The Saturday Boy

by James Matthews

Epilogue - For All Our Saturdays

Frozen, and not in the cold sense, I stood at the bottom of the stairs. Feeling Jack's eyes burn into me, facing away from him. Olly was here?

Just get it out of the way Joey, I thought, a fizzing feeling going through my body, draining me of blood.

"Uh…send him down mum, if that's OK?"

You made the right choice Joey, going up alone would have looked suspicious after what happened…after what you admitted happened, came another thought, like a spike to my brain.

Slow and steady footsteps began to clunk on the old, steep wooden stairs and I turned round to face Jack, he was… smiling?

"I promise I won't leave any marks on him!" Jack, remarked, softly, breaking into a light chuckle.

I saw the beginnings of Olly's sneakers, before our eyes met. Not quite down enough for Jack to come into view.

"Oh hey, Joey, I was bored and thought I'd come over and…" He stopped, dead in his tracks as he locked eyes on Jack. "Uh, sorry, maybe this isn't a good time," he said, sheepishly.

"You must be Orca?" Jack asked, walking towards him. Olly cowered back up a step or two and gently nodded. "You have the look of someone who might be guilty of something Mr Olly, perhaps trying to insert your tongue into my boyfriend's mouth?" Jack maintained his smile getting closer and closer to Olly, until he stopped and held out his hand. "Tastes amazing don't he, I'm Jack by the way, nice to meet you finally."

Olly, tentatively held out his hand in a way that suggested he was about to place it into a blender, the boys shook hands, and Jack burst out laughing.

"Oh Olly, I'm only playing with you, whatever happened with Joey and you, it's in the past. Just try and keep your hands on the single ones…although I do see why you found it hard with Joey."

"I…uh, I mean, uh."

"What's the matter, cat got your tongue?" Jack sniggered, he was enjoying this.

"It was a mistake, I was just…"


"Yeah, Jack, something like that."

"Oh thanks, now I know I was just used!" I pouted, breaking into a smirk. "So what brings you here?"

"Like I said, I was bored, sure didn't intend on running into Jack today though."

"Wanted him all to yourself again?" Jack teased.

"No! I just thought you were still unwell," he said, nervously.

"I am, putting up with Joey here, makes me clinically mental, but if you mean physically, I'm much better... back at school Monday actually." I looked at Jack perplexed.

"Are you looking forward to that?" Olly asked.

Jack shrugged. "It is, what it is, can't run away from the inevitable, besides, I have some unfinished business with an old friend of mine before we eventually leave."

"Maddy?" I asked, raising a brow.

"Yep, and something tells me she won't wanna talk about it."

"Who's Maddy?" Orca asked, finding an empty crate to sit on.

"Maddy is… was my best friend at school, until she went on some kind of joy ride with Joey's sexuality status. I wish I knew what had gotten into her."

"Joey didn't, maybe that's the problem," Orca sniggered.

"Oh very funny, Orca, very funny indeed, and anyway, when I think back, I didn't make it a secret I was into Jack, I mean she must have wondered why I was so eager to see him all the time."

"Well maybe she's jealous you got friendly with Jack. Maybe she feels threatened by you."

"Yeah Orca, That's my theory too, but hey, I'm sure you'll find out hey babe," I said, wiping a few stray locks away from Jack's forehead.

"I've lost enough in my life, with two months left at school, what difference is one more friend gonna make? To be frank, I'm tired of the bullshit with people. If they can't accept who I am, or who I wanna be with then fuck em'."

"Jack, that's not very nice, you've been friends with her forever!"

"Huh? That's rich coming from you Joey, what about Shaun?" he asked, tapping my head.

"That was different; Maddy didn't turn into a complete fruitcake and assault my brother and me."

"Not the same thing, but the same principle, anyway I don't wanna talk about her, or Shaun, or anything that's gonna drag my mood down.

We continued to chat in the cellar, trying to come up with some idea as to what we were gonna do when Jack and I had finished. Olly was a computer freak and suggested we stay in and play Call of Duty, Jack wanted to go for a wander and get some fresh air, and I didn't really mind what the hell we did, as long as I was with Jack. Just as we were working out compromises, we heard footsteps coming down the stairs, making us all look towards the sound.

It was Roman.

"Fish! I heard you were here, thought I would come down and dazzle you with my amazing personality and body, are you drooling yet?" Roman asked, rubbing his six-pack.

Olly shuddered, before winking. "I could masturbate over you all day Roman!" Orca remarked, causing a shocked expression to form on our faces… including Roman's.

"I see you have become even more forward since we last met, I don't think anyone has made me blush quite like you."

Orca smiled and walked over to Roman, hugging him and a kissing him on the cheek, seeming unbothered how my brother was gonna take it.

"Hey, we haven't even had our first date yet, no hugs or kisses until then." Even if Roman was joking, his comment almost made Olly fizz with excitement, before heat shot to his face and he had to turn away.

"Stop it, Roman, don't give him false hopes, you'll give the poor guy a heart attack," I said, putting my arm round Olly, pretending to console him.

"Why are all the hot ones always straight?" Olly asked, pretending to cry.

"That's what girls always say about the gay ones Fish," Roman, said. "But straight or not, I've always had a weakness for persistency."

I glanced over at my brother just as he gave Olly a quick wink, and I stood there, confused. I looked at Jack, who had seen it too by the look on his face. So it wasn't just me then?

Orca, seemed not to think anything of the wink, or what Roman had said, he was too busy absorbing Roman's body with his eyes. I did wonder if Roman's rather gay-esque comments were just for the benefit for Orca, to make him squirm. After all, Roman was that sort of person, always joking around. But a part of me, the part who knew my brother's inner struggles, wondered if there was a deeper meaning to his display. There was no doubt they were both starting to get on really well. The bantering seemed natural between them and Roman displayed a more calmness and feel-good persona that I'd never seen with others he hardly knew. It was interesting to watch. It was like discovering a whole new side to a brother I thought I knew inside out.

"Well Fish, I need to go, I'll um…I'll see you later," Roman said, hesitantly turning round and heading for the stairs.

"Yeah, b-b-bye Roman," Orca replied, looking suddenly deflated.

"He's not leaving the country Orca, you don't need to look as though you want to cry." Jack, said. A small chuckle escaping his mouth.

