by Jeremy Myers

Chapter 14

We headed out to the car; the evening was very warm with no hint of a breeze. Dad drove and I surrendered the front seat to Logan. We found the pizza place quickly and took a table as far from the oven as possible. The air conditioning struggled to keep the place habitable but the smells, the smells were awesome. We ordered three family pizzas with various toppings along with a jug of cola. While we waited for the food we talked about Logan's journey west.

"So Logan, you've had something of a road trip, bit of an adventure. Want to tell us about it?" Good old Dad, nice and direct.

"Well, as far as adventures go it could have been a lot better I think.

"Anyway, I'd pretty much decided before we left Perth I would be heading out Boxing Day. I just wanted the family to have Christmas together, otherwise I would have been gone as soon as we got to Melbourne. I'm not really sure we'll ever have another Christmas together, you know?"

I leant over the table and took his hand, trying to give him assurance. He smiled at me and continued.

"So, I just walked out of the house early on Boxing Day morning, caught a tram into the city then managed to get on a train to Ballarat. It was all pretty quiet, no-one much around being a public holiday and all. Anyway, I was walking on the highway out of Ballarat and an old farmer picked me up. He took me about 100k down the road then dropped me off just out of Stawell. I grabbed some late lunch there and managed to get a truck from there to Bordertown.

"I thought things were going well, out of Victoria and into South Australia already. So I got a motel room and had a good feed that night and all. Slept like a log and then back on the highway the next day. I think I under-estimated the distances involved now that I look back.

"I managed to get a road train from there all the way through to Port Augusta; he was a really nice bloke and dropped me off at a motel. It was pretty rank though, obviously he'd never used it. Anyway, I blew too much money on it, it was right crappy, the shower was, ahh, mouldy, and, well it was awful, I never used it and the bed was pretty knarly too. I hardly slept that night.

"Anyhow, the next morning I got a lift, right through Ceduna, to Mundrabilla, getting a bit of a kip on the way. That guy was heading out to a place north of there, Forrest I think. It was pretty damn hot, I mean really hot, oven hot, desolate and no traffic to speak of. I was stuck there most of yesterday. Then, late in the arvo, I got another truck that was going into Kalgoorlie and we got here early this morning. That guy was creepy though, I was glad to get out of the cab."

"He didn't try anything did he Logan? It's just there are people out there who might take advantage of a young bloke."

Logan smiled; I think he was just happy that Dad was showing concern. "Ah, no Jack, he was just weird like, you know, a few screws loose. He kept talking to himself, like he was having this conversation with maybe three or four other people. Anyway, I thought I might hitch a ride on a train or something, you know stowaway maybe. Just, there were no trains that stopped, and, after that guy and all his mates, I wasn't going to thumb for another ride, so, so that's when I rang you guys."

"And we're glad you did." I said. "And thank goodness your okay man, really."

"Yep, here I am, and right now I couldn't be happier." He winked at me and then the pizzas arrived, massive things loaded with toppings and boy, did they smell good.

"Dig in boys."

We ate in silence and cleaned up every slice. Logan must have been starving, he ate probably 1 ½ of them all by himself.

"I don't know where you skinny buggers put it all, I really don't."

"Aww, c'mon Dad, you did pretty well yourself you know."

"It was good pizza Jeremy; just don't tell your Mum."

We all smiled and finished up our cola's. Dad asked if we wanted dessert. Absolutely; so we ordered a couple of home-made sticky date puddings. While we were waiting for those I broached the subject of my plans for the future.

"First up, Logan, these are my plans for us, but that's just it, they're my plans. If you don't like anything, don't want anything, just plain hate it all, then that's fine, we'll work it out. I just needed to start somewhere and, well you were travelling at the time, you know?"

"All good so far, J."

"OK, good. Well the way I figure it is that I start work full time in a few weeks. I've checked with Dean about my take-home pay and all, and it's pretty generous, and, well, I've worked the figures, I've worked out a budget.

