Richie and Jimmy

by Jobe

Chapter 1

"Mom, I'm home, here's the mail."

"Brandon called and said he'd be home for Christmas. He said he's bringing the love of his life with him. I wonder what she is like."

"It'll be good to see Brand again. I really miss him, he was always there for me. I remember when I was in 8th grade and he was a senior, one of the sophomores was giving me some grief, Brand set him straight and today he's my friend. Brand had a way about himself that seemed to pacify any intense situation. Yep it'll be good to see him again."

The weekend before Christmas, I went to the mall to finish my Christmas shopping. I now needed to buy a gift for Brand. "Mike, you buying me a present?"

"Hey, Jimmy what are you doing here. I heard you already bought my present."

Laughing, "Brandon is coming home with his significant other. I'm just looking to see what I can buy that would be nice for both of them."

"Didn't Brand like classical music? Maybe you could get him a cd."

"Good idea if he doesn't like it I'll keep it. I'm really looking forward to having him home for the holidays."

"Let's go to the movies tonight."

Mike was my closest friend. We have been friends since first grade. Mike lived in the same neighborhood, we belonged to the same church and school clubs. We both played football which resulted in us receiving football scholarships. The only problem was that we would be parting after graduation. I was going to Ohio State and he was going to FSU.

I bought two cd's and headed home. "Did Brand say when he was coming home?"

"No, but I expect him soon after school let's out for the holidays."

Brand received his degree in education and found a job in Iowa. He was attending Iowa State working toward a master's degree in education.

Christmas Eve mom was very excited. Brand had called and said they were on the way and should arrive about 6 pm. Mom was planning a special dinner and the smells of a beef roast were strong in the house. My mom was an excellent cook and I recalled many fantastic meals that came from her kitchen.

It was 5:30 when I heard a car stopping in our drive way. "Mom, Brand is here." We all ran to the door to welcome Brand home along with his partner.

I watched Brand get out of the car followed by another guy. For the moment I was confused, was Brand gay? We waited on the porch for Brand.

Mom and he hugged, mom gave him a kiss on his cheek, Dad shook his hand but looked like he didn't understand what was going on. I just got a hug and a lift off my feet.

"Mom, Dad I want you to meet Charles Eastering, my partner."

All of a sudden everything got quiet. My dad's face turned red when he realized what Brand said. "Get out of here. You're not welcomed in my home. No fag is going to stay here. Get back in your car and don't ever come here again."

Mom started to cry and I was in shook, but only for a minute. Brand picked up his luggage, took Charles by the arm and led him to his car. I ran after Brand, grabbed him and gave him a hug.

"It's ok Jimmy. I was hoping that he'd change his mind. He was always angry when he saw two guys holding hands. I had to take this chance and now I know I'm no longer welcomed here. Take this envelop, open it in your room and don't tell anyone about it."

"Jimmy get your ass back here. Leave those fags alone."

Charles got in the driver side and started the car. Brand just shook his head and left. When I walked up to the porch, mom was crying. "Jimmy you're not to talk to that fag and if I catch you I'll kick your ass out as well."

I hugged mom, "It'll be ok. I'll be away soon and I'm not afraid of dad." Dad was Jaime Ricardo. He was, or thought he was, a macho man who detested gays. He never realized that he has now lost both sons. I couldn't stay here once I left for college. I really felt sorry for mom, she couldn't leave.

Later that evening, I opened Brand's envelope. There was a one hundred dollar bill, a business card and a short note telling me to address all of my correspondence to Charles. The business card belong to Charles, he was a lawyer in business with his father from what I could tell. The card indicated Charles Eastering, partner of Eastering and Eastering.

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