The New Adventures of Jamie

by Jamie Mac

Chapter 19

Danger Ahead

As the evening wore on, the boys had all gathered in Jamie's room to watch the final movie of the trilogy that Kyle and Jamie had started. They all gathered on the floor, pillows strewn everywhere for comfort, as they ate popcorn, drank soda, and had a good time. Midway through the movie Jamie had drifted off to sleep, and the rest of the boys decided maybe it was time to call it a night. Eric stood up, stopped the DVD player, and shut the system down; Swift was picking up the bowls and bottles that littered the floor, placing them so that the Brownies could take care of them.

Kyle scooped up the sleeping form of Jamie and placed him on the bed. He took Jamie's shoes off, then took his pants off, and finally pulled his shirt over his head, which caused Jamie's hair to stand up all over the place. Jamie stirred as Kyle set him down, he took Kyle's hand in his and whispered, "Stay with me, I don't wanna be alone."

"Sure thing Sunshine," replied Kyle. "Hey guys, go ahead and go. I'm going to stay with Jamie for a while, he's feeling lonely."

"Okay," Swift replied, with a slight wink. "Goodnight you guys."

"Night Kyle, Jamie. Sleep well," said Eric, who then walked out and closed the door behind him.

Jamie woke just enough to slip his T-shirt off and roll his underwear down his legs, kicking them off on the floor; he was so tired that he then immediately crawled beneath the covers on the bed. Kyle turned around and saw that Jamie was already under the blankets, yet not fully covered up. So he walked around the bed and pulled the comforter up to Jamie's chin, then he grabbed his teddy bear and slipped it next to him. Jamie reached out and pulled the bear underneath the blankets with him and smiled up at Kyle.

"I've never been tucked in before," he said softly, enjoying the attention he was getting from Kyle.

"There is a first time for everything, and hopefully never a last," Kyle replied.

Kyle took his pants and shirt off, leaving them in a pile on the floor. As he started to get into the bed Jamie said, "You can sleep like me if you want." He then raised up the comforter so that Kyle could see.

Kyle smiled and replied, "Anything for you, Sunshine." He stood back up, took the rest of his clothing off, and then slid under the comforter next to Jamie.

"It's nice and soft on the skin this way," said Jamie sleepily.

"Yeah it feels good. I never thought to sleep like this before," said Kyle softly. "I usually sleep in my underwear and a T-shirt."

Jamie leaned over and gave Kyle a kiss on the lips saying, "Goodnight. I love you."

"I love you too Sunshine. Sleep well, you're safe with me," said Kyle, as he leaned over and kissed Jamie back.

Just down the hallway, Swift and Eric sat in the big easy chairs in Eric's room. "What do you think they're doing?" Eric asked with a grin.

"If I know Kyle, I would say they're doing exactly what they said and going to sleep. Kyle may be awake longer than Jamie, but I know he would never hurt him," Swift answered.

"Yeah you're right. I don't think Kyle could ever do anything to hurt Jamie. I know I couldn't."

"Neither could I. I think we'd all die for him if it came down to it."

"I would give my life for him. Jamie deserves so much better, and I'm glad he's found it," said Eric. "Swift … I have found it too. I never told anyone this but I need to tell you."

Swift then replied in the pause that Eric gave him, "Eric you can tell me anything. I meant it when I said 'I love you', nothing can change that. You have brought back a joy to me I've not felt in thirty years."

"I hope you'll still love me after I finish," said Eric.

"It would take much more to scare me away than anything you could say, Eric. I meant it: I will never leave your side!" Swift replied, the full impact letting Eric know that nothing he could say or do would sent Swift running for the hills.

"I've never really told anyone about what happened, but I wanna tell you. You shared your pain with me, I felt it only fair I tell you something," began Eric. "I know I mentioned a little, but the pain is so much deeper. My brother used to torture me. When I seen Jamie drawing his bow when we first got here, I got angry; I saw my brother doing it, all over again. The times he would take it and stick my arm between the bow and string and then draw the bow back, letting it snap the string leaving my arm swollen and bruised for days. Sometimes I could not even move my arm it would hurt so bad.

