by Jobe

Chapter 6

"Stephan, you're a good guy and I feel bad about cheating you."

Saying that, he pulled me to him and gave me a kiss right on my lips. I didn't know what to do, I never expected this. I looked into his eyes and he looked scared, I wanted more so I pulled him down and kissed him back. The fact he was taller than me sort of required me to pull him down. Then I saw the smile, I was sure I was smiling as much. I hugged him which ended up in another kiss.

"We need to get back before someone says something."

"Nohr, let them. I'm gay, aunty knows and I don't care what other people think. I know God loves me as I am. He made me this way and if you're gay, he made you that way as well."

He just looked at me. Took my hand and we walked back to the main room of the tavern. We sat side by side as aunty brought over a soda for both of us. Sitting down across from us, "Everything all right boys?"

"Yes, aunty everything is perfect."

"Good, I'll be leaving soon so Nohr can walk you home."

"It'll be dark, maybe it would be best if Nohr stays the night then he can go to church with us tomorrow."

"He'll need a change of clothes and before you say it none, of your clothes will fit him."

"He'll be alright, he's serving tomorrow."

"Ok, but be careful Stephan."

"Don't worry aunty, nothing will happen except some kissing and cuddling."

"Ok, then good night, I'll leave a light on for you."

We stayed and finished our drinks, I was anxious to go home, but Nohr wasn't. So we stayed and talked to some of our school friends all of the time Nohr held my hand under the table. A few of the girls came over and sat and chatted for a while until their boyfriends came and dragged them away. The story with Jeppe made the rounds and the owner of the tavern refilled our soda glasses, he said for a good deed.

We walked home without holding hands till we cleared the village. Then Nohr put his arm around my shoulders and we walked that way the rest of the way home. Aunty did leave the light on, I turned them off as we made our way to my bedroom.

"Nohr, we do have a guest room if you prefer rather then share my bed." He looked like he was trying to make a decision, and then he smiled and took my hand.

I was nervous as I undressed for bed. Normally I would sleep nude but tonight I slept in my boxers. I pulled the covers back, sat on the bed with my back to Nohr, and when I felt the bed move, I laid back, pulled the covers up. I really didn't know what I wanted too happen. This was the first boy I ever slept with. I reached for his hand, finding it I held it. "Are you ok?"

"Yes, I never slept with anyone before. I'm an only child so I never had anyone to sleep with. I don't want to mess this up."

"I never slept with anyone either. So this will be our maiden voyage. But I'm not a maid or maiden, just remember that." I think that broke the ice, he chuckled and I had a smile on my face when he looked at me.

Between his eyes and lips, I had to kiss him. When I did, I realized I wanted more but I remembered what I told aunty. So as hard as it was, I limited myself to kissing him. I placed my arm around him and with my head on his chest I fell asleep, Of course I had to give his chest one last kiss.

Sleeping with someone can be scary, particularly when you wake in the morning and your mind is still a little hazy. For a second I couldn't remember who was in my bed, it was only for a second. Then I remembered Nohr was here. I quietly gave him a kiss, got out of bed, I had chores to do. As much as I wanted to stay in bed, I knew it would be for the best if I got the chores done.

I just finished milking the cows when I noticed someone behind me. I turned around and got a kiss for my effort. "Good morning, how did you sleep last night?"

"It was one of the best sleeps I have ever had."

"I'm glad because I woke very happy this morning. I could get use to sleeping with you very easily. Come on you can help me gather the eggs."

Walking back to the house, hand in hand, I could see aunty looking out the window. When we arrived, breakfast was ready. "How did you sleep last nigh Nohr?"

"I never slept with another person but I really enjoyed sleeping with Stephan. I didn't want to get up this morning until I realize I was alone."

"And you Stephan, how did you sleep?"

"You already know that I never slept with anyone before. I wasn't sure about sleeping with someone, always afraid I would snore or something to wake them. But last night I slept on the softest pillow I ever slept on. It was warm and the slow drum beat seemed to lull be to sleep."

Aunty and Nohr looked at me like I was crazy. I just laughed and pointed to Nohr's chest. I could see the sun rise in aunty's eyes as she came to understand what and who my pillow was. What started off as a smile ended up as a chuckle, poor Nohr was left out till I whispered in his ear who was my pillow. Then he blushed.

"You guys need to get showered and dressed for church. Nohr, you're serving today but if there is anything of Stephan's that will fit you, wear it. Next time bring some clothes with you."

I smiled when I heard next time. I looked at Nohr I think he was a little surprised. "If it's ok with you and Stephan, I think the next time should be at my house."

I watched aunty when he said that. She just smiled as she cleared the table and headed upstairs to get ready for church. Now was the time to make a small advance on my relationship with Nohr. I expected a no but would be delighted with a yes.

Reaching my bedroom, "Nohr it would be quicker if we showered together."

He paused for a moment and then I swear the devil was in his eyes. I took two towels and headed for the bathroom. Nohr began to followed me, "Nohr, leave your clothes here, put this robe on. If you take your clothes into the bathroom, they will get wet. I'll meet you in the bathroom."

I put my clothes in the hamper, I turned on the shower, adjusting the temperature, began shampooing my hair when I felt someone behind me. My hands were soon replaced with someone's else and the feeling was totally different. I could stay here all day having my hair being washed and scalp massaged. Soon the hand started down my back, pass my butt moving on to my legs. Then the hands began to move back up and this time they stopped at my butt. Slowly the fingers traced through the cleavage and stopped at the gate. I expected him to put a finger in the gate but he didn't. I cleaned my front until his hand moved around me pulling me back into himself. The height difference prevented him from placing a significant part of his anatomy in a special cleavage. But as he washed my front, his hands stopped at my chest while he rubbed my nipples before his hands passed further south. My breath became shortened as his hand touched my already hard cock, armed to shoot since my nerves were on edge. Two movements and I shuddered as I shot straight onto the wall in front of me. I relaxed back onto him as he held me up.

Catching my breath, it was my turn. I made him move in front of me as he lowered his head a little so I could wash his hair. I massage his scalp and noticed the smile on his face. Then I began to wash down his back, doing much the same as he did with me. Only when I came back up to wash through his valley, I did stick my finger in his gate. He said ugg and pulled away, I laughed. Then I was at his front and noticed unlike me he wasn't cut. I learned later unless you were Jewish or Moslem, you weren't cut. It didn't matter to me. I liked the feel, it took him longer but not much longer when he plastered the wall. Rinsing off he turned and I reached up and kissed him.

Drying, wrapped the towels around us, we headed to my room to dress. Now there was no hesitancy to disrobe and be naked around each other. The shower eliminated any modesty we may have had. He was able to wear my shorts that had stretched so they were too big for me. However the only other piece of clothing I had that he could wear, were socks.

Dressed, we walked to church. With aunty between us there was no way for us to hold hands. But after this morning I think we didn't need to hold hands. Of course our lips were a little sore from all of the kisses we gave each other. I was falling in love with Nohr and I hope he was falling in love with me. I know I'm young but I still feel that he's the one God meant for me.

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