Richie and Jimmy

by Jobe

Chapter 19

When the alarm went off, I woke with a smile and as I looked at Rich he reminded me of an angel. Extracting myself, I went and started the coffee. I started to take a shower when I was joined by someone with a smile on his face. Of course we kissed and that led to a different kind of handshake.

We got dressed, Rich helped to fix breakfast and then we were off to our first class at Ohio State. We made arrangements to meet for lunch, "Since you'll be finish before me, why don't I meet you in the library." That set the pattern for the total time we were at State. Whoever finished class first, waited for the other in the library.

That evening, Nick Skype to see how our first day went. Rich talked while I prepared our dinner and then I talked with Brand. Of course he asked me again if I read the book. I told him I had and we practiced the instructions. That was my way of telling him we made love. He just smiled and then Charles wanted to say hi and of course I had to talk to Nick.

Dinner was a simple fare, but adequate. With dinner over, we sat at the table and did our homework. There was a rule of thumb that said for each hour of class you would spend 3 hours on homework. It wasn't a rule of thumb, it was a fact.

That night in bed, I placed a towel under me as tonight was Rich's turn to make love to me. The feeling I had the first time I thought would be just for the first time, I was wrong. The feelings I had when Rich entered me was just as strong as the first time. And this time, Rich did not use a condom. You don't feel but just knowing you are in contact with his skin and his essence is being deposited inside you, brought Rich closer to me. Of course the massage of your prostate brings home those great feelings that are generated by your lover. Knowing it was Rich generating those feelings only added to the feeling.

Rich collapsed on my back, I didn't want to move. He pulled the sheet over us and we both fell asleep. Morning came and Rich was ready for round two. I just relaxed and he slowly moved in me. It was slow until he could feel himself getting close and then he sped up until with a moan he deposited his sperm in me. I just laid there, in my own sperm after coming from a prostrate massage.

"Do you think we should take a shower?"

"Yes, I'm all sticky but I'm glad we put a towel down, now I don't have to change the sheet."

Shower, breakfast and off to school. "Jimmy, we need to figure out something to do about Nick. He'll probably want to go to State next fall."

"I'm sure he will. We got along pretty well when he was here this summer."

"If we don't find a solution, our love making will be limited to the car."

"You know we could extend the apartment. If we put a patio in the back of the garage, we could extend the apartment over that area."

"We'd need Gramps agreement. Dad could do the construction and we could help."

"Let's talk to Gramps tonight and see what he says."

The second day of classes went well. Unlike high school we didn't have the same classes every day. We also had time between classes to work on assigned homework.

That evening, we had dinner at Grams and Gramps. "Gramps, what would think about enlarging the apartment?"

"The apartment covers the total area above garages. What did you have in mind?"

"We were thinking about putting a patio behind the garage and then extending the apartment over the patio. It'd give us another bedroom and a study room. I think Nick is going to enroll in State and said he'd prefer to live with us then a dorm."

"My dad can help with the construction. I know it wouldn't take long to draw up the plans and he probably could get some of his men to help."

"Gramps, if we go ahead with this we should start soon before winter sets in. At least get the extension under roof."

Gramps looked at Gram, she had a smile on her face. I knew Gramps would agree to the idea. "All right, you boys draw up the plan and Gram and I will take a look at it." Rich and I just smiled at each other.

Later that night, "Rich call your dad, tell him about the expansion and see if he has any ideas."

While Rich talked to his dad, I went behind the garage to see how much room there would be and if there were any difficulties extending the apartment. I found the land to be level and really would provide a nice patio, I was smiling and wonder if I could convince Gramps to put in a pool. Walking into the apartment, "What did your dad say?"

"He said they should be finished with the project in two weeks and then he would be here to look at what we had in mind. "

"I looked the area over and I don't think it'll be a problem, I was wondering if I could talk Gramps into putting in a pool."

"That would be nice and private. We could make love under water."

"Right now let's make love in bed, I'm tired and I have an early class tomorrow." And we did, I'm not sure if I prefer to make love to Rich or have him make love to me. I guess as long as we make love it really doesn't matter.

Morning came quickly and I woke to the smell of coffee and a cold side. "I have a later class, so I'll drive you and then come back for my shower. We'll meet for lunch as always."

Looking at Rich as we drove to State, I couldn't be happier. "What are you smiling about?"

"I was just thinking how much you make me happy. I really owe those guys who pushed you off that beam. If it wasn't for your broken arm we'd never have been together."

"I'm sure there would've been another way. Mike always said you were gay but just too stubborn to admit it. He was playing match maker a week after I started school."

I just smiled, it didn't really matter how we got together as long as we were together.

"I'll see you at lunch," as I leaned over and gave hm a kiss.

For the next two weeks this became a pattern, one of us drove to class, we met for lunch and then whoever finished first waited in the library for the other.

Coming home from school one day, there was a jeep parked in the drive way. "Who do you know who has a jeep?"

"Dad had a jeep but that's a new one. His was at least 5 years old and looked 10 years old."

