The Saturday Boy

by James Matthews

Chapter 24 - Totally Wet and Full of Surprises

Olly ran his index fingers up and down my inner thigh slowly, inch after inch getting closer to my aching wet cock. He sat watching me, a devious look on his face as I whimpered and twitched like a pathetic dog on heat. His ocean blue eyes were full of animal lust and sexual desire, as he switched between teasing me and pleasuring himself. I was almost begging by now, begging for him to give me some release, but he wouldn't. He began massaging my sack in his hands rolling my overflowing nuts between his fingers, every so often slurping the leaking pre-cum from my insanely hard dick.

With tears running down my face in sexual bliss I pleaded with him to take my cock in his mouth, until becoming frustrated. Panting and straining I grabbed hold of his messy blond curly hair and forced him down on to my pulsating organ. He resisted, but it just turned me on more. I forced my cock all the way in making him gag and splutter. His face began to turn red and his eyes pissed with water as I relentlessly slammed his face right down into my forest of pubic hair. Then out of nowhere I could feel wetness on my neck as it was being licked and sucked on ferociously. I pulled the new face away to see who it was…it was Jack, and he dived towards my lips ramming his moist tongue into my mouth. I moaned with ecstasy having the two hot lads furnish me with all their attention, one by choice, one by force. I began to yelp louder and louder, my pending orgasm reaching its plateau, and then …

"Oh FUUUCK!" I screamed, trailing off into a low growl. "Shit, fucking… holy craaaap," came another involuntary vocal.

Was that real, did that just happen, Jack? Olly?

My eyes darted round the room, how could Jack accept that… no hang on, no one was here, it was a dream…Oh thank fuck, I thought, my heart racing and my stomach heaving. I leaned over to my bedside table and flicked on the light. The room was indeed empty, silent and… muggy. As the disorientation slowly left my racing brain I felt an uncomfortable feeling under my sheets. I whipped back the bed clothes to find the entire front of my boxer briefs soaked… in semen.

Looking at the state I was in I realised that the force of my nocturnal emission was so powerful I had squeezed my teen juice through the material so hard it was now laying in a huge glob on top of the white material.

I let my head fall back onto the pillow and I tried to compose myself. I was dripping in sweat, covered in cum and through God's good mercy it seemed like the perfect time for my brother to walk in.

"Hey bro, are you ok I heard… oh shit, nice one Joey, what a blowout," Roman remarked, frozen in his tracks as his eyes homed in on my soaking wet groin. "Good dream then?"

"Close the door," I demanded, as I pulled the sheet back over me, hiding my rather embarrassing teen issue.

"Sorry, I heard you yelping and I thought you were… well whatever I thought it was obviously wrong," he said starting to giggle.

"You could have knocked first," I hissed.

"Oh yeah, because you're so good at that aren't you." Roman shot back, hmm he had me there.

"I don't know what happened."

"Well whatever it was by the looks of the result I'm betting you're glad it did."

"Will you stop joking around Ro, this has freaked me out."

"Freaking out? Jesus Joey, I go to bed every night hoping I'll have a dream so good it makes me nut in my bed."

"Yeah well not this one, I was cheating… I was cheating on Jack with Olly, but Jack was there, it was weird."

"Let me guess, and now you feel guilty?"

"Yeah, like you wouldn't believe."

"It was just a dream, make the most of it. Olly's a good looking boy, and at least you got to have sex with him without… well, having sex with him. It's like cheating, for free."

"Yeah but I don't wanna cheat, and I don't wanna have images of me face fucking Olly when I see him at school."

"Wow, face fucking… sounds intense."

"Look away please." I let out a sigh and pushed off my sheets. "Yuk, it's all cold now."

"I was wondering when you were gonna get rid of those," Roman remarked, as I whipped off my underwear, using the dry parts to clean myself up with. I tossed them in my clothes basket and got back into bed.

"Ok you can look now."

"Sorry, I already did, it's not like I haven't seen it before anyway."

"That was ages ago."

"And my, haven't you grown into a fine young man," He said teasingly.

"Roman!" I barked, turning pink.

"Joey, while we're floating around this topic of… well whatever it is, can I get something off my chest."

