The Apple Orchard

by Jobe

Chapter 3

When we got back to the shack, Tony helped to make up the cot. I told him as a guest he could sleep in the bed and I'd sleep on the cot. He wouldn't hear of it. "That cot will seem like heaven compared to sleeping on the ground in the woods."

It was late and work tomorrow, "We should go to bed. We'll need to be up early for work."

I stripped to my boxers and noticed Tony was a little hesitant. So I got in bed and turned my back to him until I heard the cot squeak when he got in. I then turned and turned off the light. "Good night, Tony" no sound, when I looked over he was sound asleep.

The next morning came too early for me. Lazily I got out of bed with a part of my lower anatomy pointing the way to the bathroom. While I was there I took a shower, brushed my teeth, shaved and thought about the day. I wrapped a towel around my waist and proceeded to make a pot of coffee. While the coffee was brewing, I went to wake Tony and to get dressed for the day.

Tony was awake when I went into the bedroom. "Hey, sleepy head time to get up. There are clean towels in the bathroom and while you get dressed, I'll fix us some breakfast. Ok?"

To give him some privacy, I turned my back to him. I heard a short breath from him when I dropped the towel. I guess he liked my ass. When I thought he was walking toward the bathroom I sneaked a peek. His boxers were nothing but rags. I placed one of my boxers on the cot for him to wear. I also noticed he had a nice ass in fact if his back was any idea of his front, he had a great body.

When I heard the shower running, I finished dressing and went to start breakfast. Tony came out of the shower with a towel wrapped around his waist and I was right, he had a great body. I felt someone on my lower anatomy trying to get a peek. I quickly turned towards the stove and finished cooking breakfast. "Coffee, Tony."

"Yes, please."

When he returned to the kitchen, I noticed he had the same clothes he had on yesterday. "Thanks for the boxers. Most of my clothes are torn."

"Didn't you have clothes when you went to school or at your grandparents?"

"I did but when they died, my oldest uncle locked the house and there was no way I could get in. I left a lot of my clothes there as well as some personal things."

I thought that isn't right and there must be more to this story. Tony had to work all day today, that's what he said but I wasn't sure if that was true. I only had to work till 4.

After breakfast, we left for work. When we got there at 7:30, I began to set up the cash register while Tony made a list of stock he'd need. When Mr. Thomas came over with the cash for the register, "Tony is working all day today?"

"Yes, I want the refrigerators and fresh vegetables bins cleaned."

I know that they had been cleaned the day before Tony showed up because I did them. Again we went to lunch, Anna smiled as we entered, and we took the same booth. Tony said Mr. Thomas gave him an advance on his pay so he would pay for lunch today. I told him no. He could pay for his and I'll pay for mine. After a small argument he agreed.

At 4 when I was ready to leave, I told Tony I'll be back for him at closing. I went home and told grandfather what Tony had said about his family and not being allowed to get his personal things. Grandfather said he would look into it; I told him where Tony lived. I went back to my shack, and thought about dinner. While I was cleaning up, I noticed Tony's bag that contained his clothes. I checked his old pair of jeans noting the size as well as his shirt size. We both wore the same shirt size, but Tony's pants were a little shorter than mine. I took some money and went back to town. I bought two pairs of jeans, two shirts, a package of boxers and a package of socks that fit most sizes. Taking the packages home, I fixed myself dinner, saving the leftover chicken and dumplings for Tony. When I was done eating I started to laugh. If someone looked at what I was doing, they'd think Tony was my boyfriend. Then I got serious, for the short time I have known him, I was beginning to like him. The young fellow down below like him as he was trying to raise his head. I pushed him down and decided to go and wait for Tony. When I got to the store, they seemed really busy. So I helped Mr. Thomas at the register packing the groceries. Tony was helping as well. Mr. Thomas asked me if I mind opening the other register. I didn't, it wasn't long before the rush was over. I closed my register and waited for Tony.

On the ride home, Tony was very quiet. When we got there, I asked Tony what was wrong, "Did something happen at the store?"

"One of my college classmates came into the store. He looked at me like he wanted to talk but I was too busy. I think he may stop again tomorrow."

"Well don't worry I'm working tomorrow to 9 as well. I have some chickens and dumplings left over for your dinner. Come on."

After dinner, "Tony, I did something today and I hope you don't get mad. I bought you some clothes. I'm sorry if you're mad, but I consider you as my friend. I'm getting to like you."

Tony just looked at me for the longest time. Then his eyes became teary, "thank you, Jim. You're a true friend. I'll pay you back some day." Then he got out of his chair and gave me a hug. I appreciated the hug as well as the guy downstairs. I knew Tony must have felt it. He just looked at me and then smiled.

We cleaned up the kitchen and then got ready for bed. The shack was warm, with the cook stove being on as well as the wood stove, so I just decided to lie on top of the covers. I glanced over at Tony and noticed he was still awake. "What are you thinking about?"

He looked at me, "if I tell you promise you won't get mad."

"Ok, I promise."

"I was thinking you'd make a great boyfriend if you were gay."

It took me a while to digest what Tony said. Before I could reply," I'm sorry Jim I didn't want you to get mad."

"I'm not mad, just the opposite. I was thinking the same about you." Tony sat up and looked at me as if I gave him the best news he had ever heard. I sat up and made room for Tony to sit beside me. When he did, l pulled him into a hug, releasing him; I gave him a gentle kiss. The longer we held the kiss, the more aggressive it became. My boxers were very tight and I suspect Tony's were as well. I fell back on the bed, pulling Tony with me, still kissing. The bed was small, but not for two guys who couldn't get close enough.

"Tony, I'd like to try to make this work. I like you very much; I just hope you feel the same. I have been very lonely living here by myself. I'd like for you to think about making your home here with me."

