by Jobe

"Dad, I don't want to leave. All my friends are here and I just made the rugby squad. Do we really have too move?"

"Yes, I told you Josh, I have to go where the job is. I'm sure after you get settled in your new home you'll like it."

Josh wasn't so sure. He didn't like change and had a hard time when he had too leave school for a private school when his father moved to Nottingham. Change was something that was hard for Josh but there was another reason, Josh had found a boyfriend and now he would have too leave him behind.

"I know Peter, I don't want to leave but what can I do. I'm not old enough to stay by myself and my dad is insisting I go…Of course I'm going to miss you. We can keep in touch, there's Face Time and I'll send you pictures."

"I just think this stinks, we just found each other."

"Maybe you can visit. I know my dads wouldn't have a problem with you visiting. They like you."

"Yea, that'll work. You must contact me as soon as you arrive in America."

"I will, I'll FaceTime, you know I love you."

"I know and I love you also."

Josh really wasn't into the move. "Josh, just pack enough for 1 week, the rest will be shipped over with the furniture. Our flight leaves tomorrow morning, so pack and we'll have an early night."

"This is gong to be rough on him Ron. You know he doesn't like change and he'll be leaving his best friend behind."

"I know Jim, but what choice do I have. This is a big promotion for me and you have that job waiting for you as well. We just have to keep him busy. Peter can visit during school holidays if his parents permit."

"You know we'll have a problem with Americans. They aren't too accepting of married gays."

"Will just have to roll with the dice. Our marriage is strong enough to handle anything but Josh is the one that I feel for. They can be cruel, especially the homophobes in school."

"We should keep our eyes and ears open. If I see any bullying, we'll either change schools or home school. He had no problem here in England and I'm hoping he'll have no problem there as well."

"Let's go to bed, tomorrow will be here earlier than we would want."

"Josh, come on. We'll stop and have breakfast on the way. It's nice that Nigel is willing to drive us to the airport."

"We'll have to buy his breakfast and send him a gift from America."

"Josh, please don't look like it's the end of the world. I know this is hard for you, but you'll make new friends."

"Yea, but it won't be the same. I was just making friends at my school and now I need to start all over. They don't even know what rugby is over there."

"Maybe that'll be an opportunity for you to teach them. Look at football, they never played that much and now it's a national sport."

"Yea, they call football over their soccer. I wonder what they'll call rugby."

"Probably free for all."

"Dad, this isn't funny."

"I know, there's Nigel let's go." Josh had tears as he left. His dads looked at him, they could feel his hurt.

The trip to the airport after having breakfast was very quiet. Ron looked at Josh and saw the tears in his eyes, he felt bad about making Josh leave but he needed this job.

The flight to America was uneventful. Ron kept an eye on Josh. Josh just kept looking out the window, or course all he saw was the sky and looking down, some clouds.

Josh's thought were on Peter and having to leave his home. He was scared about his new school, would he make friends, that wasn't easy for him, when could he see Peter again.

Arriving at the airport, Josh was almost hyper. His dads got the carry on's down from the over head compartments, following the other passengers as they headed to customs. With their passports ready, they answered a few questions and went to the luggage area to pick up their luggage.

When they got to the luggage area, Ron saw a man with his name on a placard. "Jim, that must be our ride. The company said they would have someone to meet us."

Ron went and introduced himself to the driver, "We'll be ready as soon as we get our luggage."

The driver nodded and waited till Ron, Jim and Josh collected their luggage, checked through security, "If you follow me, my car is just parked at the curb."

"Dad, where are we staying?"

"We have a home which the company is renting for us. But tonight we'll stay at a hotel until our furniture and the rest of our household effects arrive."

The driver pulled in front of a hotel, before the guys got out of the car, a bell hop was placing the baggage on a cart and pushing it into the hotel. "Ron, you see to the bags and I'll register."

The bellhop took the key and led them to their room, Ron tipped the boy, and began to look around. There were three rooms, two bedrooms and a living room with a bar and TV, Internet hook up was available. Josh unpacked his computer and immediately Face Time Peter.

"Ron, let's go and give him some private time." Jim and Ron went into their bedroom. "Should we order in or go out for dinner?"

"Let's go out. It might cheer Josh a little."

Ron and Jim took a shower and changed into fresh clothes. Walking back into the living room, "Where's Josh?"

"Josh where are you?"