"Is it about the thing we promised not to talk about?"

"I just wanna know something."

"Go on."

"I keep thinking about Dean and James, and I feel bad because I wonder if…"

"Roman, I know what you are going to say so I'll save you the having to say it. Dean was brutally fucked by James against his will, he was raped. I used to suck your cock, and I did it because I wanted to, not because you forced me to. So if you are even thinking of comparing them, or got it in your head what we did was forced, then don't."

"Sorry, I shouldn't have even asked."

"If it's bothering you, you should, we have no secrets bro. Ok, so we have an unconventional past but there's a lot of people out there who have done some weirder shit than us I'm sure."

"Cool, thanks for clearing that up."

I grinned. "My pleasure."

Roman leant over and pulled me into a hug "Love you bro, I'm off to bed now, good night."

"Love you to Roman, sleep well."

Roman left my room and I lay there thinking about what he said. I felt bad that he had been worrying about our past because of what Dean had gone through. I wondered why he had never come and spoke to me about it earlier, but then again, I knew how hard it was for us to talk about the subject since it stopped going on.

I guess I should explain what actually happened between us seeing as I'm on the topic. It all started two years ago when I was fourteen. I had developed an unhealthy infatuation with Roman that most would consider more than just heartfelt brotherly love. You need to understand that for me, it was not a sexual thing that I felt for him, at least not at first; instead it was a fear of being rejected by him. At the time I was just starting to really get into girls and my hormones were more fucked up than they are now, but the one thing I yearned for the most was the company and love of my brother. I wanted to do everything with him, be with him, and share everything with him. I would get jealous when he went out with his friends, resentful that he was giving his attention to them, instead of me. I would record his phone calls to his then girlfriend, and then shout at him for telling her he loved her. Yeah… you could say it was a problem.

Roman never got angry at me for my behaviour, it just wasn't in him. He was the most placid guy in the world, and still is, but he did have to talk to me about it on more than one occasion. Then there was one night where everything changed and things got a little weirder. Roman suddenly ditched his girlfriend, without warning and never told anyone why. Not my parents, not his friends, not me, and least of all not her. It was a mystery. He then started going out to these underage drinking fests just outside the city and would come home Saturday night guaranteed to be drunk. One particular night he got home he was sick everywhere. My mum and dad who would normally be home to make sure he did it in the toilet were on a weekend break in Paris. I got out of bed hearing him wrenching and found him in his bedroom, his clothes covered in puke.

I helped him into bed, not before assisting him out of his soiled garments and he just laid there on his bed with only a pair of boxers hiding his modesty. He wasn't making all that sense when he spoke, but what I did pick up on was the words "I left her for you." I asked him why he would say that and he replied that he could see it was breaking my heart and he didn't want to see his brother hurting… yeah, just drunk talk, but because of the way I was at the time, it meant the world to me.

Moments after he revealed that I felt suddenly guilty. Feeling that I needed to compensate him for what he did for me… compensate him because he wouldn't be getting any sex from her. After a few minutes of plucking up courage I found myself reaching into his boxers. At first, although drunk he seemed freaked out by this and told me to stop, but after his manhood had swelled, he just went with it and let me do things to him. At first it was just jacking him off, and he would always be drunk and it would always be on a Saturday. Then it changed to me sucking him off until he climaxed, sometimes drunk other times just tipsy, until the last few times it happened he would be sober and asking for it most days of the week.

We never talked about it after it happened and he never did anything to me. It was just something we got used to doing; it was almost like having lunch in the end. He would come into my room and drop his pants and I would give him head, simple as that. Finally, after about four months he joined his band and I started seeing less of him. Looking back now this was the best thing that ever happened because it was weird what we were doing, and by this time I was becoming conscious of the fact. As he went away more frequently, so my infatuation for him subsided, until one day when he came home, nothing happened between us and never has since. It became an off-limits subject and we never spoke about it up until recently.

