My First Time As Soni

by Jared Dreamer

Chapter 1

"Soni," I whispered to myself in front of the mirror. "Sonia. Soni." I tried the name out on my tongue. I let it roll around. I felt sexy when I said it.

That was the summer I turned 13 and started dressing like a girl as much as I could, especially when my friend Mike came over.

"I'm not Scott," I said insistently to the mirror, with pursed lips and a little kiss to myself. "I'm Soni. Hello. I love you, Mike. I'm Soni."

I was just talking nonsense talk of course, but it felt good to say it out loud thinking of my best friend, getting hard in my panties, but still trying to tuck my cock down so it wouldn't show as I stood there wearing my cousin's skirt and panties and training bra I stole from her house when we went over there for her birthday party last weekend.

She turned 10. Her stuff was really little, and it looked really sexy on me. Tight. Short. I wasn't a big kid at 13, so it fit me fine. Just tight. Just little and tight. Sexy.

"Soni," I whispered. "Call me Soni, Mike."

I leaned into the mirror and kissed it. I practiced French kissing myself.

Mike and I had never French kissed, we didn't want to be gay, but we'd done a ton of dick stuff.

He started doing dick stuff with me when we were both 9 or 10. He found a bunch of magazines that his dad had out in the garage. They were magazines where guys fuck girls. Really dirty ones, with cocks going into pussies and stuff. He loved looking at girl parts too. I just liked the guy parts. But it was sexy to look at people doing it to each other.

So we started looking at them one day, and we both got little boners, and before I knew it, we were both standing out in his garage with his pants around our ankles, and he taught me how to jack off my little cock that day. He told me his cousin taught him.

I never met Mike's cousin, but he was two years older, and he taught Mike a bunch of stuff.

He taught him jacking off and blowjobs, which Mike taught me. He taught him 69'ing, so we do that too now.

So yeah. Mike and I do a bunch of dick stuff together. We've sucked each other a ton of times. He has sperm already but I don't have any yet.

Mike wants to butt fuck me because his cousin butt fucks him, but I don't know if I want to do that part yet. That part scares me because I think it might hurt. So mostly we just jack each other off and suck each other's cocks and do 69's and stuff. I swallow his sperm when I suck him and he says that's really hot.

I wish we were boyfriend and boyfriend, but he's not that way. He still says he likes girls and even though he does a bunch of stuff with me and his cousin, he still says he's just practicing for girls.

Fine, I guess. As long as he keeps doing stuff with me.

This story's about the first time he butt fucked me.

He was at my cousin Amy's birthday party with me. Mike comes to a lot of our family stuff. He's just good kid my mom likes, and we've known each other since second grade, so he's always just with me.

And we were at Amy's, and she's ten now, and we were sitting in the living room alone, just me and him, kind of being gross and talking about dick stuff when Amy walked in to get her shoes from over by the door – I think she wanted to go outside in the back yard with some of her friends – and when she bent down to pick up her shoes, me and Mike could see right up her skirt and we got a good look of her panties. They were blue with yellow butterflies.

"Man, that was hot," Mike said, after she left. "Did you see how her skirt went up and how you could see her butt cheek under panties?"

"Sicko," I laughed. "She's ten, man."

"So?" he shrugged. "I'd still put it in her, wouldn't you?"

"Gross," I laughed, feeling creeped-out. "She's my cousin!"

"So?" he shrugged. "I've got a cousin. I let him stick his dick up my butt!"

"SHHH!" I said. "Everybody's right out in the kitchen!"

"I'm sorry," he grinned. "I'm just saying, who cares if she's your cousin, man. I'd still do it up her hole."

"Whatever," I said, feeling jealous actually. I sort of gave him the silent treatment.

"Did I say something wrong?" he asked.

"No," I said. "I just thought, whatever. I mean, you and me. The stuff we do."

"Aw," he said, reaching over and ruffling my hair. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean she's hotter than you."

"Hmph," I kind of grumbled.

"Hey!" he said brightly. "Go upstairs and steal one of her skirts and a pair of her panties and you can bend over for me too!"

I took a couch pillow and threw it at him.

"Sicko!" I laughed.

But inside I wasn't laughing at all. Inside, it made me excited when he said it. Inside, I already knew I was going to do it.

And I did.

