by Jobe

Chapter 12

Walking into the tavern, I noticed a few people from church, they smiled and nodded in our direction. We were shown to our table, I noticed a few of the boys looking our way. One of the boys, waved, I smiled back. One of the parents came over to thank us for helping his boys fish. "They had a great time and I was surprised at the size of fish they brought home. I work a lot so I'm glad they have someone to show them how to fish. They said you guys have a crab pot up there and you cook crabs for their lunch."

"Yes, they are quite good. I asked some of the boys if they wanted to take a few home but they said they didn't know how to cook them. Anytime on Saturday, you're welcome to come up and sample them."

He thanked us for the invitation and went back to his table. Pretty soon one of his sons came and asked if he could sit with us, then the other son came. All of the boys who we helped to fish and eat crabs, were coming to our table. Soon the proprietor had to add another table and then the adults joined us. We ended up having a party, a luncheon party.

I looked at Nohr, he was smiling. Seems the villagers were not bothered about us being gay. So I wondered who was bothered that the pastor had to isolate us as he did at communion. We stayed and enjoyed the afternoon, the proprietor was happy he had a good crowd and the money was flowing.

As we left, the boys came up and wanted to know now that school was out could we fish more often. We agreed that we would fish tomorrow, being Monday and then we'll see about other days.

Chores done for the evening, aunty checked the milk containers. They were too full so we left the milk in the cooling tank. "Tomorrow I'm going to need another milk can. I'm not sure where we can put the milking from tomorrows milking."

"Can we borrow one?"

"I don't know of anyone with cows in the village. Most of them have goats or sheep."

I called Nohr and asked him if he knew anyone that we could borrow a milk can from. He said he would check and if he found one, he would bring it over later tonight. About an hour later he came with a small milk can that is used for goat milk, It was too small to use for a regular milk can but big enough to handle the morning milking. Aunty called the milk company and told them she had a pick up and would need another milk can.

"I don't understand why they are giving so much milk. Normally it would take a week to fill a milk can now it takes almost 4 and 1/2 days."

"They give a little extra cause I sing to them. They like their names and so I sing to them using their names."

Aunty started to laugh, I looked at Nohr and I could see the gears turning in his head. "Do you think if you sang to the fish we could catch more?"

"I don't know? We'll try it tomorrow."

That night in bed, as we started to make love, "If you sing to me I'll make more cum for you to drink."

I started to laugh,"You make enough without me singing."

We laughed, I didn't sing but I did hum which produced the desire effect. Especially when he was in my throat. Of course he had to try the same thing and it did the trick.

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