"It wasn't much better in other ways. If he did something wrong, he would blame me so I got the beating, and he'd just sit there smiling about it. He used me for other stuff as well; I was always his. I was his to do as he pleased, his play toy; he told me so. He said he owned me, and that I'd be his slave for life. Finally one night I just couldn't take it anymore so I ran. I had to do stuff to get to the city, but it was better then staying at home. All along the way, when people would do things to me, they would all say how much they loved me. They would all make empty promises, some would beat me up, others would tie me up, they would take pictures; all in what they said was 'love'.

"I learnt something the other night from Kyle and Jamie, but mostly you. That sex and being hurt and beaten is not love. I just never thought I could love or be loved by anybody," finished Eric, as the tears rolled down his cheeks.

Swift moved closer to Eric in the over-sized easy chair and wrapped his arm around him, hugging him. He gently kissed his cheek and whispered in his ear, "Never again."

"I mean that, and if I should ever see this so called brother, let's just say that he won't get a day older," added Swift, the rage showing in his eyes even while the tears ran down his cheeks.

"I mean it when I say that I really love you. Since I lost Rhys, I never thought I would love or be happy again. But I have found happiness, and I don't ever want to lose it or you."

They sat crying for a little while just holding each other as the night deepened. Eric finally said, "Let's do something fun."

"Like what?" Swift asked.

"I know a fun game we can play on the game system. It might cheer us both up," replied Eric.

"Okay, you load it up," said Swift. "How about I get us something to snack on, and some sodas?"

"Sure that sounds great, I'm getting hungry again," Eric replied, standing up to get the game ready.

Swift dashed downstairs and almost collided with his father. "Woah there, Son," said Thondir stopping his son and holding him.

"Sorry Dad, I was just hurrying. I needed to think a minute too," said Swift.

Seeing Swifts tear-stained face, Thondir asked, "What is bothering you? You boys didn't have a fight did you?"

"No, it's nothing like that Dad. Do you have a minute?" asked Swift.

"I have all the time in the world for you, Son. What is wrong?"

"I know this may not sound right, but is there a way we can take care of a problem … permanently?" asked Swift.

"I think we need to sit and talk. Will Eric be fine for a bit?" asked Thondir.

"Yeah, I'm getting snacks. I'm thinking about it, so maybe the Brownies can work their magic," replied Swift as they sat down on a chair, Swift on his fathers lap as he had not done in many a year.

"Okay, let us start this from the top," said Thondir.

"Eric told me some stuff tonight. About how his parents and worst yet, his brother, and how badly they treated him …"

"You want revenge for that? Son, you are bigger than that," Thondir admonished him.

"Wait Father, there's more. His brother tortured him; he was the root of all Eric's problems. I just want some friends to visit him, and let him feel the same pain he left Eric in. I think it's only fair," explained Swift, in a choked voice with tears rolling down his cheeks. "Eric did not deserve it, neither did Kyle or Jamie. I sense Jamie and Kyle's future and it turns out fine, but Eric's is in turmoil. I want Eric to have the same future with me, and I think the only way is a bit of revenge, as bad as it sounds."

"You have made a valid point, none of the boys deserved what happened to them. Kyle has never really spoken of his pain, yet he too bears the scars from it. I can also sense that this is coming from a very deep love. I will not agree to anything right now; I want you to think very hard about this. Remember you have a long lifespan. You would have to live with any guilt or pain that may come from any repercussions of your actions; that would be for a very long time."

"Thank you Father, I will think about this. I'm just really angry right now, and your words will guide me as always," said Swift, giving his father a huge hug, he then stood up and headed for the kitchen.

As Swift had expected, there on the table was a basket loaded with the goodies that he had thought about. He grabbed the small basket and headed back upstairs while thinking to himself, 'Those Brownies sure aim to make people happy'.

Maybe it was curiosity or perhaps something else, but he stopped by Jamie's door and listened for a moment; he heard nothing. So he carefully tested the door and finding it unlocked, peeked into the room. Curled up in bed, cuddled close, and sound asleep, were Kyle and Jamie, both with happy expressions on their faces. Swift smiled; glad they had come together. He closed the door while hoping that he and Eric would find that same closeness.

Crossing the hall, he entered back into Eric's room saying, "Sorry, took me a minute longer. Dad stopped me and I had a question to ask him." Even after the discussion with his father however, there was still a small fire smouldering in his eyes.

"S'okay. I got the game ready, you'll love it," said Eric, a smile finally returning to his face.

