by James Matthews

Chapter 19

"A protest? Lord Relshek, this is… is this unheard of, it will surely fail!"

"My dear Lord Kelshen, I cannot stand aside and watch those… those uncivilised marauders take Adam and do heaven knows what to him. I may not be important but I am willing to stake my life on this. If I am condemned to die for what I believe is the right… no, the Puritan thing to do then so be it! Besides, We both have invested so much in him."

Lord Kelshen placed his hands on Relshek's shoulders and pressed his mask against his understudy's, giving out a passionate sigh.

"What do you plan my son?"

"Telstrek is old, and it's becoming apparent he no longer rules. He just takes orders from those so called advisors. Kelshen I need to ask something of you."

"Relshek I have known you for many doons and I already know your question, and the fact is, it is impossible. Granted, Master Telstrek may be getting on in his years and relying on the council more and more but if you are asking me to relieve him of his duty as the Grand Master of Purity, this is something not within my remit."

"But you are head of the Science quarter and so the medical core falls under your jurisdiction."

"But Relshek the implications will be far reaching… you know there will be a power struggle."

"My Lord, the people are with Adam, they see him as their saviour, you saw the reception he recieved. Most of the simple Puritans see him as god like and if I can somehow let the people know what has been planned by Grand Master Telstrek I know they will not stand for it, there will be a revolt."

"And when your revolt has finished, what then?"

"Unknown, but I say again, I will not stand by and let him be fed to those rats."

Relshek wandered over to some aquatic creatures Lord Kelshen kept in his apartment and tapped on the glass watching as a flurry of activity sprung to life in the 20 foot tank. Kelshen walked over to a chair and sat down, picking up a flexipad.

"There is always the Sage boy," Kelshen remarked casually, almost pretending to be interested in what was on his pad.

"Lord Kelshen, as much as the earth boy frustrates me that would be a step too far."

Kelshen looked up. "Just a thought."

"If you will not do as I ask Lord Kelshen then please submit your own suggestions. Right now I am open to alternatives."

"My advice would be to get him off the planet where he can't be scanned."

"And where would I put him?"

"I may have an idea, but it would mean calling in a rather large favour."

"Go on."

"Do you know a Puritan called Skada?"

"Yes my Lord, he is the Commander of the Selsha, why do you ask?"

"Many doons ago… and I might add I have never uttered a word about this to anyone… The commander and I entered into a rather dangerous relationship. He was of a different sub-species to me and we entered into a sexual arrangement."

Relshek gasped. "My lord!"

Kelshen waved his reaction away. "It was a long time ago, we were young and stupid. It was also a time when we had not long developed the mark six masks which didn't work that well, but anyway I am deviating. Commander Skada had a child with his companion, Celesta and the child got sick. It was becoming obvious that he was never at the family home because he was always with me and his companion was growing ever more frustrated with him. I agreed to take a look at the child, take him into my care and make repairs if able. This was on the basis that we ended our relationship because it was immoral, not to mention dangerous." Kelshen stopped and looked across the floor staring at nothing of any particular interest.

"My Lord… what happened?"

"He had to agree of course. My how I loved him, and how I used to dream that we could somehow be together. I used to pretend that our different breeds didn't matter in my fantasy, and that perhaps there would become a way we could be together legitimately."

"My Lord, forgive me, but where are you going with this?"

Kelshen sniggered and shook his head. "I am sorry, my son. Anyway Skada said I could always call on him if I needed anything after eventually making his son well again. I will contact him and see if he will give Adam shelter until something can be arranged that would be agreeable to him, rather than being handed over to the Silga."

Relshek clasped his hands together. "My Lord, thank you from the bottom of my heart."

"Relshek, I said I would ask. I might add he does not have to agree."

"I know you will do what's right for the saviour of the planet my Lord and I very much hope Lord Skada will too."

Adam and Sage we both being driven along a huge highway at speed in a magnacar organised by Relshek so they could get out and visit some of the sites. Sage looked out of the window in awe at sheer size of the road they were on. Each direction had 16 lanes making the largest American roads look like country lanes. Adam, Equally fascinated looked on as he saw gigantic 32 wheel transporters hauling their cargo along the ultra-smooth lanes.

One thing the boys both noticed upon leaving the rather tranquil settings of their neighbourhood, was that Purity did transport on an epic scale and everything apart from the relatively modest size of the magnacar looked sized up. This was a planet that was booming it seemed.

