The Saturday Boy, Two Years On

by James Matthews

Chapter 4


Five Hundred days, that's how long Roman and I had been 'properly' together. I was so in love, so madly in love with him, but lately I had been thinking about our love life. It was something that had always been awkward between the two of us. From the very start Roman had asked that we take it slow… at his pace. The very fact I could be with him and call him my boyfriend was enough to accept most, if not any terms he set, and I had. But, five hundred days and we had still not had what I would call proper sex.

I kept a diary in my bedroom at home, which I was casually flicking through to pass the time. It was a diary mostly filled with special events Roman and I had had since we got together. Places we'd been, fun things we'd done together, and for my own personal curiosity, I kept the times we had been intimate, or thereabouts.

Our first full-on kiss did not happen until we had been together for fifty two days. It was eighty seven days before he let me sleep naked in the same bed as him, a hundred and twenty eight days until he let me jerk him off and two hundred and four days until he jerked me off.

I had never been sucked off by him, and it had only been recently that he let me go near his cock with my mouth, with him adding the whole thing kinda freaked him out. Yeah, I got it, totally, but five hundred days and we still haven't gone the whole way? I started to wonder if we were ever gonna get there. How long would I have to wait? How long to experience something I thought I would have had ages ago… the feel of another boy's penis inside me. Like I said, the thought of being with Roman, knowing… hoping the day would eventually come round… that it would be him I would lose myself to, made it worth the wait. But there was this hunger inside me that was growing impatient.

Being a Virgin at eighteen was not something that particularly bothered me, because I knew when it happened I would want it to be with the right person. But Roman was the right person, and yet I was still a virgin.

I must admit, I did go through a phase of having a crush on Joey when I first met him. It had even crossed my mind that we might even end up together if it didn't work out with him and Jack. But that ship sailed long ago. Despite the fact Jack and Joey may separate, I just couldn't see myself with someone like Joey now, he was too unstable, not to mention I couldn't imagine my life without Roman in it. I just didn't get their personalities sometimes… Roman so laid back he could be horizontal, and Joey, who was wound up like some tight spring, waiting to uncoil at any moment.

If I was to align my personality with either of the brothers, I would have to say it is closer to Roman. As much as I like Joey, I didn't really find his personality too attractive, he's far too needy, in need of constant reassurance and care. Jack seems to have adapted himself quite well to that, but all the temper tantrums and ever changing moods really intimidated me somehow.

I did hope they sorted things out though. If you ever saw them on a good day, the way they held each other, the affection, the look in their eyes at one another, it was really cute to see. Lately though, that had not been happening and it was starting to really notice. Roman used to just comment that dark storm clouds were gathering and that he was trying to stay out of it, but I knew how much he loved his brother, trying to coach him to be a better person. It was Jack I really felt sorry for though, the abuse he took from Joey was just astounding and scary at times.

After sitting deep in thought for what felt like an hour, I tossed the diary I was still holding onto my bookshelf and threw myself on the bed. My room was being eaten by darkness as the light begun to fade in the east.

Roman was away with his band for five days, and I was missing him like crazy after only two. With nothing to do for the rest of the evening I decided, probably quite sensibly to get an early night.

Three months ago I had landed a job at Crimson Cell. It was, as you can probably guess, a cell phone shop that dealt in pay-as-you-go and contract phones. I was on the business side of the company, helping to set up small to medium sized companies with contract phones for their employees. It was a hard slog most days and the basic pay was not good, but if you could land a contract with a decent sized company the commission was great. I was still on probation, so was not earning any bonus right now, but a company deal I recently completed would have earned me eight hundred pounds commission, so that being said, I was eager to master my selling skills, ready to earn some good cash.

I reached over and flicked the switch on my lamp, turning it on. For some reason when I was alone I could never sleep in total darkness. It wasn't a fear, but it felt somehow, uncomfortable. Before long, with the covers pulled up to my chin, I began to drift off.


"Still sleeping on the Sofa Jack?" Mum asked, walking in to join me. I was wrapped up in a sleeping bag, watching TV.

"We're working things out, just not quite ready to… well you know how it is?"

"Budge up, and share that thing," she said, before grinning at me. "Jack, look, I know it's none of my business, but if you and Joey work at things I'm sure you'll both be fine. All relationships go through the odd blip and its funny but somehow I knew it would be you on the sofa, being the man and all," she added, giggling.

I smiled, slightly from embarrassment. "I'm not the man, it was my choice, we're equal in this."

I heard Mum sigh, before looking at me. "There is something more to this isn't there?"