Swift looked at the screen and began to smile as well; the tiny figures stood there ready to break blocks and stomp things as they ran through mazes. Swift set the food basket between them, pulled a couple of sodas out, opened them handing one to Eric, and took a big swallow from his. Eric handed him a controller, set the game for two players, and hit start; they both raced through watching the game on split screen. Making comments back and forth, elbowing each other for a better score, laughing and having a ball, Swift suddenly realized they had gotten a bit too loud.

"I think we should keep our voices down. I looked in on our brothers, and they were both asleep," he said a bit sheepishly.

"Sure thing, I guess we were getting a bit rowdy there," Eric said smiling back. "So what snacks do we have? I'm really getting hungry."

"Oh, let's look. I didn't even think about it. The Brownies made it," said Swift shifting closer to Eric, then picking up the basket and setting it on both their laps.

"Oh wow! A real treat; actual brownies!" Swift commented, pulling out a plate with a half dozen large brownies covered in a dark chocolate frosting.

Swift took the cellophane wrapping off the brownies and handed one to Eric; they were still warm. Eric bit into his, his eyes instantly lighting up, "Mmmm, oh my god! These are the best I've ever had. Not that I have had many, but wow!" He then took another bite and revelled in the burst of flavours that filled his mouth.

"Mmmm, yep they're the best. No box junk here, these are made from scratch. These don't even compare to that fancy bakery in the City Centre food court," said Swift taking another bite. He then saw a small thermos, which could only be one thing: milk. He opened it up and poured each of them a glass; the perfect drink to have when eating the best brownies in the world.

Between the brownies and milk they filled up fast. The game was soon forgotten as they sat, just enjoying each other's company, munching on snacks, and talking quietly. Soon the yawns began, as they got drowsy. "I think I'm going to turn in," Swift said, stretching and yawning again.

With a little hesitation Eric said, "You can sleep with me if you'd like, but I'd like to get a shower before bed. You can join me as well for that."

Swift smiled saying, "I was hoping you would ask. I didn't really want to be alone tonight."

Eric stood up and started to get undressed and Swift joined him. They walked into the bathroom; Eric adjusted the water getting it just right, and then set the nozzle on the sprayer for massage. He ached even after the sauna and hot tub. It was a lot of roughhousing when you played with the Satyrs, and he felt it still.

"I think I'm going to teach the Satyrs curling, it's less painful," he joked.

Swift laughed, "They are a bit rough. I still feel it as well."

They both stepped in under the hot water, and let the massage feature of the shower course over their bodies. Swift grabbed the soap and began to lather Eric's back up, giving him a massage at the same time. Eric stood there under the water, and softly moaned it felt so good. He placed his hands up against the wall and let Swift's hands work his back hard while the hot water cascaded down.

Eric had never had anyone in his life care about him before, and he was enjoying the fact that now someone actually did; not simply professing their love for him, but backing the words up by deed. He leaned against the wall in bliss, a huge smile on his face. After a few minutes he felt other things happening to his body. As Swift continued to massage his back, the tinges grew in intensity, and he luxuriated in them. He had never felt anything before like what he was experiencing now.

"You gotta stop, I am going to pee," Eric said, almost in a whisper.

"Just pee. We're in the shower; it'll be fine. It all goes down the same drain," Swift said calmly, continuing to work on Eric's shoulders with his strong hands.

Eric leaned against the wall almost frozen there, his whole body tingled, every part of him felt like it was quivering as Swift continued to work his magic. Swift slid his hands down Eric's back just to the top of his behind and that was all it took. Eric's body spasmed, and he moaned loudly; the excited feeling climbed to an ecstatic crescendo, as he arched backwards with a loud moan; and suddenly he passed out, collapsing in Swift's arms. Swift slowly sat down in the shower while still holding Eric. He was surprised at the reaction Eric had had as they sat there with the water running over them. Swift shielded Eric's face, so the water would not get into his mouth or nose.

Eric slowly roused and looked up to see Swift cradling his head. "What Happened?" he asked, still trembling a bit, the euphoric feeling lingering in his body.

Swift was uncertain. He had never seen nor experienced anything like this before. He glanced around and then looked closely at the shower wall that Eric had been standing in front of, and the explanation was revealed. "Ohhhh …" he said, as he pointed at the wall.

Eric looked to where Swift was pointing and echoed Swift's comment as the understanding dawned on him as well, "Ohhhh!"