Josh came out of his room, tears were running down his face. Ron felt like shit when he saw that. He knew it would be tough for Josh but didn't expect the tears. Jim went and pulled Josh into a hug, patting him on his back. "Josh, let's make a deal. Give it one year and at the end of that year if you still feel the same, we'll figure out a way for you to return too Nottingham, ok?'

"Do you mean that?"

"Yes, we mean that."

Josh thought one year isn't so bad. I could put up with one year if it meant I could go back and be with Peter and my friends.

"What do you feel like for dinner tonight? I noticed there's an Italian restaurant not to far from here. Should we go there?"

Josh washed his face and they headed to the restaurant for dinner. With the deal in place, Josh's mood had improved.

Three weeks later they were notified that their household goods would be delivered to their home. Last week they drove to the house where they would live while in America. It was a large house on a rather large lot, as least compared to the house they had in England. As soon as the door opened, Josh started to wander around. He went upstairs and noted the three bedrooms, picked out his room and when his dads came upstairs he told them he'd like the room in the back. The room had a large window that looked out over the back yard which was rather extensive. Ron looked at Jim, "I think he likes the woods at the back."

The household goods arrived on schedule, the men helped to unload the truck. Now the fun would begin as cartons were opened and placed either in cupboards, dressers or closets. "Tomorrow we'll get internet service. Then you can contact Peter."

While they were unpacking, the door bell rang. Ron went to answer as he was unpacking in the kitchen.

"Hi, I'm Doris Chester your next door neighbor. I know what a mess moving can be so I thought rather than preparing dinner, we'd like you and your family join us for a barbecue at our home."

"Thank you very much, we'd love to join you,"

"Great, we're right next door, 604. We eat at 7 so just come over whenever your ready."

"Who was that Ron?"

"Our next door neighbor, she just invited us for a barbecue."

"That's very nice of them, I guess we'll test the waters."

"Dad, where's my rugby ball? Didn't you pack it?"

"Yes its in the box from the garage"

"Who was that at the door?"

"Our next door next door neighbor who invited us over for a barbecue."

"What's a barbecue?"

"You know, when we cook meat over coals at home. You might be lucky and get your first American hotdog."

Josh just looked this dad, "Hotdog?"

The guys finished unpacking, "It's 6 why don't we take a shower and head on over. We can chat a little before dinner and also determine the lay of the land."

"Shouldn't we bring something over with us?"

"Do you still have that bottle of wine we bought at the Duty Free shop?"


"Bring that. Josh are you ready?"

"Yes, I'll be right down."

"Let's go and get a quick shower and then we can go."

"I thought you guys were ready to go."

"In 10 minutes"

"Are you nervous?"

"A little, not sure if we'll be welcome after they meet us."

"Hello, come on in. Isn't your wife coming?"

"No, Doris, we don't have a wife, this is my partner Jim and our son Josh."

The look on Doris's face changed from inquisitive to astonished. Without thinking, "You're gay."

"Yes, I know it's unusual in America but quite common in Europe. If that's a problem, we can leave. I don't want to impose if you're uncomfortable."

"No, no, come right on in. I was just taken back a little. I wasn't expecting that. Come on in and meet the rest of the family."

"This is for you, we haven't gone shopping yet but I think if you enjoy wine, you'll enjoy this."

"Thank you, come along we're out back."

We followed Doris to the back patio. "This is my husband Rich, my daughter Samantha and my son Dawson."

"It's very nice to meet you, this is my partner Jim and our son, Josh."

Whenever we're introduced and it becomes obvious we're a gay couple, the expressions we receive are sometimes hilariously funny. And the kids are the ones that break the ice.

"So your parents are gay?"

"Yes, is that a problem?"

"Nope, cool, so how old are you?"

"I'm 16. I'll be 17 in August. How old are you?"

"I'll be 16 this coming Saturday. I'm having a small party with a barbecue, can you come?"

"I'll check with my parents but I don't see a reason why not. I'm not sure what you do at a birthday party. At home me and group of buddies go to a sports center, play rugby and then have something to eat."

"What is rugby? I never heard of that game?"

"It's something like your American football but we don't wear pads. Have you never seen a rugby game? Do you have a computer? I have a disc of our last game, I played rugby at school."

"Yes, we could watch it while the old folks chat."

"Ok, I'll be right back. Dad may I have the house key, I'm going to get my game disk from my last game."

Dawson and I ran to my house, got the disc and headed back. "Wait just a sec"

"What's that it looks like a football"

"No, this is a rugby ball. I think it's just a little different from your American football."

"I have a football, we can compare."

"Mom, we're going be in my room. Come on they'll call us when it's time to eat."