"What…oh, haha, nah, it's just, I dunno, I mean I know he's your brother Joey, but there is something captivating about him. Maybe it's the forbidden fruit theory," He said, letting out a long sigh.

"hmm, maybe not so forbidden," Jack remarked, grinning.

I shrugged. "Orca, just let me say this, Roman's carnal world is one the last mysteries to me. I don't know what he wants; hell I don't even think he knows."

"Meaning?" he asked, wearing a surprised look.

I laughed. "Meaning, if you got the balls to make a move on him, then be my guest, because I can't tell you if that would be a bad idea or not."

"Yeah Orca, go for it, we know how you like to make moves on people, and at least Roman is single," Jack teased. I shot him a glare.

"One thing I do know about Roman though, if he wasn't interested he wouldn't chastise you or anything."

"Well what would he do?" Orca asked, expectantly.

"If he wasn't interested?"


"Oh, he'd still be flattered, that's just him," I sniggered.

Orca put a hand on his chin and shook his head. "Mystery indeed!"

We'd long since agreed that we were gonna stay in and were upstairs in our bedroom. Olly and Jack were busy blowing each other up on Call of Duty, while I lay on the bed, watching, after getting bored of dying so many times. With my chin resting on my knuckles and my feet bouncing gently on the springy mattress I began to drift off, the bombs and gunfire becoming starting to blend into the background.

At some point during my unscheduled snooze, Jack and Olly must have left me too it as, I opened my eyes and the room was deserted. Stretching out, letting my hands drape over the edge of the bed, I yawned, before slowly getting to my feet. I wandered out of our room and headed for the kitchen, which was also empty, along with the lounge and bedrooms. I knew mum and dad wouldn't be up here this time of day, but where the hell was everyone else?

I pulled on my sneakers and plodded down the stairs, heading into the kitchen.

"Where is everyone?" I asked my mum, as she pulled some fries from some hot oil.

"Jack said Roman offered to buy pizza, I think they all went to pick it up. Roman likes that one over in Eastcheap, so I'm guessing they've gone there."

"Why didn't they wake me up, I would have gone with them."

"Well, I don't know Joey, why don't you ask them when they get back," she said, impatiently, like it was a stupid question to ask her. I left her to it, she looked busy and my pointless questions were obviously distracting her. I wandered out into the bar, finding it was pretty busy.

Finding a spare stool I propped myself up at the end and called Christie over, who had just finished serving.

"Hey Joey, what's up?"

"Hey Christie, Busy eh?" I remarked, stating the obvious. "Can I have a coke please… uh actually make it a Orange Juice, I'm drinking far too much of that fizzy shit!"

"Sure thing, Ice and a slice?"

"Just ice please…tall glass."

"Coming right up," She said, smiling as she walked away. I sat there looking glum, wondering why I hadn't been woken up to join the others on their little food trip."

"Joey, cheer up if your sitting at the bar, you'll drive all the customers away with a face like that." My dad said, before grinning.

"Sorry, I'm ok…so does she know yet?" I asked, point towards Christie.

"Yep, your mother pulled her in before her shift."


"She's gonna discuss it with her husband about doing some evening shits at the club, when we go. She's a great worker and we really wanna keep her on, but I know she won't be able to work into the small hours."

"I like her, dad, try and persuade her to come with us to the new place, maybe she could do six till twelve or something."

My dad laughed at my apparent innocence. "It's really not up to me; she does have a family, Joey. The hours you have kindly suggested for her may not be convenient. We'll just have to wait and see… and for your information, I like her too, that's why your mother and I are going to let her decide what hours she wants, and work other people around them."

Christie came back with my orange juice and placed it on a mat in front of me. I smiled at her, said thank you, and she moved away to her next customer. I looked around the pub looking at all the customers merrily drinking and eating away. Since finding out it was being sold, I couldn't help but realise all the detail in the architecture that I'd never noticed before. It was a lovely building, with original features still dominating the now modern décor.

I suddenly felt a proud feeling come over me, seeing how busy it was. I was fourteen when my parents brought this business, and it was, no word of a lie, a shithole. Very few people used to frequent it, as the place had a bad reputation for drugs and fighting. But My parents had not only turned it from a rundown workman's tavern into a successful business, they had also made into a home for Roman and me… and now Jack. I was going to miss the old place when we went, even my cellar where I had spent so much time on my own, designing the layout just the way I wanted. The cellar, where I had worked through my darkest days, and day-dreamed my happiest life events, the holiday, camping with the boys, meeting Jack, to name a recent few.

It felt like an end of an era, the final curtain coming down on what was a colourful period in my life. I imagined how the new club was going to fit into my future life, the new people I would meet who already worked there, the whole new clientele who would drink and dance there. How was this new club going to fit into my world?

It just felt such a massive change!, I thought,

I was just taking the last gulp of orange juice from my glass when I heard some familiar voices coming from the pub's double doors. It was the guys, Roman holding two big boxes of pizza, as they walked along the bar.

"Oh Joey, your awake?" Jack asked, getting closer.

"Why didn't you wake me up?" I asked, suddenly irritated, as if he shouldn't be so happy… like I wasn't.

"Joey, you worked your ass off today, you looked peaceful snoozing," he replied. It was not really an answer I could be annoyed about, he was thinking of me. Yet again, I had gotten the ass ache over something so stupid that it gave me even more of the hump.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to snap."

"Aww, did little Joey Woey feel left out," Roman teased. "We weren't gone that long."

"No, it just would have been nice if… oh never mind, your right, it's no big deal."

"Well I was trying to ascertain why you would be remotely pissed off that I took Jack and Fish out to buy food while you were having a sleep."

"I don't know why it annoyed me, it just did ok, now can we drop it?"

"C'mon grumpy, let's go eat, I'm sure Jack and Fish are bored of us bickering over something so silly."

Roman led off towards the stairs and we all followed in a line, like some fucking ducklings following their mother.

Quack fucking Quack!

"Jesus, I'm stuffed," Orca remarked, rubbing his full belly.

"Good pizza though yeah? Hey, I know all the best places," Roman said, not waiting for Orca to agree or disagree.

"Yeah it was really nice… hey, and I love your car."