"Let's go and see" As we walked to the kitchen door, Frick and Frack saw us and soon we had paws on our shoulders and our face being washed. Of course we had to be greeted by each of them. A belly rub and they were satisfied to walk with us.

"When we have out own place I want a dog like those two."

"Just one?"

He laughed as we enter the kitchen. We said hello to Miss Marie, giving her a kiss on the cheek and headed to the drawing room. As we entered the room , "Dad, why didn't you tell us you were coming today?"

Hugging Rich, "I wanted to surprise you."

"Well you did." As Rich said these words I got my hug.

"Your Grandmother was telling me you boys want to expand your apartment."

"Yes, you remember Nick, he wants to go to State for his undergraduate degree before heading to law school. His dad has approved of him going to State and we said if he enrolled he could stay with us. That was before Rich and I decided we'd be partners. Now it could be a little uncomfortable for us to share the one bed. We also thought it would be nice to have a room to use as a study as well."

"Well, tomorrow you can show me what you had in mind. Do you have school tomorrow?"

"I have one class in the afternoon but Rich will be free tomorrow. He can show you around."

We stayed there and chatted till Gramps came home. He was all smiles when he saw Rich's dad. "To what do we have the pleasure of your company?"

"The job in Buffalo is finished, successfully, so I thought I would take a few days off and visit my son or should I say sons."

Rich and I both said at the same time, "sons"

Gram went into the kitchen and told Miss Marie how many would be staying for dinner. I think you could tell Miss Marie 10 minutes before one sat down and she would have enough food to feed everyone.

After dinner Gramps asked me to go to the study with him, "James do you have time to go with Mr. Robson to see a potential client?"

"Sure Gramps as long as I don't have a class. I'll be glad to go."

"Good, let me have a schedule when you can go and expect to spend at least 4 hours" I always get a hug from Gramps when I leave the study. He followed me out about 10 minutes later.

Rich looked at me as if to say, 'what was that all about'. I mouthed later to him and he was satisfied.

Taking a piece of pie back to the apartment, I told him what Gramps wanted. He was satisfied and more interested in the pie. "Why don't we Skype Nick while we eat this pie?"

"We probably should talk to Mike as well. It has been several weeks since we chatted."

Of course we talked to Nick first, eating our pie while he complained it wasn't fair. Rich told him about extending the apartment so he could have his own bedroom. He wanted to know if he could invite girls over then, we said no. But I think he knew we would give in on occasion. We spoke to Brand and Charles, made our confessions to Father Brand, boy is he ever nosy.

Mike was surprised when we called him. He wanted to know how we were doing, how was school and of course how was the love life. He told us that he had a new girl friend he and Linda agreed that being so far apart it wasn't fair. They agreed to date other people and if nothing came from it they would get back together later. Rich said that won't happen. Mike agreed but he said they were still friends. And that was good.

Later that evening as we cuddled in bed, yes after making love, we talked about Mike. "I hope he finds a nice girl. Do you think he'll be as lucky as we are?"

"I think so, he's a nice guy and any girl would be lucky to catch him." I don't know how he does it but as soon as his head hits my chest he's asleep. Looking at the contented face of my lover fills me with pride and an overwhelming sense of peace.

The next morning we head off to school after a quick breakfast. We had decided that our love making would be at night and not in the morning. We tried it once and just got to class just in time, running all the way after we parked the car.

School had become routine, we attended our classes according to our schedule, breaks from class we would be in the library studying and then home again. "You know Rich this is working out pretty well. We get about 25 percent of our studying done at school which leaves us time to enjoy each other." I said that with raising my eyebrows several times. Rich just smiled and repeated the eye brow movement.

The next day started the week-end. I did go and meet with Mr. Robson. The customer was having a lot of in-store thefts. He had tight security on the doors but he was still losing inventory. For me the solution was simple but I listened to Mr. Robson discuss several possibilities. We left the customer with the promise to have something for him by Monday afternoon.

"James, I think you are ready have the solution."

"Yes, I didn't notice and recording devices in the store. Probably most of the material stolen would have to occur when the store was open. Unless one of the employees has a key to the store. What I would recommend is a video device like we used with Mr. Cameron and a movement detector for when the store was closed. Once the detector sensed movement, we could have it trigger the lights and the recording device connected to the camera."

"That was a simple solution. How do you know so much about the use of recording devices and cameras?"

"One of my projects when I was in high school was to develop a program that the teachers of handicapped children used. We would record their actions, unknown to them, and then play it back to them. This was done under the guidance of trained professionals, my job was to set up the system."

"Mr. Cameron is very pleased with the set up we gave him and hopefully Mr. Jacobs will be also."

Driving back home I wonder why Gramps wanted me to go on this assignment with Mr. Robson. I was sure that Robson could have handled it and would have come to the same conclusions I did. I wasn't sure if I should ask Gramps about it or just forget it. I decided to forget it but of course one doesn't really forget anything.

As I was driving in the garage, Rich came down to meet me, "Gram asked us to have dinner with them tonight."

"Good, how was your class?"

