Richie and Jimmy

by Jobe

Chapter 22

"Jimmy, guess what?" Before I could say what, "Dr. Martin told us that we're gong to have a competition. Each student will have to do a project that reflects what we are studying. We have till school starts next fall and he'll submit the project to a committee of architects for judging."

"Rich that's good news, why do you think he did this?"

"I'm not sure but I have been talking to him about my project. He said he'd have the rules for the contest at our next class."

Rich was riding high and no where did he show this more then in bed. Normally once we shared our love, we would fall asleep, but not now. He was ready to go again. "Rich where is all of this energy coming from?"

"I don't know. I'm so excited about the contest I can't sleep. I need you to make love to me so I can relax."

"We already made love and you want to go again?"

"Yes, I want to feel you inside me and then I want to be inside you again."

I was ready to relax Rich. As we kissed I moved my hand to the trail that ended at the pot of gold. I worked my finger into his entrance, wiggled it around and felt hm relax. I put Rich on his stomach and slowly, agonizing slowly, enter that which allowed me to be a part of him. I moved very slowly, pushing all the way until I was fully engulfed in that warm tunnel, then slowly withdrawing only to repeat the process. While I was doing this, I was kissing Rich's neck and massaging his back. Rich tried to get me to speed up, but I wanted this slow and slow it would be. Rich came two times from a prostrate massage before I finally reached my nirvana. I loaded his ass with so much love juice that it leaked out from around my cock.

I cleaned us up after giving Rich a kiss that left me trembling. Looking into Rich's eyes I saw the love he had for me. "Jimmy, tomorrow is my turn."

I pulled Rich into my chest as his head rested on my shoulder, I watched his eyes close and he was in a deep sleep within seconds. I watched him sleep for a few minutes before I closed my eyes, saying a prayer of thanks for Rich being a part of my life, I fell asleep.

I woke to the sound of music, thanks to the Grands, Rich was making coffee. I went to the kitchen, there was Rich in his boxers getting ready to bring me my coffee. "Good morning babe, I hope you slept well."

"Good morning Jimmy, here is your coffee. I slept very well and tonight you'll sleep very well also." There was gleam in his eye when he said that. I knew it would be pay back time. I was actually looking forward to it.

"Morning Nick, get your own breakfast this morning, there's coffee. We are running late so I suggest you grab a bagel to take with you. That's what we're gong to do."

Rich and I showered together and because of the time we didn't fool around. While we were shaving, Nick took his shower. Dressed and just before leaving, I poured everyone a cup of coffee to drink on the way to school.

When we met for lunch, Rich had more information on the project. "Dr. Martin wants to see a sketch of the project. I'm going to show him the sketch of the house we talked about"

"Do you have a sketch of the house, I know we talked about the inside?"

"Yes, when I laid out the rooms I had to sketch out the frame to be sure the rooms would fit, I'll work on that tonight and show you after dinner."

"You're really into this Rich."

"Yep, I have two reasons, I like architecture and I want to live with Jimmy. If I can't find a job here and have to move, Jimmy said he'd follow. But if I can create a career here then Jimmy will work for Gramps and we can stay here. This apartment has a lot of good memories for me."

Rich did finish his project and several architecture firms approached Rich about working for them. Unfortunately there were out of state and Rich didn't want to leave unless I went with him. Dr. Martin talked Rich in going for his master's degree and eventually his doctorate as well. For Rich that meant 4 to 5 years more of schooling. At first Rich didn't want to do it, money was the problem. Gramps solved that by giving Rich an interest free loan. Of course each birthday Gramps discounted the loan as a birthday present. I worked for Gramps full time after getting my degree. Nick had one more year and then law school. We were sad to see Nick leave but his dad said he could open an office here in Ohio, if he passed his bar exam. The law firm would be Eastering, Eastering and Eastering.

Over the year we saw Brand and Charles quite often. All holidays were spent together either here in Ohio or in Iowa. Mom visited us but dad stayed home. He couldn't reconcile his love with two gay sons. The Bishops and Eastering became good friends and often visited each other.

I took on more and more of the operation of Gramps business. He said he was grooming me to be able to run the place when he retires. The lots that were across the street from the diner are now fully sold out. Several homes were designed and built by the Morendo's, Rich and his dad Paul. Besides gong to school, Rich worked with a local builder and designed a few homes which sold quickly. He was happy and school was coming along quite well.

Graduation was a big event. Rich received his doctorate and joined the teaching staff at State. He was happy and if he was happy, I was happy. Nick finished law school and passed the bar. He opened an office in town but stayed in the apartment. He said when he married he'd leave but not until then. He continued to date Alice while he was at State but they had agreed to break it off while he went to law school. When he came back, they picked it up where they left off. I think Nick was actually a country boy at heart. He was not a city slicker or player. Alice was a nice girl and smart as well. She accepted a teaching job after graduating with a masters in child development.

Life seemed to settle down and become routine, no hiccups. My love for Rich continued in fact I think as Rich came into his own, it grew. Our love sharing was just as exciting as always except we don't do the extreme anymore. In fact our love making also matured. Every once in a while when we are sitting outside by the pool or the pond, we talk about the night I had to relax Rich through a ritual of love. That is what we called it.

Mike met a girl at FSU and they got married when they graduated. Mike went on and got his MBA then joined his dad. They now own several electronic shops in Ohio as well as back home in Pennsylvania. They are expecting their first child, Mike said his name will be James if it is a boy. We see them quite often considering the distance.

Life is good, I have it all and the most important thing is I have Rich, he owns my soul.

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