"Logan, we can afford to rent a place to start out so we can live together, we can run a car, buy food, go to the movies, a club or pub occasionally if we want and buy clothes and all."

Thankfully university fees were covered by the Government back then so we didn't need to try and cover those costs.

"Jeremy." He looked a little concerned, my dear Logan, I think I knew why but went on regardless.

"Not much more to say Loges, just let me finish, yeah?"

"Sure mate."

"I've spoken to Dean and, well, he needs someone to do my old job, you know, work Saturdays. That job is now yours Logan, if you want it. For as long as you want it. And I can work Saturdays too which will help the finances along as well. He also said that while you're not at uni you can do some work weekdays helping around the place.

"I mean; we may have to wait for 12 months for you to be able to apply again. If you can get in for the second semester, then that's fine too. We can save whatever you earn to help pay for any additional costs or emergencies."

"You're sure about your budget Jeremy?"

"Yes Dad. I've checked and double checked everything. I've got all the workings at home. What I earn will support both of us. Logan?"

"Ah, J, mate. It seems to me like all your money is being used here, I mean, mate, I need a job, that bit is fantastic; if Dean will take me on then great. And maybe I can get to uni this coming semester; I never withdrew any of my applications, J. But we'll have to find another way. You're not blowing all your cash just for me to go to uni."

"Logan, it's not my money, if we're living together, and that's what I want to happen, then, it will be our money. And if it's really that big a deal then you can pay me back at the end of it all, you know, shout me a trip to Hawaii or something, when you're a rich businessman, like."

"It's a very generous thing J. And living together sounds wonderful. I know it's what we both want and all. I just don't know." Logan was torn, I could see it. He knew it made sense but I could understand his reluctance, I was making him pretty much a kept man.

"Alright, look. I've thought about this a lot, it's the only way I know how we might have a chance to get you to university here, maybe this coming year, maybe the next, but you'll get there and we'll be together and hopefully there's just a chance we pacify your Dad, you know?"

"Can I sleep on it, J?"

"Of course dude. Of course. Take as long as you need. Just remember, if we don't have a viable plan to give to your parents then all this may have been for nought."

"I'm not going back Jeremy, no matter what."

"I know mate; this will keep the waters smooth is all. You know you don't want this finishing up like poor Rodney, with you separated totally from your family."

"No, I know. Until tomorrow then?"

"Sure man."

Dad had been watching and listening to this exchange and looked, I don't know, impressed?

"You two will make a great partnership, you know. That was a good, honest exchange. Well done to you both. And Jeremy, that's a very generous offer. I'm proud of you. Your Mum and me, we'll help if we can, okay?"

"Thanks Dad."

The sticky dates arrived nice and fresh with an excellent butterscotch sauce. Dad was a bit envious he didn't get one but said he needed to stay trim and healthy for his Pamela. Of course he did. Notwithstanding he'd just polished off a large volume of pizza. Once we'd finished he started to get up to pay the bill but I said no, my treat, and went up to pay. It was the least I could do for him. And for my Logan.

We exited the restaurant and headed for the car. It was still really hot and steamy, lightening flashed off to the east. So, a storm was approaching perhaps. I hoped it was not a reflection of what was to come for Logan, for us. It was only early still, just after 7.30, when we got back to the motel but Dad said for us to get an early night; he'd already paid for the rooms and he wanted to get moving by 6.30am.

"I'll call you at 6, boys, just in case, okay?"

"Yep, thanks Dad."

"Jeremy, a moment, son, please."


Logan had the keys so he said he would see me in a minute and wandered up to the room. Dad was opening the door to his so I followed him in.

"Jeremy, don't get me wrong with this okay? Let me say what I need to and then you can respond."

I nodded "Sure, Dad."

"Son, what you offered Logan was very admirable, very generous, I could not be more proud of you. But living together, in your own place, I'm not sure that's the best thing, it will cost you a lot of money."