Later in the party, when Mike was outside, I ran up in her room, opened her dresser drawer. Grabbed a skirt, grabbed some panties, grabbed a training bra, stuffed them all under my shirt, ran outside. Hid them under the car seat, and that was how my first Soni outfit was born. Stolen from my 10-year-old cousin Amy from her birthday party.

So, I practiced wearing them the whole next week. After school, before my mom got home from work, I'd put them on and look at myself in the mirror. I looked pretty in them. Sexy.

"Soni," I whispered to myself in front of the mirror. "Sonia. Soni." I tried the name out on my tongue. I let it roll around. I felt sexy when I said it.

I practiced putting some makeup on. Just a little lipstick and lip gloss. And some of my mom's eyeshadow. And Amy's panties. And Amy's skirt. And Amy's training bra. And a t-shirt of mine that was really super small. Very tight. I looked so much like a girl in that outfit. I ran my hands over my own chest. "Boobies," I thought. My own sexy boobies. My own dick got really hard when I wore her panties which annoyed me, because I was also trying to press it backwards between my legs. You know. So it wouldn't show. So it would look like I had a pussy.

"I'm not Scott," I said insistently to the mirror, with pursed lips and a little kiss to myself. "I'm Soni. Hello. I love you, Mike. I'm Soni."

Mike was coming over after school. For dinner.

I beat him to my house. He had to drop off his books at home and ask his mom.

I hurried and put the skirt and panties on before he got there. I put some lipstick and eye shadow on.

I wondered if he'd like me like this, dressed up like Amy. If he'd think I was sexy like this, or laugh and think I was stupid.

I wondered if he'd let me suck his cock like this.

I mean, I was pretty sure about that part. We sucked each other's cocks all the time as boys.

But I wondered if he'd let me suck a cock like this, on my knees, with lipstick on. With his cock going in and out of my mouth with me on my knees. In a skirt. Dressed as Soni.

When he got to my house, I was upstairs in my room, behind my closed door. Nobody else was home. My mom was still at work.

"Are you up there?" he yelled up the stairs after he let himself in.

"Yeah!" I said. "Come up, but don't come in yet."

"What?" he laughed and I could hear him clomping up the stairs. He stopped at the door.

"Are you ready?" I asked him.

"Ready for what?" he asked. "You got a surprise in there?"

I giggled.

"What?" he laughed. "Is it a present for me?"

"Kind of," I said shyly, and I opened up the door.

He saw me standing there in a too-tight t-shirt, a skirt and make-up. His eyes bugged out of his head.

"Oh wow!" he said. "Oh, wow, wow, wow! What the hell, man?!"

I shrugged. "You told me you wanted me to steal one of Amy's skirts."

"OH WOW!" he grinned. "I was just kidding, man. I didn't think you'd do it!!"

I pouted. "You don't like it?"

"OH MAN," he said. "Are you kidding? I LOVE IT! You look really hot, Scott. Super hot!"

"Thanks," I blushed. "I wanted to tell him to call me Soni, but I felt embarrassed. Felt dumb."

He looked me up and down and started rubbing his cock through his jeans a little.

"Wow," he whispered, getting turned on. "Do you think we could do stuff real quick? You know. Before your mom gets home."

I smiled at him.

He looked nervous to even ask it, but he looked at my lips and my legs and my butt shape under my shirt.

"Can you –" he whispered nervously, like somebody might hear him, even though nobody was home, "would you – you know – suck my thing while you're wearing that."

I nodded and got down on my knees.

"Oh, wow," he said, and he unzipped his pants and lowered his jeans and undies a little and his dick popped out, smelling good and strong as usual. Mike had a little bit of pubes down there. I didn't' have any.

I opened my mouth and took his cock inside me like I'd done a million times and he tasted good as always.

"Oh, wow," he said, touching my head lightly as I sucked him. I wish you could see how hot this looks, my dick going in your mouth when it has lipstick on. Man, I swear you look just like a girl. This is SO hot, Scott. WOW."

"I bet you don't want to look up Amy's skirt now," I giggled. "I bet you'd rather see my panties today."

His eyes bugged out again.

"You've got her panties on too?" he gasped. "Oh man, let me see, let me see!"

I stood up and slowly walked across the room for him. I turned around with my back toward him. Bent over on the floor like I was picking something up. Reached one hand back and pulled my skirt up a little. Showed him my panties. They were yellow. With little red hearts and flowers.