It was a crazy time and I tend to think that if this happened to other siblings it would most certainly ruin the relationship, but not Roman and I, we stayed tight. Even though we never spoke about it I think what happened between us gave us an extra dimension to our relationship. We were open with each other, could talk about any subject, be comfortable being half naked… or completely naked in tonight's case with each other. Like you saw tonight, I had a wet dream and Roman walked in right after it. Under normal circumstances that would have freaked me out and I wouldn't even had admitted it let alone the reason it happened, but I think because of our past… well you get the picture right? The strangest thing was, throughout it all, I never fancied guys, not one bit!

Until Jack came along!

It was Saturday and my boy weren't here, but he soon would be and I was in a buzzing mood. I was bopping away in the cellar on my iPhone while I scrubbed the floor. I had managed to survive a week at school and things were nearly back to normal with Dean.

It was also a good day for another two reasons. Jack's dad had been given a life sentence with a minimum term of thirty one years, the bastard finally paying for what he had done and justice was being served. Not so exciting, but equally good news, was that our double bed had arrived today and I was gagging to get it made up ready to share with my handsome boyfriend when he came home with me tomorrow.

And I planned to give it a serious stress test with him!

We still had his mum's funeral to get through and of course Shaun's but overall it felt like life had turned a corner. Dean and I had talked on the phone the last few nights and it was nice, nice because we were actually talking… about stuff, just like we used to. Gone was the arguing, the bitterness and the guilt. It was just us… chatting.

Pulling the hose from the reel I rinsed down the cooler room floor, before recording the temperature and shutting the door. I pulled off the thick coat I had been wearing and started doing the rotation of stock ready for Monday's order. We had a new brand of bottled beer coming called Steinpils and I needed to make room for it. That was the only problem with new products, it meant I needed to haul shit all over the place just to make everything fit again.

Once I had cleared a space I took my broom and went to work on the whole floor with it, collecting up old labels, dust and the odd spider. I was working away when my dad appeared in front of me and pulled out my earplugs.

"Joey, ive been calling and calling you." He said, dropping the earpieces to my side.

"Oh, were you, sorry dad, I had my music on."

"Yes I can see that, you'll go deaf you know. Anyway, your mother wants you."

I smirked. "Is that a threat dad?"

"Less of the cheek young man, go on, upstairs, you might want to hear this."

I dropped my broom, leaving the handle to fall against the wall and I trotted up the narrow stairs followed by my dad. Getting to the top I looked around but couldn't see her.

"Well, where is she?"

"In the apartment."

"Oh, ok." I replied, walking through the bar towards the stairs up to our flat. As I near the top I saw Roman standing at the top smiling at me with something dangling in his hand… it was a shirt tie.

"Stop!" he demanded, "I need to put this on you."

"What for, why do I need to wear that?"

"It's going over your eyes stupid, not round your neck."

"What's this all about, is it my birthday or something?"

"Better!" he purred.

I let Roman assault me with the tie until the world went black. "Can you see?"


"Are you sure?"

"Yes Roman I'm sure, can we get on with this, I hate surprises."

Roman latched on to my shoulder and led me through to the kitchen and helped me sit down in a chair. The room was silent all but my brother breathing close to my ear.

"Joey, this is your mother speaking, do you hear me?" She said in a robotic voice. From under the blindfold I just rolled my eyes.

"Yes, I can hear you," I replied in the voice of a Darlek.

"I want to tell you something."

"I'm listening."

"I had a chance to have a good conversation with Sarah and Vince the other day."

"Yes I gathered, can you get to the point," I said getting frustrated she was hanging this out.

"I've heard from them that maybe you were not to blame when it came to what happened between Shaun and yourself. From what I understand Dean has filled them in on the issues Shaun was facing and although I will never agree it was justified what you did to him, I can see your point of view a lot more clearly now I have the full picture. I can see he was a very troubled young man who also behaved badly towards Dean as well."

"I'm glad you see it for how it is mum, I tried to explain to everyone but no one was listening to me… with the exception of Roman I guess." I felt Roman's hand pat me on the shoulder with obvious agreement.

"Yes well, I won't speak ill of the dead but I guess what I'm trying to say is that I am dropping all your punishments because I believe you acted out of raw emotion and I know as my son you are not a violent person."

"You had to blindfold me to say that?"

She chuckled. "You can take it off now."