"Thanks, it matches my eyes!" Roman said, fluttering his eyes at Orca.

"Jesus bro, the camp look really doesn't suit you," I declared, rolling my eyes at him.

"Macho macho maaaan, macho macho maaaan," Roman started singing, flexing his muscles, making us all laugh.

"Whoops, watch out doing that Roman, I think Orca's about to cum in his pants." Jack remarked, sending Orca a deep shade of crimson.

"So what are we all gonna do tonight?" I asked, moving the topic away from Orca's probable leaking penis.

"Well I need to get going soon, sorry I know that's kinda rude Roman seeing as you bought me dinner, but I have homework I haven't even started yet and my parents will probably want me to clean the pool."

"You have a pool?" I asked, my eyes wide.

"Yeah, didn't you see… oh no you wouldn't have, Yeah we have a pool, heated as well," he said casually, as if every person has them.

"It's hard to see anything when someone is lying on top of you through, right Joey?" Jack teased, still not letting this kiss thing drop. Maybe it was his way of dealing with it, without getting angry at Orca, who knew? But I made a mental note to ask him when we were alone.

"Well if you want, Fish I can run you home, and no sweat about the pizza, I was gonna get it anyway."

"That would be cool; perhaps you could show me the back seat?" I burst out laughing, Roman blushing twice in one day…Orca had made history!

It was around one on the morning when Jack and I finally got to bed. It had felt like a long day and after we had had a quick bit of loving in the shower, ending with little Joeys and Jacks, washing down the plug hole all we wanted to do was slump on to a nice soft bed.

I lay, resting my head on my elbow running my finger softly over Jack's naked torso in random patterns while we quietly chatted. It was nice to do this… sex was mind blowing and we got plenty of it, but this… this was what it was all about for me, to be in my first relationship and it be everything I imagined and more. Jack was my undisputed god… he was perfect, masculine, kind, sweet and all the things that you would imagine to be in some romance novel, but this was real life.

"Can you stop talking while I tell you something?" I asked, putting my fingers over his lips.

"What's that?" he asked back, something cute and innocent about his expression. It made me wanna cry with happiness.

"I just wanna tell you how much I love you Jack Stanton, and how happy I am that I found someone like you… someone who makes me complete."

"Aww, well aint you sweet!" he said, wiping a small tear from my eye. "Hey… why you getting upset?"

"I dunno, I'm just being stupid I guess, maybe I'm just tired. I just can't believe you are in this bed with me. I mean, of all the people you could have, or could have ended up with and you're laying in bed with me, and we're together, like a couple…it's just… mind blowing!"

"Joey, before I met you, I was wandering in the dark, and I guess you were too in some respects. Maybe some higher being decided to push us together for a reason… perhaps we complete each other. And, Mr, I can't believe I am in this bed with you either! You're a stunner Joey; I think sometimes you forget how cute and good looking you are."

I blushed and gently shoved his arm, playfully. "You say the nicest things when you lie!"

"Hey, I'm with you because you are the whole package Joey, You're smart, caring, very easy on the eye and…"

"Yes, keep going."

"There's something I'm forgetting, uh…"

"Stop teasing me,"

"Oh, I remember, yeah… you have a massive dick!"

"It's not that big, you're bigger!"

"Really? It always looks smaller when you look down at it though, so I'm gonna say you're wrong."

"Anyway, who cares, as long as it gets hard and fills up my mouth I don't care," I sniggered.

"Hmm, well with that image in my mind I'm gonna go to sleep now, do you want to snuggle, or will you get too hot?"

"Meh, it's a small price to pay to have you pressing your gun in my back.," I replied turning over so we could spoon together. "Night Puppy."

"Good night JC," came the reply with an added kiss on the back of my neck. A warm fuzzy feeling went through me and I drifted off, safe in my boy's arms.

A bright morning sun positioned itself at our bedroom window, shining a haze of yellow light and waking me from my slumber. Jack was still fast asleep, breathing softly through his half open mouth. I thought about giving him a wake up mouthful he would remember, but couldn't bring myself to disturb him. I gently manoeuvred myself onto my side and lay there watching him. Sunday mornings in bed with Jack, what could be better?

Tentatively I began to move my hand under the sheets, searching for the pot at the end of the rainbow. Sure enough, it appeared to be just the right time in the morning for Jack to have developed his pre-piss wood. Squeezing him ever so slightly through the material I heard a soft moan come from his mouth.

Taking things a step further I started to slide myself down the bed, under the sheets until my mouth was directly over his swollen member. I remained still for a moment not wanting him to wake up until I had begun his treat.

I located the two buttons that were holding his boxer flap closed and started to delicately unfasten them, gaining access to his meat. Jack was rock hard, not unusual for him this time of the morning, and I felt my mouth watering with the pending action I was about to take.

I slid his penis from under the material until it popped out under the sheet. Remaining still and silent, even holding my breath, I stared at its beauty for a moment. Never normally having this long to really admire it without other distractions, I let the image burn itself into my mind, Its exact shape, size… every detail, until finally I lowered my hungry lips onto his cockhead. Sliding back his foreskin with my tongue, I gently licked and sucked his head, resulting in small twitches coming from his hormone saturated body. It was beautiful to watch!

Low groans of pleasure came from his mouth, most of them unconsciously, a few maybe, half awake. Before long I could feel the first drops of pre-cum beginning to permeate my taste buds, sweet, silky and reassuringly Jack!

"You sure know how to wake a guy up in the morning," a sleepy voice said, from beyond the fabric covering me.

"Only the best for my boyfriend," I replied, muffled, my mouth full of delicious dick.

Knowing Jack was now awake I went to work on his organ, picking up speed and using my hand to grip his shaft. Jack suddenly pulled away from my mouth and jumped on to his knees, holding my cheeks in his hand.

"Is this what you want," he said seductively, jerking his cock and shooting three of four ropes of hot cum into my waiting mouth. Jack threw his head back, enjoying the moment while I lapped up every drop I could. I loved it, I loved the taste of him, it was nectar like no other.

Jack let his ass fall back on to his heels and wiped his forehead. "Sorry, I just wasn't going to last long the way you were going at me," he said as if regretting he dumped his load so quickly.

