by James Matthews

Chapter 16

Adam awoke from another night's restless sleep to a beeping sound coming from the wall to the rear of his bed. It was the intercom to which he bashed with his fist in frustration.

"Yes?" he snapped, dripping with natural sweat.

"My apologies Adam, did I wake you?"

"You could say that, not that I got much sleep, is everything ok?"

"You have a visitor; I am currently outside your door."

"If it's Sage, Christian, please use the earth term and tell him to fuck off because Adam is tired!"

There was a brief silence.

"Adam, I wish to meet you." Spoke an unfamiliar voice. Adam dived out of bed immediately in shock as if there was a plethora of snakes between his sheets.


Relshek started chuckling as he could hear Adam fumbling around his apartment looking for something to wear. Grabbing a used body cloth Adam stripped off his silky underwear and tried to wipe himself down to get rid of the stickiness and boy odour.

Pulling on a pair of airy white bottoms and a t-shirt, not worrying he was now freeballing, he tried to compose himself before going to his front hexagonal door. He pressed a button on the wall just next to it and the glass demisted becoming clear again. Then, pressing another button he made the door open up to a waiting Relshek outside.


"Is everything ok?" Relshek asked, looking at Adam's peculiar expression.

"I heard a voice… I mean one that wasn't yours. You said I have a visitor."

Relshek nodded. "Indeed you have Adam." He stepped slightly to the side before making a gesture with his left hand and moments later a Puritan around 5ft 6 came into view. His all in one white body suit was gleaming as if brand new and his mask sparkled in the hot sun giving off a light orange tint.

"Adam, I would like you to meet Castro. Castro this is Adam."

As the boy stepped forward just inside Adam's apartment and bowed lightly, Adam took two paces back with a look of surprise in his eyes.

"Hello Adam, it is very good to meet you, is this your home?"

"Uh… yeah, oh my god, you're… you're the guy I made?"

Castro looked up at Relshek as if confused and then looked back at Adam.

"Adam, Castro is not yet familiar regarding his creation, this he will learn soon. For now, would you like to invite him in?"

"But… but where are you going?"

"I have important work at Space Operations Adam; I thought it would be acceptable to let you both get to know each other?"

"So you're just gonna leave me alone here with him, just like that" Adam asked, astounded.

"Is there a problem?"

Adam's demeanour softened slightly. "Uh, well, I guess not. I'm sorry, I just wasn't expecting… I mean, is this how all you people do things like this, just have a new child arrive and then that's it, he just adapts?"

Relshek laughed. "Adam, Castro will learn very fast, and before he goes off to life schooling I thought it would be agreeable for you both to meet."

Adam looked at Castro and mimicked a Puritan bow. "I apologise Castro, please come in."

Again, Castro looked up at Relshek as if for guidance. Relshek nodded and Castro made his way fully inside Adam's apartment and stood in the centre.

"I will see you around first moon. I hope your first meeting is a success Adam." With that Relshek left and got into a waiting magnacar and Adam watched as he was driven away.

Stepping backwards but not turning around Adam allowed his door to close before taking a deep breath. His nerves were shot, his face prickly and his knees shaking. He knew who was behind him standing in silence but couldn't seem to pluck up the courage to look. Behind that mask, under that suit, he could picture the complete dream boy he had created in the booth just days ago but he was scared to look at him. It didn't make sense why, but all the same it was a kind of fear.

"What is that?" Castro suddenly asked, making Adam jolt. As soon as the cold wave had passed he swallowed hard and turned round to see what Castro was asking about.

"Uh, it's my uh… it's my pet."

"Oh, ok. I am sorry Adam, you will have to forgive my not knowing these things as yet. I am still seeing new things every second and it will take time for me to connect the item with a name."

Adam just stood there shell-shocked for a moment. "You talk like that? I mean already?"

"I'm sorry I do not understand."

Adam scratched the back of his head and walked towards the new boy in his life. "Sorry, I just thought you would be, uh… well a little more simple."

"Simple? Ah, you mean primitive."

"I guess."

"No Adam, My brain is fully developed much like someone your age. I am told you are the same age as me correct?"

"Yeah, I am apparently, although to me, you have just been born."