"What do you mean?"

"This is not just about what happened on Joey's birthday is it? I see the way you and Roman are. It's like you're both keeping something from me… about Joey."

"What makes you say that?"

"Because, I may be busy all the time, but I know my boys, and Joey has not been forthcoming with his rants lately, he seems really quiet."

"It's not my place to say Mum, if he wants to tell you then_"

"I'm asking you, Jack Stanton," she said, her tone, serious.

"Do you want me to be honest?"

"I demand it, young man," she replied, her voice a little softer.

"I don't think you have been there enough for him… for a while, and I'm worried about him." I swallowed hard, looking at her as she stared at me, silent.

"Have… have I missed something, is he ok?"

"No, I don't think he is."

"Well, why didn't he come to me… talk to me… or your father?"

"Its… its hard sometimes, you know?"

"Hard, Jack? What am I unapproachable, is that how you all feel?"

"No! No, of course not, I just think Joey feels a little alone and you and Dad are always busy… and before you tell me why, I know. I just think you need to talk to Joey."

"I'm sorry, I just didn't think… I didn't know you all felt like that."

"Don't think bad of it Mum, it's not that we don't think you're not there, it's just Roman has usually dealt with_"

"Roman? Dealt with what?"

I sighed. "Look, I really don't want to create a thing here."

"What has Roman dealt with, Jack?"

"Mum, I think Joey is on the way to a mental breakdown… uh, at least that's what Roman thinks. We have tried to keep it under control, but he has issues that he needs to sort through, and Roman is unable to contain it much longer."

"Is this why you two have been arguing?"

"Mum, it's not just arguing, we may even break up if things get any worse." I suddenly felt a lump in my throat as I tried to explain things. I'd promised to Joey I wouldn't go to our Mum with his problems, but in a moment of weakness, and because you don't say no to Sandra Cork when she's digging for something, I relented.

"Break up? I mean… why, what's been going on, this can't be over his birthday right?"

"You asked that earlier, and no it's just his birthday, it's a lot of things, and it's been going on for a while. Joey is… well he's unstable at times, and I worry about him. I've told him to seek some help, but I'm not sure he would want me telling you that."

"Well if he hasn't come to me with this, I'm sure he doesn't."

"Are you going to tell him I've been talking to you?" I asked, sheepishly.

"No, like you say, I should have been there more for him and we wouldn't even be having this conversation. I will find a way to approach him on it."

"Please be gentle with him, he might find it overwhelming if you start pouring huge amounts of concern over him."

"I'll be tactful Jack, I don't want to push him away more than I already have, I'm finding out."

"Please don't take it bad, Joey has told me how hard Dad and you worked to give him and Roman a good life, I just think at certain times he's really needed his mum, you know? But I know he's never been good at being honest with you about his feelings, unless it's just to moan."

"You don't need to worry Jack, I'm really glad you told me, it's a wakeup call. Sometimes you get wrapped up in so much other stuff you forget you're also a Wife and mother sometimes."

She kissed me on the cheek and made her way out of the room, leaving me to think about the fall-out from my admission to her about Joey. TV suddenly didn't seem that interesting anymore so I switched it off and attempted sleep.


I woke up in a sweat, panting hard; having what must have been a nightmare. I could only remember snippets like you often do, but it was some crazy dream about being pushed out of a skyscraper and there was some evil monster thing at the bottom. A little freaked out, I reached over to my lamp and switched on the light, filling the room with a dim hue.

I rubbed my eyes. "Hmm, almost three a.m." I muttered, letting my head fall back on the pillow. Glancing to my side I saw Jack was not there. It didn't surprise me, as I knew where he was, but still, for a brief moment, I wished he was. I'd had nightmares before about some strange shit and it was always nice when Jack snuggled up to me. As if to let me know I was safe. Right now I felt a little vulnerable and scared… yeah scared… at eighteen years old!

I flipped off my covers and got out of bed, hugging myself from the cool air that permeated my body. Rapidly being covered in goose pimples I unhooked my robe from the door and stepped out into the hall.

Weekdays, the club closed at two a.m. so it was quiet by now. Mum and dad very rarely worked in the small hours and the locking up was left to the Manager, Katie Watts. I checked the alarm panel station just outside the kitchen seeing two green lights on. The third floor to the club was alarmed, meaning that locking up was well under way.

I sneaked into the lounge and could see Jack sleeping peacefully on the sofa, his head and strong arms the only body parts visible to me. A soft moonlight shone through the window giving him an almost grey complexion, and it reminded me of one of those black and white photos taken of some model.