"Uh, excuse me dude, how about showing us what one of these little cars can do?" Sage asked, leaning forward and speaking to the driver of the vehicle.

"Apologies Sage of earth, I am not sure what you are asking."

"He wants to know how fast this car goes," Adam chimed in. The man nodded and moments later both Adam and Sage were sucked in to their seats as the car sped up at a frightening pace. The outside world became a blur as Sage looked out, a big grin on his face. Adam meanwhile tried to follow the rows of trees that lined the outer bank of the highway but was instead mesmerised by a haze of purple and green. The Puritan driving eventually slowed down much to the disappointment of Sage and relief of Adam.

"That was fucking coooool!" Sage shouted, punching his fist in the air. Adam however didn't seem to think so, looking a little green from the experience.

Soon they were being taken off the main expressway and into quieter surroundings. There were rows of circular buildings Adam imagined were the same residential houses he and his friend lived in. Adam noted that in some ways this part of the area they were in was not so unlike earth. Each spherical dwelling has a little patch of garden out front consisting of a bluish green grass like surface with bright coloured shrubs. Some even had Magnacars parked outside. There was the familiar mini canal that cooled the nuclear reactor to each home but apart from that the long road resembled a sleepy suburban neighbourhood.

Adam and Sage's car took a sharp left down a hill. Sage's eyes immediately lit up as in front was a huge expanse of water off in the distance.

"Look, Look!" Sage cried excitedly, tapping Adam on the arm. "It's the fucking ocean man!"

"Oh wow!" Adam added, shifting forward in his seat to get a better view.

"A security team will accompany you once we have reached our destination. They have been instructed by Lord Relshek to look after your safety," The driver announced as he drove the car down a series of winding roads and onto the coastal throughway.

The man pulled the car to a stop just outside a small glass building and powered down the engine. Adam had to do a double take as inside he could see Puritans… dancing!

"OH… MY…GOD!" Adam said before cracking up with laughter. "See Sage, they aren't boring after all!"

"Well fuck me sideways, if only I had my camera."

Adam and Sage got out of the car and were greeted by 4 Puritans who seemed to appear out of nowhere. The driver of the magnacar announced he would be back at first moon and sped off into the distance leaving the boys to focus their attention back inside the building. Green, blue and orange lasers could be seen darting all over the floor of the large indoor space and Adam and Sage went to take a closer look followed closely by their minders. A door opened a little further down letting the sound of strange thumping music leak out to their ears.

"Hey, do you think we would be allowed in?" Sage asked, directing his question to the nearest security guy more than Adam.

"You are permitted to enter. I understand Lord Relshek chose this destination in order for you to see this Bocon."

"Huh? Bocon?" Adam asked, suddenly aware he had heard an alien word. Another of the security detail stepped forward.

"Yes Adam, a Bocon is a meeting place for young Puritans to come. They can dance, socialise and drink verasta here."

"Ok enough with the weird words, what's verasta?" Sage chimed in.

"Verasta is a synthetic chemical added to various different tasting liquids to numb brain cells giving a euphoric affect," replied the Puritan.

Sage looked at Adam and grinned. "Sounds like a hybrid of ecstasy and alcohol."

"Yeah, and I bet it makes you feel like shit the next day." Adam replied. "C'mon lets go in."

The two boys walked along the building until they reached the glass hexagonal door. Adam pressed the button on the panel to open it and straight away the loud thump of the bass music hit their senses.

"Hmm, no doorman," Sage commented.

"WHAT?" Adam shouted, unable to hear,


"You don't have to shout!"

Sage rolled his eyes and the two boys made their way over to a long counter and were moments later greeted by a slim short Puritan.

"You must be the Adam, the earth boy everyone is talking about, and you're his friend right?" Asked the young being, leaning over the white marble surface.

"That's right, I'm Adam, and this is Sage. This place is cool!"

"I can adjust the temperature for your needs if you require. We Puritans as I understand it like things a little warmer than earth people."

"No you don't understand, I mean… never mind." Adam said, looking at Sage who just shrugged. "I'm not gonna have to start explaining stuff again am I?"

"Just don't use certain words and we'll be fine. So shall we try some of this verasta stuff?" Sage said in a raised voice over the music.

"Sure… hey look, that guy is drinking something bright green. Wanna be a big man and try that?"

"I'm game if you are," Sage replied, rubbing his hands together.

"Uh, excuse me?"

