Singletrack Mind

by Jesse D


Singletrack Mind - Liftoff: Motorhome and bikes


It isn't a road, not really. We call it a road, and it was heavily used as a logging road back in my grandfather's day, but now it's more an overgrown Jeep trail that sees a pickup or an ATV maybe half a dozen times a year. My mountain bike trails overlap with sections of it, and Dave and I were bombing down the steepest part in the fading light. The sun had set and the air was cooling off rapidly. I definitely wasn't paying attention to where I was going. My mind was replaying the most recent kisses we were sharing a few minutes ago. Doing a frame-by-frame analysis and recapturing the incredible feeling of Dave's lips on mine. Not to mention being blown away by everything that had happened this afternoon. Besides, I could probably ride down that hill with my eyes closed, I'd done it so many times. Not Dave, though, I remembered, as his yelling for me to wait up broke through into my consciousness.

"Jeez, man, I can hardly see where I'm going! I'm hitting every rock and pothole there is!"

I feathered the brakes to slow down a bit. "Sorry, dude. Stick to the middle on this part. After this it's a lot better."

The road wound around the hill and down into the denser woods where it was even darker, but there was less erosion here, so we could ride side by side on smooth dirt. Soon we were out of the trees and heading past the gravel pit. Across the field there were the silhouettes of the house and outbuildings, the lights from Dad's patio behind. We could hear loud talk and laughter from the Friday-night party as we rolled into the yard. I gave Dave the come-on sign and continued on over to Dad's house.

"I'll just check in," I said, as we parked the bikes against the wall. Rounding the corner to the patio, it looked like there were more people here than there were a couple of hours ago. I could see Dad in a group across the pool, apparently in the middle of a spirited conversation with a couple I didn't recognize. It was hopeless to try to work our way around to where he was, but I was able to catch his eye and he answered my two-armed frantic waving with a thumbs-up. I led Dave, whose head was scanning the scene like a radar antenna, over to where the food ought to have been, only there was nothing left but crumbs.

"Still hungry, Chris?" Janice was just coming out of the house, carrying a case of beer. "There's more food inside," she indicated the kitchen door with her head. "Who's your friend?"

"Uh, Janice, this is Dave, from school." Dave opted for a little wave, since her hands were full. And he added a half-power smile which was enough to get a big smile and raised eyebrows in return.

"Have fun!" she called, giving us a big wink over her shoulder as she used the case of beer to bulldoze her way through the crowd.

"Who was that?" Dave asked, following me into the kitchen.

"One of the guys' girlfriends. Gary's, I think." Although I'm pretty sure I'd seen her around without Gary, so maybe Janice and Dad had something going on the side. Hard to keep track, sometimes. We did a quick inventory of the contents of the bakery boxes on the kitchen counter and decided on what looked like strudel pastries. Close examination revealed the filling to be apple, and so we each ate one just to confirm. Yep. Apple. I took another one but Dave decided on something with a red filling. Hmm. Indecision. Nope, I stuck with the apple.

Munching on pastries, we walked back to where our bikes were, Dave scanning the scene around the pool. "How do you get used to having all these people around all the time?" he asked.

"It's not always like this. Weekends, mainly, and in the winter Dad only has a few couples over for dinner or the occasional party. I mostly stay as far away as I can." Which suits both Dad and me perfectly, I thought.

"I guess you get used to it."

"I guess. Mom never did. Dad was always inviting people over, but that meant she'd have to stop working for a few hours and be polite. Then, after a while, she just didn't bother," I paused, recalling the tension between them. "Then they got divorced."

We got the bikes, and walked them back around the barn and equipment sheds, in the direction of the motorhome. It was a warm June night, the light breeze carried the scent of hayfields mixed with damp woods. We could hear the noise of traffic out on the highway and the distant rumble of the city. The moon hadn't risen yet, and the sky was dotted with stars. I loved it out here; I couldn't imagine moving back into an apartment in the city. We were walking side by side, bikes on the outside, shoulders bumping occasionally as we moved closer together, our pace slowing until we came to a stop at the last shed, the dark expanse of grass stretching before us, the hills rising up behind to meet the starry sky. We looked at each other, looked around, then and shared a quick kiss. And then a longer kiss. I could taste the strudel.