I went over and knelt down on the floor resting my head on the sleeping bag he was in. He stirred and opened his eyes, giving me a smile. Moving his hand over towards me, he began massaging my neck, softly.

"Bad dream?" He whispered.

"How did you know?" I replied, slightly surprised.

"I know that face," He said, squashing himself right to the back, signalling an invitation for me to climb on the sofa. I did so, as he lifted up the sleeping bag to let me slide under. I laid my head on the underside of his fore arm, while his other arm clung around my stomach. He sighed, and then went immediately back to sleep, leaving me alone, but warm and happy in his arms.

Morning came with loud banging outside…It was Drayman day, and right now about fifty barrels of beer were being tossed into the cellar. I slowly got up trying to avoid waking Jack. Stepping over to the window I could see Dad was already down there, clipboard in his hand, ticking off the order as it was removed from the truck.

I saw him sign it off and hand a sheet to the lorry guys, before the whole building trembled from him slamming the cellar doors shut.

"Wha…what the fuck was that?" Jack asked, diving upright, a look of bewilderment on his face. "Are we being bombed?"

"Worse, Dad's up," I sniggered. "Go back to sleep, it's early."

"Go and warm the bed up and I will."

"Rea… really?"

"Yeah, really… this sofa is giving me backache."

I grinned like Christmas had come early, and ran excitedly out of the lounge and into our room. Jumping into bed, my body trembled with anticipation waiting for Jack to join me. It had been nearly two weeks since we shared a bed and I for one was gagging for him to be back in it with me.

Jack walked in moments later, hair all messed up and yawning, it was so cute. I watched intently as my puppy climbed under the sheets next to me. I wanted to shuffle over and put my arms round him, but was too nervous to contemplate the outcome of that, instead just lying there on my back, a satisfied look etched across my face.

"Wanna snuggle?" he asked, turning to look at me.

"If you're sure, I don't wanna push you if you're not ready?"

"Just get over here before I change my mind," he said, lifting up an arm to await my arrival. I moved over and rested my hand on his leg and he let his hand drape across my chest.

"I've missed this," I remarked, playing with the golden blonde hairs on the calf of his leg.

"Yeah so have I, but I did think we needed some space, and some time to miss each other. It was not about punishing you Joey, that's not why I slept on the sofa. It was about making us both realise what we both have, and what can happen if we don't make this work."

"Yeah scary," I said, nodding.

"I'm going Job hunting today, what are you going to do with yourself?"

"Well, I was thinking about going to see Olly?"

"Good idea, I think you both need to clear the air."

"Yeah, so can you drop me round or can I take the car?"

"You can take the car Joey, I'll grab the Tube, it will be cheaper in parking fees."


"Cool…oh and by the way, I really wanna jump you right now, just thought I would throw that out there," he said, sending a shockwave of excitement surging through my veins. I began to giggle like a little girl.

"Horny are we?"

"I guess you could say that!"

"Want me to uh… well, sort you out?"

"Wanna go top?"

"Really? Fuck! You are horny… I'll grab the lube."

I moved back over to my side of the bed and felt around under it, until my hand came across a small bottle of Liquid Silk. Pulling it out from underneath I waited as Jack took his boxers off and turned onto his front. I threw the bottle to one side while beginning my special way of loosening him up.

With my tongue!

Reaching between his legs I grabbed hold of his now hard cock and pulled it towards me so it sat facing his feet, his balls resting on top. While I gently licked away at his rosebud, I reached over and took of splodge of lube from the bottle before working it over his erect dick. Jack moaned as I slid his foreskin back and forth over his bulbous purple head. He was hot for it, and it showed as pre-cum quickly made its way out of the tip, giving me access to more 'free' lube.

I began to apply pressure with my tongue now, pushing deeper into the recess of his waiting hole. Jack's body twitched with excitement at the double stimulation, with my own cock now leaking heavily with clear sweet juice.

I was NOT going to last long once inside him!

Jack's legs began to tremble, which was a well-understood sign to me that I was working him a little too close to the edge. I turned down the heat a bit and instead, started to prepare his ass, and my dick, for some good fucking. Taking a healthy amount of lubrication from the bottle I applied it to my cock, before taking another dollop and feeding it to his crack.