"As long as you enjoyed yourself, that's good enough for me," I said taking out my own cock, starting to jerk it.

"Want me to finish you off?"

"Nah its ok, I can do it, I'm already quite close," I declared, building some rhythm. Jack lay on his back and pushed his head between my legs, starting to lick at my balls. The sensation was amazing and so was the view as I looked down watching him tease my nut sack with his mouth. I felt a wave of pleasure rush to my groin area, and let out a heartfelt grunt, before cumming all over his chest. A large pool of my warm seed accumulated on his skin below, the quantity matching my excitement, as I squeezed out the last drop.

"Better?" he said, pulling my deflated dick down and into his mouth, cleaning me up.

"Yeah, I needed that," I said, before taking a deep breath and sighing.

"Hmm, looks like it," Jack replied, slowly getting up into a seated position, cupping his hands on his chest to catch my rapidly running semen from infiltrating his pubic region. "I hate it when it gets in your pubes," he remarked, starting to giggle.

"Hang on, I'll grab an old towel."

I jumped off the bed and went searching through our clothes hamper for a used bath sheet. Finding a previous spunk collector at the bottom, I threw it over to him.

"Eeew, this really needs to be washed, we already used this one," he said, noting the white crusty residue all over it. I smirked, watching his face contort with disgust as he tried to find un contaminated material.

"Knock Knock, coming in," I heard Roman say from beyond the closed door. Jack's face turned into one of horror as he was still trying to clean himself up. Roman, in typical un-knocking, unashamed and complete disregard for anyone's privacy just walks in, immediately locking his eyes onto a kneeling Jack, jaw open, towel draping… cock EXPOSED!

"Whehey, heelooo big boy!" he cried, before cracking up.

"Roman, do you mind?" Jack, squealed, probably wanting a hole to open up.

"Hey, you've seen mine, I didn't flinch… nice bod by the way!"

"Roman, you are DEFINITELY gay! Jack barked, playfully before scrambling to find his boxers.

"Not really, I can just appreciate a well sculptured male. Just like you can probably appreciate a nice looking girl in the street, right?"

"Don't make excuses Roman, just admit it, you find me hot!" Jack teased. I rolled my eyes and headed to the door, closing it.

"Just in case mum or dad does happen to come up here for any reason," I remarked, shooting a look at my brother as if to state it was obvious to close the door immediacy after seeing Jack's… state of dress.

Or lack of!

"So anyway, now all the excitement has died down, I wanted to know if you guys were up for coming to see the band next week? We'll be doing a gig in Hammersmith and I plan to take my car if you wanted to come along?"

"Oh wow, yeah that would be swell, right Joey?"

"Sure, I'm up for that," I said, nodding at Jack.

"Great, I must warn you though, the place is a dive, but its gay friendly so you two can just do your thing without anyone staring. I'm not like talking full blown sex in the middle of the floor or snogging the face off each other, but you know, you can… be tactile!"

"Yeah, we know what gay friendly means Roman," Jack said, sarcasticly.

"I don't," I stated, I've never been out to any place that has… well whatever those places are."

"Just forget I said anything, I've made it sound complicated. Jack you can explain it to Joey later."

"Yeah, I am teaching him as much as I can, but there is only so many hours in the day."

"Hey, I know quite a lot thank you," I said, defensively, scratching my head.

"Yeah right, You know so much that you asked me if a butt plug was a device to treat haemorrhoids."

Roman burst out laughing. "Even I know what I butt plug is!" He stated.

"Yeah well, on the flip side, its worrying how much you do know Jack!" I retorted.

"Maddy taught me most of it. She got her teachings while being fingered in a bush by some guy. I never did ask her how the hell he knew it all."

"Oh my god, she got fingered in a bush?"

"It's a long story," Jack replied, shaking his head.

The day was flying past and before I knew it, mum was calling us for lunch.

"Jacket potatoes are ready and on the table, there is cheese in the fridge and I've heated some baked beans up in the microwave. Sorry boys but I have to dash back down, we've got a cricket team in at the moment and your dad and Christie are flat out."

"Well who's in the kitchen?"

Mum sighed. "Joanne… I'll tell you later," She replied.

"I'll tell them mum," Roman said, a smile coming over his face. My mum looked sheepish as she walked away and I looked at Roman expectantly with this new development.

"Well?" I asked, "You wanna tell me why Joanne is back working in our kitchen?"

"Hmm, its kinda funny, now its all clear."

"What's all clear, Roman, C'mon, tell me."

"Well, it turns out, she was responsible for the missing food, but not because she was stealing it. I felt sorry for the woman actually when I found out what had happened. Basically, she forgot to put away an order which was left outside in the heat, and because she was so scared mum was going to shout at her for letting all that food go to waste she hid it at the bottom of the trash container and hoped no one would find out."

"Shit, really?"

"Yeah, and the worst thing was, mum said that had she just admitted it she would have been fine, because mistakes happen, but the fact that she tried to cover it up made it look like she was syphoning off stock."

"But surely that wasn't all of it, mum said there were lamb shanks that went missing and…"

"The rest was out of date food, which she had recorded in the wastage book, but mum went off at the deep end before actually checking it."

"So Joanne never stole anything then?"

"Doesn't look that way… Mum says that what Joanne told her makes sense but she's still gonna keep an eye on her. If you ask me I just think she's holding on to her because she can't find another Chef, after Ryan started almost molesting you."

I flinched, glaring at Roman! Fucking big mouth!

"Sorry… did I just hear you right?" Jack asked, frowning.

"You weren't supposed to find out, but now you have, thanks Roman!" I said, irritated.

"Well how was I supposed to know you weren't gonna say anything?" Roman retorted, suggesting it was my fault.

"Joey, are you gonna tell me what the hell this is all about?"

I sighed. "Jack, it was nothing, just Ryan being a prick, and trying it on."

"Hey, Joe, if you're gonna tell him at least be accurate. I think what Joey means Jack, is that if I hadn't have come down stairs when I did that night…"

"What night, when the fuck was this?" Jack hissed, getting agitated.

"It was the night I went to Dean's, Friday, I'd got home, late."

"Yeah I knew you got home late, you told me that part, so where does Ryan fit into all this?"