"Oh, man," he said, and there was something deep and scary-exciting in his voice. "Oh man, Scott, that's hot."

I turned back to him and lifted my t-shirt up. I had Amy's training bra on. He sucked in air. Made a gasping sound.

His dick was still out, sticking straight up in the air.

I lifted my skirt up. I had my dick tucked down and between my legs and I squeezed them together. It looked like I had a pussy.

"Oh man," he whispered. "You are so hot right now."

I turned around. Lifted my skirt up again. Showed him my panties from behind.

I don't know why I did it, but I licked my finger in my mouth and put it down my panties and I reached in between my cheeks a little and I stuck it in my butt. Just a little.

He moaned.

"Oh man, Scott. I'm so hard looking at you in those panties, man, you gotta let me stick my dick inside you this time. Please man, please?"

I still wasn't sure. We'd never ever butt fucked before.

But he was so excited, looking at me in Amy's skirt and panties. His dick was so, so hard.

"Please, Scott please. Just let me stick it in you just this once. It's all I'll ever ask."

"No way, man. I think it would hurt too much!"

"No it won't. I promise I'll be really gentle. I promise, I promise, I promise."

"I don't know."

"Please, man. I'm begging you. You are so pretty, Scott. I swear it won't hurt. My cousin does it to me all the time and he's 15. He's way bigger than me. And as long as he goes super slow when he puts it in, it doesn't hurt at all! You'll see! I swear!"

I was scared, but kind of excited at the same time. I liked him so much. I wanted make him feel good that way, but we'd never gone this far before. There's a big difference between blow jobs and butt fucking. But man, I wanted to try it so much. I was so nervous, but I wanted to see what it felt like.

I felt so good like this. So much like a girl for him. And I wanted to have him inside me for real, even though I was scared about what it would feel like. Even though I was scared I might not like it. I was nervous, excited, scared and wanting it, all at the same time.

"Okay," I said finally, "But if I say stop you have to stop."

"I swear! I promise!"

He looked so happy when I told him he could try it in me.

"I mean it," I said. "If it hurts to much, you have to take it out."

"Promise!" he said, fumbling with his clothes. "Stack of Bibles."

He kicked off his pants the rest of the way, then pulled off his underwear too, and stood there with his huge cock pointing straight up.

"I don't know," I said, looking at his dick.

"Please, Scott," he moaned. "I'm begging. I'll do anything back you want. You can do it to me too. Anything."

"Okay," I said. "But it looks so big."

I've seen his cock lots of times and even sucked his boner a bunch, and really, it's not that huge, it's only 4-and-a-half inches. Not even 5 yet. But man, let me tell you something. A cock looks way bigger when you know it's going to get stuck up your ass for the first time. WAY bigger.

But still I felt sexy. Still I wanted to try it finally. I knew we'd do this someday. I just didn't know it would be like this. With me being a girl for him. With me feeling so sexy and heart-poundy about it.

"How do you want me," I asked him. I didn't know how this worked. I'd never done this before. "On my back? On my belly? Laying on the bed? Kneeling on my hands and knees?"

"Oh, yes," he said, and I could hear how excited he was in his voice. "On your hands and knees. Please. Pleeeease."

I got on the end of the bed and kind of scooted up a little so I was on my hands and knees like a dog, but my butt was pointed back at him while he stood on the floor at the end of the bed.

I could hear him spitting in his hand and getting his dick wet with it. Stroking himself looking at me. He ran his hands over my sides, caressing me. I felt tingly at his touch.

"Oh, yeah," he said. "You're so pretty, Scott. You are so pretty man."

I felt his hand go up my skirt and cup my bottom. God, it felt good when he squeezed it like that.

I felt his wet finger slide up through the leg band of my panties, searching for my asshole. He found it and pressed forward.

"Ow," I winced. "Not enough spit. Get it wetter!"

"Sorry! Sorry!" he said, withdrawing it quickly and sucking more spit on it.

He pushed if forward again and that time it went in better. I winced past the first muscle. It really did hurt a little getting past the second muscle, but he did it. And then after a sigh it really did feel okay.

"Oh man," he whispered. "You feel so hot and tight inside. Is this okay? Is it feeling okay?"