I felt round the back of my head for the knot Roman had tied and started to undo it. As the tie became loose I could see faint light again, until I managed to pull it off completely. I immediately eyed what was in front of me and burst out laughing. On the table was a large round cake, decorated in thick icing and scattered with silver and gold balls. Spread across the top was the word "Sorry" in big bold red letters.

"Wow, what's this for?"

"To say sorry if I was a bit hard on you, I can gauge now that you were probably under a lot of stress."

"Aww, thanks mum, but you really didn't have to go through all the trouble of blindfolding me."

"Oh Joey, the cake is not the reason I blindfolded you. That reason is behind you." I rolled my eyes again and turned round.


"In the flesh, Joey!"

I got up and pushed the chair away, almost knocking it over. Roman stepped back laughing as I clambered to get near my boy. He was here… a day early, but how, and why?

"What… I mean… you're here, I mean how?"

"I came from the hospital Joey, not Mars, it's not that hard to travel in London."

"You know what I mean; you're not due here until tomorrow."

"Yeah well, I thought I would surprise you."

"But… but your scan, what about your scan?"

"What scan?"

"You mean this was all planned… all along, this was planned?"

"Hey blame your brother, he suggested it."


"I popped in to see Jack one day and he told me he was getting out Saturday, I told him to say it was Sunday and he played along."

"I thought Saturday would be a fitting day to surprise you, like I did that Saturday I first turned up here… remember, you couldn't stand me." Jack added, winking.

"Yeah funny how things change… anyway, moving on… oh my God, I'm so happy to see you."

"You saw me yesterday you big dufus!"

"Yeah I know but that was there, and like, you're here, in my kitchen, here Jack!"

"Joey, Darling, I think we have established that Jack is here, now why don't you give him some space so he can rest."

"Yeah… yeah sorry Jack, what can I do, do you need anything, can I get you some food? How about a drink or maybe you just wanna lie down," I babbled. Everyone started laughing at me and I didn't get why, until Jack made it clear.

"If you start doing that, I'm going back to the hospital for some peace."

"Sorry, am I being a bit full on…I am aren't I?"

"Just a bit Joey, but its kinda sweet."

"Yes well I hate to skip the party but some of us have a pub to run. Joey, I don't mind how long you spend with Jack, but make sure that cellar is spotless, remember what I said about keeping up with your chores, that's what we pay you for."

"Yeah I know, eighty five pound a week, I'll get it done don't worry." I remarked, before quickly turning my attention back to Jack. My mum just sighed and left the room smirking, shaking her head.

Roman pulled up a chair and kept an eye on Jack, probably to make sure I didn't smother him, but as soon as my mum left I put my arms gently around him and moved in for a welcome home kiss… tongues and all.

"Stop it guys, you're making me jealous," Roman remarked, folding his arms.

"Roman, are you suuuure you're not gay?" Jack asked, looking past my head at Roman, before turning his lips up into a grin.

"Yes, but I'm starting to think I might have better luck with the guys, because I've shit out in the girl department lately."

"I told you Roman, Olly has the hots for you, it's there on a plate."

Roman nodded his head giving me a sarcastic smile. "Yeah thanks Joey, I'll bear that in mind."

"Olly?" Jack asked, raising his brow.

Roman laughed. "Yeah, Joey's wet dream!"

"ROMAN!" I cried.


"Wet dream?"

"It was nothing Jack, Roman is just being a prick," I said, shooting my brother a glare. "He's just a new guy at school."

"Is he hot?"

"Yeah, but don't worry, he only has eyes for one boy," I snorted, smirking at an unimpressed Roman.

"I'm worried now… so you've been dreaming about this guy?"

"Kinda, look it's not something I could control, its not like I'm gonna go out and act on it right?...Right?"

Jack stared at me wearing a stern look, even Roman looked worried. That was until he cracked up in a fit of giggles. "Got ya… Jesus, I'm not that insecure"

"You shit, I thought you were gonna go mental at me then for a fucking dream I had."

"Joey, as long as it stays a dream, I don't care."

"Well if it's any consolation, you were in it too,"

"Whoa, a threesome?"

"Yeah, kinda fucked up right?"