"He was hanging around the pub after it had closed, he said he was waiting for me to get back because he had left something in the kitchen and I naively believed him. So, I let him in the side gate and he started to get a little too friendly.

"Friendly? The way I see it Joey, and I hate to be blunt here, I think you were about to be sexually assaulted by that guy… I could see something evil in his eyes when I opened that door!" Roman, declared.

"Sexual… WHAT THE FUCK!" Jack cried.

"Calm down Jack, nothing happened in the end and I just wanna forget about him. He's probably long back in his hole by now."

"Why didn't you tell me?"

"Because I knew you would get all protective and freak out, and really, he's a waste of energy."

"What a fucking asshole, I mean I knew he was kinda full on, but to have plans to do something like that to you…"

"We don't definitely know that," I said, trying to take some heat out of the situation. "Can we just forget it please, and eat? Anything else you wanna drop me in it for Ro?"

"Hey you're the one who said you and Jack have no secrets; I can't help it if you have certain exceptions."

"I don't, I was just counting on the fact I would never see him again, and didn't want to worry Jack over something he couldn't do anything about."

"He might have been big, but I would have stood up to him if I'd known. Anyway fine, I'll drop it, but please tell me important stuff like this Joey, we're supposed to be a partnership!"

"Ok, ok, lesson learnt, I should have told you, I'm sorry."

"Let's eat, Roman said, " Cutting into a potato.

"Good idea," I added, picking up a rather hot spud.

I called Dean and asked if he wanted to meet us at the school gates for a chat before we started school. Jack suggested we get in a little earlier in the morning so he could catch Maddy walking in. Reckoning it would be the best place to get her on her own, I agreed with his plan, and pre-set out alarms for six thirty instead of seven.

"Maddy always gets to school at a stupid hour, but because of that she normally arrives by herself. I really want to get this wrapped up before I have to deal with the other shit that's coming my way I suspect."

"Jesus, Jack, you sound like you've planned this all out, it might not even be that bad."

"Don't count on it, People are gonna see us together and that's when it will start, I know it. I just want to either clear things up with Maddy or say goodbye to her, whichever it is I need it out the way, I can't fight a war on two fronts, I don't have the energy."

"Well you seem to have a clear plan so I'll just go along with it."

"Just a couple more months Joey, just a couple more months."

"Yeah, don't remind me, I counting the days as we speak."

"By the way, when I was at Dean's he promised to maintain order, as he put it."

"What did he mean by that?"

"Well, there's not many people who would fuck with Dean at school, except for Tommy Parker perhaps, so I think he's basically saying if any shit goes down he's ready to start throwing his weight around."

"That's nice of him Joey, but if he starts getting involved people are just gonna think we are bothered by it. My tactic was to try and ignore the culprits until they got bored."

"Let's just see how it goes down tomorrow, there's no point thinking too much into things until they happen."

"Blimey, you're starting to sound like me, that's a rather logical thesis to come out of your mouth."

My presupposition was that tomorrow would be better than we feared once classes started. Lunch was going to be tricky, but then that's when Dean would be around, so maybe we could scrape through the day. Well that's what I hoped anyway.

I was awake before either of our alarms went off. In fact I'd been on and off all night, wondering about the day ahead, thinking things through, my reactions, what I'd say to people who got shitty with us. Jack, as usual got a good night's sleep, his brain seeming to be more desensitised to worry. Me though, I worried about most things.

I chose to disable both alarms and wake Jack up myself, but this time rubbing his shoulder rather than rubbing his dick.

"Hey puppy, wakey, wakey, time to get up," I said quietly. Jack stirred before opening his eyes and smiling at me. "I'll quickly iron our uniforms and then I'll fix us some breakfast, do you want toast or cereal?"

"Hmm, cereal please," came a groggy response, as Jack closed his eyes again.

"C'mon, no more sleepy time for you, we gotta get up."

"Aww, do we have to, I can't be bothered."

"Too much time off Jack, I knew this was gonna be a struggle for you. Don't worry you'll soon be back into a routine, and anyway, at least you get more time with me," I said, beaming a smile.

"Ok, ok, I'm up. Mind of I take a shower?"

"Sure, I'll hang your shirt and trousers on the door ok?"

"Thanks babe, see you in a little while."

I left Jack to wander sleepily to the bathroom while I grabbed the iron from the cupboard by the stairs. I dug out our uniforms from the closet and separated the creased shirt and trousers from the blazer and ties, chucking them on the bed. Waiting until steam was fizzing out of the appliance, I went to work on sorting our clothes out.

Roman was already up and sitting in the lounge as I wandered passed on my way to the kitchen.

"Fuck me, miracles do happen, what are you doing up?"

"Uh, well…"

"And why are you wearing aftershave so early, you reek of it," I asked cutting him off. Roman looked at me uncharacteristically sheepish as I waited for an answer,

"If you must know I'm picking the Fish up and taking him to school."

"Orca?" I asked, a wry smile forming on my face. "Roman, this is news, what's going on?"

"Nothing is going on Joey, and its not what you think, I just feel sorry for the guy, he's pretty lonely you know?"

"Bullshit, he has Jack, Dean, Toby and me as friends, admit it, you feel something don't you?"

Roman sighed, dropping his shoulders, "This is fucking madness, I should just phone him and tell him I can't make it, this just isn't me."

"What do you mean, it's not you?"

"It just doesn't feel right, I'm not even into guys, hell I dunno what I'm into, it's just he…he's on my wave length, and he makes me laugh."

I went and sat next to him, putting my hand on his leg. "It doesn't feel right because you think it shouldn't, or because he's the only person in ages that's actually made you feel something?" I quietly asked. Roman shrugged, looking at the floor.

"He's a great guy, I like him, and I could spend hours with him, but… arrgh, this is stupid!"

"No carry on, what were you going to say?"

"It's just, the thought of more than that, you know like… the rest…"

"Are we talking about sex here?"

"Yeah… that part just feels totally weird, like uncomfortable kinda weird."

"Who says you have to have sex with him, why not just enjoy each other's company?"

"Because he wants more Joey, and that would ultimately lead to the other thing."

"How do you know he wants more?"

"because he told me, just before I dropped him off on Saturday, and then he kissed me."

"Fuck Roman, really… how did it feel, like having a guy kiss you?"

