Adrian and Paul

by Jobe

Chapter 10

The next morning, we were up and dressed at 7. Jim was already up and had started the coffee. "Do you guys want any breakfast?"

"No thanks Jim. The coffee is enough, we want stop at the diner for breakfast and see if we can take some fried chicken home with us. We work in a cafe and I want the owner to taste it so he'll know what fried chicken is suppose to taste like."

"When does Bill and Alex normally wake up?"

"Like right now."

"Good morning guys. We're glad to catch you before we leave. We're going to stop at the diner for breakfast and get some fried chicken to take back with us. You're welcome to join us. The only thing we won't be coming back this way."

"That's fine, we'll follow you in Alex's car."

"Jim can you join us."

"Sorry guys I have to be at the hospital in 20 minutes. Have a safe trip home and stay in contact."

We gave Jim a hug and headed for our car. "Do you remember the way to the diner or do you want me to drive."

"You drive and then I'll drive after breakfast."

I drove to the diner, Alex followed us. We got a booth, they were busy so we had to wait a little while. The waitress set down 4 cups and filled them with coffee. "I guess will have coffee."

We took one look at the menu and order the Omelet with extra cheese and ham. It came with home fries and toast. When she brought the dishes there was no question it would hold us till we got home.

She came back, picked up the empty plates, poured more coffee. "Anything else?"

"Jill, ask Bernie if these guys could take some fried chicken back with them to college."

We chatted as we waited, she came back with a box, it had 4 pieces of uncooked chicken. "Bernie said to make sure your oil is 375 degrees before you fry this."

"Tell Bernie thanks." I paid our check and left a good tip.

"You gave her a good tip."

"We work in a cafe and you would be surprised the tips we get, we're lucky if we get 10 percent. Generally it's the change."

"Look guys we have to get going. Registration today and if we want to get the class and instructor we want, we have too be early. Its good to have met you and I'm sure we'll see you at Thanksgiving. Stay in touch."

Paul started the car and we waved as we drove off. Three hours later we pulled into our apartment. "You really drove fast."

"Not that fast, when we went down we had to check the map but coming back we already knew the route. Put the chicken in the fridge, garb our papers and let's go and register."

I ran up the stairs, put the chicken in the fridge, grab our papers from the table and was back in the car within 7 minutes. "Not bad, 7 minutes"

Registration was at the main auditorium, Lines were every where. In front of every desk was a sign indicating what courses could be registered there. Paul and I had looked over the course list before and knew which courses we wanted and which professors we wanted. We split up and headed to the appropriate tables. It looked like a mad house but it actually was very efficient. I got all of the curses I wanted now I had to look for Paul. I saw him in one line, "How are you doing?"

"Almost done, I just want to take this course and then we can have lunch."

"I'll wait for you at the bursars desk."

Fifteen minutes later, I saw Paul heading my way. "Why are you laughing?"

"There was a kid in line with me enrolling in the same course. He asked for Prof. Edwards class and a friend told him no, he was to strict, take Prof. Stricken class instead. So he changed. I told him I had Prof. Stricken during the summer and he was tough. The kid looked for his friend and he was gone."

"That wasn't nice."

"No, but I signed up for the same course so I'll introduce him to the library."

"Let's pay and then go to the cafe."

Paying was the easiest, she took one look at my ID, typed something into the computer and gave me a receipt. Did the same thing with Paul's.

"Stop at the apartment and I'll get the chicken. You can turn in the car and I'll meet you at the cafe."

I took our papers and put them on the table, picked up the chicken and headed to the cafe. I was just telling Dave how to cook the chicken when Paul walked in.

We watched Dave pick up the chicken, he smelled it and then went to fry it. "Dave, 375"

He checked the oil temperature and it was 325, he reset the thermostat and waited till the oil was hot, dropped in the chicken. Paul and I went and cleared the tables and started the dish washer. I watch Dave removed the chicken, it was a golden brown just like the diner.

He looked at us, "You guys want a taste?"

We each took a piece leaving 2 for Dave. I watched as he took his first bite. He was hooked.

"Paul was it the temperature or the spices they used to make that chicken so good?"

"I don't know but we'll find out. If I'm not mistaken all Dave's chicken will be fried at 375. So we shall see."

Paul was right, all the chicken we served for the dinner crowd was that golden brown. "Paul, we need too get a piece of that chicken to see what it tastes like."

At the end of the night, tables all bussed, dishes in the sanitizer, kitchen clean, "Guys try this chicken."

Dave had two pieces of chicken for us to taste. I took a bite, looked at Paul. "Dave the crispness is the same but there is something missing. I think they must use a spice or herb, it isn't exactly the same."

"Here try this."

I looked at Paul and we smiled, "Yes, this is it. What the difference?"

"Buttermilk, I had some buttermilk left over from my biscuits this morning so I tried it."

"You better plan on making a lot of this, wait till our customers find out you have the best fried chicken in town."

"Look" Dave opened the cooler and he had 4 pans of chicken soaking in buttermilk. "Think that is enough?"

"Not sure but we'll see tonight."

"How's your mother?"

"She's not doing well. She was in critical care and it doesn't look good. My sister is a nurse and she'll keep me up to date."

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