by Jobe

Chapter 5

We were met by Abe as we entered the court house, "Doctor Frankenstein, I have a small room we can meet before we go and see the judge. These must be the two boys who will be adopted."

I introduced the boys to Abe, they smiled. We followed Abe to a small room just outside of the court room. "This should go pretty fast. The judge will want to talk to each of you boys separately in his chambers. He wants to be sure you want to be adopted and not being forced into adoption. Do you have any questions?"

The boys shook their heads no. I just smiled at them.

We waited just a few minutes longer when we were called before the judge. Abe showed us where we were to sit. I looked around and saw Mrs. Wilson there with another person at the other table. The clerk called the court into session asking us all to stand. As soon as the judge sat down, we all followed suit.

Abe made the presentation introducing the boys and myself. The judge mentioned he had read the report submitted by CS. He asked if CS was represented when the man at the other table stood up and introduced himself as the Director of CS.

The judge asked him if CS had any objection to the adoption of these two boys by Doctor Frankenstein. The Director said they would stand by their report.

Each of the boys were invited into the judge's chambers, separately. It seemed like a long time before they come back. "After reviewing the report submitted by CS and talking to each of the boys, it is my pleasure to introduce Victor Robert Frankenstein and Robert Marcus Franenstein the petition for adoption is approved.

The Mrs. Wilson stood up, "Your honor I object."

"You object to what?"

"To the adoption of these two boys by this man"

"I asked you if you had any comments, you said you stood by the report CS submitted. Now you change your mind, you had your chance to object, you didn't. I suggest you sit down before I hold you in contempt."

Then Mrs. Wilson sat down and looked completely confused.

The boys were happy and ready to eat. Abe said he would pick up the papers next week and forward them to me. I invited him to have brunch with us but he declined indication that he had another client to see about their case later this afternoon. The boys thanked him as did I.

"Let's go and have brunch." There was a diner next to the court house and we headed there.

While we were eating, Mrs. Wilson came in for coffee. She saw us sitting there and came over. "I don't know how you did that but my report did not agree with the judge's decision."

"I suggest you get a copy of the report that was sent to the judge and maybe you'll discover your error. By the way, why did you do the home evaluation? I understand you don't normally do that."

She looked puzzle for a moment. "All of the people who work for CS are capable of doing a home evaluation. It was my turn."

"My lawyer will be contacting you Mrs. Wilson and Officer O'Hara. It seems you had asked a lot of questions of my boys and threatened them. My understanding that this is not normal procedures. I have a written record as well as a voice recoding of the questioning. I suggest you make your lawyers aware of the possibility of a law suit."

Her face went pale as she sat down her coffee and quickly left the diner. "She didn't finish her coffee, should I take it to her?"

I just looked at him and smiled, "No I don't think she'll want it anymore. Let's eat and go home."

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