A Boy's World

by Jason Redfeather

Chapter 8

I watched thick, blond hair bobbing and weaving, felt lush, full lips and a thick, wet tongue sliding up and down my shaft; what a luxury, how rich, to have this sexy, young god slathering exquisite lust upon my newly awakened boyhood toy! Jeffy leaned over and kissed me; I looked into his sweet blue eyes as electric waves twisted my insides, lit my belly on fire and erupted into Dagwynn's eager mouth.

"Oooooh!" I heard the twins exclaim.

I looked down and saw Dagwynn licking and slurping my glistening, cum-slathered cock; I guess he couldn't quite swallow it all, but continued to lick me clean. I was breathless and panting hard, thinking how wonderful Dagwynn was and how much I loved Jeffy, also that I was laying across a table with my pants around my ankles and my dick in the air, in a public restaurant.

"That was awesome!" Dagwynn said. "You're delicious!" He took my hand and pulled me up; he kissed me long and wetly, and I could taste myself on his soft, luscious lips. I was still breathless as our lips parted. I gazed into his lazy, blue eyes and he came close to give me another kiss.

"Well, now that all that's finished," Larissa said, "can we get something to eat around here?"

Dagwynn chuckled. "Of course!" he said. "I'll be right back." He turned and left the room.

I scooted my bare ass off the table and pulled my boxers and jeans up. We took our seats around the table and, moments later, a server-bot came in with two small tea pots and five small cups. A bit later, another server-bot came in with six plates or bright red food and white rice stacked on the center rack of its body.

As it passed the plates out to us, Dagwynn returned and sat in the sixth chair, between Nathan and Jeffy. He passed out chop-sticks to all of us, poured our tea, and we began eating.

I watched Jeffy, who was quite adept at using his chop-sticks, as was Larissa. I had learned to use them in school, but was long since out of practice; I fumbled with them and dropped several chunks of meat before finally getting one into my mouth. Nick and Nathan were also fumbling a bit and much of the dinner conversation turned to the proper use of chop-sticks. Dagwynn held his right hand out a couple times, moving the sticks like pinchers, so the twins could see, once again, how to hold them.

"Why do we have to use these, anyway?" Nick asked.

"Well, you don't want to look dumb, do you?" I asked him as I dropped another chunk. They giggled at me and went back to work on their food.

As we ate, Dagwynn told me that he also used to work on the Strip, renting himself out to men who desired his body. "I was twelve when I started," he said. "I was living with my grandma - she was one of the original colonists to settle here - anyway, Grandma got sick and couldn't work any more, and we needed money for food and her medications. I had no idea how to earn money. Then, one of my friends at school told me that men would pay to suck my dick. I didn't believe him at first, until he took me down to the Strip and showed me. I was so surprised! Turns out, he'd been doing it for a year and had earned over a thousand credits! Well, I tried it and I loved it; it had to be the best job in the universe! I got paid for jizzing, which I would have been doing anyway! So I told Grandma I got a job after school, and then started spending all my nights down here."

"What happened to your parents?" I asked.

"I never knew my dad," Dagwynn said. "He was an officer on an explorer ship and, after this colony was established, he left with his ship. I was born a couple months later. And my mom left with her new husband when I was three. They wanted to go to another colony, a planet that had just been opened to colonists, some place called Iconia 4, I think. But they knew it would be rough, and no place for a little kid, so they left me with Grandma. They said they would come back for me when things got better there, but they never did."

"So what's your story?" Dagwynn asked.

I told him about our system and how we'd come all this way, only to be cheated, and my family murdered. As I talked, I hadn't realized how close to the surface the tears were, even though now, it seemed like a whole other lifetime; I nearly began crying again, but finally managed to choke it down.

"Oh, yeah, I heard about that," he said, reaching over and taking my hand. He looked at me with gentle-eyed sympathy and squeezed my hand.

I struggled with my emotions, feeling my face on the verge of crumpling into tears, my eyes becoming blurry. His hand felt warm and gentle, very comforting; I could feel that he really cared.

