The Apple Orchard

by Jobe

Chapter 5

Soon the week-end was upon us. That meant working from 7:30 in the morning till 9 at night. Friday and Saturday were our biggest days. Tony would need to help me at the register after 4 on Friday since it usually got really busy and all day on Saturday. Our lunch and dinner periods would be split, but that was ok. We had Sunday all to ourselves.

Friday and Saturday seemed to fly by. We were too tired to do anything except cuddle. We knew we'd make up for it on Sunday. Grandmother invited us to dinner so we could sleep in and have a late breakfast. Well that was the plan. At 9 am there was a pounding on the door. Then I heard dad's voice, "I'm coming in get decent."

"Tony, my dad is here. Get some pants on while I stall him in the kitchen."

I jumped out of bed and quickly put on my boxers. "Dad, I'm surprised you're here. I didn't know you were coming." Just then Tony entered the kitchen in a pair of jeans. Dad just laughed."Tony this is my dad, James senior"

"It's nice to meet you sir."

"From what I've been told you can call me dad also."

I blushed and Tony looked scared. "It's ok Tony. As long as you both stay faithful to each other, I'm happy."

"Dad, what are you doing here besides wanting to meet the love of my life?" I could hear Tony draw in his breath.

"Well I thought the cot wouldn't work and your bed is a little small, so I brought you a new bed. Come on let's empty the bedroom so we can bring in the new bed. Dad watched as Tony and I stripped the bed, folded up the cot. Once the room was empty, Tony swept the floor while I went and helped dad with the new bed.

Having set-up the frame, dad and I brought in the mattress. The sheets I had were too small so Grandmother lent us sheets for the bed until we had the opportunity to buy some. The old bed, mattress and cot were taking to grandfather's basement for storage. "He seems like a nice guy. But remember, you both will need to work at your relationship if it's to work."

My dad is a great guy. He has been very supportive of me. I'm glad he's back in my life. When I entered the shack, "Tony where are you?" "Here" When I entered the bedroom, Tony was lying on the bed completely naked. I just stare at him, he was absolutely beautiful. He patted a spot next to him, I quickly took off my boxers, when he reached and pulled me on top of him. Looking into his eyes, you could see the devil. I leaned down and kissed him. What started out as a light kiss quickly turned into a hungry, wanton kiss. I looked into his eyes and proceeded south to find what had snuggled between my thighs. And what I found was a beautiful, 7 ½ inches of phallic gold waiting for my kiss. Tony tried to turn me around, but I resisted. Shaking my head no, "This is for you."

I began to adore that phallic treasure with my tongue, stopping at the peak to give it special attention. I repeated this a few times, and then I began to suck his balls warming them in my mouth. Tony let out a gasp. I went back to his cock and repeated what I did first. He was dripping a lot; I wiped my finger in it till it was coated. Taking his cock into my throat, I worked my finger into his hole. Tony jumped and then relaxed. I found his prostate and began to stroke it. Tony was panting, yelling and moaning, writhing as I continued to massage his prostate, he shot five times right down my throat. When he was done and collapsed on the bed, his eyes were rolled back and he was breathing very heavily. It was a good thing we were in the woods and no one could hear us. Tony was screaming so loud, I thought my grandparents might have heard him.

After Tony calmed down, he looked into my eyes with a very contented smile. "That was unbelievable. I never had a climax like that in my whole life. I love you Jim."

For the next 3 hours we cuddled and slept. I woke and checked the time. We slept through breakfast and lunch. "Tony wake up. We have to get ready to go down for dinner."

"You already ate …my protein shake."

"Smart ass that was just the appetizer."

Showering together, getting dressed, between lots of kisses, we walked to my grandparents. It was fun to walk hand in hand, you could smell the trees. The air was cool and fresh, you could distinguish the smell of the woods, pine needles on the ground sent out an aroma distinctive of the surrounding woods. We walked slow, just enjoying the quiet time together. Every once in a while, one of us would squeeze the others hand, or take a glimpse of their face. If there ever was a picture of love, this was it. We both knew that we'd be together for a life time.

Grandmother welcomed us as we entered the kitchen. She just smiled as she kissed us on our cheeks. I think she was a little surprised when Tony kissed her back. Grandfather slapped Tony on the back, as to say welcome to the family. "Tony I need some information from you. Come with me to the den." I knew the information was for our trip tomorrow. When Tony returned from the den he had a puzzled look on his face.

"Grandfather and I are going to try and get your belongings back. He has a friend there who he thinks can help. While grandmother is shopping, we're going to visit your uncle. Grandfather's friend has a copy of your grandparents will. It seemed with what he shared with me, grandfather thinks that the reason you were locked out is because of the provisions of the will. So while you are at work, we'll be shopping. I have to get more sheets and blankets for our new bed."

Tony had tears in his eyes, he whispered in my ear, "I love you." I just gave him a kiss on the cheek.

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