"Pfft, my brain keeps telling me that if it had been anyone else I would have gone mad at them, but when Fish kissed me I just sat there in shock, as he walked towards his house, smiling at me. It was as if he had just beaten me at some game, it's hard to explain. Part of me wanted to call him back to see if he did it again I would be able to confirm to myself it wasn't right. But part of me was shit scared to, just in case I couldn't."

"Hmm, you know I'm used to you giving me all the advice so I'm not very good at reverse roles. All I can say is just go with it and see where it leads, but be firm and say you wanna take things slow and…"

"Joey I don't even know if I wanna get started at all, let alone take things slow…Grrr, my head is so fucked up right now, I hate not being in control."

Just as he said that, I had this kind of Eureka moment, and suddenly it felt as If I had just worked out one of the last mysteries to me about my brother.

"That's it isn't it, that's part of the problem, or maybe all of it?"

"What, what are you talking about?"

"Control, that's what scares you isn't it, feeling out of control!" I stated, more than asked.

"I guess, but what does that have to do with anything,"

"I think that's why you'll never commit to anyone. You don't really wanna be with a girl because I think you've realised it's not for you, but you don't wanna be with a guy because it feels like you are not in control of what you think is the wrong choice… you're scared, you're scared that everything you think you should be… what you thought you was will be turned on its head and you can't control it. FINALLY, I've cracked it, I've cracked the last code of Roman Cork," I declared, gleefully.

"Don't get too excited, I don't know what the hell you just said, but it didn't make sense whatever it was."

"You don't wanna get with Orca because you think you might like it, and that leaves you out of control! That's what I'm saying."

"Rubbish! I don't know what I want, that's always been the problem…no actually, it's not that I don't know, it's that I've not met anyone who fucks with my head enough to make it interesting... to get my attention, if you like."

"No, no, no, you're trying to complicate things to get me off the scent."

"Joey, you're barking up the wrong tree, really! Ever since… ever since what happened between us, there has been no one who has pushed my buttons, I even thought maybe I just had an externally low sex drive. It just so happens that the first person that has lit my fuse again… happens to be a guy, and I don't know why. I feel like I it should be a girl, that's what my head is saying, but I can't seem to shake this feeling. I'm being honest when I say neither sex has interested me for a long time now and I don't know why, but there's just something about this Olly guy who…I dunno, he just makes my fire burn bright. It's so fucked up, and has nothing to do with being out of control. Well maybe control is a factor, but not a big enough one to decide if I like girls or guys. Look, as I've told you before, I don't understand my fucking mind or my feelings, let alone trying to articulate them to you. It was a stupid idea to get involved with Fish and I'm gonna call him and tell him I can't make it, I'll just end up hurting his feelings in the end."

"How do you know that?"

"I just have a feeling! How can I give him hope if I don't even fucking know what I like."

"You like him, that mush is evident."

"Yeah, and he's like this rubber ball that I don't have a clue what to do with."

"Go pick him up Roman, if you don't you'll never know if… look, just be honest and tell him what you told me, and then leave it up to him whether he wants to take a gamble with it. He's an easy going guy, I'm sure he'll be understanding."

"You think?"

"Yeah I do, now go; otherwise he'll think you've ditched him."

"Hmm," was all he said before getting up and leaving the room. Footsteps down the stairs confirmed he'd taken my advice.

I got up myself and went into the kitchen to fix Jack and I some breakfast. I was suddenly in a good mood, really hoping that Orca could find a way into Roman's heart and bring him out of the sexual identity wilderness he's been in for so long. I knew Orca wouldn't hurt my brother; it just wasn't in his personality. Orca was someone who would be like a loyal dog and stay with you for life, I imagined, and I really hoped they were able to give each other something.

Jack came padding through to the kitchen and I filled him in on the conversation I'd just had with Roman. His eyes were getting wider the more I revealed and I was excited just telling him about it.

"Wow, this is fucking amazing Joey, I wonder what's gonna happen? "

"Who knows… least of all Roman does," I sniggered.

I heard the door to my parents room open and my very tired looking mother walked into the kitchen and greeted us.

"Would you like some tea?" she asked, filling the kettle.

"No thanks mum, we're gonna head out after we've finished our breakfast."

"Leaving a little early today aren't we?"

"Jack wants to see his friend from school and we're gonna meet Dean, before we have to go in."

"Oh, ok. Are you ok Jack, about your first day I mean?"

"Oh yeah Sandra, can't wait," he said, cracking a smile.

"Yeah the tone of your voice sounds like it."

"Nah, it'll be ok, I'm sure. Just feels like I have been off forever."

"Hmm, well it has been a while. I'm sure the first day will feel like a slog, but you'll be back into a routine before you know it. Anyway, I better go shower and get dressed. I'll kiss you both goodbye now just in case I don't see you.

Mum gave us both a kiss on the top of our head's and left us to finish our cereal. Jack had milk running down his chin and I wanted to dive over there and lick him dry.

"Your so fucking cute you know that?" I said, watching a drip fall back into his bowl. "C'mon, we better get ready and get the fuck out of dodge. Jack nodded, got up and placed his bowl in the dishwasher, following me into the bedroom. We both threw on our uniforms, looking like a pair of twins once dressed.

"I have some exciting news, but I'll tell you as we walk to the bus stop," I remarked to Jack as we headed down the stairs.

"Sounds interesting! Does it have anything to do with Roman, who seemed to be out of bed a little too early for what's normal?"

"Something like that."

As we walked into the bar area, Margaret the cleaner greeted us as she wiped down a sticky table. We said our goodbyes and left the pub, locking the door behind us.

"So… what's the deal then?"

"Huh?" I replied, confused.

"With Roman?"

"Well, I think I should start by saying, there may have been a breakthrough."

I went on to tell Jack all about my conversation with Ro, and how I persuaded him to go and see Orca. We both threw theories back and forth about how we thought it might be going between the two of them. I was really excited to get to school actually, just to see what the result had been… fuck the rest of the shit we were gonna have to deal with, the Roman and Orca saga had just taken the number one slot!

"So, how are you feeling?" I asked, raising a brow at him, expectedly.

"A little apprehensive I guess, but nothing I'm freaking out about."