"As I commented, my brain is fully developed just like yours and has undergone a procedure which allows me to conceive a pre-built consciousness. Although I do not know the names of some items or creatures I am able to assess most things that make sense. For example, I know this is a place where someone resides. I do not know how I know it, but yet I do."

"Fucking weird!" Adam said, shaking his head and smiling. "So what does it feel like just waking up and knowing stuff, I mean on earth we start off as babies and we don't remember any of that and then slowly as we get older we start thinking about stuff and remember stuff."

Castro tilted his head for a moment. Adam had noticed over time this was a typical posture a Puritan would take on when thinking deeply about something. Even though the boy was new to the world he seemed to have this behaviour already, as if it were hard wired.

"It is a very hard question to answer, Adam." he finally said. "Lord Relshek explained to me that I had been in a deep stasis for the last five doons and now was my time to come into the world."

Adam was just about to start explaining what he'd looked like for those 15 years and how he had been designed until he remembered what Relshek had said and thought better of it.

"May I uh… may I see your face?"

"I have been told this is permissible while in a closed area and with you alone. I would be happy to remove my mask but Lord Relshek says I must return it to my head at all times possible. It has yet to be explained as to why."

"Well, uh, I think you need to let the life school place teach you about all that, but I'm human, so it's safe to take it off in front of me, I don't have your…. Hormone makeup, if that's a good way to describe it."

Castro performed a polite bow and reached around to the back of his head. There was a faint hiss of air before a click could he heard and he slowly removed his mask revealing his face. Castro walked over to a recessed table built into the circular room and placed his mask on it.

May I leave this here?" he asked politely, looking at Adam expectantly.

"Sure," Adam whispered, biting his bottom lip. He then brought his hand up to his mouth and a tear immediately started to fall from the corner of his eye as he stood there looking Castro's facial features.

"Adam are you ok, your face appears to be slightly wet?"

"I'm sorry." Adam replied, his hand still covering his mouth.

"Why do you apologise?"

Again, with barely a whisper Adam answered. "Beca… because you're so beautiful."

"This word, beautiful. It is an affectionate term yes?" Castro asked before walking back to the centre of the main living area.

Adam nodded slowly, before lurching with emotion. He stepped forward and ever so gently, as if about to touch something delicate, placed his arms around the boy and held him. He stroked the back of Castro's short jet black hair feeling it was silky soft with a rich thickness to it before stepping back again.

"I'm sorry for being so forward, I just had to do that."

"The feeling was pleasurable, Adam, please do not apologise. Your contact, I will confess has made me feel strange. It is a powerful feeling and yet I cannot begin to explain what it is."

"Oh shit, I'm sorry, yeah the mask… you have the mask off. Uh, well its sort of ok around me because like I said I'm human but you will feel urges shall we say."


"Yeah, like sexual urges. Basically your kind? Well you are like, super horny and that mask you wear acts as an inhibitor so you don't do anything silly."

Castro looked at Adam with bewilderment, causing the little black boomerang shaped markings on his smooth temples to crease slightly. Adam clenched his fists. "God you are so fucking cute!" he whispered under his breath.

"Ok please can you explain what horny means, and silly?"

Adam burst out laughing, before sniffing. "They are earth terms Castro. Horny means you are very sexually excited and silly means to do something inappropriate, if used in that term."

"I see, thank you. I will try not to be… silly, then."

"It's cool, don't sweat it."

Castro looked around the room before settling his eyes back on Adam. "The room appears to be an acceptable temperature, are you feeling cold?"

Adam creased up with laughter and and a warm fluffy feeling went through his soul. "You know Castro, I think you and me are gonna get on just fine."

"I very much hope so as I would be deeply ashamed if I was to upset you."

"I doubt that very much, say, what would you like to do first?"


"Yeah, like do you want a drink or maybe a look round my pond area? I was like you once, new to this planet and wondering what I wanted to do first."

"You are from another planet yes?"

"I am, yeah, does that shock you?"

"I was told by Lord Relshek that we have people from four other worlds who sometimes visit, and it does not fill me with negative emotions."

"Your planet was recently attacked quite badly, not all people are nice Castro. I think if that's one thing even a simpleton like me can teach you it's that."

"Thank you Adam, I think I will learn much from you."

