The Saturday Boy

by James Matthews

Chapter 12

I loved this time of day, the sun starting to make its descent down behind the trees of the forest behind our clearing. A light breeze blew softly through the leaves causing shards of sunlight to hit the stream I was standing by the edge of. White light hit the soft flowing water bouncing it into all the colours of the rainbow as a warm feel good feeling came over me.

Dean and Shaun were off gathering kindling for the fire later on, while Jack was starting to unpack his tent, smiling away as he did. Me? Well I was just taking time to absorb the relaxing atmosphere, away from the pub, my parents and everyday life.

I began to slowly walk along the stream's edge noticing how much slower the water got before it flowed into the small lake. The lake was a little sanctuary with small mud cliffs being held intact by the roots of old thirsty trees that littered the edges.

"You look like you wanna jump in, I hope you're not thinking of suicide," came the voice of Jack, eyeing me staring at the deep blue green water below.

"Are you crazy, I'm never down here, I love it," I replied, turning to meet his eyes.

"Yeah, I gotta say this is not what I was expecting, this place is beautiful."

"Yeah it is, and it's ours," I said in a dreamy tone. "So how is the tent going?"

"Fucking tents, I wonder if I was straight it would make more sense," Said Jack, banging his forehead with the palm of his hand.

"Something tells me you haven't put up a tent before."

"Joey, I aint never been camping, let alone set up a campsite."

"C'mon little help come and see how it's done," I remarked, collecting his shoulder with my hand and squeezing it.

We both walked back to the main clearing where Dean and Shaun were just returning from their mission to get firewood.

"Hey slackers, don't you think it's a little unfair we're doing all the graft while you and your bit of fluff are standing around." Dean shouted in what could have been a half playful tone…if it wasn't Dean.

"I was just about to help Jack put up the first tent, and he's not my bit of fluff Dean." I retorted.

"Not yet anyway," Jack muttered as he walked past me to grab the floor sheet. I shot him a look that said not impressed, before helping him lay out the sheet.

It was now that part of the day where the sun had disappeared but it was still light. Shaun had decided to make a fire pit surrounding the hole with rocks from the stream. Jack and I had successfully got both tents up and kitted them out with sleeping bags and a tilly lamp each. Dean was sorting the food and drink out. He had taken all the bottles of beer over to the stream and placed them in the water, making a small dam with rocks to stop them being dragged downstream. It was an ingenious but simple idea that guaranteed at least some cooling of our evening drinks.

"Do you want me to light this now?" Shaun asked to no one in particular.

"Yeah why not, the light will really start to dim soon and the temperature will no doubt drop a few degrees," I said, looking up at the now darkening sky.

"The weather expert strikes again," Dean remarked walking back towards us, a long stick in his hand.

"Well what are you then, farmer fucking Jones with that dog stick in your grasp? What are you gonna do, herd some sheep?" Everyone laughed, except for Dean of course. He just snarled at me and I wondered whether the stick would soon be wrapped round my head.

"Anyone want a beer?" Shaun asked wandering over to the stream. Everyone said yes and moments later Shaun was coming back with four bottles hanging between his fingers. "So when are we starting the food, I'm starving."

"My dad always said that drinking on an empty stomach was cheaper and more easy on the supplies," Jack said sniggering.

"Yeah well, your old man would know wouldn't he Jack," Dean exclaimed, causing Jack to lose his grin.

"Fuck sake Dean, I wondered how long it would be until you upset someone," I hissed at him, annoyed. "It's ok, Jack he didn't mean anything by it, did you Dean?"

"Well, uh…no of course not, I was just kidding around. Anyway Joey, Jack hates his father enough not to be offended by what I said, surely."

"Whether he does or doesn't, it's nobody's place to comment on stuff we don't know anything about."

"Joey, its fine, honest, I'm not offended," Jack stated, cutting in on us.

"There, see," Dean added, gesturing his hand at Jack. I just shook my head at Dean's insensitiveness.

"Shaun, you been pretty quiet tonight, everything ok?" I asked, looking over at him.

"Me? Yeah I'm fine, just listening to you and Dean arguing, like I always do."

"You sure, nothing on your mind?"

