booth and had his usual lunch. He had Anna make a lunch for Tony as well. After eating, he headed for the store. When he arrived, Tony grabbed him and they went to the unloading area. Tony had the last truck to unload, so while he was doing that Jim told him about his trip to the college. He also told him that they had to figure a way for him to be off Friday night because he had to perform. Tony just smiled as he continued to unload the truck. Jim gave him his lunch, Tony paid for it with a toe curling kiss that left Jim a little perplexed.

After work on the way home, Tony told Jim about his talk with Mr. Thomas. Jim was glad that the problem of Tony having the night off was settled. "I was really worried about you getting the night off. I was going ask Mr. Thomas to work the register and I'd work your job. You don't know how glad I am that this'll work out. I'll miss your concert but you can sing to me anytime." Smiling Tony leaned over and gave Jim a kiss on the cheek and squeezed Jim's thigh. Jim noticed that whenever they were in the car together. Tony always had his hand on his thigh. It was like I want you to know I'm right here.

Jim smiled to himself, Tony was going to be a star and he was going to make sure it happened. That night, in bed, Tony started to kiss Jim with an intensity that rivaled their first night as lovers. Jim returned that kiss just as intense. Taking the lead, Jim began to kiss all of Tony's hot spots, staying a little longer on his nipples making Tony squirm and moan longer than ever.

"Jim, please I need you in me."

Jim slowly kissed down Tony's torso teasing him and driving to the height of passion. When Jim reached Tony's manhood, it was dripping like crazy. Tony kept pushing his head wanting him to take it into his mouth. When he did, Tony's ass shot in the air and the moan from his lips could have been heard at the farmhouse.

"Jim please, you're driving me crazy. I need you now."

Jim just kept sucking on Tony while he worked two fingers into Tony. By this time, Tony's anal muscles were completely relaxed and trying to suck Jim's fingers into him.

Just as Tony was ready to explode, Jim slid into Tony. One push and he was all the way in, Tony screamed and came unbelievably. Jim looked up and swore he saw Tony's cum upon the ceiling. Tony relaxed just for a second, when he started to get hard again. His constant moaning and trying to get Jim to go deeper, just gave Jim the impetus to go hard and fast. Both boys were beyond reality. All they could see and feel were each other; the only two people in the universe were Tony and Jim.

"Faster, harder, Jim; I'm close, whatever you don't stop." Jim had no intention of stopping, as he pushed Tony's legs toward his head, he drove hard and fast downward into Tony. Tony shot his cum over his head landing on the wall behind the bed; the second shot dribbled across Tony's face and on to his stomach. When Tony shot, his anal muscles squeezed Jim's cock sending him over the hill. Two more thrust and Jim unloaded into Tony.

Both boys collapsed trying to catch their breath. Slowly their hearts return to a normal beat. "Oh god, Jim that was the best yet. I love you so much. Promise me you'll never leave me."

"I promise I could never love anyone as much as I love you. I'll never leave you."

"And I'll never leave you."

Another kiss and Tony snuggled into Jim's arms and both boys fell asleep.

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