"Well I hope to teach you all good stuff but I really think I should leave it to your life school to teach you about your planet and its rules."

"Yes, I am told I will begin this soon." Castro looked worried.

"Meh, we all had to go to school, but at least you only have to attend for a year. On my planet, us humans have to go to school for at least eleven years and sometimes more if you want to increase your brain power."

Castro tilted his head. "Hmm, a year…"

"Oh, sorry, right, well a year is, uh… like three doons. It's a unit of time measurement on my planet."

"I assume then that you had to attend school for thirty three doons?"

"Well no actually, I dropped out early after my parents… "Adam paused. "Well never mind. So tell me about how you feel?"

"How I feel?"

"Yeah, I mean do you feel tired or energetic, happy, sad, etcetera? I guess I'm asking because I want to know what it's like to have just been born."

"A feeling is the measurement of an emotion, is this correct?"

"Not really a measurement, Castro. More like a general term to describe an emotion. You can have a mixture of feelings all at the same time. Most people our age though are usually just moody and horny and not a lot else," Adam commented, giving a small chuckle.

"Hmm, well, I am slightly warm and-"

"No Castro, warmth is not a feeling, it is a… well I dunno but that's not what I mean. And anyway, if you are warm why don't you take that suit off? I think I would have died of heat exhaustion had I been wearing it, especially down on this baked rock."

"I am allowed to remove this?" Castro asked, tugging lightly at his thick lined body suit.

"Of course, in fact I would like it if you did."

"If it pleases you, I will remove it."

"No! Castro. That's not how it works. I said I would like it if you removed it, I did not say you had to. I am not your keeper. You remove the suit if you want to."

Castro gently shook his head. "I am confused with your tone and meaning. You sounded angry for a moment and then you told me you would like it if I removed my garment and now it is my choice."

"Ok, ok, I didn't mean my tone to come across angry, it was more… passionate. Look, sit, and I will explain a few things."

"As you wish."

Castro walked over to one of the seats in Adam's living area and sat down having stood pretty much in the centre of the room since he arrived. Adam followed and sat next to him, placing a hand on his knee.

"My god, I just can't believe how fucking awesome you are, you are so CUTE!! And those black markings in contrast to your skin tone just drive me wild!"

"You are approving of my appearance yes?"


"I am pleased."

"Good, Now I want to explain-"

"I find your appearance very appealing too Adam."

Adam opened his mouth to carry on talking right as the penny dropped as to what Castro had just announced. His innocent face gave nothing away so Adam could only assume his compliment was sincere rather than polite.

"Uh, why don't you explain that to me?"


"Yeah," Adam replied. "When you say you find my appearance appealing what do you mean by that. Try and use feelings when you tell me and explain what my appearance does to you."

"Would you like me to be detailed?"

"As much as possible."

"Yes, Ok, well your closeness is causing my body temperature to rise slightly and my head feels a little lighter. My penis has begun to move on its own and feels like it has filled with blood and I also feel like I want to be near to you. Your smell is evoking a pleasurable sensation in my mind and the contours of your face are making my eyes slightly dilate. My hands feel like they are slightly excreting moisture and when you speak I feel as if I want to place my lips against yours. Is this satisfactory?"

Adam didn't respond, he was too busy trying to gather his chin from the floor.

"Adam, are you ok?"

"What? Oh… uh yeah I think I am. I'm uh; I'm just amazed you can describe all that in such detail and with such accuracy."

"As I mentioned before Adam, my brain is fully developed, and sensations feel familiar to me. It is the life skills I lack which will be leaned soon I am told."

"Yeah…" Adam replied dreamily

"Will you tell me about your world?"

"If you like, but compared to here it's pretty boring."

"You look sad? Am I correct?"

Adam's demeanour was indeed sad when he thought of the challenges and let-downs of home. He sat back in his chair and pulled his knees up to his chin.

"I just suddenly realised I haven't really thought about home in a deep way until you just asked me about it. I'm not sad really Castro, not now. There is too much to be happy about now that you are here. I guess I should say things were not easy for me back on my planet… Lord Relshek saved my life you know."

"Your life, was it about to end?"

"It was, and the worst thing?, I didn't know it was coming. I was unwell you see and unlike here, it's harder to find out what's wrong with you unless it is looked into in great detail, that's probably why Puritans live longer. Anyway I don't want to depress you with my past problems, you have a lot to be happy for."