"Nah, I'm fine Joey, honest. I'm really enjoying the ambiance."

"Good, now get drinking guys, we got a lot of beer to get through and I don't wanna take anything back home."

"Why not?" asked Jack.

"Too heavy," I smirked.

We were all relaxing into the warm evening, a gentle fire flickering orange light against the backdrop of trees around us. Dean and Jack were roasting marshmallows on the end of small sticks, while Jack and me were playing dominoes, quietly chatting about random stuff. Dinner, which consisted of Sandwiches, cooked sausage and some chicken, had gone down a treat and everyone was content with a mix off fullness and slight intoxication.

"Anyone know any good ghost stories?" Dean asked looking at the three of us.

"No way…please, no ghost stories," pleaded Jack.

"Ah Stanton, don't tell us you're afraid of the dark."

"A little," he replied sheepish. I got the feeling Dean was just about to laugh but decided against it when he glanced at me giving him an evil look. Instead his face went serious again.

"Well, we all have our phobias" Dean remarked instead.

"I got a good one, and it aint that scary Jack," Shaun said, winking.

"Ok, but if I grab hold of someone it's purely for being shit scared," Jack said grinning at Dean, Whose mouth dropped open at the comment.

"Go on then Shaun lets hear it, but I've probably heard this one before," I commented, rolling my eyes.

"Ok, wait wait wait…let me get my torch…you know, for the whole scary affect under the chin."

"Oh for fuck sake Shaun," Dean said dropping his shoulders and sighing. Shaun crawled into his and Dean's tent and came out with a baton torch and switched it on, placing it just under his chin. Again, I rolled my eyes.

"Ready?" Shaun asked, shifting to get confortable, making us all do the same.

"We're ready," Dean and I chimed.

"Not really," added Jack.

"Ok here we go," said Shaun, putting on an evil grin and opening his eyes wide. "There once lived an old, old woman who lived alone in the middle of the woods with her small dog, Sandy.

"Sandy? What kinda name is that?" Dean said interrupting.

"Shhhh," We all sounded in unison. Dean just turned his lips down and put his chin in his hands.

"Anyway where was I? There once lived an old, old woman who lived alone in the middle of the woods with her small dog, Sandy. Each night, just before the old woman was about to go to sleep the dog would make its way to her bedroom and get under the bed where it slept for the night. Once the woman was in bed she would place her hand down and under the frame and wait until the dog licked her hand. It was their way of saying good night to each other. One particular night the woman had stayed up late to watch a movie on TV. After it ended she went to bed put her hand under the frame and as usual, the dog licked her hand like it always did. But as she laid there trying to get to sleep she could hear a drip, drip, drip, coming from somewhere in the house. She got up and went to the kitchen to check the tap, no dripping there. She went to the sink in the bathroom, no dripping there. All that was left was the shower. So she pulled back the shower curtain to check it and found her dog hanging upside down from the ceiling, blood dripping from its mouth. On the wall, written in the dogs blood was the words…humans can lick too you know!"

We all remained silent as Shaun finished his story, it was fucking creepy and even the sceptical not scared of anything Dean, was sitting very still, looking freaked. It suddenly occurred to me that Jack was now practically sitting on top of me, looking petrified. I went to touch his shoulder to offer him a comforting hand and he almost jumped out of his skin.

"FUCK!" he yelled, causing the rest of us to jump.

"Jeez I'm sorry Jack, I was just trying to…"

"Sorry, I just don't like those kinds of stories," Jack said trembling lightly.

"It's just a story Jack, it's not real" Shaun added, wondering if he had done the right thing by telling it. "I hope I haven't ruined your night?"

"Just drink more beer Jack, then you won't give a shit about anything," came the wise words of Dean.

To be honest, looing around the camp site, everyone looked a bit creeped out by Shaun story and I wondered if it was such a good idea Shaun telling it, seeing as how it made Jack near on shit himself. I got up and put some more wood on the fire thinking that brightening up the place might make him feel a little better.

"So, who is up for a game of truth or dare?" asked Dean, clapping his hands together. I looked at Shaun and smiled.

"Dean's drunk again,"

"Yep," Said Shaun, smirking.

"Why not," Said Jack. "Anything to take my mind off that fucking story."