"Well, now you have a new family," Dagwynn said.

I nodded, my lips quivering. We finished eating in silence as I re-ran the events at the SpacePort Inn over and over in my mind. Of course, I realized that if I had been there in the room with them, they would have murdered me too, but still, a part of me wished desperately that there had been something I could have done to stop it.

"We're going to Boy Island later!" Nick said, breaking the silence. "You wanna come?"

"I won't get off work for another four hours or so," Dagwynn replied. "But I'll stop by and, if you're still there, I'll come see you."

"Yeah!" Nathan said. "We'll probably still be there; we always stay late."

After our sumptuous sweet and sour feast, Dagwynn gave us each a good-bye kiss and turned to leave.

"Oh, how much do we owe for dinner?" I asked.

Dagwynn turned back and smiled. "You can pay me later," he said. "How about another shot of sperm?"

"OK!" I said. "Wait - do you mean a shot from me, or from you?"

"Yeah, that sounds good," he smiled and left.

I went to the one remaining server-bot and programmed its reader for ten credits. I slid my credit chit through the slot. "Make sure Dagwynn gets this tip," I said.

"Yes, Sir," the machine replied. "Thank you, Sir."

We headed out into the night. Of course, there were so many lights on the Strip, you'd never know it was night; the starry sky was all but blank from the glare. A huge yacht of gleaming white and dripping chrome was gliding by the restaurant as we exited; it must have been sixty or eighty meters long and took up fully half of the north-bound lane. It seemed to change color as it passed the different glowing signs, banners and lighted displays; hazy patches of red, green, orange and blue slid along its smooth, white contours; darkened oval viewports stared like gigantic eyes, reflecting the shops, restaurants and casinos as it passed.

High above the street, small craft of many shapes drifted, casting large holographic advertisements and other displays across whole blocks; I hadn't noticed them last night, though they were amazingly difficult to dismiss now.

As we walked back up the Strip, we passed several groups of boys, nearly all of whom had someone who would call a greeting to Jeffy or the twins. Smooth, bare legs and cute, bare belly buttons tugged my eyes in all directions; blue eyes, green eyes, brown eyes piercing, full lips and thin begging, clear skin and freckled enticing, blond hair, brown hair, red hair, curly, wavy and straight; everywhere I looked, their adorable, young smiles and slim, agile bodies filled my heart and head with dreams, and my pants with fantasies. I realized I could actually have any one of them I wanted, if the price was right! I felt like a kid in a candy store; which one? How many? I wanted all of them! I was in Boy Heaven!

Danya also greeted us, asking, "Have you guys eaten yet? Mack's is running a special."

"We went to Panda's," Nick and Nathan said together.

"Oh, well!" Danya exclaimed. "Did Dagwynn treat you right?"

"He sure did!" Jeffy said. "He's gonna meet us later, up at Boy Island."

"Spiff!" Danya replied. "Maybe I will too, if I'm not busy."

We crossed the boulevard and continued up to the Golden River casino, where we again allowed the sucking current of lights to draw us in the wide entrance. On the second level, we took a travel-pod up to the highest floating saucer, at least two hundred feet above the street. Instead of going up to the buffet, we took another escalator up onto the roof, where I discovered a wide, well-lighted swimming pool area, complete with water slides. From the escalator, a low, crescent-shaped building ran around to the north side of the pool area, housing snack bars, drink bars and shops with swimming paraphernalia.

"So, where is this Boy Island you were talking about?" I asked.

"You'll see," Jeffy said. He grabbed my hand and pulled me around behind the escalator. We rounded the end of the crescent-shaped building and stepped between small, potted trees that rimmed the rooftop. Just beyond a small door, marked "Employees Only," was a narrow, metal stair case that lead up one more level, to the roof of the shops.

"Shhhh," Jeffy said, with a finger across his lips. "Step lightly here, or it will echo through the whole building." We began climbing and I could feel the vibrations of our footsteps through the hand rails; we went slowly and out of step with each other.