Both boys started to giggle and Eric shifted slowly while standing up. He felt a little wobbly on his feet, and Swift stood and held him from behind until he fully regained his balance. Eric turned and smiled, "Thanks, that felt amazing. I feel so relaxed. Now it's my turn to wash your back."

Swift replied, "You're welcome. I'm glad you enjoyed it, and that it happened with me."

They changed places in the shower and Eric repeated everything that Swift had done; applying the soap and working it on Swift's back. As Eric rubbed Swift's shoulders, it soon became apparent that Swift was feeling the same sensations that he had just experienced. Eric could feel the goose bumps forming on Swift's back as he massaged him.

"I think I'm going to pee too," Swift said, relaxing and enjoying the unusual feelings he was having. Then suddenly he moaned loudly, spasming the same as Eric had, and falling back and passing out into Eric's arms. Once again the two boys found themselves on the floor of the shower.

After a few moments, Swift looked up and focused on Eric saying, "Wow! If that's what you felt, that was wicked awesome!"

"It was. You reacted the same way as I did," Eric replied. Both boys then started to giggle as they sat on the floor of the shower with the warm water continuing to stream over them.

After a quick tidy-up, they finally finished their shower, dried off, and headed for bed. Climbing in, they got themselves comfortable; both boys feeling totally relaxed. Eric said sleepily, "Goodnight Swift. I love you."

"Goodnight Eric, I love you too," replied Swift, who then reached over and turned off the lamp. Within seconds they were both fast asleep.

The house was quiet; everyone was sleeping. Jamie woke without the assistance of an alarm clock, his street senses still working. He smiled at the fact he could be sneaky when required, and tonight he had to be in top form. He slowly slid out of the bed, although a part of him was still enjoying the warmth and the closeness that his and Kyle's unclothed bodies had been sharing.

They had slept together a couple of times like that before, but this was the first at the house. He frowned as he found his clothing and quietly got dressed. Sneaking out was one thing; leaving someone you cared about was quite another. He firmed his mind up, after remembering the warning that others could end up dead. He focused his mind on his determination that no one else should die for him. In particular, Jamie's thoughts were directed towards the someone who loved and cared for him most of all. The someone that still lay sleeping in his bed, the someone with whom he had shared many special bonds; the strongest of which was love.

Jamie went over to his desk and sat down. He had to leave a note in case something happened, so that they would be able to find him. He turned on the small lamp over the desk hoping it wouldn't wake Kyle up. He pulled out a sheet of paper, and in spite of his difficulties due to dyslexia, began to write:

My Dearest Kyle,

I love you so much. I cant think of Puting you in Danger. o I am off to Get the orB. I founD out with the helP of Nyssa wera it was, and tonite may be the only nite I can Get it.

He paused in his writing tears, welling up in his eyes, several landing on the sheet of paper that he was writing on. Then he took a deep breath and continued:

Please Don't Be maD at me. Nyssa Gave me the tools to Get it, and I know I can Get into the main LiBrary and finD it. I have seen it But till i reaD Burrows journal, then sPeakinG with Nyssa it finaly conecteD.

I love you so much this realy hurts But I am Doing it for all of us

I Don't wnt anyone hurt, if somethinG haPPens to me it's ok.

I'm taking my weaPons and I know how to get there I should be Back

By afternoon.

Thank you for showinG me so much kinDness, noBoDy has ever Done anythinG like that for me.

The words began to run together as he wrote. His emotions were riding high in addition to the adrenaline that was beginning to flow through his body. He pressed on:

Thank you so much for everythinG.

Swift, Eric, you also mean the world to me I Do this to keeP you saf as well,

along with mom DaD uncle aunty and GramPa.

Most of all for my love Kyle.

Alwyas yours from now until the end



He carefully folded the letter, walked over, and tucked it in the tie around his teddy bear. He placed the bear under Kyle's arm then went and got his gear on. He grabbed the extra arrows that Nyssa had given him and prepared to leave. He looked around his room, taking everything in. Back at his old home all he had was a mat to sleep on, and a bucket to do his necessities in; here he had everything. He felt certain however, once he had the orb that he would be back.

Walking over to the bed again, he leaned over and kissed Kyle on the forehead. Jamie caressed his cheek with the back of his hand, while saying softly, "I love you Kyle."

He turned and walked out the door, closing it carefully. Being sneaky was his forte, he moved with such stealth that it would rival even the best of Elves. He slowly walked down the first flight of stairs. When he got to the bottom of them he looked around and listened for any sounds. He knew that the hour was late, but he heard nothing. Even his own heartbeat was calm, a skill few can master, and even fewer still at such a young age.