"Ok, lemme grab an empty bottle… and gather round in a circle guys," requested Dean, reaching over and pulling a bottle from the dirt. We got seated into a square and Dean placed the bottle in the middle of us. "I'll go first as I'm the oldest."

"You never know, Jack might be the oldest," Shaun said, looking at Jack.

"When are you Seventeen Jack?" asked Dean, resting his hand on the bottle as if he was going to be right.

"October the sixteenth."

"Well Shaun is December forth, Joey is November ninth and I'm September twentieth,"

"Hey, that makes me the baby," declared Shaun, sounding disappointed.

"Life is hard, what can I say," replied Dean. "So here we go then." Dean spun the bottle and we all watched as it went round and round, eventually landing on Shaun. "Hmm, Shaun…truth or dare?" Dean asked.


"Truth, ok…uh. Oh I got a good one. Did you let scabby Sally suck you off round the back of the bike sheds at school when you were fifteen?"

"Jesus Dean you ask this every time we play this game, and for the hundredth time…no!" We all laughed at Shaun as he got agitated with the question.

"Ok Shaun, your turn to spin," Dean stated, gesturing his hand at the bottle. Shaun placed his fingers on it and gave it a good spin. It came to a stop on me.


"Joey, truth or dare?

I sighed. "Truth!"

"What can I ask you? Hmm…ok I got one. Have you ever tasted your own cum?"

I would have to say yes…but it was involuntary. I accidently got myself in the mouth after a solo job in my room."

"At least you're honest," remarked Dean.

"I thought that was the idea."

"Just spin Joey, smart ass."

"Ok here I go." I span the bottle and it landed on Shaun. "Truth or dare mate?"

"I'll take a truth, I don't think I'm ready for one of your dares," he said, a wry smile forming on his lips.

"Hmm, truth, ok. How many times have you jerked off in one day?"

"Oh that's easy, six, and it was my fifteenth birthday, I have never beaten that record since."

We all giggled, now pretty drunk, and I passed the bottle to Shaun. He span it and it landed on Jack.

"Jack ma boy, truth or dare buddy?" asked Shaun, slurring a little.

"Truth please…No dare I mean. I don't trust you with a question," he said, wearing a wide grin.

"Our first dare…hmm, what shall I do with you?" Shaun asked, rubbing his chin with his fingers. "Show us your cock."

"What?" cried Jack.

"Show us your cock, that's my dare to you," Shaun repeated, starting to laugh.

"Fuck this job," Jack muttered getting up, starting to unzip his shorts. He reached inside and pulled out his flaccid organ for us all to see.

"Damn Jack, that's one impressive slab of meat," Dean said shaking his head. "Jesus if you weren't gay you could do some serious damage to a girl's snatch with that thing!"

"Thank you Dean, I'm so glad you approve," said Jack, placing his dick back in his shorts. I sat there dumbfounded, a stirring in my own shorts because of what I had just seen. Jack was…very well packaged, shall we say, at least six inches flaccid.

"Well I'll just put it out there…I'm fucking jealous of that," Shaun remarked, putting on a sulking pose.

"Aww Shaun, you aint that small," I said, chuckling

"No not jealous of the size. I'm jealous that you get to spend the night with him and I don't," Shaun blurted, not quite realising what he had just revealed…to Dean!

"Hang on whoa…back the fuck up Shaun…did I just hear you right?" Dean said, his voice tense.

"Dean, chill man, we've all been drinking here, let's not get silly now," I said slowly and deliberately to him.

"Chill…are you serious, I mean is he serious Joey…did he just say he liked cock?" Shaun just fell on his back and started laughing, which was making Dean all the more agitated. "Shaun, man are you…"

"Yeah Dean, I like a bit of dick ok, I'm sorry I didn't tell you," Shaun admitted, giggling like an idiot, while Jack and I sat silent, a serious look on our face. I wondered what Dean was gonna do. He was a loose cannon at the best of times…but drunk? Now we were in unchartered waters. I tried to calm the situation.

"Dean, Shaun is drunk, he doesn't know what he's saying, I think he's just trying to have a joke, just calm down man, let's not ruin tonight."