"Mmmm. Raspberry!" I said.


Suddenly, I could feel Dave's body tense up. His eyes wide and staring over my shoulder, he jumped back, knocking over his bike. I spun around to see what it was. A shadowy figure with three large dogs was walking up the driveway - Theo! Oh, jeez. Did he just see us...? Oh, man, if he did, would he tell Dad? A quick flashback of California went through my mind, but somehow this didn't seem that threatening a situation. The low growling from the German Shepherds wasn't easing Dave's mind at all, judging from how quickly he picked up his bike and placed it between him and the dogs.

I gave a little wave of greeting and called out, "Hi Theo!"

Theo had worked for my grandfather, living on the property, and he had always had time for me when I was a little kid visiting my grandparents. He still worked for Dad, even though he must be at least seventy years old. When Dad had projects involving water, Theo did most of the work. I think he was from Amsterdam originally, so maybe that's why he loves water!

"Oh, hi Chris, I wasn't sure it was you. I mean, two of you with bikes in the dark..." He said a word in a language I didn't understand but all three dogs immediately stopped growling and gave a few tentative tail wags as Theo came up to us. "I was out with the dogs when I saw someone moving around the sheds. I didn't know you had someone with you."

"Yeah, we were just walking back from the house. This is my friend Dave, from school. Dave, this is Theo. And Milo, and Zeus and..."

"No, this is Zeus, and this one is Samson," Theo corrected me. He said something else to the dogs and they came forward to sniff at Dave's hand. "Nice to meet you, Dave. Don't worry about the dogs, they put on a good show but they're pussycats, really. And they'll know you now. I'd better be getting back to the house before the wife wonders what's happened to us."

"G'night, Theo," I said.

"Goodnight Chris." He lowered his voice. "I'm glad to see you not alone for a change. It's good to have a friend, hmm?" He nudged me with his elbow, and gave a big toothy grin, then turned and headed back down the long driveway towards his house, the dogs trotting along beside him.

"Do you think he saw us...?" Dave was looking at me with a very worried expression.

"I'm not sure. I don't think so. We were pretty far away, and it's dark. But if he did, it doesn't seem to have bothered him at all. And I don't think he'd tell anyone, anyway." I knew of several occasions when Theo could have made brownie points with Dad by squealing on one of the work crew guys, but didn't. "I'm sure it's okay," I added, giving Dave's arm a squeeze with my free hand. Then I pulled him closer and kissed him on the cheek. "It's definitely okay with me!"

He tensed up again and looked around wildly. Seeing nothing but empty fields on one side and a deserted yard and house on the other, with sounds of a party beyond, he let out a deep breath and relaxed a bit. "Hehe, you crazy bastard, c'mere." The bikes were getting in the way, so we leaned them up against the front of the motorhome and ducked around the other side. Dave grabbed me and gave me a deep, high-octane kiss that nearly buckled my knees. I moved us back against the motorhome for support, closed my eyes and gave him one back with all the energy I could muster. I think we generated a force field of some kind because I know I couldn't move if I'd wanted to. I'm sure passing satellites must have picked up a hot spot!

Something, some night creature, was rustling in the bushes beside us, which caused Dave to break off and look around. "What was that?"

"Just a mouse, or a vole. And look!" I pointed up above us where half a dozen bats were swooping around eating insects. Dave flinched a little and right then the pair of owls that patrolled the edge of the woods started hooting to each other.

"Jeez, is this some kind of nature park, or something?" he asked, letting go of me and backing up against the motorhome.

"Hehe. Relax! Out here, all the action is after dark. Speaking of which, I think we should go inside." I giggled and grabbed his hand, leading him around to the door. Retrieving the key from its hiding place, I opened up and motioned for Dave to go first. I followed, closing and locking the door behind me, turning on the lights, then jumped up the steps, bumping into Dave at the top. We stood there for a couple of seconds, just looking at each other and giggling nervously, neither one of us knowing what to do next. I felt suddenly sweaty, and a little dizzy, and unsure of what was happening to me.