He made it to the main stairs, went down, and headed for the front door. He unlocked it, although due to the complexity of the older lock he was not sure if he would be able to lock it again from the outside. Pulling the door closed behind him, he realized that it did not matter; if he made it back he would have to get back into the house.

He walked down the sidewalk to the circle drive, turned, and looked back. This had been his home for quite a while, and now questioning whether or not this was a good idea Jamie hesitated. Then he saw Kyle's face in his mind and was positive he was doing the right thing.

Jamie stood there thinking, when suddenly a tiny voice spoke up from alongside him, in almost a squeak, "Hello."

Jamie just about jumped out of his skin as he turned and saw the tiny faerie floating in the air in front of him. "What are you doing out so late?" Xenops asked him.

"I know where the object is we need to help beat the dark," said Jamie, keeping his answer vague.

"Oh, so you're going to get it. Be careful and stay on the main paths. I heard there was a wraith floating about. Goodbye and good luck," she said as she flew off into the night.

A wraith; Jamie had read about them, he knew that they were dark beings who sucked the life out of the living. He also knew however, that he could leave from the property and never even face the wraith. Even in the dark, he reached over grabbing his bow, drawing it over him in a single fluid movement, once again showing just how proficient he had become in its use.

He reached behind himself into his quiver and grabbed the correct arrow. He had been practicing; feeling the fletching and knowing which arrow did what. He drew the blue arrow out, set it in the bow, drew back, thought of the library, and then … he stopped. Jamie slowly eased off his draw. He thought for a moment about what he was doing, and then realizing his initial thinking would have him coming out right near the library and into possible danger, he changed his plan.

He stood still for a moment considering the matter, then he remembered what Kyle had said and thought of the bus stop that had originally brought him close to the preserve. He thought about that street corner and drew back once again. Focusing his mind on the place he wanted to be, he fired the arrow. What happened next amazed him: the arrow released from the string flew about two feet in front of him expanded and opened a portal to the exact spot he had thought of. He knew he had only five minutes to step through or step back. So he quickly re-slung his bow, and walked into the space that had appeared in front of him. In the next instant he found himself standing on the corner of the street next to the same bus shelter that he had sat in, seemingly a lifetime ago, during early spring. Looking behind himself, Jamie could see that he had only moved a couple of feet from the yard back in Druhull. He watched as the portal then began to close down slowly; if he had moved quickly there would still be time to jump back if he had desired, but Jamie was set on his course.

As the portal faded Jamie looked around, he realized there was no turning back now. The horizon was just beginning to become visible with the first grey light of dawn. He entered the bus shelter and looked at the routes posted on the wall. Finding the route he would take, he sat in the early morning light watching the sun come up waiting for the bus to arrive.

Jamie had some time to think. He knew that he was carrying weapons, and wondered if anyone else would notice them. He remembered Swift saying that they would not be visible to anyone, and Jamie hoped he was right. The first bus arrived; he got up and headed for the opening door. As it swung open he recognized the driver, it was Orrian who had dropped them off before at the end of the bus route. Dropping his ticket into the slot, Orrian winked at Jamie as he headed to the back of the bus. He took a seat in the very back; just in case someone noticed he was armed to the teeth.

After about a twenty-minute ride he was arriving at his destination. During the trip several people had gotten on the bus for the morning commute into the city and the bus was no longer empty. Jamie got up and stood near the back door waiting for the bus to stop. He looked around. Other than the occasional glance at an unaccompanied small boy riding a bus early in the morning, nobody appeared to notice of the fact that there was a bow, arrows and twin daggers on his back.

Climbing off the bus, he went and sat in the shelter and waited for the next bus to arrive. This one would take him the rest of the way downtown; dropping him off near the main library. It only took a few minutes for the bus to arrive. Planning to take the back seat once again, he noticed that nobody paid any attention to him. Relieved by the fact, this time he sat towards the front of the bus since it was already quite crowded.

A short ride later he had arrived at his destination. Standing near the front door of the bus Jamie looked out and saw another boy standing at the bus stop. Jamie was struck by his appearance; he thought the boy, dressed in a nice pair of jeans and a long sleeve t-shirt, looked just like him. He also noted the look of determination set on the boy's face. Jamie climbed off the bus and winked at the boy as they crossed paths before he headed off for the library; he noticed the boy seemed to look back at him. Jamie wondered if he had run into a twin; they say everyone has one in the world; maybe this was his.