"I can't fucking believe this…I mean Stanton I expected, you Joey…I'm just starting to get my head around you, but Shaun…fucking hell Shaun, you as well? I feel like I'm sitting in a bag full of hard dicks, what the fuck guys?"

"Dean, Joey and Shaun are still the same people, they are still your best friends," Jack said calmly and softly, as if trying to sooth Dean's building temper.

"He's right Dean, I aint changed, I mean, sure, Shaun is pissed but even drunk he's still the same person."

"Why do you guys have to do this to me?" Dean hissed, but his temper levelling off.

"Yeah Dean, because we all turned out this way just to spite you…surprise!"

"So you both admit it then…please just don't fuck with me here, just say it…just fucking say it so we can move on. None of this oh I'm confused shit, it's like something out of a fucking novel. Straight boy meets gay boy and eventually turns him gay and then they… they turn other people gay and before we know it, the whole fucking universe is gay!"

"Wow, what a movie that would be," Jack said, smirking at Dean.

"Well its true aint it? You come along Stanton and it's like all my friends are turning queer. I'll be afraid to go home soon just in case I wake up and find my dad in bed with me."

"Jeeeesus, fuck…not a nice picture!" Shaun cried out, bursting into hysterics.

"Guys, can we just mellow it out a bit please, I really don't want any of us saying something that upsets the other. Shaun, stop winding Dean up and Dean, just live and let live mate."

"I still don't believe it Joey…I won't believe it until he wakes up sober, looks me in the eye and tells me straight." Dean declared, shaking his head.

"Speaking of waking up, I think we should all call it a night, it's getting on and I'm getting chilly." I said standing up, shaking the dirt, twigs and dead leaves from my clothes before moving towards the tent.

"Yep, I'm pretty whacked too," stated Shaun, stretching out his arms. "Do you mind if I cuddle you Dean while we sleep?"

"Shaun, that is not funny," Dean growled, skulking off towards his tent. I couldn't help but laugh how Dean was handling this. Deep down he knew he was safe with Shaun and I think he was milking it for all it was worth.

"Good night guys, first one up makes breakfast, deal?" There was no response.

Jack followed me inside our tent once I saw Dean and Shaun get into there's. I watched as he took down the hanging tilly lamp and sparked it up, making the tent bright inside.

"Wow, that's a little too much light Jack, does it go lower?"

"Oh yeah…gimmie a sec, and I'll turn it down." He fiddled with a knob on the lamp until the tent was just light enough for us to see each other. I started to strip down to my boxers, eyeing Jack watching me as I did. The thought of his eyes all over me made me feel shy and excited all at the same time.

"Are you gonna get ready for bed or just stare at me all night?" I asked him, feeling like a lab rat.

"Do you want me to answer that question?"

"Just get undressed and in your bag you idiot or you'll get cold." He did as I asked and started to take off his t-shirt, revealing a very tight smooth body. Next he unbuttoned his jean shorts before taking them off, a pair of Simpson's boxer briefs now on display. I found his fluffy blond treasure trail fascinating as I was now the guilty one for watching him. For sixteen he was incredibly well built and toned in all the right places. Don't get me wrong, I was still toned but didn't have as much muscle as him, but I put that down to his dancing and the weights he did at school.

Jack got into his sleeping bag and rested himself on his elbow looking at me. "I know I'm a little drunk Joey, but I just wanna say…you are one fucking fit puppy," he whispered. I was really glad the Tilly lamp was so dim because as intoxicated as I might have been, it still didn't stop a rush of heat flood my cheeks.

"Thanks Jack, you're not bad yourself" I said, surprising myself with the comment.

"You know if someone had said I would be sharing a tent with Joey Cork just a few weeks ago I would have laughed in their face."

"I'm not famous you know Jack."

"You are to me." He said as I got in to the same position, facing him.

"I don't know what to say to that," I sniggered, nervously.

"Are you still confused Joey, about how you feel?"

"Not as much as I was, but still a little."

"I really like you, you know that right?"

"Yeah I know that." I replied, softly.

