by Jobe

Chapter 2

It seemed that I just dropped off to sleep when Pesi woke me. I took a shower and dressed casually for the day. I decided last night that I wouldn't be going into the office today. "Pesi please call the office and let them know I won't be coming in today."

I started the coffee and prepared to make breakfast. "Doctor, the boys are awake and taking a shower, together."

I set the table, poured two glasses of orange juice, and started making breakfast. Just as I was getting ready to plate breakfast, two boys entered the kitchen. "Did you sleep well?"

"Yes, sir"

Ready for breakfast, I sat plates in front of them, each had 3 pancakes, 2 fried eggs and two sausages. I even had a stack of toast ready for them. I sat opposite with my coffee and toast. "Marcus, yesterday I told Robby he was welcome to stay or I'll take him back to the city. I'm making the same offer to you."

Marcus looked at Robby, Robby nodded his head yes. "If I stay can I share Robby's room?"

"You'll have to, I only have two bedrooms and you can't share mine."

"If we stay, can we leave anytime we want."

"Yes, anytime you want to go back to the park or city, you can go. You are not prisoners, if you decide to stay here there are a few rules, one you need to keep your room clean, two you need to respect my privacy as I'll respect yours and third you'll need to go to school." I watched as they digested what I just said. "If you need to discuss this proposal, you can do it in the family room and let me know at lunch."

They helped to clear the table and put the dishes in the dishwasher. I went to my office and then to my hothouse. I had built on the back of the house a hothouse with a few herbs and several seeding plots. Outside of the hothouse I had a small garden that I liked to putz around in. I grew some vegetables but it was mostly just a hobby to enjoy the outdoors. I think most of the food was eaten by the wild animals. It was a game who got them first, me or the animals.

I got busy and forgot about the time, "Doctor the boys are in the kitchen I think they might be hungry."

"Thanks Pesi, I'll just wash up and be right there. Tell them to get the makings of sandwiches out of the refrigerator and I'll be in shortly."

I went into the laundry room to wash my hands when I notices that Marcus's bag was still on the floor unopened.

"Pesi tells me you boys are hungry. Let's make sandwiches. Robby would you please get the milk out of the refrigerator and pour two glasses." I got some plates out and put the fixings for sandwiches on them and took them to the table. "This is fix your own sandwich, if there is something that you want and it isn't here, either check the refrigerator or ask."

I watched as the boys started to fix their own sandwiches. I took a bag of chips from the cupboard and set them on the table. I reheated my coffee from this morning and watched as they ate. "Have you boys made any decisions about staying?"

Marcus looked at Robby, "Marcus and I would like to stay but we're afraid that once you find out about us you won't want us to stay."

"Did you kill anyone?" Heads shook no. "Did you hurt anyone physically?" Again the same answer. "Did you steal anything except food because you were hungry?" They paused and then decided the answer was no. "So what did you do that I'd find offensive?"

They looked at each other. You could see their eyes and then it dawned on me. They were boyfriends. "If you're concerned about the fact that you're boyfriends and I may find that offensive, don't be concerned. Its good to have someone in your life and love makes it even better. I think this house needs some love."

I watched as they looked at each other. Then I felt two pair of arms around my neck. "Does this mean you have decided to stay?"

They just squeezed harder. "Ok, come with me." I led them to my office, I opened a panel, "Pesi these boys are going to stay. We need to add them to the household. Boys just put your palm on this pad and announce your full name. When Pesi acknowledges you, you can withdraw your hand. Any questions?" Both boys shook their heads no.

"Are your ready Pesi?"

"Yes Doctor"

I watched as each boy put their hand on the pad and announced their name, Robert James Blithe and then Marcus Avery Hardley.

"Thanks boys. Robby if you want to watch the second disc of Star Wars just ask Pesi."

I watched as the boys leave to go to the family room, holding hands.

"Pesi, we need to order clothes for Marcus as well as robes for both boys. Are you able to get their shoe size or should I ask them."