Jamie walked with confidence, and a bearing that made him seem much older than the eleven years he was. His goal was soon in sight. Not many people were on the sidewalks, it was still very early in the morning, soon enough they would be crowded. Jamie knew he had to work fast.

Jamie slipped down an alleyway, looking and checking for anyone, making sure that he had an escape route planned out. He checked out the entire area around the library before heading in; everything appeared safe. Crossing the street, he leaned against a lamppost watching for a short while. The library was open twenty-four hours a day, for students at the university, and others who needed to quickly reference something.

After a few more minutes he crossed back over and entered the library. He knew the Head Librarian's office was to the right of the doors as he entered the building. Looking around he saw the checkout area was slow, and the person sitting behind the desk was busy sorting books for putting back on the shelves.

Moving with stealth he walked to the Head Librarian's door, he tried the handle and it was locked. He thought about it a moment and remembered about the energy he could use. Placing his hand on the knob he thought about what he wanted to do; the tingles once again built in his body and as he released the energy he heard a faint click. Turning the knob the door opened, he quickly slipped inside and closed the door re-locking it once he was in.

The room was not well lit. It was not easy to see everything as he searched for what he wanted to find. Then, looking up at a shelf, he spotted it enclosed in a glass box. It was out of his reach, so Jamie quickly grabbed a chair and stood on it; then he carefully removed the cover to the box. He picked up the orb; it was exactly as described; the only difference was it began to glow the moment he grasped it. He looked at it in fascination, forgetting he needed to move quickly, when he heard the door open.

"You!" the Librarian said with a shout. "Now I've got you! You little whelp!"

Jamie's eyes widened, he was trapped! The Librarian closed the door, turning his back long enough for Jamie to jump down from the chair. He ran behind the desk and stopped; the Librarian turned around, an evil smile on his face.

"Groxocho was right. He said you would try to steal it," he spat, a fierceness in his voice. "Well you won't escape me this time. I don't know what you did, but it took me a long time to rebuild my small army."

Jamie looked about, he saw the window was his only chance; he hoped his idea would work. He smiled at the Librarian saying, "You still haven't caught me."

Jumping up onto the desk to bluff like he was going to charge the man while drawing one of his daggers, Jamie suddenly turned and jumped at the window the dagger in front of him hoping it would shatter the glass. His luck held, the window exploded in a shower of sparkling shards. Jamie sailed through, landing deftly on his feet. He shook himself, replaced the dagger, and then turned and started to run for the nearest escape route he had planned out.

"He's escaped, catch him!" a shout cried out from the broken window. The voice seemed amplified somehow, and much louder than a normal person could shout.

Panic set in. Jamie stuck the orb in his pocket, sheathed the dagger, and ran for all he was worth. He was stopped in his tracks, when suddenly out of the alley he had planned on escaping down, several of the gang members they had encountered the day they went to Druhull poured out. Jamie did a one-eighty and continued to run, the gang slowly gaining on him. Reaching over his back he grabbed his bow, and a blue arrow, hoping what he had in mind would work. He had already knocked the arrow, then suddenly stopped, spun on his toes, aimed, and fired. The gang moved a bit but Jamie's aim was true to its mark. A hole opened up in front of several members of the old Librarian's army swallowing them whole, only their screams could be heard as they fell to the centre of the earth. Re-slinging his bow, Jamie began to run again, hoping to outdistance the rest of the gang of teens who were chasing him.

Jamie's attack had slowed them, giving him enough time to get more distance, but then from a side street more gang members appeared. Jamie was now trapped. He drew both daggers and started to run towards those who had just come from the side street, letting out a war cry. He jumped at them as he swung his daggers, cutting two down instantly as they pressed in on him.

It appeared that there was no way out. More and more of the Librarian's army came pouring out into the street. Unbeknownst to Jamie, they had some sort of hideout next to the library, and this became clear as the numbers coming out of the alley increased. Jamie turned to his feet. He knew that he could run, and he poured on the steam, until his route was suddenly blocked again.

Jamie once again turned on his heels and saw that they were coming at him from all directions. Panic began to set in; Jamie was now running for his life. He tried to calm his mind, knowing that he could not panic now; for to panic now was to die …

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