"Can you handle that?" He asked, running his finger slowly up the underside of my forearm, making me shudder. I pulled away, nervous at the contact he was offering. My mind was on fire with every emotion under the sun. Yearning, anger, anticipation, sorrow, happiness, to name just a few, but nervousness stood out from all the rest until a feeling of calmness suddenly came over me and I realised Jack had ever so softly placed his lips on mine, causing me to close my eyes.

He pulled back and stared at my face until eventually I opened my eyes again and saw him looking at me. His face was expressionless, I imagine because he was waiting to assess my reaction. But I didn't know how to feel, all I knew is that I felt suddenly calm, still, like he had just injected a tranquiliser direct to my mind.

"Like I said, I really like you," he said again, his lips slowly turning upwards. I gently smiled back.

"I dunno how far…"

"It's not something we need to talk about Joey," Jack said to me, lowering himself down so he was now lying on his bicep.

"I know, I just don't want you to get your hopes up or anything, I'm really not sure I'm ready for anything like this."

"Like what?"

"Don't play that line with me, I know what you're up to," I said smirking.

"Joey, I'm just glad I'm with you. Whatever happens, if anything, is on your terms, and that's the truth."

"Part of me wants something to happen, but I'm just really hoping it's not just the drink talking because that would just be cruel to both of us."

"Can I ask a question?"

"Sure." I replied, intrigued.

"When did you first realise, that you liked me I mean."

"I guess it was that day in the cellar when you put your hands on mine. At the time I knew I felt something, but there was no box to put that feeling into so I just brushed it off. As I've got to know you I can now identify what I felt."

"Does it worry you?"

"Does what worry me?"

"The way you feel…or rather what you feel."

"Worry is the wrong word. I'm just scared of accepting who I might be."

"You mean gay or straight?"

"Yeah, it's like, if I give myself to a guy, I'll never know if I was really straight. But if I give myself to a girl and I don't like it, at least I'll have a better idea."

"Joey, forgive me pal, you're a really intelligent person, but I gotta say that is the dumbest thing you have ever said in front of me. It don't work like that man, it is what it is."

I sighed. "Yeah I know it sounds really stupid to put it like that, but that's how it works in my head."

"Kiss me."

"What? No!"

"Why not, scared you might like the feeling?"

"A little," I whispered. Jack smiled at me before leaning over and pressing his lips on mine again, this time he was a little braver and pushed his tongue against my teeth and I pulled away. "Stop."

"Stop as in you don't like it, or stop as in you like it more than you thought."

"You really screw my head up, you know that Stanton?"

"I'm not trying to screw your head up, I'm trying to make you realise that it's ok to like what you like." Not that I would admit it to Jack but inside my sleeping back was a very awake little Joey, pushing hard against my boxers. I swallowed hard before leaning over and slamming my lips against Jack's. It was a clumsy, sloppy wet kiss. I opened my mouth as wide as I could and let him stick his tongue in. I could taste him, a mixture of beer and mint where he had been chewing gum. His tongue was warm and gentle as he explored my mouth. Encouraged, I responded by doing the same to him. He wrapped a hand round the back of my head, pulling me into him, the other he used to stroke one of my pecks with. I felt a whimper escape my mouth, muffled by the kiss we were deep in.

Jack broke the kiss and began nibbling at my neck with his teeth, I tipped my head back so he could get better access. He began running his thumb over my nipple causing my breath to hitch with excitement. I had never experienced these sensations before and I had to admit, I liked them…a lot!

I felt his hand on my peck began to make its way down under my sleeping back. Aware of where it was heading I grabbed it and pulled it back out.

"Touch that, and I will come," I said matter of fact. The comment made Jack grin with satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment. I wasn't lying though. I had got so excited from his different touches and kissing that I felt like I would spontaneously ejaculate there and then, with any slight movement or touch to my throbbing penis.

"Can I go down on you?"

"I'm not sure that's a good idea, I'll probably end up shooting in your mouth."

"That's the idea silly."

"Jack, can we slow down a bit, I dunno how I'm gonna feel after this is over and I don't want you to feel I'm being selfish."

"I get what you're saying, feel free to experiment with your hands," Jack said smirking. Unlike Jack I was really unsure as to what to do to him. I didn't know where to put my hands, or where to start. "It's ok Joey, I'm not a china doll, you won't hurt me," Jack remarked as he watched me being overly cautious with my touches.