As we came up onto the roof, I saw a long expanse of smooth, bare metal, sealed with a plastic material that was resistant to rain, corrosion, sunlight - just about anything but meteors. There were a number of big spot lights around the edge of the roof, casting great beams into the sky, as well as a number of vents, air conditioners, sky lights, and so on, all across the roof. However, there was a small area, right in the middle and extending up to the front of the building, that was almost completely shadowed; a quiet island of darkness in a sea of light that was the feeding frenzy of the Strip below. Across the front, rising above the rim of the roof, was the big sign that read "Golden River Casino," but its back was to us and its bright lights shown down into the avenue. On the other side, large banners rose above the edge of the roof, blocking our view of the pool area and its bright lights.

"Boy Island!" Jeffy announced as we waded into the shadows.

"Just stay away from the sky lights," Nick said.

"And the spot lights," Nathan added.

"Wow!" I exclaimed. "Spiff!"

"Yeah!" the twins said in unison.

"We can do anything we want up here," Nick said.

"And nobody can see!" Nathan continued.

"There's a table and some chairs over here," Jeffy said. "I guess the maintenance guys use them in the day time." He lead us toward the front of the building and we sat right behind the "River" part of the sign.

A holographic family swam by above the street, advertising a kid-friendly casino, projected from a high-flying air car. In spite of its bright colors and flashy appearance, it cast only long, dim shadows behind us, across the roof; most of its light was directed at the masses of people that walked up and down the sidewalks.

I straddled a bench beside the table and sat down; Jeffy straddled the bench in the same way, pushing his back into me. I wrapped my arms around him and hugged him close.

The twins immediately peeled off their shirts and kicked their flip-flops aside, leaving them strewn across the roof, and began running around, bare chested and bare-foot. I was a little surprised they hadn't pulled off their shorts, too. I watched as they went to the edge and peered over the steel rail, at the people and traffic below.

Jeffy took my hand and pulled it down to the lump in his shorts; I rubbed his four-inch boner through the denim fabric for a few minutes, then went up to his waistband and slipped my hand inside, against his warm, silky skin. I wrapped my hand around his hot, youth and stroked him up and down, until, minutes later, he gasped and quivered, and filled my palm with slick, hot liquid. When he finished, I carefully pulled my hand out of his pants, trying not to smear it too much, and licked him from my fingers; I loved the taste of fresh boy.

Minutes later, Rick appeared behind us, walking out of the darkness at the end of the building. "Yeah, I thought I'd find you guys here," he said.

"Hi, Rick!" Nick called as they ran in wide circles around the sea of shadow.

"Hi, Rick," Nathan called.

"Let me guess," Rick said. "Sweet and sour at Panda Moon?"

"Yeah," I replied. "How did you know?"

"They always get a hell of a sugar-rush from that," he said. "That's one of the reasons they're here; they get really hyper sometimes - that, and their mom's a serious druggie! She just couldn't handle them!"

"That's too bad," I said. "I thought they seemed a little frantic when they took their shirts and flip-flops off. I was surprised they didn't take their shorts off, too!"

Suddenly, the twins stopped in their tracks and looked at each other; obviously, they hadn't thought of that. Immediately, they pushed their shorts down and kicked them off their bare feet, then continued to run around in big circles, completely naked.

"Oh, that's better!" Rick chuckled. He stepped closer to the end of the table and, hands on the corners, leaned over it. "So, I hear Josh has been teaching you to suck cock," he said. "Show me what you've learned." He straightened up and unzipped his denim cut-offs, then fished his big dick out into the open. His boner was thick and hard, standing out a good eight inches, uncircumcised and with a perfect, half-sheathed helmet of smooth, lollipop flesh.

I got up from behind Jeffy and sat down on the end of the bench, closer to Rick. From the first moment I'd seen him on the Strip last night, I thought he was a very attractive, sexy young man; that's why I offered so little resistance when he grabbed my hand and lead me away from the bus stop. As I'd seen Dagwynn do, I opened my mouth wide and pushed Rick's big cock down my throat. I nearly gagged, but held my own. I drew back slowly and dragged my lips and tongue up his shaft. I held his smooth, round helmet between my lips and circled and flicked it with my tongue. I swallowed him again, holding him in my throat longer this time, then backed off and swallowed him again.