"It was mostly lab. We worked on some civil engineering drawings. I really like that class. You know before I came here I wasn't sure if I wanted to be an engineer or architect, but I'm liking my architect classes. Being around dad and construction I feel very comfortable in my classes."

"I'm glad, with my degree in engineering I could work with you on building projects. Just think, you design, I lay out the engineering and your dad builds, a total family project." Rich and I started to laugh.

"We'll have to find positions for Nick and Mike."

"Nick is easy he can be our lawyer as for Mike I'm not sure what he really wants. We talked about it and I got the feeling he was going to follow in his father's footsteps."

"What are you too laughing about?"

"Hey Dad, Jimmy and I were discussing our careers. I'll design, he'll engineer and you'll build. How does that sound?"

Rich got a hug out of that, I got a pat on the back. I wasn't sure if Rich's dad found any humor in our comments or not, Rich did wink at me so I knew everything was ok. I'll get some feed back later tonight. But right now, Frick and Frack were demanding our attention.

"Let's take them to the pond and run them a little."

We did that but Rich and I tired out way before the dogs even got winded. Sitting down on the grass at the pond, we got wet kisses from the dogs. They had gone to the pond for a drink and with their wet mouth proceed to tell us how much they loved us with wet kisses. We wrestled with the dogs for a while, we lost they were all over us. We'd try and get up and they would jump on us and we'd be back on the ground.

I think dogs are lot smarter than we give them credit of being. Rich and I just sat there and soon we each had the head of a dog in our lap. I have been around these dogs from the beginning and they have taught me a lot about love and acceptance. They accepted me without a hitch and Rich as well. It didn't matter to them that we were gay, they accepted us for what we are not who we loved, of course they wanted to make sure we loved them, and we did.

Dinner that night was excellent. Miss Marie made a stuffed pastry that when we cut into it the meat was bathed in a rich gravy. The smell was fantastic and the taste was beyond anyone's expectations. "Miss Marie, I believe that this was the best dinner I have ever tasted and one of your best as well. If I had the money I'd set you up in business to just make these meat pies."

She just hit me on the head, she knew I wanted some to take to the apartment. You couldn't fool Miss Marie, or at least I couldn't. But honestly, she was a tremendous cook. She loved to cook and it showed in the fantastic meals she served us.

That evening as we snacked on left overs from Grams kitchen, "I don't know how you do it but I think you have Miss Marie wrapped around your fingers."

"No, I don't really, she has a kind and loving heart. You could have gotten a piece of pie as well. If Gram loves you and you're sincere, Miss Marie will love you as well. If you went down to the kitchen right now and if she is there, you could ask for anything and if she has it, you'd get it."

"That's because you and I are together."

"No, it isn't. Remember we weren't together when you first came here. She practically hand fed you. I also see how she smiles at you when you enter her kitchen. Nope, she loves you but not as much as I do. Let's go to bed."

Of course going to bed became a ritual, first a long shower with a little hanky panky, then teeth brushed, covers pulled back, towels appropriately placed, and then the kissing and cuddling begins.

By this time we have figured out how to satisfied us both in many ways. What always starts is our kissing, it is a deep sensuous kiss with our lips and tongues letting each of us know of our love for each other. Our hands move over our bodies as if we had lost our eye sight, we use our fingers to create our bodies in our minds. And then our breathing becomes short and gasping, our pulses became faster, we move our hands to the center of our universe. Carefully and with love, we copy each others moves, we fondle each others balls, moving our hand lower until we touch the entrance to our souls. Wriggling a finger, then two, while still kissing, we break apart and one of us moves down the body of the other. There is no plan on who does what, it happens, Carefully one of us takes the other's dripping cock in his hand and slowly moves his hand from the base to the tip. By this time we are in the time old position of 69.

Our mouths caress the tip of the smooth shaft, relishing the taste of the nectar produced by our love. Then as if we're following a script one of us urges the other to change positions. When this happens, legs are raised, lubricant is used and the ultimate in sharing one's love for another begins. Being inside of Rich is a feeling of completeness, of being whole and of being able to share yourself in totality.

I knew Rich feels the same way, we have discussed this feeling. We agree that people who are truly in love feel a connection when making love that is beyond any other experience. Rich said it's heaven on earth because it's as close to being one body as anyone could ever get. I agree whether I'm inside Rich or he's inside me, at that moment I feel a part of him. Our souls truly become one.

Rich and I have discussed this feeling we share. "Do you think when someone makes love just for the physical release, they feel what we do?"

"No, the physical release is like when we masturbate in a closet or bathroom. It's a physical reaction that we experience. But when I make love to you it's far more than physical, it's an emotional feeling that tells me I'm an intrinsic part of my partner. I'm giving my self not only physically but also emotionally to my partner."

"That's exactly how I feel as well. There is a lot more than just getting off. It's like the giving of a precious part of your soul to your partner."

"Couldn't have said it better. Now why don't we practice what we just said."

"Last one in is the bottom."

Actually there is no top or bottom. If time permits, we both top and bottom before getting dressed for the day. In a true relationships, each partner does what is necessary to make the other partner happy and loved. At least that's what Rich and I think.

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