Until I realized that it was oppressively hot in there! A closed-up motorhome can get very hot inside, in an afternoon of direct June sunlight! I had left one of the vents open as usual, but that was not enough to cool the place down. I went around and slid open all the windows that would open, sliding the screens back into place, then pulling the blinds closed. On my way by, I picked up the damp shorts from earlier and hung them on the towel rack. Dave was busy inspecting the engineering design of the interior, checking out the bits that pulled out or pushed in or swung up or folded down into transport position. I could have turned on the air conditioner, but it rattles and buzzes and makes a lot of noise generally, plus it leaks. I told Dave to get some Cokes out of the fridge. After a bit of persuasion, the big roof vent came unstuck and a draft of cooler air started circulating. Dave was now sitting in the little dining area, watching me move about the place.

"This is so cool," he allowed. "I mean, your whole setup here is awesome. You're out in the country, you have your own place, bike trails, tractors, everything. And even your dad is cool." He looked around. "Hehe, you could even disconnect this thing and take off down the highway!"

"Oh, yeah. Sure. I could afford to go maybe 40 miles in this thing before I ran out of gas money." Not to mention being almost sixteen and having no driver's license. Or that it was up on blocks with the motor in storage mode. But, yeah, he was right, I was lucky. I slid into the booth across the table from him and took a drink from the can of Coke. "But where would we go?"

"I dunno. Anywhere away from here. We could go right across the country, like, California!"

I'd forgotten that Dave hadn't travelled very far from home. "California's nice and all, but I'm in no hurry to go back there. And I've been to Florida. And we used to drive from Boston down to St. Petersburg every summer. I think I'd rather stay right here. For now, anyway."

Actually, I'd like to drag Dave back to the bedroom and work on bringing some of my daydreams to life. And there he was, sitting across from me, someone who I was very sure had the same thoughts about me. Only, we both were too nervous or shy, or scared, to take the next step. I took a deep breath, and reached across for his hand, looking him in the eye. He looked at me for a few seconds, then quickly averted his gaze and, sliding out of the booth, announced that he had to go pee.

As I watched him disappear into the little bathroom, I could feel an inner resolve taking command of my body. I had to do something now, make some kind of move or I would die of frustration! But my brain blanked out when I heard the toilet flush. Another minute and it would be too late! As Dave came out of the cubicle, he paused and peeked around the corner into the bedroom at the very back of the motorhome, taking a couple of steps past the built-in closet. He stopped, no doubt impressed by the size of the bed - I think they constructed the motorhome around it - when something propelled me forward and I gave him a big shove! Dave stumbled onto the bed and I launched myself through the air, landing beside him.

"Hey! What th'..." he began. I couldn't believe what I had just done, and started giggling. Dave got up on his knees, red in the face, and then he began to laugh, too. "You scared the shit out of me!" he said, as he fake tackled me on the bed. We grappled each other, still pretending we were just playing around, but soon things moved in a different direction. He had me pinned to the bed by my shoulders when he leaned down and planted a kiss on my lips. I kissed him back, as we rolled over to lie side by side, now in a tight embrace. I ran my hand down his back and then up and under his shirt, caressing another boy's bare skin for the first time. So many firsts, today! I tugged at his shirt - there suddenly seemed to be too much cloth in the way - and pulled it up over his head. He followed by taking my shirt off too, as we looked deep into each other's eyes. We resumed serious kissing and feeling each other's skin, his touch sending urgent signals from every nerve ending up to my brain.

My hand found its own way down his back and under the waistband of the borrowed shorts Dave was wearing, then it tunnelled further in, exploring the curve of his rounded ass, but the shorts got in the way. My subconscious mind must have started working on a plan, because images from my fantasies were flashing through my head. I knew I had to follow that script! Pulling my other hand out from under, I gently pushed Dave onto his back, and kissed my way down to one nipple, then across to the other. That started a low moaning sound from somewhere deep inside him, so I ran my tongue around each one in turn, which made the moaning a little louder. My hand could feel his stomach muscles contracting under the skin as his body was slowly writhing under my touch. Then there were the shorts in the way, again. I tugged them down a little, and when Dave lifted his hips slightly they suddenly slid down over his butt. I looked up, but Dave's eyes were closed, his head back against the pillows, happy sounds coming from his throat. He didn't seem to mind what I was doing!