Josh put the disc in the computer while Dawson booted the computer. "This is the last game I played. I'll explained as we go along."

"What's that?"

"It's called a scrum, watch the ball is dropped in the center and then each team tries to prevent the other team from getting it. One of them pass the ball to the outside men who then runs it to the goal. They score by running to the goal or kicking over the goal post. Kicking it gets you more points."

"You aren't wearing any protective clothing."

"No, unless you have an injury then you might wear a patch over it. I think some of the sports channels carry these games. They're played in all of her Majesty's commonwealth."

"Which one is you?"

"That one with the torn sleeve, one of the boys on the other team grabbed me to prevent me from kicking the ball. He tore the shirt but I still managed to kick the ball."

"That looks like fun. Can you teach me how to play?"

"Sure but we'll need more players."

"Great, when my friends are here for my birthday you can teach us."

"I'll print off some rules that'll give you an idea how to play."

That evening at home I Face Time Peter. I told him about being at the neighbors for a barbecue and meeting Dawson. "I'm going to teach him and his friends how to play Rugby. How are you doing and how's school?"

"Yea, I miss you also."

"I don't know how long we'll be here. The dads are quite excited about the new job….Yes, we live in a nice house. My bedroom overlooks the garden and there is a wooded area at the far end. It's quiet."

Saturday came, Dad and I went into the city and brought a rugby ball for Dawson. I was surprised to see that they even had one in stock. The salesman told me that a lot of colleges play rugby, that surprised me. I also bought a rugby shirt for Dawson.

"Have fun and try to make some friends."

I took my gifts for Dawson and headed to his house. Knocking on the door, Dawson opened it with his sister behind him, "Happy birthday. I bought you this, it's a rugby ball. I hope you like it. I wasn't sure what to buy you, we don't exchange gifts at home unless you are family. "

I guess he could tell I was a little nervous, "It's great, I've been watching that disk of yours. I can't wait to play."

"Hello Mrs Chester."

"Hello Josh, come on in. Everyone is in the back yard."

Samantha whispered, "Your the first one here."

I just smiled as I followed her to the back yard patio. Mr. Chester had the grill ready so I guess there will be more hotdogs.

Dawson and I started to throw the ball around. I showed him how to hold it for a kick, which he did and did kick it. "Not bad Dawson, you might make a good rugby player after all."

"I think I'll like this game and I'm sure my b buddies will as well."

It seemed like everyone came at once. Dawson ran to answer the door and then about 14 kids came to the back patio. Dawson introduce each one to me, but I knew it'd be a while before I would attach face to name.

"Guys this is Josh. Josh these guys are my friends from school. I've know most of them since 1st grade."

As I spoke to them it was obvious I wasn't American. "Are you from England?"

I laughed, "yes, I'm from England and only moved here."

Then the usual questions, how old are you, what grade are you in, how do you like living here, is there much off a difference compare to England. Of course that didn't stop, the next set where more along the line of have you ever seen the Queen, what about William and Kate.

I tried to answer them all, but you never really do. "I can't get over the funny accent you all have."

"We have an accent, you have an accent."

That set off the mimics. "Josh, show jus how to play rugby."

For the next two hours we played rugby. There were 7 guys to a team and I acted as referee. Of course we had no goal posts but we had fun. By the time the food was ready, we were ready to eat. Sitting around the table eating gave me a chance to look over the guys. I hadn't really noticed them when they came in but now sitting here eating, I could look them over. Of course the boys talked about girls, they all seemed ton have a girl friend except one boy who more or less sat a little off from the rest.

I watched as some of the boys put an arm around him and gave him a squeeze. He'd pull away and move a little further away. He was good looking, nice smile, blond hair with a slight wave and sea green eyes. Dawson must have seen me looking at him, he winked at me. I'm not sure what that meant. I just smiled back at him.

Over the next few weeks, we played rugby every Saturday. Same 14 boys and of course my shy friend was there. I found out his name was Roger and his brother was one year older than him, closer to my age whereas Roger was closer to Dawson's age. But all 14 boys were in the same grade.

School was to start in a few weeks. Dad and I went to register for classes. He had my transcript from my old school. Of course changing schools has its own problems, when you are changing within the same country and when you are changing from a different country, it's an altogether different matter.

School started the last week of August, which for Dawson was normal. I had a split schedule, some classes were with Dawson or the boys and some of my classes where in the next higher grade. I have one class with Roger and I made sure I sat next to him. By this time we were friends and so we chatted before class began. I was beginning to like him as a friend. Peter was still a part of me and we talked or emailed each other every day.