I reached up and unbuttoned his cut-offs, and let them slide down his thighs; his legs were smooth, his muscles firm and rounded. I cupped his dangling balls in my hand and caressed them gently, as I liked to do to my own. I slathered and lapped at the underside of his cock, just below his heart-shaped cap, where I knew my own was the most sensitive.

Rick moaned softly and brought one hand up to the side of my head, running his fingers gently through my hair. In just a couple minutes, his body began to tense up and tremble; he seemed to really like being licked and rubbed just under his helmet, so that's where I concentrated my attention. A moment later, Rick jerked and shuddered, and my mouth was flooded with him. Forceful spurts hit the back of my throat and washed over my tongue; the mild saltiness made my tongue tingle. I swallowed and swallowed again, and thought about his sperm mingling with Dagwynn's and Jeffy's in my belly; they were all part of me now.

"Oh, that was great, kid!" Rick said. "You learn fast."

"I enjoy my work," I replied.

"That's good!" Rick said. "I think you're gonna be getting a lot of work real soon." He pulled up his shorts and tucked his major-league bat inside. It still made a long bulge across to his left hip; if he'd pointed it down, it would have burst right out the bottom of his cut-offs, for all to see! "I'm sensing a few moves from Dagwynn in there, too, right?"

"Yeah, he showed me a couple things," I admitted.

"And did you get a good drink of him?" Rick asked.

"Oh, yeah," I replied. "I sure did!"

"Yeah, he's real tasty," Rick said. He stepped over to the edge of the roof and looked down.

I followed and stood next to him. We watched the boys standing around against the buildings across the street, where a nice slice of bare-legged Boy Heaven lurked. A gleaming, silver car pulled up along the curb and caught the boys' attention. A blond boy in a yellow shirt sauntered over to the passenger side and bent down to talk to the driver. A moment later, he got in and the car pulled away.

"Where do all these kids live?" I asked as Jeffy came to my side.

"All over the place," Rick said. "Some with family, some with gangs of kids, like you guys. There are probably twenty or thirty warehouses, garages and other places where gangs of kids live. They're the ones nobody else wants - like you guys..."

Several passers-by stopped to talk to the boys across the street; every once in a while, one would walk away with a boy and disappear into the dark alley a few doors down. I watched as, moments later, the two would emerge and go their separate ways, the boy returning to his group and the man, on to whatever other amusements he could find.

"See that one kid down there?" Rick said. "The one in the light blue shirt?" I nodded. "His name is Dirk. He's the youngest kid from my barn working the street; he's only twelve."

"Same as Jeffy," I remarked, slipping my arm around Jeffy's shoulders.

"I usually don't let kids that young work the Strip, but him, I couldn't stop - well - short of hog-tying him, that is."

"He wanted to work?" I asked; as I watched another car, a sleek black one, pulled to the curb and catch the attention of the boys across the street.

"His dad had him out there doing that when he was eight!" Rick said.

Dirk went to the car and talked to the driver.

"His dad passed him around to all his friends, too!" Rick said. "But then he found out that his dad was a Nirkad, and they were just waiting for him to get old enough to sacrifice. So he ran away."

Dirk pulled off his light blue shirt, tucked it into the back of his shorts, and got into the black car.

"He already knew most of the kids on the Strip," Rick said. "So he came straight to me for a place to stay."

"What do these Nirkads look like?" I asked.

"Well, that's the trick of it," Rick said. "They look just like anybody else on the street. But from what I hear, if they're going to sacrifice you, they won't touch you for sex; they'll only whip the shit out of you and torture you, so that you'll be 'purified' for the devil."

"Isn't there anything we can do?" I asked. "What about the police?"

"The Nirkads have a lot of very rich and powerful members," Rick said. "One of them even owns this casino..."

"Which casino?" Jeffy asked.