"Oh I dunno, watching you get serviced by another guy seems kinda hot to me."

"Jack, please don't tell me you're into all that watching shit?"

"Hey, I'm joking, Joey, I don't wanna share you with anyone."

"Well good, because… because, well just because ok?" I said, causing Jack and Roman to snigger at me.

It was so nice to have Jack home with us and I was totally blown away that he had surprised me like that. All I wanted to do now was shower him with kisses, but I knew he wanted some space so I tried to facilitate that, as hard as it was.

"Hey Jack, we have a new bed, it's a double," I said, excitedly. Roman rolled his eyes.

"So can I go and lay down on it?"

"Uh, well it's not been made up yet, and we haven't even… Oh shit Roman, we haven't even started moving rooms, Oh shit, hmm, uh… well I guess I could start doing that now, and…"

"JOEY! Chill the fuck out man, you'll give yourself a hernia, Look come here!" Roman asked, as I was starting to freak out. I went over to him and he pulled me into one of his trademark hugs that always made me feel better, and he knew they did. "Just calm down, Jack's here, he's not going anywhere and we'll get everything done, but you gotta relax bro," he whispered.

"yeah sorry, just a bit adrenalinified that's all."

"Adrenalinified? That's not really a word right?"

"Probably not, but it sums up how I feel right now." Roman smirked at me, before giving me a kiss on the forehead and pushing me away."

"Are you hungry Jack?"

"I'm ok at the moment Roman, thank you. Would it be ok if I sit down, I still get tired quite quickly."

"Sure man, why don't you go into the lounge and put the telly on, I promise to keep my brother away from you so you can rest."

Jack turned his lips up. "He's ok."

"Joey, why don't you let Jack rest up and go and finish what you were doing in the cellar, as soon as you're done you can have all the time you want with Jack."

"Yeah I guess," I skulked, kissing Jack on the lips and heading out of the kitchen.

"Oh, and Joey?"

"Yeah Ro?"

"I'll start packing my room up, hopefully we can get a bit done tonight… well at least get your new bed set up so you both have somewhere to sleep."

"Yeah sounds like a plan Ro, thanks."

I followed Jack into the lounge and got myself between his legs on the floor as he sat on one of the sofa. Leaning forward I pressed my lips against his and explored his mouth delicately. He in turn cupped my head in his hand and pulled me in tighter, gently responding to my kiss. I could feel his warm tongue exploring inside, as his sweet saliva crossed from his mouth into mine, a simple gesture, but I was in heaven.

"Did I tell you how happy I am you're here?" I said, gently pulling away.

"Yeah, just a few times. Did I tell you how glad I am to be here?"

"I think you did."

"Well I am."

"God, I don't know if I can bare to be away from you," I said, passionately.

"Why, are you going somewhere?"

"No, I just gotta work, and then there is school, of course."

"Hey, as soon as I'm back on my feet, I'll be with you doing both those things."

"Yeah I know, I just wanna spend every second with you though."

"Joey! Downstairs." Roman barked, seeing I was still with Jack.

"Okay, okay, I'm going" I whined. "See you soon Jack."

I got downstairs into the cellar and tried to concentrate on what I had left to do. Jack was only two floors above me and yet I was pining like a stupid dog that I couldn't with my boy. I tried to snap myself out of this pathetic state of mind. My brain for some reason was acting like I only had an hour left with him before he disappeared into thin air. I had the rest of my life with him for fuck sake, but still, it didn't make any odds… I wanted to be with him.

"Where is Jack," I asked Roman, finally managing to get back upstairs after a busy afternoon.

"In the shower, covered in Clingfilm."


"Yeah I had to wrap him up before he got in."

I gave Roman a confused look before the penny dropped. "Oh, his bandages, I see."

"So have you calmed down now, or do I need to force you to have a cold shower."

"Sorry, yeah I have, it's just exciting for me, you know?"

"Yeah I get it Joey, but if you smother him it's going to become a turn off believe me. You need to remember he's still pretty fragile, both physically and mentally. I mean sure, he can smile and laugh, but there is still a lot of issues unresolved for him that I don't think you are realising."

