The Boy from Castlebay Down

by James Matthews

Chapter 17

Only You Can Set My Heart On Fire

I lay on my side with my eyes closed and felt Troy fumbling around on the bed trying to get into some sort of position. My brain was alarmed at how fast this stage of our expressway relationship had approached. It was lightning fast and right now it was freaking me out how fast.

Should I have been surprised?

We'd been strangers not long ago… from strangers to gentle nods in the street… on to friends, to good friends to secret lovers and then finally to something more. I played out the journey over and over as I listened to him massaging lube on to his cock.

I'd asked him out, he'd said no. The same day, Leah had finished with me and I'd said ok! The same day, the same day, the same day. What was I doing? Why was I doing this? Why did I ask him out? Why was I asking him to fuck me, why was I asking anyone to fuck me… WHY?

I quickly got up off the bed jumping over Troy and stood in the corner of the room trembling. I felt cheap, I felt lightheaded, I felt… WRONG! Troy must have been shocked as he lay there with his hard penis throbbing away just looking at me, complete with a screwed up face.

"What's wrong?"

"Nothing… everything, I don't know, I'm not ready for this, I'm not ready for you, I can't… I can't be this person!"

"Ok, calm down and breathe." Troy said, slowly getting up from the bed like he was trying not to wake an imaginary person in the same sheets.

"I can't, I just saw it all… I just saw who I've become."

"And that's bad?"

"It's fucking scary that's what it is. I'm straight Troy, this should never have happened. I'm not cut out to be in a relationship with another guy! ME AND MY GIRLFRIEND ONLY JUST QUIT EACH OTHER TODAY!" I Screamed, totally freaked.

"Yes, and that's why I think you need time to get over that before we enter into anything." He replied, so calm it was like I was talking to a fucking therapist.

"Yeah, yeah," I said nodding like a busted robot. "But I dunno if I can… if I want to."

Troy viewed me with mild shock which I saw he was trying to contain. "Corbin, stop fighting everything… stop fighting yourself!"

"I have to go, I need to leave," I rambled going round the room picking up my clothes.

Troy quickly stepped over to me and grabbed my arms. "Oh no… oh no you don't, not this again. This time you are gonna stand here and explain to me what this is. I'm not gonna sit here and watch you walk out on me again when you decide to have a hissy fit."

"Hissy fit? Fuck off; this is my life and it's going fucking warped."

"Oh so being with me is warped?"

"I'm sorry, I really need to go!"

"Go where? Stop being a bonehead and sit your ass down before I put you on it!" He spat, almost angry. Troy… angry? Whatever, his choice of words snapped me into a shocked expression and I froze on the spot.

"Did you just threaten to hit me?"

"Uh… yeah I did!"

"You really just threatened to hit me didn't you?"

"And what are you thinking about now?" Troy asked, raising a brow.

"You hitting me!" I replied, sternly.

"Good, then at least it got you out of your stupor! Now sit down on that bed and listen!"

I dropped my clothes on the floor and took my naked body over to the bed and did as I was asked.

"Sorry, I freaked out!" I mumbled, dropping my head.

"Firstly, there is nothing wrong with a guy liking another guy! Secondly, there is nothing wrong with YOU liking another guy. Thirdly, if you think being with me is warped then fuck this whole thing and go because I am NOT gonna be that rollercoaster at the fairground you are too scared to get on but keep teasing that you might!"

"But I-"

"You want a few months to go find yourself, fine, you go, take a few months, take a year if you want to I'll be here waiting, but I won't be fucked around Corbin, not again, not by you and not by anyone. If you ain't thinking straight then let me set the pace! That way things like this won't happen!"

"What do you mean?" I spat back.

"This, this whole 'having the most intimate sex on the planet' the same day you broke up with your girlfriend… did you really think that was a wise thing to do with all those emotions flying round in your head?"

"Well why didn't you say anything?"

"Because you wanted it! The point is it would have never been something I would have asked you to do knowing you had been ending it with Leah. The fucking problems you are having Corbin is because you want everything to go in top gear all the time and it's screwing you up! Why do you think I suggested staying in the spare room huh?"