I talked to the gym teacher about starting a rugby team. I was surprised he was all for it. But I had to get the players. I knew of 15 guys who wanted to play I just need a few more.

It didn't take long for the coach to help round up enough guys for two teams, we were a little short of back-ups but we had enough to play. The football team joined right in, since the game is similar the coach thought it would be a great opportunity for practice.

Thanksgiving holidays was something new for me. All my friends were excited, I didn't understand the holiday but Roger explained it to me. As he talked, I kept looking at his lips, I wanted to kiss them. Then Peter's image flashed in my mind. I was developing feelings for Roger but I was confused since I still had feelings for Peter.

The coach told us that we would have a rugby game with a school on the other side of the state. He explained that the school was close to a college that had a team and wanted to find another high school team to play. We were very excited and of course we now had to put together a team that would win. This meant that some of the players would not be chosen but they all seemed to accept it. "Ok guys, the game is on Saturday, following Thanksgiving, We'll need drivers and supporters."

That was all that was said. Drivers weren't a problem, I think every boy said they would get their dad to drive. Some of the football players had their own cars and said they would be glad to take some boys. The coach had the PTA fund uniforms and I think we looked sharp. Practice every day, rain or shine.

Thanksgiving, the Chester's invited us for dinner. Dads brought two bottles of a very expensive wine and let us all have a small glass. Dinner was delicious, I've had turkey before but this tasted different. Mr. Chester said he brined the turkey before he cooked it. I didn't understand what that meant but it did taste good.

Friday I spent with the guys practicing. Of the original 14, only 6 were on the team with 3 as back up. The rest of the team was from the football squad. I felt confident we would win.

Friday night Dad packed the car with my equipment. Dawson brought his over Saturday morning early and we picked up Roger on the way. Roger wasn't playing but he said he'd be cheering us on.

The drive to the field took 4 hours, I was glad we left early. "Josh, the weather doesn't look good. I think it's going to rain. Leave your clothes in the car and then you can get them after the game. Dawson and I followed the coach into the girls locker room to change into our uniforms. Roger followed and took Dawson's and my clothes to the car.

One of the guys said it's going to rain. "It'll be fun, just don't be afraid of getting wet and muddy, because you will."

The other team seemed to have bigger boys but I knew that speed was more important. Then the coaches started the game. The referees where college students who played for the college team. We were lucky and got the first scrum. I ran toward the goal as Dawson tossed the ball to me. When he saw I was being pursued and about to be taken down, "Josh" I knew and tossed him the ball. He scored, 5 to 0 then Eric score the kick and now the score was 7 to 0.

We lost the following scrum but the kid was slow and John took him down, the ball game loose, picked up by Gary. Gary started to run toward the goal, I ran along side of him but a little forward so he would have to toss the ball in front rather than to the side. He saw me and tossed the ball, I headed for the goal but before I could get there I was tackled. I did manage to toss the ball to Gary before I fell. There was a scramble as Gary dropped the ball, the referees called a dead ball and another scrum was formed.

Then the rain started to really fall. Now we were not only wet but cold. We lost the scrum and they were able to kick a goal for 2 points. The next scrum, we took possession of the ball. I watched as Dawson was viciously tackled, after passing the ball to John he just laid there. The coach came and took him off the field, he was replaced with one of the back ups. The other team stopped to see what's the problem, which allowed John to kick a field goal for 2 points.

From that moment on the game got rough. The other team didn't like the idea they were losing and started to hit us harder than necessary. We were wet, cold and now we were hurting. The coaches conferred and decided the weather was too bad to continue. Game called, we won even if we did not played the full time.

Roger asked us if we wanted our clothes, "No, Dawson and I will take a hot shower with our clothes on. It'll wash away the mud and maybe provide some warmth. Tell Dad that we'll be wet, he has a tarp in the trunk which he can put over the seat."

The coach came in and said although the game didn't go the full time, we had played well.

I looked at the guys, some were bleeding which I couldn't understand till one of guys mentioned that some of their team members had shoes with cleats. "I think half of them played in their football shoes."

I was wet and hurt. As we were leaving the locker room, some of the kids from their school started to call us names and hurl mud pies at us. Within 15 minutes, the cops came and put a stop to it. I let the rain wash the mud from me. Dad had the car running and the heat on. Dawson and I ran to the car and jumped in. Roger was in the middle which left it easy for Dawson and I to get in quickly.