"Please carry on, the description of your life before coming here, Adam I count it as a life skill. To learn about others is something I am told is important so we may respect other beings."

"Castro, you are some amazing guy!" Castro bowed his head and an ever so gentle smile appeared on his face almost making Adam ejaculate in his underwear despite being flaccid.

"May I ask a question?"

"Sure thing."

"I am curious as to why you are here, yet from another world. You say Lord Relshek saved your life. Are you saying that Lord Relshek was visiting your world, like you are mine?"

"I'm not really sure what I should and shouldn't say and it's a long story… hold on wait here a sec."

Adam quickly got up from his seat and walked over to his bathroom area, not before running his fingers through Castro's shiny black hair being unable to resist. Walking in, he closed the door and heaved in a deep breath before letting it out through his lips.

"Optimus, give me a link to Lord Relshek of Purity."

"One moment, Adam, creating an uplink now."

"Relshek here, Adam, is everything ok, how is the meeting with Castro progressing?"

"Christian, good you answered, uh… he's asking me stuff… you know about why I'm here. Am I allowed to tell him?"

"Of course Adam, this time with Castro will be instrumental to his development. You should have no secrets and discuss with him whatever you wish and whatever he asks. Let him learn from you, Adam because your human traits are something YOU want to encourage him to copy correct?"

"Yeah, I guess. But I don't want him to lose his Puritan identity."

"He won't Adam, that is who he is, he is a Puritan, not a human, however I am sure you would rather have him be able to communicate and show his affection closer to your expectations than one of his own kind, yes?"

Adam nodded before replying. "Thanks, I just thought I would ask, but that makes me feel much better."

"I am pleased this is so. Now I must leave this link Adam, I am in the meeting of Quarters and it is very important. I assume you understand at this current state of alert."

"Yeah, sorry for disturbing you, see ya."

"Goodbye Adam, see you at first moon."

There was a crack in the line before it went dead and Optimus confirmed the link termination. Adam went to his sink and splashed water on his face to cool his red cheeks. His heart rate was still elevated as he was trying to regulate the unfolding reality that was Castro!

Opening the solid white metal door to his bathroom he walked back out to see Castro was still seated but looking at him expectantly. He sat back down and gently rubbed his hand on Castro's leg before getting comfortable again. Just as he was about to speak the room bleeped and his eye shot over to a panel on the wall.

"Sorry Castro, one sec."


"I mean one moment." Adam got back up and briskly walked over the panel and pressed on it. "Hello?"

"Hey Dufas, your door is misted, are you still in bed?"

Adam cleared his throat and swallowed hard hearing Sage's voice. He hadn't anticipated the disturbance, or rather had forgotten all about the fact Sage still existed for all but a moment.

"Oh, hey, uh… well yeah I was kinda in bed, you know, bad night's sleep. I might just get back to it if that's ok?"

"Huh? Are you telling me to go away? I'm bored here!"

Adam chuckled nervously. "I'm not being rude or nothing, I just want to get some sleep, that's all."

"Tough, I need attention… at least for 8 minutes and then I'll go."

"Fuck off Sage that's not funny!"

"I'm just kidding, can I come in for a little while just to take the edge of this fucking awful heat and life sucking boredom."


"Adam? I'm starting to think you are hiding something!"

Adam rolled his eyes and decided Sage was not going to let this drop until he gained access. Starting to feel he would be better off just getting the inevitable out of the way he dropped his shoulders and wandered over to his front hatch and demisted it before opening it up.

"What?" Adam said, trying to block Sage's view in, trying one last attempt to see if he would actually give up.

"What have you got in there, you are very jumpy, AND you don't look like you have been sleeping!" Sage pushed past him and immediately set eyes upon the boy sitting mere feet away.

"Holy fucking… I think I have just died and gone to heaven! Sage of earth, pleased to meet you I am definitely sure of that!" he declared, thrusting his hand out to the young Puritan who was for a moment taken aback.

Adam closed his eyes and blew air through his lips. "Sage, meet Castro… Castro meet Sage!"

"Well aren't you the looker," Sage remarked to Castro before turning round to Adam wearing a huge grin.

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