"We have each other, just remember that. Our bond can't be broken by any weak minded bully!"

Jack sniggered. "That comment was a bit Lord of the Rings wasn't it?"

"Meh, I'm just saying, I'm determined not to let anyone bother us."

"We'll see Joey, to be honest I'm more nervous about my talk with Maddy than what anyone has to say to me when I return. I really wanna stay friends with her, but every time I think about what she's done, I just feel betrayed."

"Well, I would too puppy, it's just what she's said, it's who she has said it too. Besides, I will never forgive her for not coming to see you in hospital, considering how badly you were beaten up. I mean, how would she have felt if you had… well you know what I'm saying!"

"Trust me, I'll be asking all those questions and more of my own babe, don't you worry about that.

I slumped on one of the uncomfortable seats inside the bus shelter while we waited for our bus to arrive. Jack was preoccupied on his smart phone playing some racing game as I just looked on, watching the world go by.

"Does the school actually know you are coming back today," I asked, a response not coming. "Hello, Jackolas?"

"What… oh sorry, uh… well your mum said she spoke to them last week," he said, still half concentrating on his game. That was something I never saw the fascination with, people who want to play high graphics games on a tiny little screen, it just looked so fiddly and boring. I mean, if you're gonna play a game that's good, you need a sixty inch plasma screen to do it on.

A flash of red in the corner of my eye made me turn, seeing a bus coming towards our stop. I squinted, trying to confirm the number. I stuck out my hand after seeing it was the one we needed and tugged at Jack's blazer to bring him out of his artificial world.

"Come on you, we gotta get this,"

"Aww, you made me crash now," he whined. I just rolled my eyes.

"Yeah and you would have let this bus go right passed if I wasn't here, and then your plans to meet Maddy would be in ruins!"

We both got on the bus and presented our passes. It was pretty busy inside so we headed upstairs hoping to find a spare seat. Jack went towards the back and sat down, resuming his game. I found a seat just in front and twisted my body round so I could talk to him.

"So how are you gonna start this conversation off, and do you want me to be there?"

"Uh… yeah Joey, whatever."

"Jack, can we talk about this please?" I asked, frustrated I was bidding for his attention with a gadget.

"Sorry, I'll put it away… yeah you can be there, unless you wanna catch up with Orca or Dean?"

"Meh, I'd like to hear what she has to say if that's ok, something tells me its gonna be interesting."

"Just don't start berating her or I'll never find out anything. If there's one thing you learn about Maddy is, she doesn't like being back into a corner."

"I got it; I'll keep my mouth shut. It always seems to get me into trouble anyway!"

Someone from the bottom deck had already pressed the buzzer, so we headed downstairs, getting close to our stop.

The bus pulled in and opened the doors letting us step off. School was about a five minute walk and I went through with Jack what we were gonna do for lunch and what lessons we might be able to meet each other between.

"I'm assuming your schedule will still be the same?"

"I think so, unless I have been moved down on some subjects. I don't feel like I've got any dimmer," he said, smirking. "Mind you, I have missed a lot so who knows."

"Hey, if they move you down in English, you'll be in the same class as me, so make sure you act thick in that lesson," I said, cracking a smile.

We entered the road leading into our school grounds and headed for the gates. It was still early and we'd arrived at school a little quicker than I'd expected, seeing as traffic didn't seem to be as bad as the usual Monday's I'd encountered.

As we entered the school grounds, Jack climbed on to a chest height wall and dropped his bag to the floor. I joined him and we both sat talking, kicking our hills on the bricks.

"You need some new shoes Jack," I commented, eyeing parts of the black leather on his footwear had turned into that rough bluish colour when it gets scuffed.

"Yeah I know, they are getting a bit tight too, I'm sure my feet are getting bigger."

"That's nice to know as normally something else follows suit," I sniggered.

"That's not a proven scientific fact Joey," he declared.

"How do you know?"

"I looked it up already!"

We both laughed!

Jack was soon getting restless and complaining of a numb ass. He climbed off the wall and looked back up the road, I guess to see if Maddy was making her way down yet. He advised she wasn't, but Tommy fucking Parker was. But at least he was alone.

"C'mon Joey, lets go somewhere else," Jack said, watching him getting closer. I was in no mood for his shit either, but wasn't about to run away.

"No, we have a right to stand where we want," I stated, defiantly. Jack just shook his head and leaned back against the wall we'd been sitting on.

"Well if it isn't King Edward's resident queer," Tommy shouted, his baritone voice echoing off the houses either side of the road.

"Both of them you mean Parker, don't forget what Maddy told you about me."

"Yeah well, Cork. Rather you than me. Anyway shut it you! So how are you Stanton? Sorry to hear about what happened with your mum, that's really heavy shit man!"

I had to gorp and take a step back, wondering if I had just heard correctly. From what started as the usual shit from Parker, he was actually being… considerate towards Jack.

"What, so no sick comments to follow," I asked, glaring at him.

"Hey, I might not have any time for queers but I aint gonna diss his mother, Cork, you cretin."

"Thanks for asking Tommy, yeah it's been a rough few weeks, and cheers for not giving me a hard time."

"No worries Stanton, just do yourself a favour and try some gash yeah, get away from the dick, especially his!" He slapped Jack on the back hard, jock style, and walked off.

"Well that went ok," Jack said, before pulling a agreeing look.

"That guy is still a psycho!" I grunted, still watching him walking away. He veered right and headed towards his mates that had convened by the tennis courts, smoking.

"Hey, here she comes," Jack said, pulling me into view of the road.

"hmm, speaking of Psychos, here comes number two of the day," I commented, locking my eyes on her.

"Just remember what you promised Joey, please try and be civil."

"Yeah yeah, Joey no talk, I get it!"

Maddy, seemed to be oblivious to the fact we were standing at the gate. She had her big red Dr Dre head phones on, smoking a cigarette. As she got closer I waited in bated breath to see the reaction on her face when she spotted Jack, and it wasn't to be missed. She got to within about five feet of us when she suddenly lifted her head from looking at the ground and looked at Jack. Their eyes locked and she hurriedly dug around in her pocket and turned off the music, before pulling down her head phones.

"So, your back!"

"Looks that way," Jack replied, frowning. "How have you been, I haven't seen you."