"I've done the sums, we can manage."

"I know you want to be with Logan, and that's fine, you won't get me or your mother disputing that, I'm just concerned that renting somewhere may not be the right thing at the moment. You're not even 18 yet and what happens if things don't work out at Castledean?"

"Things will work out Dad, I like the man, I like the work. I want to be with Logan, I love him and I want to share my life with him. I can't do that living with you and Mum, you know?"

"And if Logan came and lived with us too?"

"Dad…. I want to be with Logan, not just live with him. It wouldn't be right, we wouldn't feel right doing that under your roof, you know? I mean, it might be a tad awkward don't you think?"

My old man actually blushed.

"Well yes, I'll give you that. But I want you to consider other options; if I can come up with something after talking to your mother, will you at least consider my suggestions?"

I walked over and hugged him. "Of course Dad, heck if we can save on rent then that would help no end."

"Well then Jeremy. 6.30, don't be late."

With that I said my goodnights and went on to my room. Dad's heart was certainly in the right place, I just saw no other way around it though, Logan and I would have to rent a small unit, at least for a few years. I knocked on our door and Logan opened it.

It was lovely in there, the air conditioning doing its job nicely. Logan moved over to the double bed and lay down; he had pulled the covers down earlier apparently. There was a hand towel on the bed side table.

"Everything sweet, J? Your Dad not changing his mind?"

"No mate, all good I think, he's just trying to come up with other options besides renting somewhere. Hah, he even said about you living at home with us." I was rummaging around in my bag while we were talking.

"No way, really? It wouldn't feel right J; I mean it's great when they're not there but ooo, not good otherwise. Especially if I'm, you know, in you. LOUD man!"

I laughed "Yes I can see Mum right now coming in with the Band-Aids, thinking you clobbered me with something, and there you are balls deep in her son! Hah. Not going to happen dude."

"J, come and lay with me." He extended his right arm out towards me.

I found what I was looking for. "Happy anniversary, Logan." I handed him a small paper bag and kissed him on the head as he wrapped his arm around my waist.

"Jeremy, thank you, it is our anniversary isn't it? I haven't got you anything babe."

"Yes you have Logan, you gave me the best anniversary present ever. You. You came back and you came back to me."

I sat on the bed next to him and he sat up and hugged me.

"Open it babe, it isn't much but it's something."

Logan opened the paper bag and pulled out a cassette. David Bowie, Aladdin Sane. Good old road houses, they carried everything!

"You remember our first dirty weekend Loges?"

"Of course, you silly dickhead, I'll never forget it J; even when I'm old and decrepit I'll always remember that weekend! We fucking love this tape J. Thankyou my love, thank you so much."

He pulled me in for another kiss and then we started to undress each other, it didn't take much, shorts and a tee. For the first time in weeks I lay on top of the love of my life and made out with him, all the passion and joy we had always felt came flooding back, stronger than ever, as our very hard dicks slid over one another and became reacquainted. Logan flipped us and he started his journey down my body, licking, kissing, nibbling. Gosh, but it felt so good.

"Loges, I haven't touched myself in weeks, just a few, you know, wet dreams. I won't last long, love."

He stopped and looked up at me. "Me too J, not one wank, just dreams about you." Then he spun around, offering me his hard dick and took mine into his mouth. We surrendered ourselves to each other, to the joy of giving someone else so much pleasure and love. I kissed, licked, sucked and cuddled his beautiful cock, my tongue looking for and finding his spots, my left hand massaging and tweaking his nipples, my right hand alternating from manipulating his dick, kneading and rubbing his sack, his balls and his glorious little grommet. How I missed this.

Logan kept licking under my head, little quick flicks then taking it into his mouth and swirling his wet, loose tongue around it before taking my entire length in and then pulling off, all the time his tongue licking and flicking, stimulating my senses. His right hand controlled my dick while his left tickled and teased my nuts and sack, occasionally rubbing my hole, eliciting louder moans of pleasure from me. All too soon I could feel my orgasm rising, all too soon I sensed Logan's.