"I can determine that from their footprint when they step out of their bath."

"Ok order the clothes and shoes for young teens. Have you checked their background."

"Yes, there are no police records, their school records indicate they are slightly above average intelligence. They both are 14 years old but they will have a birthday in the next 3 months when they will be 15."

"Anything about why they were on the street."

"Nothing indicated in any of their school records."

"Check their families and do a check on their fathers."

I went to my office to do some work. I could hear the movie as I passed the family room. I think I may buy a popcorn machine. What's a movie without popcorn?

"Pesi can you get a transcript of the boys school records?"

"Yes, Doctor"

I heard the copier machine come to life as paper started to exit the machine. I had their school records for every year they were in school. I looked at the last year and saw that they were indeed excellent students. Now my interest was truly piqued. Why were these boys on the street?

"Doctor, the boys are asking if they could have a snack."

"Pesi, tell them to go and help them selves, There is fruit in the refrigerator and juices. It looks like we need to order more food as well. Also I guess we should get a larger freezer for the garage."

I never had to worry about Pesi, he did everything I asked and actually was a very good companion. It saved me a lot of time doing what other people had to do like shopping.

"Doctor, I have information on the boys parents. The had no police records nor did they report their sons being absent. There are no siblings. On the surface their appears to be no reason for the boys to be put out of their home."

"Contact my lawyer and have him draw up papers for their parents to relinquish their parental rights. Make sure he does not mention my name. If he has problems, have him threaten legal action. I'm sure putting their boys on the street has broken some law."

That night after dinner, "Boys we need to talk about school. There are two choices, one you can attend a public or private school or you can be home schooled. Which do you prefer?"

I watched them as they looked at each other. Watching their facial expressions and body language I knew they reached a decision. "If possible we'd like to be home schooled."

I knew the reason, gay boys were not always welcome due to homophobia. "If your home schooled I'd expect you to continue excelling. Your teacher is very knowledgeable and you'll be able to proceed at your own rate."

They both agreed, "Pesi order two desks and two computers for the boys. Have them set up in their room."

There was a knock, "Doctor that's the clothing order for Marcus."

"Marcus, Robby there are packages here for you. Robby you need to show Marcus what to do with his new clothes. There are also shoes for both of you."

I watched as the boys picked up the packages and headed for the laundry room. When Marcus returned he had tears in his eyes. I hugged him and held him for a few minutes. "It's ok Marcus, you're safe now and you don't ever have to go back on the streets."

"I never had so many nice clothes. My parents always got my clothes at church sales."

"Well, those days are over. You can thank me by doing your best in your classes."

Later that evening, in my office, "Pesi anymore information on the kids parents?"

"Yes, Marcus's family goes to a church that preaches against gays, Robby's father works as a laborer and he has a negative feeling on gay issues. He has participated in anti-gay demonstrations."

"Pesi, when the school supplies arrive, I would like their computers hooked into your network. That way you can monitor their sites and also be able to judge their school progress. Are you ready to be a teacher?"

"Yes, Doctor, I have many references to draw upon. Doctor, I'll be off line at midnight for 15 minutes while I update my files."

"Thanks for letting me know. I'll make sure the home is secure."

The following Monday, the desks and computers arrived. The boys re-arranged their room to accommodate the additional furniture. Robby and Marcus wanted to show me what they had done. I noticed that the desks faced each other and the room was certainly large enough to accommodate the desks. "Doctor do we need printer?"

"I don't think so but you can ask Pesi. He'll be your teacher."

"Pesi, I need to go into the office today. While I'm gone perhaps you could start the boys on their evaluations. I would like them tested to the limit just make sure you start where they left off and see how far they go. Any word from my lawyer?"

"No Doctor, you might want to check when you're in the city."

Walking into the boy's room, "Boys I have got go to work today. There's food in the refrigerator and if you have any questions you can ask Pesi. I'll see you tonight for dinner."

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