"Thanks Roger, could you get our towels out of our bags?"

Roger just reached behind the seat, open the bags and gave me my towel and Dawson his towel. After drying our face and hair, "Mom is going to have a fit when she sees this towel."

"Leave it at my place. I'll wash it with mine."

"No, that's ok, she'll understand."

I set my damp towel across my lap. Roger picked its up and started to wipe some blood from my knee. I didn't even noticed I was bleeding.

"I didn't know I was bleeding, thanks Roger." He just smiled. Once again I felt something for him. Tonight I'm going to have to tell Peter.

Later that evening, "Dads what would you say if I told you I think I'm gay."

"Josh, what do you think we'd say, we're gay."

"In a way I was hoping you wouldn't be, not because there is anything wrong but the road you are walking is a hard road. There're a lot of obstacles and they can hurt you."

"What Dad Jim is saying is true. It's easier in some countries but unfortunately America isn't one of them. Do you have someone you might be interested in?"

"Yes Roger"

"Roger, I thought you were going to say Peter?"

"I like Peter but what I feel for Roger is different then what I felt with Peter."

"Are you going to tell Peter?"

"Yes, tonight, I hope he takes this well. I really don't want to hurt him and I still want him as a friend."

"Good that's the mature thing to do."

As I headed to my room, my phone rang, it was Roger. "Hey Roge, what's up?"

"I just wanted to know how you're feeling. You were pretty bruised up."

"I'm ok. a little sore and a little disappointed. It's too bad that they were so cruel just because they were losing. A lot of our players got hurt and wearing cleated shoes was really evil. It was suppose to be a friendly game, but they were after blood."

"They appeared to be ok till we scored. Then they got angry and tried to turn it into a football game. Your dads were a little upset. They were afraid you were going to get hurt."

"Well, I'm a little sore. I think the cold numbed the pain. I'm beginning to feel it now."

"Maybe I should come over and help ease your pain."

Laughing, "That sounds like a great idea, Doctor."

"Ok, I'll call you after dinner. Maybe I'll stay the night."

"That would be great. You could tend my wounds all night."

Saying that we said goodbye, now I must call Peter. I wasn't looking forward to this but I had to be fair to Peter as well as to Roger.

Face Time is too easy. Within less than 1 minute, there was Peter smiling at me. "Hey, Josh I was just getting ready to call you. How did your game go?"

"We won but it wasn't a good game. The weather was rainy and cold. The other team wore football shoes which were cleated and so a lot of us came away with a few mementos. How's it on your side of the world?"

"It's the same here. I wanted to call you to tell you something. Since you have been gone, I have been feeling little lonely. I guess the guys noticed. Do you remember Pinky Evans?"

"Yes, that wasn't his real name. We called him that because he used his pinky a lot. Remember his goodbyes, waving at us with his pinky finger."

"I have been seeing him a lot and we sort of are dating."

"I'm glad for you Peter. I know it can be lonely. Tell Pinky to take good care of you or I might have to come over their and break his fingers."

"You aren't upset?"

"No, actually I'm happy because I called you to tell you I may have found someone as well. Now that you have found someone I can pursue my friend with a clear conscience. And so can you. You're my best friend and all I want for you, is for you to be happy."

"Thanks Josh, it's a relief to get this off my back. Send me pictures of this new interest. If I come over, I'll bring Pinky with me."

"What do you mean 'if' it's 'when' and you must bring Pinky. It'll be like old home week. I have too go, dad is calling me for supper. The next time we Face Time, I'll have Roger and you have Pinky, we'll have fun."

"We'll you look happy. Did you talk to Peter?"

"Yes, he wanted to tell me the same thing. Do you remember Charles Evans, we called him Pinky."

"Yes, was't he the one who said goodbye with his little finger?"

"Yep that's the one, Peter is dating him."

"That lets you off the hook. Did you tell him about Roger?"

"Yes, he's happy for me and I'm happy for him. I told him when he comes over to bring Pinky with him. By the way, Roger is coming over tonight to spend the night. He should be here after dinner. That's ok isn't it?"

"Yes, that's ok"

Dinner was great and now the evening will be great. I wonder what sleeping with him will be like? Will he like to cuddle? What if he wants to do some sexy stuff? I'm sure I'm not ready for making love like the dads do, maybe a hand job but I'm not sure about sucking. Kissing and cuddling I'm all for. Maybe he has had other boy friends and is expecting more, I hope not. The only thing Peter and I did was kiss.