He let go, blast after blast into my mouth, I couldn't keep up and it dribbled out and down my chin. And I exploded into him, he too struggled with the massive load of semen, a result of chastity and temporarily lost libido. Our climaxes were intense, wonderful, fulfilling. We remained on each other, removing the last drops of our orgasms. I began collecting the spillage from my chin and where it had dribbled back onto Logan. When finally it was done, Logan climbed back up the bed and nestled into me, we kissed, tasting the familiar flavour of our cum.

"Not our usual standard J, we have some work to do."

"I enjoy work, work with you is fun."

"It is that. But right now J, no more work, I think I might just cuddle into my man and enjoy his company."

"You alright Loges?"

"Yes, my love, it's just been a long few days, I'm knackered."

I snuggled into him and kissed his forehead. He was slightly on his left side, his right arm over my chest, his head resting on my shoulder and his half hard dick slumbering partially on my upper thigh. I could not have been happier. I lay there thinking how lucky I was. Three or four horrible weeks had been washed away in a day.

Logan began breathing deep and even; I recognised that he had moved on to sleep. It would have certainly been a tough few days for him, he was safe and secure now though. I needed to piss and thought I should clean my teeth. I managed to move off the bed without disturbing Logan and went and did my ablutions. When I came out I pulled the sheet over the top of him, turned out all but the toilet light and climbed in beside Logan.

I looked at him, sleeping, at peace, relaxed. I whispered "I love you." It felt so good saying it now, I should never have waited so long. I held his right hand in mine and watched him sleeping for a very long time, then, eventually, I drifted off to sleep, happy and contented.

At some point in the night I vaguely heard the toilet flush then the shower go on. The last few days had apparently disrupted Logan's normally 'set your clock by them' bowels. I rolled over to my left side and, as I did so, he returned back to bed, spooned into me and placed his right arm over and around me; our usual sleeping position. Sleep again overtook me, comforted by having my man back and close to me.

When I awoke the next time, I could see the grey light of dawn through a gap in the blind. Logan was still right up against me. I felt his half hard dick against my crack and his arm over me still. My bladder was again telling me it was time for a leak so I slipped quietly out of the bed and wandered into the toilet. Too much cola I thought. I started to piss and the next thing there was Logan, standing beside me and his lovely dick starting to piss too. We crossed swords a few times and struggled to finish cleanly as our dicks became hard and excited.

I took Logan's into my hand and, as I kissed him, started to stroke him. He took mine and gave it a few tugs.

"C'mon my love, back to bed, I need my man."

He took my hand and led me back to our bed. We lay down on the bed facing one another and began some very serious making out. Our tongues probed deep into each other's mouth dancing over each other in concert. Logan's right leg was over mine and he adjusted himself to be on top of me, our bodies meshed together, our dicks and balls sliding, and grinding over each other in total ecstasy. This would not be like last night; this would be long and passionate.

We kissed, hard against one another, my hands on Logan's butt and the back of his head. His left hand stroked and held my face, his right wrapped around me. Our dicks leaked and lubricated the grinding, adding to the pleasure we were both feeling. Our hips moved in unison, complimenting each other's movements, stimulating ourselves and our partner, taking us towards the ultimate goal. Logan shifted again, sitting up and straddling me. He reached over to the handtowel, and lifted it. Underneath was a much worn tube of KY with just enough in it, perhaps, to do what we needed.

"All the way from Melbourne J, just for you man." No clothes, hardly any cash but the KY came along for the ride. Priorities.

"I would have expected nothing less babe."