"The one you're standing on, dick-brain!" Rick replied. Then he grew silent for a moment. "Oh shit!" Rick exclaimed suddenly. "Why didn't I think of that before? Where's Michael?"

"I don't know," Jeffy said. "Somewhere down there, working the Strip, I guess."

"I gotta find him!" Rick said, and he rushed away toward the back stairs.

"What was that about?" I asked.

"I don't know," Jeffy said. "I hope Michael isn't in trouble!" He and I stood there for another half hour or so, watching the boys across the street. A car pulled up and dropped a boy off and minutes later, another car picked up another boy. A short time later, the black car returned and dropped Dirk off, his shirt still tucked into his shorts; he rejoined the group and went on laughing and joking with them as if nothing had happened.

"Hey, guys!" Dagwynn called, walking across the roof. "What's going on?"

"Dagwynn!" the twins exclaimed. Both naked boys launched themselves into the shirtless teen's arms, nearly knocking him over. Dagwynn kissed each of them on the cheek, then they took his hands and dragged him to the table.

"Hey, Dagwynn," Jeffy said as he and I met him at the table.

As Dagwynn straddled the bench, Nick sat in front of him, pressing himself back against the grinning teenager. With a little pouting expression, Nathan came around to my side of the table and wedged himself between Jeffy and I. I had to admit, I loved the feel of his smooth, naked boy body pressed against me; I even pulled my shirt up and tucked it behind my head, so I could share more skin-to-skin contact with him. As I slipped my arms around him, Nathan immediately took my hand and pressed it firmly against the stiffness between his creamy thighs; of course, I knew instantly what he wanted. I began gently rubbing his hot, little boner up and down in my palm.

"So, what's going on?" Dagwynn asked again.

"Not much," I replied. I looked over and saw that he was pleasuring Nick the same way I was his brother.

"Logan gave Rick a great blow job!" Jeffy said.

"Oh, yeah?" Dagwynn remarked. "Rick approved, did he?"

"Yeah, big time!" Jeffy said. "He didn't say a single thing bad about it!"

"Spiff!" Dagwynn replied. "I didn't think there was anything wrong with the one he gave me, either; it was perfectly delicious!"

"Yes, you were!" I said, and Dagwynn laughed.

"So where is Rick now?" he asked.

"He went off to find Michael," Jeffy said.

"Seeing them do it made my dick hard!" Nathan said.

"Yeah, mine too!" Nick added.

"Mine too!" Jeffy chimed in.

"Mine too!" I chuckled.

Nathan reached behind himself, to feel me; I was still more than half hard. "Doesn't that thing ever get enough?" he asked.

"I don't think so," I said.

"How many times have you cummed today?" Nick asked.

"I don't know," I replied. "I've lost count!"

Nathan's fingers found the zipper of my old jeans and pulled it down.

"What are you doing down there?" I asked.

"Nothing," he said, grinning, as I felt his fingers wrap around my bare skin and pull it out.

"Owe!" I exclaimed as I felt it scrape passed the zipper's little, plastic teeth.

"Sorry," he said.

He began stroking me and rubbing me against his smooth, bare back. I was fully hard again in an instant, and I'm sure I was leaving slick little trails of precum across his lower back. I kept rubbing his sweet, little boner, too, and soon, he grabbed my hand with both of his, pressing it hard against his throbbing stiffy. Nathan quivered for a moment, his belly tightened and I felt his boyboner jump against my palm.

As if plugged into each other, Nick, across the table, tensed up also, and began to quiver. Both twins moaned and sighed softly, then relaxed together. Once again, I wished they were just a little older, so they might leave something in my palm to taste!

As the twins quieted down, I looked up at the bright stars, the strange constellations in the velvety black sky. I was amazed at how they could appear so different, though we'd only traveled sixty-eight lightyears from Earth. As I looked, they began to slide around and mash together, another trick of my crazy eyes!

Then another high-flying air car passed over, projecting another holographic ad above the Strip; that brought my attention back here.

"So, what was it like, working the Strip?" I asked Dagwynn.