"Yes Adam, what can I do for you?"

"You see your friend over there, the one with the large green drink… can we please have two of those?"

The Puritan tilted his head. "Are you sure?"

"The fact you just asked me that has made me really sure, go for it," Adam replied, turning to Sage who looked equally excited now. The Puritan version of a bartender went away to the back of the serving area and punched a few buttons on a panel on the wall. Moments later a mechanical arm with a nozzle lowered down and waited as a tall vase like container made of glass was moved in to position by another arm. The nozzle then proceeded to shoot out different coloured liquids until the glass was filled with the final result being a bright green drink complete with mist rising from the top.

The Puritan brought it over to Adam and placed it in front of him, returning back to make Sage's drink. Adam lowered his head down to the glass and took a long sniff.

"Well?" Sage asked, trying to gauge Adam's expression.

"Smells like… uh."


"Erm, well I dunno really. I think the nearest thing I could connect it to would be like mango."

"Well take a sip then! At least if you keel over and die I'll know not to try it."

"Hey don't say that, you made me not want to risk it now!"

Sage completed a belly laugh and ruffled Adam's hair. "I'm sure if it was toxic Relshek would have pointed that out before he told that guy to bring us here."

"Yeah you're right," Adam replied before closing his eyes and taking a healthy sip of the peculiar juice. All of a sudden a small crowd started to gather round Adam and Sage and it seemed to happen after Adam had taken a mouthful of the drink. Adam smiled at the group wondering why he was now the centre of attention before taking another gulp. Just as he did (even over the sound of the rather loud music) he heard gasps coming from various people in the crowd. Sage looked round wondering what all the fuss was about until a young Puritan stepped forward and approached Adam.

"Hello alien friend, may I ask how you feel?"

Adam raised a brow and smiled stupidly. "I feel on top of the world… love your mask by the way."

Sage frowned, looking at Adam starting to sway. His eyes began to glaze over, his mouth starting to form a lazy smile.


"Colours," Adam dreamily remarked, stepping back and leaning his hips on the counter. "Red, purple… bright colours. I want to… I want to get inside the colours," he exclaimed, running a finger down Sage's chest.

The music playing began to clear in a clarity Adam had never heard before. Sharp beats of euphoria echoed through his being accompanied by ripples of bright vibrating sounds that danced in front of his eyes.

The Puritans started talking amongst themselves, fascinated by Adam's lucid posture. Adam seemed to pick one out and walked towards him before slowly lifting his hands up and caressing the mask of the young individual.

"Take it off." Adam commanded, in a lazy slow voice. "Take it off and show me who you are."

The Puritan looked at the security detail standing just feet away. One of them shook his head as if to tell the boy not to follow Adam's request. Adam meanwhile started to unbutton the uniform of the boy, before pushing his hands inside his bodysuit and squeezing his pecks.

"Erm, Adam, I think you better stop." Sage said, looking concerned.

"He's ripe for it, can't you see. He's glowing, the others are not glowing but he is glowing. He wants it and I can give it to him."

Sage chuckled nervously. "Haha, yeah sure, why don't you leave the poor guy alone."

The young Puritan however seemed to be enjoying the attention as he let Adam feel him all over. Sage had now seen enough and got between the two of them and pushed Adam away.

"Dude, stop it, you don't know what you are doing." Adam seemed to snap out of his hypnotic state and focused on Sage's demand. He cleared his throat.

"It's passing now," was all he said, turning away from the group and Sage, now facing the counter with his head dropping into his hands. Sage came to the side of Adam and grabbed his chin in his left hand.

"What the fuck was all that about, you looked possessed back there."

"Man that was intense," Adam replied, shaking his head. "C'mon, I need some fresh air.

The boys weaved through the crowd of people towards the door before stepping out in to the heat of the day. The sound of waves could be heard behind the building crashing onto the shore and Adam decided that was where he wanted to go, not bothering to tell Sage. As they approached the edge of the building Adam took flight down a white marble incline which lead to the water's edge and promptly vomited. Sage seeing this scooted down to be with him.

"Are you ok?"

"Hmm, just a little queasy that's all."

"By the sounds those guys were making in there when you drank that stuff I'm assuming it was for the big boys," Sage commented, rubbing Adam's back.

Adam pulled his top off exposing his now much bulkier and toned torso to the sun. He used the garment to wipe his mouth with before placing it down onto the chalky blue material that covered the shore. He sat down and took a few deep breaths.