There was one more obstacle that kept the shorts in place. This was it. This was the big step over the threshold that I had dreamed about so many times. Yet I held back. Until the bossy part of my brain, the one that had taken charge a while back, the one over which I had no control, made me lift the waistband of the shorts and pull them down.

And there I was. And there IT was! Dave's perfect cock was straining for attention. It seemed perfect to me, at least, because it looked like the one in all of my fantasies. A little hair above the base, with tight, smooth balls below and a slightly curved shaft that was stretched to the limit at the moment. It looked just like my own, in fact, which always played the starring role in my daydreams. We were a matched set.

I didn't dare touch it. Not just yet. I ran my hands down his thighs. His cock twitched. I brought them up inside his legs, almost touching his balls. Major twitch. I felt the little patch of hair on either side of the shaft. Big twitch, and I could feel Dave shifting a bit as he made a kind of whimpering sound. Or maybe that was me. My brain was urging me on, but nothing could have stopped me now, anyway. I closed my fingers over the shaft of his cock. It felt so different, yet exactly right! I moved my hand up to the pink head - so soft, and so sensitive! Dave was wiggling around on the bed as I started to jack him off slowly, then a little faster. His moans were getting louder now, and his hips started to buck. My hands knew very well what worked best for me, so as one worked on his cock, I brought the other up under his balls. That did it. Dave gave a shout of pleasure as jet after jet of cum shot out of his cock until there were just dribbles left. He lay there, panting.

"OmigodOmigodOmigod!" he managed to say, "That was awesome! I've never felt anything like that, ever!"

I crawled back up beside him. There were a few wet spots on the bed, and some of it had landed on the wall over his head. I reached over and grabbed the shorts and cleaned up his stomach a little. Then I kissed him and hugged him tight, snuggling beside him as he recovered. It felt so good! I knew that this was what I was meant to be doing, nothing had ever felt so right, before. We lay there in silence for a minute as the night sounds from outside floated in the window.

"Oh jeez!" I looked up suddenly. "The windows are all open! Oh, man, I hope nobody heard us!" I was kneeling, looking out the window over the bed, but there was no sign of anyone outside. I could hear the party sounds still going on in the distance; everything seemed normal. Whew! Then I spotted it. There was a big gob of cum slowly oozing down the screen! I burst out laughing. "Hehe. Imagine if someone was outside and saw THAT happen!"

Dave looked up, puzzled. Then he saw it, too. "Holy crap! A new distance record!" he exclaimed proudly. "Awesome!"

I used the shorts to clean off as much as I could, then slid the window shut. I got up to close the side window too, and I could feel the cold wetness of a ton of precum that had leaked into my own shorts. Just then Dave grabbed me from behind. "Okay," he said. "Your turn. First, let's get rid of these." And he pulled my shorts down to my knees then dragged me back onto the bed. I kicked them off the rest of the way and they fell to the floor as Dave rolled me onto my back and straddled me, kneeling. He leaned down and kissed me on the lips, then on the neck. Then something else; I realized he was licking his way into my armpit.

"Wha..??" I lifted my head to see.

"Shhh," he pushed me back down, now using his tongue around my left nipple which suddenly stiffened up. Oh! That explained the animal noises coming from my throat. My head rolled back on the pillow as new sensations flooded my brain. Dave was nibbling the other nipple, gently rolling it between his lips as his hand moved down to my stomach, his fingers just lightly touching my skin. I held my breath. His hand brushed against my balls as he stroked down my inner thigh, causing a couple of fireworks to shoot off inside my head. Then he was kissing my stomach and holding my cock at the same time. I couldn't stay still! Dave started slowly jacking me off and I shut my eyes and arched my back, every muscle in my body straining. He went faster, holding my cock up so he could lick and stick his tongue into my belly button. Everything went into overdrive right then, all valves open wide and my cum shot up into the air as waves of intense pleasure washed over me.

I lay on the bed, my heart pounding and my chest heaving. After things calmed down a bit Dave said, "I didn't think you were ever gonna stop spurting! Man, it just kept on coming!" He wiped up a bit and came up beside me.

"Where did you learn to do all that stuff?" I asked.

"The internet. Duh."

"Awesome," I said, kissing him on the lips. "Sex is even better than I thought. I mean, with someone else."

"I know! And there's other things we've gotta try, too."