"Mmm-hmm," I said, and I really wasn't kidding. It felt really good and full feeling him slide his finger in and out of my butt like that. I felt like all of this was really okay. Like I was supposed to let him do this to me. Like my butt was made just right for this.

"Oh man, I really want to fuck you, Scott. Can I fuck your butthole now?"

I could almost hear a moan in his voice when he said it. Like his voice was really shaking. Like he was really needing it a lot.

"Go ahead," I said nervously. "But really slow. And use lots of spit."

He pulled my skirt down and I heard him gasp as he looked at my bottom again in my panties.

"Oh my God," he said. "You look so hot in those. You totally have a girl's ass. You are so sexy, Scott."

I felt good when he said that. Special. I was feeling kind of hot in my neck. And twisty in my butt. Like I wanted to twist my butt and offer it to him more. I started twisting it toward him. Moving it around a little. And he moaned really loud.

"Oh God," he said. "I'm gonna cum in my pants before I even get it in your butt."

I felt him pull my panties down. And I helped him kick them off. My skirt and panties were piled on the floor next to his jeans and undies.

"Sooooo pretty," he moaned, squeezing and massaging my butt cheeks. "I've wanted this so much. I've jacked off thinking of this a million times."

I twisted my butt back at him more, letting him know I was ready for it.

I heard him spitting on his hand again, getting his dick wetter, but when he tried to put it in me, the angle was wrong. I was up too high.

"Maybe scoot down," he said. "With your legs on the floor, but still bent over the bed."

I did what he said. Hopped down to the floor, and bent over the bed all the way down to my chest so my ass was at the right level for him.

"Oh wow," he said again. "That looks so perfect like that."

And then I could tell he was dropping to his knees.

"What?" I asked, not knowing what he was doing.

"Don't be grossed out, Scott. I'm sorry. I've wanted to do this for so long."

And before I could say anything, his whole face was in my butt cheeks, and he was pulling them apart with his hands, and oh my God, I felt his TONGUE go in my BUTTHOLE. Oh my God! It felt like electricity!

I heard him go "MMMMM," and then I don't remember what happened next, only that every nerve ending in my butthole was just lighting up on fire, and I was seeing all sorts of sparkles in front of my eyes, and I felt dizzy and I felt like I was going to faint.

He licked my butt for a LONG time. And I know I was twisting back against his face and his mouth and his tongue. I could feel his tongue trying to poke inside me. I'd never felt like this before. I wanted him to fuck me now for sure.

"Suck my cock," he whispered. "Get it wet."

Instantly I turned around. Just flipped around on my tummy while he stood up and he put his cock in my mouth. It was wet from his spit, but there was also a long string of shiny stuff on the end, which I licked up, swallowed, and moaned at how sweet it tasted. His cock was super hard and I got it as wet as I could. He was pushing it in my mouth far. I felt him scrape my teeth, but he didn't seem to care. He grabbed my head and fucked it in my mouth a couple times. I got it super wet.

"Okay," he said breathlessly. "I'm gonna cum soon. I don't want to cum in your mouth. I want it in your butt."

"Okay," I told him, and I turned back around the other way and lined my butt back up to the tip of his cock.

"Here it comes," he whispered, holding my ass cheek open with one hand, and placing his cock to the entrance of my ass with his other hand.

He slowly pushed forward and –

"Ow! Go slow! Go slow!"

"Sorry! Sorry!"

He slowed it down and pushed it inside me – past the first ring –

"Ow! Slower!"

"Oh fuck, Scott, you feel so good."

I felt his cock trying to get past my second ring, and I pushed out a little, pushed with my poop muscles, and suddenly it slid up into me, quickly, firmly, far, like I could almost feel it in my throat.

"Ohhhhh God," he moaned.

I gasped at the bigness of it. The fullness. I didn't know it would feel this big inside me.

"Is it okay?" he asked nervously, like he was afraid I'd make him take it out.

"It's fine," I told him. "It's good. It's big. Just don't move it for a second. Let me catch my breath."

He stood there with his dick so hard inside me, I thought it might snap. I could hear him breathing. I could feel his legs shaking. He was a little on his tiptoes to line it up right with my asshole, and I could feel his legs actually shaking to hold that position.

"Okay, I told him after a few seconds. "Go slow, but move it in and out."

He did what I asked and started slowly pulling it almost out then pushing it forward again.

