Richie and Jimmy

by Jobe

Chapter 7

I had a dreamless night, if I did dream I didn't remember it when I woke up. I do remember waking up with my arm around Richie and him snuggled into me. Nick was snuggled up against my back. Now my problem was how to get out of bed without waking them. As I began to move to get up, Richie woke up. He turned and looked at me, "I need to get up. I'm sorry I woke you."

"I need to get up and use the bathroom."

Richie went to the bathroom, I extracted myself from Nick and waited till Richie was done. When he came back to bed, I got up. I was ready to start my day, I showered, shaved and brushed my teeth. I dressed in the living room so I wouldn't disturb the guys. Richie had gone back to bed and when I looked he was sleeping.

I made some coffee, fixed a bowl of cereal for my breakfast. I began to read one of my books while I waited for the boys to wake up. I had just finished my coffee and was getting a second cup when Richie walked into the kitchen. "Do you want a cup of coffee?"

"Not now, I want to get dressed first. I just wanted to see if you were still here or had gone over to your Grams."

"I always eat breakfast here and lunch sometimes. I do go over for supper but I may change that as well. I know they don't mind but I don't want to make a pest of myself. So go and get dressed and I'll fix you some breakfast. Just tell me what you would like to eat, I have cereal, eggs, bacon, toast name your poison."

"Cereal and coffee would be fine."

He left to get dressed and I wondered how long before Nick would wake up. I got a bowl out for Richie, set out a glass of orange juice and the milk. I could hear the shower running and then it got quiet for a minute. I never realized that sitting in the kitchen you could hear so much.

" Help yourself to the cereal. I'll get you a cup of coffee."

I topped off my cup and sat across from him. I noticed how comfortable I was in sitting there. It felt like it was right. "Jimmy, is there something wrong?"

"No why?"

"You keep staring at me. Do I have something on my face?"

"No, your face is perfect. I'm just trying to sort something out. I'm sorry if I'm unnerving you by staring. For some reason I find you attractive and I don't know why."

Richie's faced turned red when I said that. In fact I don't know why I said that. It just seemed like the natural thing to say. Now I'm sure my face is turning red as well. "Look I'm sorry if I have embarrassed you."

Richie stood up and came over to where I was standing by the coffee pot. He looked at me and then leaned in and gave me a kiss. I was a little shocked and then I realized that I liked that kiss. When he pulled away, I went in for another kiss.

"Jimmy I'm sorry for being so forward. But after you said you found me attractive, I had to kiss you. No one has ever found me attractive. I know I'm not ugly but I'm not handsome either. I always thought I'd never find anyone because I wasn't good looking. But you said you found me attractive and I couldn't help my self, I had to kiss you. You're the first boy I have ever kissed."

"Richie, I don't know why but to me you are attractive and the kiss. It was my first kiss as well and the first time I ever kissed someone. I just think I need more time to figure this all out. I'm very glad you're here, that I know for certain."

Richie began to eat his soggy cereal, I finished the coffee and started to make a new pot when a sleepy Nick came into the kitchen. "Good morning Nick, did you sleep well?"

"Yes, I was very comfortable for a while and then someone got out of bed."

"The coffee will take a few minutes more, why don't you do what ever you do and get dressed. Then I'll fix your breakfast unless you want cereal and then you can fix your own."

Nick turned around and headed in the direction of the bedroom. Soon we heard the shower running, I knew he'd be out in a few minutes. "Rich, do you want some more coffee?"

"No thanks, I think my coffee tank is full. What are your plans for today?"

"I thought we could check out the campus this morning and then go into town for lunch. Maybe look around the town a little, play it by ear."

"Sounds good let's see what Nick thinks."

"What Nick thinks about what?"

"Good morning Nick, now that you are fully awake. What would you like for breakfast, I have cereal which is what Rich and I had, or I could make you eggs, bacon, toast, your call?"

"Cereal will be fine and a cup of coffee as well."

I poured Nick a cup of coffee and a glass of orange juice. "We thought we'd tour the campus today and then have lunch in town and maybe check out the town a little. You can come along or stay here, what's your choice?"

"I'll come along. I'd like to see the campus maybe next year I might come here. It was nice sleeping three in a bed." Then he laughed but I was sure there was some truth in that statement as far as Nick was concerned.

When everything was cleaned and put away, I finished dressing and we headed over to the main house. Miss Marie was in the kitchen. "Jimmy did you eat?"