As I sat and thought about these things, I began to get nervous. My Dad Ron picked up on this, "Josh, relaxed. If he's as shy as you say, it'll be all right."

"What if he's experienced in gay love, you know I'm not. What should I do?"

"Just relax, do what your comfortable with and stop when you are uncomfortable."

I thought that was good advice. One thing about having gay dads is that they know exactly what you're going through. The doorbell rang, "I'll get it"

Dad Jim followed me, when I opened the door there was Roger and woman who I suspect was his mother. I open the door wider, Roger stepped inside followed by the woman. "Josh this is , my mother, Mom this is Josh."

"How do you do, this is my father Jim and the man coming behind me is my father Ron. Come on in. Could I get you a cup of coffee or a glass of wine?"

My dads smiled, "I see you have trained your son to be the perfect host. My name is Carol. Roger told me that you invited him spend the night and I just wanted to be sure."

"Actually Josh extended the invitation with our approval. And thank you for the complement, Josh is very special to us."

Roger winked at me, I smiled at him. Carol did come in and had a glass of wine with my dads as Roger and I went to my bedroom. "I'm glad you are spending the night."

"Me too, I wanted to spend time with you ever since I met you at Dawson's birthday party. We never had the time, there was always someone from the gang around. Now we have the total night to be alone."

"You need to know that this is the first time I've ever had a sleep over. So don't expect too much."

"If you haven't guessed by now, I haven't been a gad about either. I'm still a little embarrassed that I came on strong to you on the phone. I never had done that before in fact as far as my sexuality is concerned only my family knows. At school no one knows or suspects, even though I have never dated. I think they think I shy, in a way I am except around you."

"This is great, we can discover our love together without any expectations. I'll think of it as a path of discovery with a handsome partner."

"It may be a path of discovery but I know what I want to find at the end of that path, you."

Looking into Roger's eyes, I pulled him to me and gave him a light kiss on the lips. Watching his expression,and smile, soon he was the aggressor as he smashed his lips to mine. This was going to be a path of delights, I could tell.


"That's my mom, she probably wants to tell me she's leaving." We walked downstairs, hand in hand. I noticed my dads looking and I saw them give a slight smile. Roger's mom must have had more than one glass of wine cause she was smiling quite openly as she leaned over and kissed Roger on the cheek. I knew she whispered something in his ear and I'll have to ask him later.

That evening lying in bed, "It's hard to remember how cold and wet we were this morning. The only thing that reminds me, is the bruises."

I never slept with anyone before, but I could get use to sleeping with Roger. We cuddled after many kisses, he had his head on my chest as he laid next to me. "I could stay like this forever. You are so warm and this is the best pillow ever made." Looking up at me with those eyes, I could see the beginning of a very happy life. I bent my head, pressed my lips to his, and softly slipped my tongue into his mouth. Tasting him was like tasting something warm and sweet.

"We better stop or we will never get any sleep."

"I didn't come here to sleep. I came here to show you my love. Kiss me again."

I did, but he had something else in mind as he let his hand drift down towards my dick, which was harder than it ever had been. He slipped his hand under my brief and I was startled when his hand touched my hard cock. No other hand had ever touched it until now. "Roger" but it was too late as I in torrents. My brief's were soaked as well as Roger's hand.

Now I wanted to let him experience what I just did. A thought flashed through my mind, I knew what sucking was all about. I heard it enough in school, suck my cock, as the bullies yelled at the little kids. I started to kiss Roger's throat and then I worked my kisses down his torso, stopping at certain spots. As I went further he knew what I was going to do and tried too stop me. I held his arms as I proceeded to my prize, and a prize it was. With my free hand, I pushed down his briefs and there in its glory was Roger's flag pole. I noticed he was circumcised where I was not. It was like licking a pop sickle but much more delicious. By this time, Roger gave up and just laid back to enjoy my treat. It wasn't long before I had to make a decision, do I or not. This is Roger and this is a part of him, so I did. He tried to push my head away, but he couldn't and then I got the cream. Its taste wasn't awful but I knew his cream was the only one I'd ever taste.

The cold, hurt and being wet was forgotten as Roger and I fell asleep in each other's arm, dreaming about a very happy future.


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It invited me in
I could not put it down
Cheering (made me happy)
I identified with at least one of the characters
It felt like it was about me. I know it wasn't, but it felt like it
The plot was tough to read. (a tough [good] experience, not hard to read)
Not just prose, but almost a 'tone poem'
There could be spelling/grammar/punctuation improvements
Interpreted the picture well

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