I began to gently run my hands all over his torso, making him tremble. I dragged my finger lightly down his treasure trail, making his six pack heave with anticipation. I pulled his sleeping bag down to his knees and run my hands up the calves of his extremely hairy legs, coated in wiry blond hair. Getting to the place where his boxers started I found a sensitive spot just inside his thigh that seemed to drive him crazy.

His cock was pressed hard against the front of his boxers and I could see a dark patch had appeared telling me he was leaking a lot of pre. Again, I ran a finger up the inside of his thigh and watched in fascination as his cock twitched inside his boxers, the action exciting me even more.

"Wanna jerk me off," Jack whispered as I stared at least eight and a half inches of meat move about inside those boxers.

"Is that ok…I mean, I don't think I'm ready for anything else right now."

"Yeah I guessed that, which is why I offered, its ok just take your time and do what you feel comfortable with," He said, encouragingly. I got on to my knees and with both hands I gently tugged on the bottom of his underwear. He arched his back to make my task easier, and the boxers came down with ease. I left them at his ankles, and just stared at his equipment. Dean was right, it was fucking impressive. His balls were huge, much bigger than I expected, and they hung so low they were almost resting on the sleeping bag between his legs. I could see that he kept his nuts shaved, but pretty much everything else was left untouched, or at the very most lightly trimmed.

My cock was beginning to ache because of its lack of attention. I could feel it was begging for release, but I wanted to get Jack off before I even thought about myself. If I was just about to have my first gay experience, then I wanted it to end well and not be left with a feeling of regret.

"Take your underwear off Joey," Jack requested, as I kneeled in front of him, my hard dick now soaked with pre-cum. I did as he asked and let little Joey free, tossing my underwear to the side of the tent. Immediately a string of pre-cum started making its way from the head of my cock down onto the sleeping bag below and Jack watched it, like he was hypnotised.

"Jerk me Joey, I really wanna come now," Jack whispered, almost pleading. I slowly took my hand and wrapped it round his cock. Just as I started to work him over he took my hand off and spat into it, before placing it back round his member.

"Ahh, you like it lubed yeah?" I asked, and he smiled his confirmation. I began to stroke him, rolling his huge nuts between my fingers, just like I loved to do to my own when going solo. He got up and kneeled too so we were both facing each other. Jack placed his arms round my neck for support while I jacked his cock, every now and again taking the newly delivered pre-cum and adding it to his spit for extra gliding action. I let him lean into me as his legs started to quiver, and his breathing became ragged.

"Lean back Jack, I wanna see your face when I make you shoot," I said, overcome with excitement that it was me who was making him feel like this…me, the novice. We stared in to each other's eyes as I picked up speed. His face was contorting with what looked like pain, but I knew it was pure pleasure. I noticed his eyes roll back into his head before he bit into my neck to muffle a loud grunt as a huge glob of hot seed came rocketing out of his cock and hit me in the face just as I momentarily looked down. The next contraction sent a slightly smaller wad splashing onto his pecks before running down to his belly button. His head remained buried in my neck as he panted hard, the final few drops being oozed out by my tight grip. My own legs were quivering and just as he had come I felt like electric was passing through my own cock as it danced up and down by itself, causing me to put a hand to my mouth to stop myself from yelping.

I felt like I was panting as hard as he was. I was just so excited that I had made him come it made my heart race and my body tense rather than being anything physical I had done. Jack slowly took his head out from within the crevice of my neck and shoulder and gazed into my eyes, his mouth starting to form into a wide smile. He leaned in again this time his lips at my ear.

"That…was fucking awesome, you were awesome!" he whispered, and I felt really pleased with myself.

"You mean it…I mean it was ok for you yeah?"

"I haven't come that hard since...since I can't remember," he said, falling back onto his legs, completely spent. "Fucking hell, I come shit loads, look at all that over you."

"Actually, half that is mine," I admitted, feeling a little embarrassed.

"You came?"

"Yeah, about when you did actually"

"Fucking hell Joey, we never even got started on you, how did that happen?" Jack asked, shocked.

"I dunno, that's never happened to me before," I declared looking at my cock which was still oozing its own contents onto Jack sleeping bag.

