Adrian and Paul

by Jobe

Chapter 12

Paul and I met with Mr. Cummings at the bank. We reviewed the trust fund, I took the check and placed a major amount back in my savings account and opened a checking account. I opened a credit card and a debit card for cash withdrawals. I also told Mr. Cummings that the interest from the trust should be placed in the savings account and the balance of the checking account should be maintained on a monthly basis. Having resolved all of the business issues, we went to lunch. Lunch was interesting, Mr. Cummings knew my grandfather very well, he told us stories about him that had us laughing. After lunch I told Mr. Cummings that we had to go back to the hospital as my mother was very ill. He gave us his condolences and told me to call him if I had any problems.

"Paul, we need to stop at the diner and pick up some lunches for the family."

When we arrived at the diner, I ordered 4 chicken platters to go. Paul looked at me, "4?"

"Yes, Emily, Dave, Jim and my father"

"You are going to buy lunch for your father after the way he has been snubbing you?"

"Yes, because he's an ass doesn't mean I have to be one also."

When we got back into the car, that got me a kiss.

"Adrian, I didn't realize the trust fund was so large. Your grandfather must have been a rich man."

"I don't remember my grandfather. Gene said he died when I was three."

"He set that trust fund up for you when you were born, so it has been gathering interest all these years."

"I guess so. Maybe that is why it's so much. I'm just thankful for him doing that. Besides what I have gone through, I'm in a better place today. I have my siblings and most of all I have you. If what I had to go through to get where I am today, then it has all been worth while."

Yep, another kiss.

Walking into the hospital, Gene was there with a smile. "I've been waiting for you."

"No, you have been waiting for the chicken." He laughed as he led us to the cafeteria.

We found a table, "Why four, are you going to split one?"

"No, one is for dad."

Gene looked at me, "For dad?"

"Yes, I'm sure he's hungry as well."

Gene called Emily and told her lunch was here. He also said to tell dad that I had bought him a diner lunch as well. I watched as Emily and Jim came in, but no dad.

"Emily did you tell dad that we had a lunch for him as well."

"I won't tell you what he said but he won't be coming."

"His loss, more for us"

Paul and I grabbed a piece of the chicken and the fries from dad's lunch. Gene took most of it, although he did give a piece to Emily and Jim.

After lunch, Jim told me that mom wouldn't make it through the week. Her heart was failing and she's sleeping a lot.

"Is she in any pain?"

"No, we're keeping her pain free. That's a problem as well. Once we started with the morphine, we can't stop. The dosages are increased to keep her pain free and of course this'll also accelerate her death. I'm sorry Adrain, but you were lucky to have the opportunity to forgive her. I think that helped. She seemed more restful and relaxed after you left."

I really didn't want mom too suffer. I trusted Jim to do what's right.

We stayed in a hotel that night, Jim didn't offer and I didn't want to impose. Paul thought it would be better if we stay in a hotel and I certainly could afford it now.

Laying in Paul's arms, "Adrian, you constantly surprise me. What you said to your mother speaks well of you. I was right in picking you out of that line to be my life partner."

I looked at him and pulled him into a kiss, "I got the better deal."

"Maybe, but I got the Prince. You constantly make me proud of you. I love you so much."

With those thoughts running through my head, I fell into a deep sleep.

"Adrian, we need too get up. Emily just called and we have to get to the hospital. Your mom took a turn for the worse and it could be anytime now. Shower and dress, I'll bring the car around."

I took a shower in less than 10 minutes, 10 minutes later I was leaving the hotel looking for Paul. He drove up to the entrance, I jumped in and we were on our way.

Arriving at the hospital, Emily met us. She was crying, "Mom passed away 5 minutes ago. Jim said she went peacefully."

"Where's dad?"

"He left, I don't know where he went. He was crying and didn't want anyone to see. He left out of the back door of the hospital."

"What's going to happen now and where's Gene?"

"Gene is with Jim, they are making arrangements for the funeral."

Paul, came and took my hand, I looked at him, he took his fingers and wiped away my tears. I pulled him and Emily into a hug. She cried on my shoulders as I rubbed her back. Paul held my hand as he rubbed my back with his other hand.

Gene came, and pulled us all into a hug, Paul included. "Jim offered to make all the arrangements. Mom had an insurance policy and had made arrangements with a funeral company for her and dad. They actually had picked out their coffins, grave site and stone marker. So there's really nothing for us to do."

"We'll stay till after the funeral and then we will be going back to college. What are you going to do Gene?"

"I guess I'll do the same."

"Emily, will you be ok. You'll be the only one here."

"Yes, I have Jim he'll take care of me and I'll keep an eye on dad."

"If you need me for anything let me know. I'm only 4 hours away."

The funeral was the following week. Dad looked horrible, his eyes were bloodshot, he looked like he hadn't shaved and his clothes were all wrinkled. He must have slept in them. I was surprised that there weren't many people at the service. I thought mom and dad had a lot of friends, but evidently they didn't. Most of the guests were from dad's work and a few from church.

I thought how sad, a lifetime in a town and this is all the friends they had.

On the drive home, "Adrian, are you ok? You seem miles away."

"Did you notice the number of people at the service? There was no one I knew. I think most of them where from dad's company. Dad looked like he was drinking pretty heavy. I think Emily will have her hands full."

"I think that was a measure of how your mother lived her life. She must have been a lonely person."

I thought about that. We went to church, but we never actively participated so you couldn't expect to see a large church crowd, even the minister's service was short and didn't mention anything about her life except to offer his condolences to the family. That was strange as well. As we drove home, yes our apartment was home for me. I thought about my life and the surprises I have experienced since I started college. At that moment I decided when I go, I'll have enough friends to fill that church. I'm not going to be a recluse. Life is to be enjoyed and with Paul, it will be.

"What are you smiling about?"

"I love you and I love life."

Three days later, the boys notified the college that they would be leaving the dorms and they would be available. Taking the last of their things, they walked to their apartment.

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