Cal and Donnie

by Jobe

Chapter 3

When we arrived at the coffee shop it was empty. "I don't think I've ever seen this place empty at this time of the day."

"Maybe something happened and all of the guys are there. Dave, check with Brian."

Dave called Brian, I noticed the look on Dave's face. When he stopped talking, "What is it Dave?"

"There was some damage at the Turner's. The guys are there helping out."

"Let's go and see what we can do. I'll call my mother and she can drive us over."

We waited about 10 minutes before my mom arrived. Getting in the car, Dave told my mom about the damage at Turners. When we arrived, we saw the damage, their house was ok but the lean to which shelter their chickens was torn apart and chickens were running all over the property. I laughed as Brian was chasing the chickens into a rigged enclosure.

"It looks like a round up of chickens. Let's help to fix the corral as Brian and the rest of the guys herd those cattle to the corral."

Donnie start to laugh as he began to set poles back up. The fence area fell when the rain water washed away some of the ground. The poles then fell along with the fence. Chickens fled, probably were scared as a result of the rain.

"Dave, we need to reset the poles, ask Mr. Turner for a shovel so we can re-dig the post holes."

"Donnie, let's see if any of the fence needs repair while Dave brings a shovel."

"There's Dave and it looks like he has a pole digger."

When Dave arrived he started to re-dig the holes, as he cleared one hole Donnie and I reset the post, I held it, Donnie packed the earth back in the hole. We switched around so every one got a chance to dig.

"Dave, you should mentioned to Mr. Turner that if he cemented the posts in, he wouldn't have to have a chicken ranch."

Cemented posts could stand the floods but you need to be concerned about the wood rotting in the alkaline cement. We spent about 4 hours, fixing the fence and rounding up chickens. The Turners were grateful and provided a nice lunch for us all. Dave, being Dave, offered to help rebuild the lean to for the chickens. The Turners had two children but they lived in a different state, married with children. They appreciated our help and showed it by providing lunch.

"Cal, what did you do today to get into trouble?"

"I didn't get into trouble, yet."

Dad laughed. "We were at the Turners having a chicken roundup."

My dad looked at me like I was crazy. Donnie was laughing,it took Mom to explain to dad why we were at the Turners. "Cal, you should stop over there tomorrow and offer to help. Their kids are not around so I know it would help them if you did that."

Dad was right, it was the neighborly think to do. "Donnie let's go out to the garage and get the tools we'll need to help fix that shed and maybe see if we can help cement those poles in the ground."

"I better stay here tonight so we can get an early start in the morning."

I looked at Donnie and started to laugh. "You need to go home and get some clothes to work in and let your folks know you're sleeping over."

Donnie returned just as were about to sit down for dinner. He had his work clothes and a home made pie his mother sent over. Dinner was the usual chatter, dad made several references to Donnie indicating that he thought there was more than friendship. I had a frown on my face when he did that. Later that evening, dad asked me what's the problem. "Dad, everyone is pushing Donnie on me. I agree he's a nice guy but you know that pushing isn't going to help me decide. Before anything happens, I need to sort out my feelings. I don't want Donnie to build up his hope that something will happen and then disappoint him if I decide I preferred girls. I just wish everyone would treat us as friends because at this stage that's what we are."

"I'm sorry Cal, but I see the way you look at him. It's very similar to how I look at your mother. I think your wise to give it time but you're showing more than you think."

As we sat on the sofa watching a movie, I thought about what dad had said. I do like Donnie, he's a great guy. But I need to be sure as sure as possible. If I jump and then someone came along that I like more, someone like Angie, he'd be hurt. Maybe dad is right and I'm over thinking this. I'm not the type of guy that continues looking for thrills or new experiences. Once I like something, I stick to it . I'm so confused.

"Hey Cal, where did you go? You looked like you were several miles away."

I looked at Donnie, grabbed him and pulled him to me. Looked into his eyes and planted a kiss on his lips that took his breath away. Yes, I like Donnie very much and right now Angie wasn't far off target with the brother-in-law comment. Donnie pulled back and looked at me, I smiled.

"What was that all about?"

"You'll see tonight."

I just relaxed and watch the movie. When it was finished, "Donnie we should go to bed, we'll need to get up early tomorrow to head out to Turners."