"I dunno!"

"Because you're moving yourself too fast, I can see it a mile off. Granted, this is all new to you… hell, its new to me too and yeah it's exciting and unexplored territory but I'm scared what you will want tomorrow is what should be naturally happening in a year. I'm trying to hold back and you keep pushing on forward."

"That's bullshit!"

"Is it?"

"Yes, you've been just as eager to move things forward as much as I have!"

"No Corbin, I've just been trying to hold you together while you sorted your head out. That's been my aim all along, and anything else has taken second place. I've watched time and again the way you deal with things… you see one issue and you mask it with another because you think you're too weak to deal with it. Well you're not but yet I've watched you almost fall apart when something you don't understand lands on your doorstep. You can't stay haunted by yourself and you can't run from your feelings. You can't run from them Corbin because they have limitless resources and they will hunt you down… hunt you down until your mental reserves are gone. You'll keep trying to run, trying to figure yourself out, but in reality who you are is already inside you, and if you stopped and rationalised that once in a while you might not go off into fucking orbit every couple of days!"

"Ok so-"

"I haven't finished talking yet!" he growled, making me feel like a little scared kid. "Corbin, I believe in you! I believe in you even if your dad never did. Don't let him be an influence as to the person you think you should be. Just be the person you are."

"Believe in me? But why, I'm just too fucked up?"

"Why? Because I am falling in love with you and I want whatever we have, or will have to have the best chance of success. But this way… your way, your speed, well, it's just proved what happens when I lose my footing and give into your demands."

"What demands?"

"The demand where we almost ended up fucking on that bed 3 minutes after you suddenly decided you wanted us to be a couple!"

"Oh, fuck you… and you didn't want to?"

"Yes of course I did, but only because you asked for it. Left to me we would have waited."

"I can't belie… you are fucking unreal Troy! You are twisting this all around to be my fault!"

Troy sighed and fell on to the bed next to me. "Corbin, it's no one's fault. This is not about fault, I'm just trying to make you understand that big stars burn fast and die young. There is no rush to destiny, no rush to be soul mates." His tone started to soften. "I wanna do this right. I wanna do right by you, for you… for us."

I swallowed hard and felt myself starting to relax. Troy was right, it was a stupor. Replaying my freak out session said to me I had overreacted.

"I'm sorry if the things I said hurt you, I just panicked for a second."

"They didn't hurt because I know you didn't mean them. But second guessing when you are going to have another attack is becoming tiresome and it makes me feel insecure."

"I know, I'm an idiot. Too much has happened, too fast. My feelings for you have over taken my getting to know you, I get it."

"Well I guess that's natural, I feel like that too, but I control it."

"I guess I saw you as my safety net I wanted to hold on to. All the things that were bad in my life were tantamount to falling down a well and then suddenly there were you, slowing my fall. I wanted to latch onto that as much as I could, and yeah, maybe my way of doing that was to rush through the relationship foreplay to the main event because I felt once I had you, you would always be there."

"And I am! Fuck Corbin I am here to see you through this more than anything else. Not Because I wanna be your therapist or because I have a sick fetish for misery, but because at the end of all this… when you come out the other side, I wanna say to myself and to others that LOOK, this is Corbin, he's my partner, HE knows who he is, he knows who he's with and HE'S proud of it."

"And you think I don't already?"

"No, how can you with all what's been going on? How can you when you leap off your bed declaring you're straight and not cut out to be in relationship with a guy."


"Hmm, indeed. Now do you get me?"

"I guess. So uh… ever done make-up sex?" I asked, wearing a slight grin and trying to soften the mood.

Troy huffed and folded his arms, clearly useless at pretending to be angry as I nibbled away on his ear. "Shut up, I'm not talking to you!"

"No you were talking at me, but I needed it."

I slowly ran my index finger down Troy's back making him shudder. His eyes closed and the gentlest sigh escaped his soft pink lips as I looked at him sideways.

"I'm, sorry," I whispered, letting my hand fall away.