I nodded and pulled him closer, and rolled over a bit to snuggle in. It was very warm in the room, I mean apart from the heavy action, and the heat and the sex combined to make me sleepy. I think Dave was still talking as I drifted into sleep.

I don't know how long I dozed off for. It was still warm in the room when I woke up. Dave had rolled over onto his back with one arm across his stomach, rising and falling with each breath as he slept. I had to pee, and I shut off the overhead light as I made my way out to the bathroom. After I was done, I went forward and turned off the lights in the rest of the motorhome too. Everything seemed quiet outside, and I couldn't see any lights over in the direction of the house, so I guess the party had folded up. I went back to bed, leaving one reading light on, just enough illumination for me to watch Dave sleep. Only he stirred and his eyes opened as I got back onto the bed. I think it took him a few seconds to remember where he was.


"Hey," he answered. "I'm not used to having someone watching me while I sleep!"

"I'm not used to having someone in bed with me, but I think I could *get* used to it pretty quickly." I reached out and touched him. I couldn't get enough of touching him.

"Mmm. Me, too. That was pretty intense, what we did earlier," he said, flopping back on the pillow with a happy smile, remembering. It could all have been a dream, the whole DAY could have been a dream! It was all so totally unreal. Except that the blanket on this bed was going to need cleaning. I glanced up at the window screen and the wall. Good thing nobody else ever comes in here.

"I'm going to have to watch it with the guys," Dave said. "What if I bone up thinking about you while I'm in the shower after soccer practice?"

"Hehe. You're boning up right now," I pointed out. Without even thinking about it, I ran my finger up the length of his semi-hard cock, causing it to twitch. I held it, examining it, marvelling at how different it was to hold someone else's, instead of my own. It should feel the same, but it didn't, somehow. Not at all. Kinda like it had a life of its own. Dave's was definitely feeling lively again, now. I knew what I was going to do next. I knew I had to do it; I wanted more than anything to do this, and I could feel Dave watching as I leaned over and tentatively licked the tip of his cock. It pulsed in my hand, and a clear drop of precum appeared at the end. I bent forward and licked that off, too. There! No bolt of lightning from the sky. No earth opening up and flames swallowing me. Just Dave watching me intently, biting his lower lip.

I shifted position a little to get comfortable, then licked all the way around the head. Dave let out a groan. I licked down the shaft a bit. Groan. My brain was shouting, "Now. Do it now!" so I took the whole tip into my mouth and kinda sucked on it like a popsicle. Whoa. This was not at all like practicing with a banana! Completely different. And much, much better. I used my tongue a little, and sucked a little. It tasted partly sweet, partly bitter, a bit salty and sweaty. It tasted like Dave.

"Wait!" Dave put his hand on my head. I stopped what I was doing and glanced up at him. "Hang on, I want...." He switched positions to lie alongside me and we shifted a bit to line up. I watched as he hesitated for a second, then he leaned forward and his tongue touched the tip of my cock. I nearly came right then and there! He kissed the tip, then opened his mouth and took it in. I wanted to watch, but I also wanted to feel him in my mouth again, so I went back to what I had been doing. With each lick and stroke I could get a little more inside, but only a few inches before I'd gag and have to take a breath. The feeling of what Dave was doing to me was wonderful! We each settled down to a steady matching rhythm, learning just how far to go without gagging. It wasn't long before our brains went into overload and I could feel Dave's cock swell up and stiffen even more. I knew he was about to explode. In my fantasies I swallowed every drop, and I did try, but then my own orgasm was happening, and it was all just too much.

Later, Dave was sleeping next to me with just the sheet covering us. I'd opened the window again and there was some cooler air flowing across the bed. I could see that the moon was up, now. I was wide awake, thinking about all that had happened in one incredible day. Yesterday I had been alone, a loner. Not necessarily lonely, but feeling like I could manage on my own, maybe forever if I had to. My fantasies were things that happened to someone else, probably not to me. But today, everything had changed. There was someone else exactly like me after all, someone who had wanted to be with me all this time, and I never knew! I wasn't sure what this all meant for the future, but for right now, I couldn't have been happier.

I kissed Dave's cheek one more time, and, cuddling up close behind him, said a silent goodnight.

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