"It was like nothing I have ever experienced before."

"In what way?" Sage asked, sitting down next to him, watching the waves crash in a little way off in the distance.

"It was like the room was… like pure love. There were searing bright colours and the sound of the music seemed to cause the walls and floor to ripple. And then… then there was that guy there. It was like he was speaking to me telepathically, telling me to explore him."

"Explore him?"

"Yeah," Adam said frowning. "That's how it sounded in my head. "There was a voice, maybe not his but still, a voice saying explore me. Then I had this uncontrollable urge to do just that."

"Would you say it was a pleasant experience?"

Adam thought about the question for a moment, staring out in front as a cool much needed breeze blew over them.

"I suddenly felt like I truly belonged here, and then I felt horny… like REALLY horny and then…"

"And then?" Sage repeated, hanging on his every word.

"And then it was like I was back in the room with you and those security guys back there. It was like I had been in another place, but not another place if you get me."

"Not really, but it sounds like you had a trip regardless."

"Yeah," Adam said dreamily, watching a wave fall back into the expanse of the ocean. "The weird thing is though, Relshek explained to me that being horny has been half this planet's problem, so why would they intentionally make a drink that would make it worse?"

Sage shrugged. "Beats me. Maybe these mask things dull their sexual appertite down too much and so they drink this stuff to power up the engine a little more but not too much."

Adam smiled, and clicked his fingers. "You know, Sage, for one, you might actually be right, I'll have to ask Christian about that."

"Well it makes sense don't it, I mean look at it from a human point of view. We feel normal most of the time… sexually I mean, but when we drink it makes us lose ourselves a little and sometimes become sexually excited. Well the puritans probably feel normal in those masks and so they drink that verasta stuff to make them feel a little… well you know."

"Yeah," Adam replied, nodding occasionally while Sage spoke. "Say, you wanna take a dip?"

"You know, I really wanted to when I first got here, but actually, the water is still a long way out and I'm kinda happy just sitting here and taking in the view. You go if you want to."

"Nah, I was just being polite. To be honest I still feel a little odd and queasy. I'm quite happy sitting quietly with you."

The two boys sat in silence for a few minutes, their arms resting on their knees until Sage spoke again.

"I'm gonna miss you, Adam," he said, staring out into the ocean.


"You say that as if you don't believe me."

"Nah, I do, it's just I see so many different sides of you. This side I like because you sound human, compassionate and reflective. I don't much care for the other sides which come out more."

"Guess I forget sometimes what a massive emotional journey I've been on. I suppose being in a place like this, just the two of us and thinking about where I actually am, it brings it home to me that hey, this has actually been incredible. But I know when I get back to the place we live and realise I still don't have a purpose here then I'll just go back to feeling like shit again."

"You mean empty?"

"Yeah kinda."

"That's how I felt on earth. Living in Heidgate and dealing with what each day brought used to suck me of life. I don't know how I did it for so long."

Sage looked at Adam and pursed his lips together before linking his fingers in Adam's.

"You'll be ok here, they clearly love you… and it must be cool to be loved by an entire planet. I mean, that's if they all know about you.

"It's funny, I was thinking about that the other day." Said Adam.

"What's that?"

"Well, all the stuff we have seen… or I've seen, like the Grand Master guy who rules this place. I keep forgetting that there is a whole planet out there full of these masked people going about their daily life and I wonder if the whole lot is ruled by one guy who sits on a big chair."

"You mean like a world government?" Sage asked raising a brow.

"I actually think when you look at it; he's closer to a democratic dictator kinda guy. Rather than there being a government as such."

Sage blew air through his lips. "I wonder what it must be like to be in charge of a whole planet, you know, like just one guy?"

"Must give you grey hair!" Adam replied. Both boys chuckled.

"Yeah, and I bet when no one is looking he pulls out his PlayStation from some hidden compartment and plays Grand Theft Auto to relax."

Adam looked at Sage before bursting out laughing. "You're crazy Sage, you know that? Oh to be in your mind for a day."

"Sage shrugged. "Meh, it's just sex, food and sleep most of the time."

Adam smiled before lying down on the chalky material beneath him. He placed his hands behind his head and let out an audible sigh and Sage joined him.

"That ocean breeze certainly does make it more bearable out here, don't ya think?" Sage asked. His eyes closed.

He got no response as Adam had quickly fallen asleep leaving him to his own mind about what the trip home to earth was going to be like.

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