Before going to my room, we stopped in the family room to say good night. I asked Dad to call us before he left so we could go to Turners in the morning. I called Dave and told him what Donnie and I were going to do. He said he would go along and meet us in the morning.

"Let's take a shower before going to sleep." I knew Donnie would go for that but tonight I was going to test my feelings for him, that he didn't know. We undressed in the room and headed to the bathroom and shower, guided by our pointers. That was a good sign for me, as I looked at him not his pointer.

Adjusting the water temperature, I placed him in front of me, "I'll wash your hair and then you can wash mine."

I used all of my skill to massage his scalp as I washed his hair. I moved my body close to his, my pointer pointed the way to his happy hole. I let it ride in his valley as I moved washing his hair. I was hoping he'd do the same to me. Yes, I definitely liked what I was doing. Of course I washed his back, his legs and spent about 15 minutes on that beautiful ass.

When he turned to wash my hair, his dick was as hard as steel. "Be careful with that weapon or you'll break it."

He just looked at me, as he turned to begin washing my hair. Now I knew that was a piece of steel hitting me in the ass. I only felt one hand on my head, wondered where the other hand was when I felt that piece of steel moving up and down in my valley. At first I was afraid he would find the bullseye and I wasn't ready for that, if ever.

Finishing with my hair and back, I turned around and started to wash his front. I was about to test my resolve. I washed down his flat stomach and then his legs. I started back up till I reached his steel rod. I took it in my hand and began to wash it, Donnie trembled. Then when I leaned forward and licked the head, he shuddered, tried to push me away, I just opened my mouth and took the tip of that rod into my mouth with my tongue bathing that pink crown.


That was it and then he erupted in my mouth. It wasn't bad, slimy but the taste wasn't as repugnant as I thought it would be. I'd do it again but only for Donnie. He collapse on me, panting , "Why didn't you stop?"

I just looked at him, smiled and lick my lips. I helped him out of the shower, wrapped a towel around him and sat him on the toilet seat while I finished showering. Dried, I led him to my bed, no shorts tonight. Pulling the covers down, I pushed him on the bed. I wasn't finished with him yet.

He had a silly smile on his face, "Hit the Jackpot did you?" No answer just a dreamy smile. I crawled in bed next to him, my dick still hard. I started to play with his and it plumped right up. I slowly turned around as I began to lick his shaft. I waited but didn't have to wait long before I felt a hand on my shaft followed by a tentative lick. I shuddered that was the first time anyone touched my dick but myself. When I felt him taking me in his mouth I almost came.

It didn't take long before we truly were enjoying the magic number. While I was nursing on that wonderful popsicle I began to explore that beautiful ass. I let my fingers drift down the valley of delights till I came to his gate, there I tapped as to open the door. At first the door was slammed shut but as I continued to pay homage to that delightful suck rod, the door began to open, I took some of the pre-cum that was running down his shaft, wet my finger with it and proceeded to enter that door. From Biology I knew about the prostate so I went to search for it. I knew I found it as his popsicle jumped in my mouth. I could feel his legs tighten followed by his stomach and then a grunt or two followed by a shot straight into my mouth. I swallowed as fast as I could and thankfully I had it all. I was so intent on pleasing him I hadn't realized that I was about to shoot, I grunted and blasted the back of Donnie's throat. He swallowed it all and it was a lot.

I cleaned his cock with my tongue while he followed suit with mine, I turned around, pulled him into a kiss that resulted in a tongue battle and a sperm exchange. "Donnie, I never did that before, you were my first."

There were tears in his eyes, "What's the matter? Why are you crying?"

"These are tears of happiness, I hope what we did was a confirmation of our love. You know I love you and I hope what we just did was your way of telling me you love me also."

"You're the first and hopefully the last dick I ever touch. I was afraid to commit to you in case something change I didn't want to hurt you. My dad said I looked at you like he looked at my mom, I think that was the clincher for me."

"I'm not ready to go beyond what we did tonight. Are you ok with that?"

"Yes, very much so, I don't want to experience the pain that would accompany that steel rod going up that chute."

Donnie started to laugh, "There'll be time when that thought will change."

"Yes, but not for a while, I'm happy with what we have done. I need to know my boy a little better and do some studying before we go that path and we will someday."

Donnie cuddled with his head on my shoulder, one leg between mine and our dicks touching. If I wasn't tired before I certainly was now and I quickly followed Donnie in sleep.

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