"Don't stop, that feels good," he whispered back. This time I continued using more fingers and at the same time slowly moved my head round to his chest starting to lick and nibble at his nipples between my teeth. His body trembled and breathing laboured as I increased the passion upon him. Using a hand I started to pull at the hair on his navel and his legs spread wide apart instinctively.

Meanwhile, as if in a trance, Troy placed his fingers around my throbbing dick and started to motion back and forward while I sucked away on both his pecks, eventually travelling up to his neck.

Owing to my excitement before there must have been huge amounts of built up pre-cum inside my shaft which was now being gently pumped out as he wanked me off. I watched as it ran over his fingers like a clear honey, instantly feeling turned on by what he could do to my sexual organ in such a quick amount of time.

I moved up to his face and began assaulting his lips with mine, pushing my tongue deeper into his sweet tasting mouth. He tasted so boyish, so clean, so warm. Every inch of him I wanted… I always wanted. Gone were the feelings of insecurity, the indecisiveness, the confusion. It had now been replaced with everything I wanted, everything I was missing and all that I could hope for as I could feel the most amazing handsome boy jerking my dick that so badly wanted to cum!

Troy's breathing was now hard, letting out short gasps and trying to stay calm so as not to let himself go over the edge. Yeah, I was now playing with his pulsating cock that was twitching every time I ran a finger over the back of his helmet, helped along by the clear liquid he'd started to secrete.

"I love you." I softly mumbled and almost immediately saw a smile start to form on his lips before being beaten back with a concentration that only came when being sexually stimulated.

"And you do it so well," he whispered his reply causing me to dive at his lips again.

His gentle whimpers were making me feel so good, and I knew that I had to taste the sweetest parts of him. I knew he was getting close… very close. I had deliberately got into a consistent rhythm, not changing anything. I found when jerking myself this was the fastest way to climax and I had a strong feeling the same effect was happening with Troy as his ass cheeks flexed and his legs twitched. Although I had never seen a Troygasm I instinctively knew I had around a minute or so left before he blew his load. I wondered if he was gonna tell me like they do on porn films. I thought about him telling me and it drove me wild as I played his fictional voice over and over in my head. Yeah I wanted to know, I wanted to hear him say it through a strained voice as he shot his warm seed out into my mouth… my mouth which I planned to use to finish him off with. I almost came myself knowing that the only reason this boy was coming was because I'd made it happen with my actions. Now I wanted to make sure that he would remember his first nut with me so I allowed my lips, warm and wet, to slide down to his smooth fat shaft, stopping just before my gagging point, while my hands ran circles on his inner thighs. Troy fell back fully onto the bed and let out a groan as he started to thicken inside my throat. I then pulled away a little, letting his erection rest against my cheek. I decided to make him wait for it a little longer while I did some oral treatment on his suckable nut sack which was baby soft, smooth and resting between his thighs.

Now, and only now, I was ready to deliver the final blow to his sexual staying power.

I moved my lips back to the very tip of his head and started a short fast bobbing action up and down. Troy gasped in anticipation, his legs started squirming, twitching and shuddering along with more audible short sharp heavy breaths. It told me that he couldn't take anymore.

"Oooh shit..." He moaned, and I took him all the way down to the base, gagging in the process, my inexperience showing. Then, just as the sensory overload got too much, he began humping into my face with more urgency and moments later I felt his whole body tense up and his hardness expand in my mouth.

The shots were hard, persistent and forceful at the back of my throat. His penis was now pulsing and jerking wildly as I fought to keep him glued to the bed. He squeezed at the sheets with his hands, grunting loudly as I continued to lap up the spoils that were coating the inner sanctum of my mouth. It continued until I could take no more and coughed half of his seed over his thighs.

"Shit!" I muttered before going back down on him wondering if I had pulled away too soon. Troy almost levitated off the bed in pleasure before it seemed like he was crashing down in exhaustion and satisfaction.

"Taa… tatata…urrrhh… okokokok," he squirmed, pulling away from me as his cock head became super sensitive. I looked down and saw his cute toes curled thinking it was sexy. Troy let his head fall back down on the bed panting again and I craned over him smiling, seeing beads of sweat running down his forehead.