"Damn, and I really wanted to taste you too."

"Maybe next time, yeah?"

"Next time…you mean this didn't freak you out?"

"At first it was but once I let myself go a little it felt ok." Jack had a look of longing in his eyes before leaning forward and planting a kiss on my lips. This time it was more sensual than passionate and even though I had shot my load it still felt ok.

"Do you feel as tired as I do?"

"Probably," I said, yawning at the thought of sleep. I fished up my boxers from the side of the tent and tried the best I could to wipe up our mess from Jack sleeping back before it completely seeped though. I was well aware of what cold cum felt like on the skin and didn't want him to experience it.

"Well, good night then," I said getting into my sleeping bag and zipping it up, before throwing my soiled underwear in the corner of our tent. I turned on to my side and closed my eyes, listening as Jack shuffled about getting into bed himself I imagined.

I became aware I was awake when the high pitched singing of a nearby bird rang into my ears. The light was bright behind my eyelids and I slowly opened my eyes realising it was daylight. I didn't have a clue what time it was but I sensed it was early.

Something else I became aware of was a feeling of skin on skin as I eyed a muscled arm draped over my side. I don't know how he did it without waking me up, but it seemed Jack had taken it upon himself to get in my sleeping bag with me at some point during the night. I could feel a flaccid cock nestled up against my ass as he spooned me.

I was about to get up, knowing that I would have to disturb him, before deciding I was going to lay there and experience lying naked with another guy being cuddled, and concentrate on how it felt. Jack was warm against my body and I could feel his soft breaths on the back of my neck. I sighed with contentment before interlocking my fingers in mine with the hand that was draped over me. I felt him groan softly before he tried to snuggle closer to me.

"Morning Joey," Came his voice, soft and hoarse.

"Morning Jack, you sneaky shit," I said, smirking, which he couldn't see.

"Sorry, I was cold," he whispered, stroking my hair. "And you looked so cute as you fell asleep I couldn't help but climb in with you."


"Yeah Joey?"

"I'm glad you did…this is nice."

"Yeah exactly what I thought."


"Yeah Jack?"

"You still feel the same?"

"Yeah jack, I still feel the same."

"Really glad…and relieved."

"Relieved?" I asked, trying to turn and face him but was pretty locked in his grip.

"Yeah, I wondered if you were gonna wake up and say last night was a horrible mistake. After all we were pretty drunk last night."

"Drunk as we may have been, I still remember everything we did, and no I don't regret it. My only regret is having sex before we even had our first date," I remarked, before bursting out laughing.

"Well we can call this camping trip our first date if it makes you feel better," Jack said, stroking the back of my neck, making the hairs stand up on end before he started making small light kisses in the same spot he had been stroking. The contact was making me shiver in his grasp.

I laid there enjoying the attention Jack was giving me when we were both frozen in horror as the zip on our tent started to travel upwards. Please don't let it be Dean, please don't let it be Dean, my mind screamed.

"Joey, you dirty dog…did you get laid?" Shaun said grinning from ear to ear. I let go of the breath I had been holding and relaxed.

"Nice of you to barge in Shaun," I scowled.

"You didn't answer my question…or shall I ask Jack. Jack did you pop my best friend's cherry last night?"

"All I'm gonna say to you Shaun is that we had fun," Jack replied, reaching round and grabbing my balls inside our sleeping bag. I flinched at the contact causing Shaun to give me a funny look.

"Well, I'm fucking jealous, I had to sleep with the Titanic's foghorn last night, and he is still fast asleep," Shaun said, a pissed look on his face. "Well I'm just torturing myself looking at you two like this so I'll go and get breakfast started and leave you lovebirds to it." With that his head disappeared and the zip went back down, leaving us alone again.

"That just about freaked me out, I thought it was gonna be Dean," I said in a panicked tone.

"I dunno Joey, the look on Dean's face could have been amusing."

"Not funny Jack."

"But hey, lovebirds has a nice ring to it don't you think?"

"Shut up you big softy, I hope you're not gonna go all dreamy eyed on me already."

"Like I said Joey, we go at your pace, but if you want me to be honest…I've been falling for you long before we came on this trip."