"What makes you the expert on him anyway," I said, rather defensively, wondering why he would know Jack better than me.

"Don't get your back up, we talked ok… while you were downstairs."

"Well why didn't he talk to me?"

"Because he doesn't want to worry you! He can see how happy you are about him being here and he doesn't want to spoil that. Look joey, It's not even my business to be telling you this, it's something you and Jack need to discuss… alone. But I am saying it, because I want to give you the heads up ok? This is not about Jack keeping things from you, or lying, or being deceptive, it's about him wanting to do his best to make sure you are happy. All I'm saying is, now you have that knowledge, be tactful and give the guy some space to work things out, because as much as you think you can joey, you can't solve everything… Rant over. Now stop being a defensive prick and order us all pizza, my treat."

I must admit, Roman's speech did leave me with a smile at the end, and he got it spot on that I was acting like a defensive prick as he put it. I worried for a moment because I could see the small signs I was becoming obsessed with Jack, that's if I already wasn't from the start. I just thank God that Roman is here sometimes to give me these little pep talks because without him there would probably be so much I would have fucked up in life by now, not excluding Jack, who I noticeably smothered when I found out he was here.

Jack emerged from the bathroom, minus his Clingfilm, which was now a translucent ball in his hand. He had nothing but a towel covering him and I let my eyes linger up his long toned, silky smooth torso complete with subtle a six-pack. It had been a while since I had seen him below the shoulders and it was a sight for sore eyes I can tell you.

Now I'm not into feet, not one bit, but Jack had gorgeous feet, they were perfectly shaped, smooth and hairless. There was none of the funny shaped toes or horrible looking toenails you get on some people, no his were…

"Er, Joey, why are you staring at my feet?"

I cleared my throat. "Uh, well, I just never noticed them before, they're nice," I said, like some fool.

Jack gave me a shy smile. "Well if you are finished, do you mind if I borrowed some clothes from you until I get my stuff back?"

"No Jack, you can't."

"Huh? Why not, all mine are dirty."

"Tough, I want you to stay like that all day."

"Oh, you fucker, I thought you were being serious then…C'mon, give it up and show me to your closet."

"Step this way my liege," I said, walking towards my room, purposefully rubbing my hip against his groin as I passed him, which earned me a slap on the ass.

"Make sure I look decent, do you go putting me in no thong or anything."

I made a devious expression on my face and rubbed my hands together. "Would I dream of doing that?"

"Yes you would, get out of the way so I can pick, I don't trust you."

"Suit yourself, but if I'm honest, I don't have anything remotely naughty in there, but I can soon change all that."

Jack pulled out a pair of white Calvin's and put them on, just giving me enough time to look at my boy's pork lolly. I don't remember ever seeing him flaccid before and I made sure the image was scarred on to my mind knowing that it might be a while before he was flaccid again in front of me… I know, I'm so vain!

"Uh, sweat pants and…oh here we are, a tank top…is that ok?" I asked, flinging stuff at him.

"It will do Joey, a little tight, but it will do."

"Yeah, I picked the tight stuff on purpose, nice bulge by the way… it suits you."

Jack looked down to his groin area and sure enough he was protruding at the front, like most guys do when they wear those kind of pants. "Fuck Joey, I can't walk around in these, what will your parents think?"

"Well you shouldn't have such a big dick then should you. Just tuck it under your waistband and quit complaining, unless you want the speedos instead.

"Thes… these will do fine, thank you."

"Excellent, now, I ordered Pizza courtesy of the Roman Emperor, I got us meat feast as I assumed you can't go wrong with that?"

"Well actually I'm a vegetarian."

"Since when?"

"Oh didn't you know… well I guess you don't know me that well huh?"

"Well I… I'm sorry no I didn't realise, I never… OH, YOU fucking shit, you're winding me up!"

"Yeah well it was worth it seeing the look on your face. Anyway how can I be vegetarian having had your dick in my mouth?"

"Good point."

"Yes it was a good point, rather tasty in fact."

"Coming out with them today aren't you, keep going and we 'll see about getting you some stand up work."

"Only if you put me on before I pee, it goes down after that."


"Stand-up… get it?"

"Shut up Jack!"


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