"Oh, you know, so so."

"I mean I haven't seen you at all, not once, alive or almost dead."

"I didn't come and see you at the hospital, is that what you're getting at?"

"I just have one question Maddy. One question for the whole lot. Revealing stuff about Joey here, about us, not coming to the hospital to see me, not phoning me, just, overall, not being the friend I thought I had…The question is why?"

She did a kind of half cough half laugh before glaring at him. "The friend you thought you had Jack? Well that's rich, because it's funny, I Kinda feel the same way."

"What are you talking about."

"You know what really hurts, and what's such a cliché Jack, is that as soon as your life falls apart you come running to me, and as soon as you're all loved up I'm just forgotten about. I put two and two together Jack, I'm not a fucking idiot. Ever since the first day you started at Cork's pub you've changed."

"That's bullshit! I'm still the same person I always have been. You know I thought you'd be happy I'd found some of my own happiness Maddy. Instead, I have to hear the gossip that's been going round the school, about Joey and me is not coming from some asshole who doesn't like me… its coming from YOU! Why? Why say those things?"

"I wanted to let you know I still existed Jack, because I felt you thought I didn't."

"Then why not just come and talk to me?"

Maddy Shrugged, She knew she was in the wrong, a tell-tale sign when Maddy went quiet, so Jack had mentioned. But at least they didn't have their hands round each other's throat.

"You were supposed to be his friend Maddy, friends don't act like you did, even if they are angry."

"Stay out of this Joey, you're to blame for this anyway," she spat.

"That's kind of cheap Maddy, what exactly have I done?"

Maddy was just about to blurt something else out, but stopped for a moment to think about my question. There was no answer of course, because I hadn't done anything.

I saw Dean coming down the street and moved away from Jack a little, while he and Maddy sorted things out, or at least decided if their friendship was worth saving. Been there!

Dean put his hand up to let me know he'd seen me and I smiled as he got closer. He looked in a good mood, which was unusual for Dean early on a Monday morning and I wondered if he'd got sex or something last night.

"Hi Joey… hey I just saw your brother's car over by the shops, looked like Olly was with him."

"Yeah Roman is bringing him in today."

"Hmm, ok… well they looked deep in conversation. I waved but I don't think they even saw me. So what's with the ride in for Olly?"

"It's a long story Dean, I think Roman is moving into uncharted waters though. But I'll tell you all about it later. I'm just keeping an eye on this little saga right now," I said, pointing over to Jack and Maddy, their conversation looking amicable.

"So what's with them anyway, she's been his shadow for as long as I've known Jack."

"She got messed up because he'd started seeing me she's admitted."

"That's a bit stupid; why not just talk to him instead of putting shit round the school?"

"Yeah don't worry, that question's been asked." I said, eyeing a familiar orange car coming towards us

Roman drove into the school grounds and dropped Orca off in the parking lot. I followed them with my eyes to see if I could get any indication of what might have gone on. Orca was smiling at him, while Roman looked more serious. It didn't tell me much but at least Orca wasn't in tears or something.

I grinned as they both walked over to us. Roman looked sheepish, almost bashful as they got closer. Orca looked really bouncy happy and greeted me with a hug.

"Fancy seeing you two here… together," I teased. Roman rolled his eyes, while Orca went a bright shade of scarlet.

"Just came over to say hi to everyone, I'm gonna get off now as your school is nearly starting. I'll see you later." Everyone said goodbye to Roman with the exception of Maddy, who didn't know him and he started to walk back to his car. Olly ran after him and jumped on his back, giving him a sloppy kiss on the cheek. Roman looked freaked, but managed a smile, as he turned round, relieved that only I was watching.

Now this was some gossip I just had to get!

The day didn't turn out to be so bad actually. Lunch time had come and I'd had a proper catch up with Jack who reported most people had been really pleased to see him. There were the odd few who made reference to him banging me, or about how disgusting it was, but I was pleased people were laying off him, considering what he's been through. Me on the other hand, well I'd had a slightly rougher day, but it was better than I expected.

I didn't really get chance to hook up with Orca for my dose of gossip as I'd planned but I did invite him over to the pub tonight, only to find out Roman had already done so. Something must have gone right, I thought.

The final bell went and I packed up my stuff from history class feeling pretty good. I hoped that over the coming two months things were going to settle down to the point where Jack and I could come into school with no comments said from people. For now though, we'd have to just put up with it, but at least it wasn't too bad.

Heading to my locker I found Jack already there waiting for me. He'd spent last period in with the councillor assessing how things were going and how his first day had turned out. He must have got out early because my last class was just round the corner from my locker and I'd got out pretty quick I thought.

"Ready to go home?" he asked, as I stuck my key in the locker door.

"You bet, just let me dump this stuff and we'll hit the road."

"I hear Olly is coming over tonight, all looks good then?"

"I dunno, I'm guessing so and Orca seemed pretty made up today."

"Cool… lets go," Jack said, and we headed for the exit.

Back at the pub Jack helped me with a few odd jobs that needed doing in the cellar and we got everything done in quick time. Olly had arrived a little while back with Jack and I cracking up that he must have run all the way here. I'd managed to corner Roman about the whole Olly and him thing and I was informed that he was just being open minded about the whole thing. Olly wanted more, I know he did, but Roman had told him not to expect fireworks between them while he gets used to having Olly around. All in all though, I was glad Roman was at least giving this a go, and had promised to tell Olly if things were getting too much.

After showering I found the two of them in the lounge sitting together. It was nothing full on, just Olly with a hand on Roman's leg. It looked quite sweet actually!

I went and found a seat on the other sofa with Jack coming to join me moments later. He sat on the floor between my legs, obviously wanting me to play with his hair like he usually does when he gets in that position. I looked around the room thinking how life was so different now. Roman looked content with a guy, I was with a guy I never thought I'd ever be with, we were moving on to a new place… it was just really weird.

I briefly thought about the holiday we had been on and how much had happened since, It felt like a life time ago now. Life was different somehow, it seemed a little less carefree and fun, but altogether better. Maybe that's a contradiction but that is how it felt.

Through everything that had happened there was one thread that ran through it all, and that thread was Jack because it everything seemed to change…

With the arrival of The Saturday Boy!

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