"Yes, Miss Marie, we ate at the apartment, thanks for asking." We walked into the living room. Brand was talking to Gramps and Charles was talking to Gram. "Good morning."

"Have you guys eaten?"

"Yes, Gram, we ate in the apartment. Thanks for asking."

"What are you boys going to do today?"

"We're going to tour the campus, have lunch in town and then do some shopping. We should be back about 3. Do any of you want to come along?"

Gram and Gramps declined saying they were going to church later and then probably to the club for lunch. Brand and Charles thought they may stick around for a while and meet us for lunch. That was the plan for today.

Saying good bye we headed for my car. Of course we had to give Frick and Frack their due attention. A few scratches behind the ears by all three of us and a hug seemed to satisfy them. Of course there was a decision to be made, who would ride shot gun. "Let Rich ride while we go to the campus and then you can ride shot gun when we go for lunch, how's that."

They agreed and that is what we did. I parked in the visitor lot, we walked around the campus, stopped in the book store, picked up some leaflets about coming events and generally got the feel of the campus. Rich wanted to buy an Ohio State t-shirt to send to his dad. I thought they were a little expensive but Rich said it was a souvenir. Everyone knows souvenirs cost more.

I didn't realize the time but my stomach did. "Guys, its past 1 let's get some lunch."

I drove to a pizza place not far from the campus. We could have walked but we were going to drive into town for shopping. "Nick call Charles and tell him where we are so they can join us for lunch."

We didn't have to wait long before I saw Brand's car pull into the parking lot across from the pizza place. "Let's order I'm hungry."

"You're always hungry Nick."

When we entered the store someone hollered, "Sit any where I'll be there in a minute."

We sat at a large table, I looked at the menu while we waited for someone to come and take our order. "Should we get two large or five personal pizza's?"

"Let's get two large. If there is any left over we can take it back to the apartment for a snack."

"Don't worry Nick, I have food in the apartment in case you get hungry tonight."

A heavy set older man came out of the kitchen and asked us what we'd like to eat. We placed our order and he went back into the kitchen. Soon a young girl came and took our drink order. I watched Nick and came to the conclusion he was straight. Nick was a carbon copy of his brother, and that wasn't bad. I watched as Nick flirted with the waitress. By the time we were finished eating, he knew her name, how old she was, where she went to school and what her plans were after finishing school. The kid was smooth. "Nick, I agree with you, your brother you should be a lawyer."

He looked at me as to say what caused that comment. I looked at Charles and he knew what caused that comment.

I paid the bill, Nick left a tip for the waitress. I asked Brand if he wanted to come shopping but he said he was going back to Grams, raising and dropping his eyebrows as he said that. I knew he was going to make out with Charles while Gram and Gramps were at the club for lunch. Saying our 'see u laters', we headed into town to check out some of the shops. There were a few groceries I needed for the week so I planned on stopping at the supermarket.

I parked the car, and we walked the street looking into the various shops and stores. There wasn't anything we actually needed but I wanted to get a feeling of the town. There was a park where we stopped for a while and watched some kids play soccer. At another field there was a pick-up game of basket ball. Overall I thought the park was very nice in fact this part of town was very nice. On the corner there was a man selling frozen treats. Of course we had to have an ice cream bar. "Guys, I need to stop at the supermarket before we head back."

When we entered the supermarket, Nick grabbed the cart and started to head down an aisle. When he realized we weren't following him, he stop and came back to where we were standing. "I thought you said you wanted to shop?"

"I did but I don't need baby products."

Then Nick looked and started to laugh. "Ok, lead the way."

I went and picked up more fruit, another box of cereal, I let Rich pick that out, and another half gallon of milk. "Let's get some munchies for tonight."

"Ok Nick your idea lead on."

When I saw him pick up Oreo cookies I went and got another half gallon of milk. He said that was enough and we headed to the check out counter. I paid, Nick bagged and Rich stood by my side. The cashier was a young guy and he smiled at me when he noticed how close Rich was standing by me.

Arriving back home, I noticed that Grams and Gramps hadn't returned yet. I figured their lunch was actually their social event of the week. We took everything to the apartment, put all the groceries away. Nick wanted to continue the game they were playing last night, Rich agreed and I sat there and read the book I had started before they arrived.

"Guys I need to get up early tomorrow morning for work. So I'm off to bed. Help your self to any snacks and I'll see you tomorrow morning if you're awake or tomorrow afternoon when I come home."

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