I got myself in to position and placed the tip of my cock against his hole. Jack took me by surprise when he pushed up, burying himself two inches up my organ. I heard him take in a sharp breath before relaxing slightly. Meanwhile my eyes pretty much rolled back into my head as the pleasure of finding myself inside him was almost too much. His ass muscles clung to my dick like a clamp and I had to move nice and slow to avoid him tensing up. Jack was tight, which I loved, but he was also a bitch to break in. Sometimes it would take us a full hour to get going, which don't get me wrong, I didn't mind, but sometimes you are super horny and you just want to get some rhythm going. This morning was much different though. I think Jack was so deprived of release he seemed to be taking me pretty quickly today.

"Want me to go in further, or shall I hold it here for a bit?" I whispered, seeing a little contortion on his face.

"No…no its ok, you can push a little harderrrrrouch… not that hard!"

"Whoops, sorry," I said, getting ahead of myself.

"Jesus, you almost split me in half!" he whimpered.

"Shouldn't be such a tight fucker then should you?" I said, giving him a gentle slap on the ass with my hand."

"Just take it easy," he panted.

As he got used to the invasion I was able to work up a slow and deliberate rhythm, and Jack began to get into it. I could feel him slightly raising his ass up as I bore down on him. It was hot and I paid close attention to his expression, making sure I wasn't being too rough. His eyes we closed and he looked to be settling into our session now, every now and again exposing his tongue to the air, like a dog might in summer. I absolutely loved giving Jack pleasure, most of the time enjoying it more than the pleasure I got myself. He was what I would call sexy to have sex with. He really got into it and I loved the way his tight body would twitch and flex when he got excited.

Before long I was starting to feel the signs that my climax was not far away. The top half of my legs were starting to shake and my breathing was becoming ragged.

"Where… where do you want me to shoot?" I asked, knowing his answer but wanting to check just in case… seeing as it had been a little while since we did this.

"In…inside… just fucking put it inside me," he groaned.

"That was enough encouragement for me as I felt an earthquake travel to my cock sending wad after wad of molten hot semen into his insides. Still pumping away at him, I grabbed his cock and started working it furiously, until a few seconds later he started shooting a massive load all over the sheets. He buried his head in a pillow before screaming out in ecstasy.

Hearing that almost made me cum again!

Coming down from our orgasms, I collapsed on his back and kissed the back of his neck as I always did. For me, the act of letting me fuck him was an ultimate gift in love, and I always showed my appreciation with a flurry of affection after we finished.

"I'm gonna pull out ok?"

"Ok, just be slow pleeeeseooooh, fuck!"

"There, that didn't hurt did it?"

"You bastard!" he said, a hint of humour in his voice. "I really enjoyed that."

"I won't tell you how it felt for me, you might get a big head!"

I climbed off my puppy and lay down on my back, letting out a long sigh of contentment.

"I love having your seed sitting inside me, it makes me feel so close to you," Jack said in a moment of pure affection.

"I love putting it there, it's quite a treat," I sniggered smiling, but what he said not being lost on me. "I love you Stanton!"

"Hmm, you're hard not to love, too," he said, stroking my face. "This is nice you know… if only it could always be like this… if only you could always be like this."

"I know, I am trying."

"I know you are Joey, Just don't try to hard ok? Just be yourself."

"Myself? That's what got us here in the first place!"

"You know what I mean."

"C'mon, lets get this day started, no point wasting it. What time are you working tonight?"

"Urgh… eight." I said, not looking forward to the prospect.

"I'll probably hang out in the club tonight then… try and snatch a few words with you between customers. You should phone Olly, see what lunch he has got, unless you're planning to go round after he finishes?"

"Shit, I forgot he would be working. Yeah I'll call him and see what he's up to. I must admit, it's gonna be strange talking to him again… you know, after what happened."

"Joey, like I said, just be yourself and tell him you wanna work things out. I bet you any money he's been waiting for you to call anyway. What with Roman being away, he's probably missing his friends."

"Speaking of friends, we need to arrange a night out with Dean."

"Well I can see if he wants to come down to the club tonight. I don't mind buying him a few drinks."

"That guy needs to get off his lazy ass and get a job,"

"Now now!"

"Well, he can't keep sponging off his mates all his life."

"True but you got to remember with James coming back on the scene it might have messed with his head. You try working with something like that hanging over you."

"Well if he won't talk about it then what can I do?"

"Let's work on us first, yeah?"

"Uh huh."

"We still have a long way to go, Joey, and I still want you to seek help. Just because we made love and managed to have a nice conversation doesn't mean everything is fixed."

"Yeah, I know, I'm gonna arrange something, don't worry."


With that said, we decided to lay there for a little while longer, for the first time in ages, content in each other's company.

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