Tony's answer was a toe curling kiss. Tony saw me adjusting the guy downstairs, he put his hand inside my boxers to help, he said, but as soon as he touched my little man I blew. I never had an organism like that before. Tony gave me a kiss as I slid my hand down his torso and under his boxers. I felt Tony taking a deep breath and shaking as I touched little Tony. One movement, up and down, and he blew. We cuddled and fell asleep.

The next thing I knew the alarm was going off. I woke up with Tony lying on my chest. I kissed him on his head, "Tony it's time to get up."

He stretched, looked at me, smiled and gave me a kiss on my chest. We untangled ourselves, "You go get a shower while I start the coffee and breakfast. Then while you eat, I'll shower. So let's go, chop chop."

We were ready to go at 7:15, "Hang on tight, we'll have to travel fast to get there by 7:30." Tony grabbed me tightly around the waist and away we went. I usually don't travel this fast but if we were going to be on time, I had to go over the speed limit. Thankfully, we weren't stopped and we made it as the clock in the store showed 7:30. Mr. Thomas took one look at us and smiled. I'm sure he noticed how tight Tony was holding me. We just smiled back as we got the store open.

Every chance I got I'd look at Tony. I didn't fully realized at the time, but I was falling in love with Tony. When lunch time came, Mr. Thomas relieved me and smiling wished me a nice lunch. I just smiled as I saw Tony coming up to the front of store. Just as we were leaving, Tony's friend from yesterday came into the store. Tony introduced him and said we were on our way to lunch. Tony invited him to join us, he accepted of course.

When we entered the café, Anna winked at me. I guess I had a confused look. She just smiled and nodded toward Tony. I smiled and winked at her. We sat in the same booth, only this time Tony sat next to me. Anna came and got our orders with a big shit eating grin. I didn't realize that we were broadcasting our friendship, but evidently we were.

While Tony was talking to his friend, he had his hand on my thigh. Mr. happy was straining to get out. I excused myself and rushed to the men's room. I quickly relieved myself and splashed cold water on my face. Once I felt cooled off, I went back to the table. Tony looked at me with a wicked smile. He knew why I went to the men's room.

After lunch Tony said goodbye to his friend, taking my hand we walked backed to the store. I looked over my shoulder at the café, there was Anna waving.

When we got home grandfather stopped us before we turned to go to the shack. "Your grandmother made some stew for your dinner. Tony, would you please go get it? Jim, I talked to a fellow who knows where Tony lived. He pretty much confirmed what Tony said. I think when you have a day off; we should drive over there and see what we can do." Before I had a chance to say anything Tony came out with a pot of stew.

"Jump on the back, hold the pot steady and I'll more or less push us home." I actually didn't push, but if you walked beside the cycle you'd have beaten us. When we got to the shack, I fired up the cook stove, and placed the pot to heat on the stove.

While the stew was heating, I gathered all the dirty clothes to take to grandmothers to wash. I'll get up extra early tomorrow morning, start the wash and then when I come home I'll pick them up. Grandmother usually had them dried and folded. Of course on my day off, I'd run errands for them.

That night as we cuddle together on the bed, I reached down and took off my boxers Tony followed suit and took his off as well. Lying next to Tony I took the opportunity to explore his body. I started to kiss Tony as my hands roamed over his body. Tony began to squirm and make mewing sounds as suddenly I felt him shiver. I kissed his neck, moving down to his chest, staying there as I played with his nipples, the reaction I was getting from him was exciting me as well. Tony began to moan louder as he pressed my head to his breast. While I licked one nipple I move my hand to the other twisting carefully not to hurt but to stimulate. I could feel him shiver as I continued to give one nipple my attention and then move to the other.

"Don't stop, please whatever you do don't stop, my body is on fire. I never felt like this before. Aah, Jim what are you doing to me? "

I slowly licked my way down his midsection heading to the treasure that I knew waited for me. Tony moans spurred me on as I proceeded to tease him as I licked his abs. He was shaking and pushing my head down, when I looked at him his eyes were closed, his head was twisting and drops of sweat were forming on his forehead. When I stopped and began to move up to his lips, he grabbed my head and pushed me down further toward the holy grail. I continued to lick down his body as beads of sweat began to form. I eagerly licked the drops from his body as he shivered at the touch of my tongue. I continued until something hit me in the face. I reached and took his manhood in my hand, Tony yelled, "Yes" and began to push my head toward the goal. Moving my hand up and down, I took a swipe of the head with my tongue. Tony's body jumped as he yelled, "Yes". That was all I needed as I took him into my mouth. Slowly I moved my tongue around his head while moving my hand up and down his shaft. Tony just pressed my head harder trying to get me to take more. Each time he would press my head he would plead for me to stop teasing. His body was twisting, the pressure on my head was getting stronger and the moans that Tony was making I think was heard at the farm house.

I had no option but to take more of Tony's essence into my mouth. His body was moving up and down as I took him into my throat. "Please Jim don't tease. I can't believe this is happening. I feel totally out of my mind, the feelings are driving me crazy. I never had these feelings before. Jim I'm going to shoot, Jim!"

Then he tried to pull out, but I kept on sucking him and moving my head so he couldn't stop fucking my throat. With a loud moan, I could feel him ejaculating into my throat. I pulled back a little to get a taste of this man who l loved with all of my heart. I swallowed all that he offered to me it was the nectar of the gods, at least my god.

When he calmed down, "Jim that was incredible. I never knew what that would feel like. My body was on fire, I couldn't get enough. I love you. If I wasn't so exhausted I would do you."

"Sorry but you got me so excited I already came. Let's go to sleep. I hope there'll be a lot of chances to do that." Pulling a light blanket over us, we quickly fell asleep.

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