He squirted all he could get from the tube onto his hand and reached behind, grabbing my cock and rubbing it up and around, and then he fingered himself, hopefully leaving the dregs where they were needed. He shifted and, holding my dick, slowly lowered himself onto me. As always, his aim was perfect and I slowly slid into him, his ring tight and his chute intensely warm. He moaned with pleasure as he bent over and we kissed while he got used to being filled. He had done well considering there had been no foreplay, no preparing him for my hardness.

Slowly he began to move up and down on me, steadily picking up the pace until he reached a steady action. I began shifting my hips, supplementing his movements. I concentrated on finding the soft warm lining of his chute, giving both of us sensory pleasure. I concentrated more, though, on finding his prostate which I knew would give him enormous gratification. It gave me pleasure just watching him react.

He leant back, just as he did the last time I was in him, back in the sandy hollow, and massaged his own chest, looking elegant, beautiful and very, very sexy. I squeezed, stroked and rubbed his dick, stimulating and pleasuring it. Beads of pre-cum leaked from him and I harvested it, feeding us both. Then he bent down again, kissing me deeply as we both moaned in pleasure. I rubbed his back, his head and his neck as we both became overcome with our passion, our love for one another. I tried going deeper, tried to penetrate him even more, desperate to provide us both with an orgasm worthy of his homecoming.

He leant back again and I sat up, pushing against him, his legs straightened as, holding his back with both arms, I gently lowered him so he was now lying on his back and I was on him, deep into him. We barely missed a beat as we changed positions and I leant in kissing once more as I maintained the pace. He shifted slightly and raised himself, wrapping his legs around me, allowing me to penetrate as deep as I possibly could. I raised myself and held his dick, continuing to stimulate it and looked into his eyes, those enchanting blue eyes. We both smiled as we became lost within our pleasuring.

I leant in and kissed him again and again before I felt him clamp down on my cock, flexing and squeezing it hard as he began his climax. I sat up just in time to see Logan begin his orgasm.

"Oh shitting fuck J, oh fuck, oh farrrrrrk."

Both his arms were at his sides, his hands clenching at the sheets as his climax took control. He stiffened up and grunted and whimpered as the first small shot of snow-white spunk flooded his navel. His dick took on a life of its own as it spasmed in total orgasmic pleasure. I stared in wonder as his second and third shots splashed down over his chin, his neck, his chest along with the pillow beside his head, while four and five lobbed over his lower chest and stomach before he finished off with one final spurt joining his first in and around his navel. His dick continued to spasm as it dribbled even more of his produce.

The flexing, his warm tightness and the spectacular performance before me was all too much and I plummeted over the edge, cumming deep within my lover as I expended my energy in the most wonderful experience I knew. I unloaded shot after shot into him and shivered with the intensity of it. As my orgasm subsided I leant in and kissed Logan again, cleaning his seed from his face and neck. I sat back up and looked at my man, both of us sweating a little, both of us breathing hard, trying to catch our breath.

"Well, fuck, that was intense love, you okay?"

"My word J, fucking excellent. Thank you babe, my ring is still twitching."

I smiled at my man and began collecting his orgasm from his chest and stomach, feeding it to us both. As my dick softened I pulled out of Logan and moved down to his navel, sucking up all that had puddled there and, holding it in my mouth, I moved back up the bed and kissed Logan deeply, our tongues lapping against each other as we shared the fruit of our labours. I returned to his stomach and crotch and I sucked, cleaned and kissed my way around his deflating dick then began my journey back up, licking and kissing his stomach, chest and firm nipples. When I got to his lips we kissed again and held each other, comfortable in our post-climax haze, contented to be back in each other's arms. We did not move for a while, nor did we talk. Just being there, together, was enough.

Eventually, I looked at my watch, 5.45; Dad would be calling us soon. We stayed there for a while longer, kissing, holding, loving.

Finally, I got up and said "Come on my man, time to clean up before our long journey home."

"I'm with you, babe." He left behind battle scarred bed linen but who cared? The housekeeper would know fun had been had in this room tonight!

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