"Oh God, oh God, Scott," he whispered. "This feels so good. Oh God, man, you're so hot inside."

I couldn't say anything. It really did feel like his cock was in my throat somehow. It felt really deep. Really big. It made my asshole hurt, but in a good, full, crowded way. Like filled in complete. Like there'd be no room for anything else.

"I'm sorry," he whispered, and his legs were super shaky. "I'm gonna cum. I'm gonna cum really fast in here. I can't make it."

"It's okay," I told him. "Go ahead, do it. Cum in me."

I squeezed my ass muscles together around his dick really hard, and he moaned really loud and he grabbed my hips and started punching his dick in me really hard – one, two, three hard thrusts ---

"Ow!" I said. "Too fast! Too far!"

"I'm sorry!" he gasped, but he jabbed if four more times again, really strong, really shaky, and then –

"AHHHNNNGGGHHH!" he grunted and then he just pulled me too him. He pulled my hips back super far on his cock and it completely went into me as far as he could push it, and I felt him shaking all over and his hips just locked into me as he shot his cum inside my butt, as deep as it ever could go.

I squeezed my ass muscles again and tried to milk it out of him.

"Oh God, Oh God," he whispered. And I could feel drops of sweat drop off his forehead and onto my back. He was shaky and sweaty.

He started to pull it out.

"No!" I said quickly. "Leave it in! Hold it in really far like that again."

He did what I said. He pushed it back in. It felt really gooey and a little softer now, but he pushed it back in as far as it would go, and I felt that good full feeling in my throat again. That complete feeling. That filled-up to overflowing feeling.

"That felt so good, Scott," he said to me, stroking the back of my head. But nervously, like he didn't know if he had permission to pet me like that. To be tender like that.

"Mmmm, I said, contented, just enjoying the fullness of him until he really did get soft, and it plopped out in a mess of cum and stickiness.

"I'm sorry I came so fast," he said. "It was just too exciting in there. It felt too good. I couldn't stop it."

"It's okay," I told him. "Next time you'll last longer."

He looked so happy when I said that.

"Really? I can do it again?"

I laughed and nodded.

"When?" he said, all eager, like he wanted to do it right then.

I looked at the clock. My mom would be home in five minutes.

"Tonight," I told him. "Sleep over. We can do stuff after my mom goes to sleep."

"Oh yesssssss," he moaned. "Will you wear the panties again? The skirt? And can I take them off you again?"

I nodded yes, because it really did feel sexy when he did that.

"Can I give you a girl name?" he blushed and looked embarrassed.

I shrugged, embarrassed myself. "I already have one."

"Oh my God," he shivered. "You really like this, don't you?" Then he really turned red and came right up and whispered in my ear, "Can I call you by your girl name when I fuck you?"

He got me so hot when he whispered in my ear "when I fuck you." It made my whole neck get goosebumps.

"Mmm-hmm," I nodded in the sexiest voice I could make. "You want to know what my girl name is?"

"What?" he whispered.

"Soni," I said. "It's short for Sonia."

He shivered.

"Soni," he repeated. "God, that's hot. Scott. Soni. I love that."

He put his arms around me and hugged me a little. Awkwardly, like he didn't know how do it.

I took his arms and helped him hold me. You know. Like a slow dance in the gym.

He held me like that and we hugged in place a little until we heard my mom pull in the driveway.

He hugged me. Smelled my skin. Breathed in my neck and hair.

"Soni," he whispered. "I want to do it to you again, Soni. I want to fuck you, Soni."

My whole body shivered and got goosebumps.

"Tonight," I promised him, reaching down and rubbing his cock, which was really super hard again. Hard and pressing into me.

He kissed the top of my head a little and reached back and squeezed by ass cheeks.

"Tonight," he said. And he let his finger run down my crack and he pressed it into me, making me hiss and arch up as it slid inside the stickiness he left in my butt. He pushed it up far. He finger fucked me with his own sperm in my butt.

"I'm gonna fuck you, Soni," he growled quietly. And the whisper was full of sexy hot promise. "I'm gonna fuck you so hard tonight."

And that night at the sleepover, that's was officially the start of how Scott became Soni.

And Soni got fucked that night. Super hard and super long.

Man, did she get fucked that night.

I'll tell you soon.

I promise. I swear.

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