He thought for a moment. "Well," he said, and paused again. "It was scary at first. All those strange men wanting to do things to me - things they could never do with their own wives or sons, or anybody. It almost seemed like half the men in the colony wanted to suck my dick!"

"Wow!" I mused.

"Yeah, it was pretty crazy," he said. "I remember one time..." Dagwynn sat there for a good hour, telling of his many experiences with men that had picked him up, and the times his grandma had nearly found out what he was doing. He loved the boys on the Strip and would often suck them off, on slow nights; they would return the favor, too, nearly any time!

The twins fell asleep in our arms and Jeffy was starting to nod off, too. "OK," I said at last, as Jeffy's nose was about to hit the table. "I guess it's time for bed." I shook Jeffy awake. "I'm gonna need help getting these two home, but Rick said not to bring anyone there without checking with him first."

"It's OK," Jeffy said. "Dagwynn's been there before, lots of times."

"Oh, OK, great!" I said. I got up and squatted beside the bench as Jeffy helped the sleeping, naked Nathan onto my back. Then we came around the table and helped Nick, also naked, onto Dagwynn's back.

"Grab those, would you, please," I said to Jeffy, and waited for him to gather up the twins' stray clothes and flip-flops. We carried the sleeping, naked twins to the end of the building and, before starting down the long stairs, waited for Jeffy to piss off the side. His golden stream vanished somewhere over the golf course. I had to admit, I needed to go too, but with Nathan on my back, it would have been awkward; I decided to wait until we got back to the barn.

I think it must have been close to three o'clock in the morning when we rode a travel-pod down to the casino atrium. There was hardly anyone there as Dagwynn and I walked through the main gaming floor with two completely naked ten-year-old boys on our backs. We drew only a couple odd looks, but the ever-present dealer and security bots ignored us.

Outside, the boulevard had quieted a bit and the traffic was easing up. Most of the boys had drifted off and the few that remained stood around in small groups, talking and occasionally groping each other. We rounded the corner and entered the alley; I felt better as the shadows engulfed us.

We entered the barn. Only three of the colored neon lights were still on; we gently closed the squeaky door behind us and padded up to the second-level loft. Dagwynn and I laid the twins on their nest of blankets and covered them; he gave each of them a kiss on the cheek.

"Don't go..." Nathan mumbled, so Dagwynn sat down beside him, and I on the other side of Nick, with Jeffy at my side.

"So, why did you quit working the strip?" I asked.

"Rick's boss made me an offer I couldn't refuse," he said.

"Rick has a boss?" I was surprised; Rick didn't seem like the type to take orders from anyone.

"Oh, yeah, he has a boss," Dagwynn said. "The guy that owns the Golden River - I think he's Rick's great uncle, or something. Anyway, he told me I was getting too old and I was taking business away from the younger boys. So he got me a job with his cousin - he owns the Panda Moon - and he pays me five hundred credits a month for my sperm. He also keeps the Nirkads off my back."

"Your sperm?" I asked.

"Yeah," Dagwynn said. "He wanted me to donate sperm, so there would be more cute boys like me around. So I go down to the clinic a couple times a week and jack off into a cup. Then they send it around the colony and even off world, to women who can't get pregnant with their husbands. Right now, I have three children on this planet and seven on other colony worlds!"

"Wait, you have ten kids?" I was astonished.

"So far," he smiled. "I wonder if they'll grow up to be queer, like me..."

Several minutes later, with the twins asleep, Jeffy and I walked Dagwynn down to the door. He kissed each of us on our lips and reminded us of our spa-day at his place, later today.

"How much time does that give us to sleep?" I mused as we walked back to the stairs.

"Don't worry," Jeffy said. "This planet has a twenty-eight hour day!"

On the third-level loft, we stripped naked and snuggled into our own nest of blankets. Josh and Kevin were already there, sleeping peacefully in a tangle of bare arms and legs. Jeffy pushed back into me, spooning with me; my face lay against the back of his neck, which I kissed and breathed in deep the secret, boyish scent of him; his silky hair tickled my nose.

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