Adrian and Paul

by Jobe

Chapter 2

I was excited as I arrived at school, registration was easy, paying the fees weren't as easy. While I was waiting in line to get a dorm assignment, someone tapped me on the shoulder. "Are you also waiting to get a dorm assignment?"

"Yes, one of the guys said that there were only so many available. Something about cleaning and spraying for insects would reduce the number of available dorms. I'm hoping they'll have one for me. If they don't, I may have to pitch a tent."

"My name is Paul."

"My name is Adrian. Is this your first year?"

"Yes, yours also?"

"Yes, I'm looking forward to going to school. From what I read this college ranks high in the teaching field. My goal is become a teacher. What about you?"

"I'm not sure what I want at this stage. I picked this school so I'd be far enough away from my family. They are very demanding and if I went to a school closer to home, they would want me to stay at home. I have very anal parents."

Well, at least my parents aren't that bad. So in comparison I lucked out.

"Are you looking for a dorm for the summer program?"

"Yes, Miss Adams"

Looking at Paul, "Are you also looking at a dorm for the summer program?"


"Would you two consider sharing a dorm? We have only a few dorms left and I have been asking every one to share. There are two beds in each dorm so it is possible."

I looked at Paul, he nodded yes, "Yes, we'd consider sharing a dorm."

She gave us each a key, told us the building were the dorms were located and pointed the way.

"Well, Paul, let's check out our summer home."

Later I called home to tell them I have a dorm which I'll be sharing with another student. "Adrian, is he a nice boy?"

"Yes, Mom, he's a nice boy. We had a good chat while we waited for our dorm assignment. I think we'll get along very well. Yes, Dad, he'll pay his share of the room." Sometimes I wonder about my dad. I wonder if they are having financial problems, he seems more focus on money lately.

"Paul, this isn't so bad. Which side do you want?"

"It really doesn't matter, I'll take this side."

We unpacked, made up the beds, "Paul, I'm going to take a walk into town. I'll need a job so maybe I'll see something."

"I thought you mentioned you were on a scholarship?"

"I am, but it only pays 50 percent of the tuition, no books or dorm fees. My brother told me to find a cheap restaurant in town that caters to college kids and I'll find the food cheaper and better than cafeteria food at the school."

"Well, if that's the case, is it ok if I go with you?"

The walk to the small college town took about 20 minutes. There was only one main street with several smaller roads leading off into the residential section of the town. On both sides of the main street, were shops and restaurants. There was one grocery store, one all night store and one post office. "Did you do any kind of work while you were in high school?"

"No, my parents said that they didn't want me exposed to the ruffians."

"Where your parents very religious?"

"Yes, we went to church 3 times a week and when I say church I'm not talking about 1 or 2 hours. Sunday morning at 8 am church started and finished at 1 pm. Then we had bible study on Wednesday night from 6 to 10, on Friday we had church study for the kids. At church study they taught what the church positions were on everything and we were assigned bible passages to read and write a report on what we thought it meant."

"I don't know if I could do that. We went to church on Sunday for 1 or 2 hours including Sunday School, but that was it. What was your church's position on some of today's social issues?"

"Well, you could imagine what their position would be on gay marriage or gays in general. They also had a very strong position on abortion, and on that issue I could see some value to oppose abortion but I also think that should be a women's decision. Every Sunday we'd hear about the corruption of our young people by these ungodly perverts. I expected to see brimstone or fire raining from above every time an individual came out as gay or someone supported gay rights or women rights. I really doubted that the minister even wrote any other sermon, I think he just copied what he said the previous week."

"I'm not sure I could go to that church. I always thought church should be about the love of God not damnation from God."

"I agree and that's why I'm here and not some church related college."

"How did you get your parents to agree to let you come here?"

"My grandparents told them to pull up their pants and let me be."

"So who's paying for your college, I'd think your parents wouldn't in view of you not going to their church college?"

"My grandparents started a college fund for me when I was born. I have no brothers or sisters, I don't think my parents even have sex, well at least one time because I'm here."

Adrian started to laugh. "Paul, I can't fathom sleeping with someone I love and not making love."

"My parents don't sleep together. They avoid the sin of the flesh."

"Your dad's hand must be sore."

"Look Adrian there's a small diner, let's check out the menu and prices. Tomorrow we start school."

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