"Fuck that was needed!" he said, short of breath.

"That was amazing… I made you cum!"

Troy chuckled. "You seem surprised?"

"Well, it was my first time sorting out a dick other than my own."

"Then you knew what you were doing, and yeah, it was nice."

I shook my head "Jeez, I can still taste you, it's awesome!"

"So how does it taste?"

"Because it's you, real nice? Kinda chemically but with a hint of sweetness."

"Are you ready to cum?" Troy asked before kissing me again sensually.

"Uh huh," I said, nodding like an excited dog. Getting off the bed, Troy got on his knees and put my legs over each of his shoulders before briskly going to work on me. It was gonna be no contest to how long I was going to last as within a few minutes I was unloading into his mouth together with a high pitched whimper.

"FUUUUuuuucccckkkk!" I moaned, as my dick spasmed inside his waiting mouth. My stomach heaved a few times before it started to subside again and all that was left was a feeling of complete and utter relaxation. All that built up sexual stress had been shot hard into Troy's mouth and I was well and truly spent.

"Jesus Corbin, I almost needed a bucket, how long has it been?" he asked, talking a little strangely.

"Over a week, I was saving myself!"

"Fucking hell you can say that again!"

I giggled. "Hmm, sorry."

"Kiss me," he said coming up my body until reaching my face."

"That's why you sound like that, you haven't swallowed have you?"

"Nope," he replied smirking.

"Then I ain't kissi-"

Too late, Troy had already pushed his lips against mine, forcing open my mouth with his tongue and I felt a large amount of my own semen transfer into my mouth making me wince.

"Swallow, there's a good boy!" Troy demanded as he pulled away.

I shuddered as the warm mix of his saliva and my jizz slid down the back of my throat. "Ewwww!"

"Fuck it was hot seeing you do that!"

I gave him an over the glasses look. "Watching me swallow second-hand spunk… my spunk I might add… and you think that's hot?"

"Yep, look, I got a semi already over it."

I looked down at his half hard dick and squeezed it, watching as a dribble of post-cum oozed out. "Grrr, I fucking love ALL of you," I said, just wanting to eat him.

Troy looked at me with what only could be described as love in his eyes. He looked zoned out, relaxed and content. I imagined I felt the same as he looked as we both started to give each other some gentle kisses, enjoying the warm afterglow that surrounded us like a blanket.

"Wanna go again?" He asked, grinning.

"Hey, didn't you know, tall guys can only go once, it's a fact!"

He laughed out loud. "Bullshit!"

"Hey it's true, look it up on the internet. Something about a longer refraction period."

"I am so gonna look that up and prove you wrong."

"Meh, maybe I made that up, but honestly, when it comes to me, once I'm done, I'm done for a good few hours. But fucking hell, look at you, you're hard again!"

"Yeah, what can I say, my dick likes you," he replied, giving it a squeeze."

"So uh, it looks like we had our first session, was it ok for you?" I asked, probably sounding a little nervous.

"Are you kidding? It was amazing. I won't lie Corbin, I've had scenarios run through my head at what having sex with you would be like. A few times I even busted over you."

"Busted? Uh…"

"Oh, erm… I mean shot, cum, ejaculated, jiz-"

"I get the picture!"

"So uh, this is gonna sound totally rude but I better be getting back to work."

"Oh, that's right; you just leave me to it. Use my body and do a runner, its fine," I said playfully. "Anyway, I thought you wanted to go again?"

"I was just testing you… hmm actually come to think of it, I probably could go again.

"Nah, you get back to work, I'll do myself again when you're gone."

"Awww, but now I don't wanna go," Troy replied, giving me his best puppy dog eyes."

I chuckled. "Go, don't piss off your dad, he'll only say I'm a bad influence on you and then I'll be banned from seeing you."

"NOOOOOOOO!!" Troy screamed before bursting out laughing. He began to walk off to the bathroom and I slapped his ass. "Yawwwl!"

"Cry baby! Now go, and I promise to leave my dick alone until you wanna play with him again."


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