"There's nothing I can say to that really, only that I think I might have been too and just this second realised it."

"Well I'll reserve myself for you for a limited time but after that you'll need to make bids with the rest of the people who want me," Jack exclaimed, and I punched him on the arm.

"Right I need to get up…badly need a piss."

"Ok, let me unzip this thing and I'll move out of your way."

I heaved myself out of the sleeping bag and made my way out of the tent, the bright sun immediately stabbing at my protesting eyes. The linger of the night before was making my head feel a little cloudy and I felt a tad rough. Leaning against a tree of let free the liquid from my full bladder and let out a satisfying sigh as it emptied.

Dean came out from his cave and stood next to me. "Hey, go find your own tree to mark," I said grinning as I looked at my sleepy friend standing with his cock out pissing up the trunk. "Oh and morning wood I see Dean, want me to jerk that off for you, be a shame to waste it."

"Shut it Corky, I'll take care of it later…by myself thank you. Besides your new boyfriend wouldn't approve."

"He's not my boyfriend, but on that topic…how would you feel if he was one day?"

"Why are you asking me this Joey, what do you want me to say. You want me to tell you I'm happy for you? You want me to say yeah great, knock yourself out, go for it? I'm sorry Joey, you're just gonna have to give me some time to adjust of this. It goes against everything I ever thought I knew about you."

"By why is it such an issue for you Dean…it's me Joey, the same person you have always known, no different no change, I still love you, and your still my best friend. Look I really need your support right now, and I'm asking you as one of my best friends to accept me…it means everything to me that you can do that." Dean eyes softened, and he stared at me for a moment before speaking.

"Firstly, I don't want you to get hurt because I know if you do, Shaun and I will have to pick up the pieces, and second I have never had to deal with having a gay friend before. Yeah ok I was a little bit naive to think that what James did to you was nothing to do with any gay person and it was just my freak of a brother high on something needing a whole to put his dick in."

"I know Dean, and like I said to you, I'm really deeply sorry you ever had to go through that. But we all love you and we wanna take care of you as our friend, and if you give Jack a chance I'm sure you will find he'll have you back too."

"This is the guy who gets freaked out about ghost stories Joey."

"And you're the guy who get freaked out about gay people…in your words, we all have our phobias.

"Yeah well that's different Joey," Dean said, zipping himself up again.

"I dunno if it is Dean." I declared. "I know everything about you, I've seen your dick, I've seen you naked and how many times have I ever made a move on you?"

"Yeah yeah, never, I know that, Its just a shock…and maybe it aint about you being gay that angers me the most. It's the fact that when you think you know someone so well, suddenly you realise you don't know them as well as you thought."

"That's nothing to get pissed about Dean, it's not like I made it known to anyone…its not like I was dropping clues that you didn't pick up on. I have to take the blame for that, not you."

"Yeah maybe you're right Joey."

"I know I'm right Dean, its sounds to me like you are blaming yourself for this."

"Maybe I do, and that's just because I feel cheated by you in a way, and I feel like a fool for not seeing this."

"Dean, I didn't know myself up until recently that I had feelings for Jack, so if it makes you feel any better you wouldn't have known anything in the first place."

"Yeah, your right I know, and Joey…I'm…I'm sorry ok. I'm sorry for all the crap I gave you over it."

"Can I have a hug?"

"I don't do hugs Joey, you should know that!" he declared, looking at me concerned.

"Not even for your best mate Joey?" I stood and stared at him, I could see he was thinking about it until finally he placed his hands on my shoulders and pulled me into him. I wrapped my arms round his back and held him tightly. I could feel his body jolt slightly…he was crying gently.

"He fucking ruined my life Joey; he violated me in a way you can't imagine."

"I know Dean and I'm so sorry," I said tapping his back with my hand consoling him. "You don't have to go through this alone, if you ever wanna just talk about it, I'm here. I'll listen; I won't judge you and I'll always respect you."

"Thanks Joey," he replied, before pulling away from me and wiping his eyes.

"Dry those eyes mate, you're gonna be ok," I said smiling at him. He smiled back and walked away back to his tent and disappeared inside; I imagined composing himself before seeing the others.

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