by James Matthews

Chapter 11

It had been 3 days since arriving on Purity and Adam was feeling the extreme differences to Earth as each day went by. His moods were beginning to become slightly erratic as was his attitude to Relshek when asked a question. It was Relshek's opinion that Sage was compounding the problem by egging him on whenever Adam said anything negative about his new home.

With his new furniture installed and dog like pet there as a companion Relshek hoped that Adam would finally begin to settle, but this was proving to be difficult. He had mentioned a few times about him and Adam going to visit the birthing chambers to select a possible mate but Adam seemed disinterested, instead asking to be left alone for a few days.

Pacing around his spherical apartment he tried the get over the frustration he was feeling being cooped up, alone and with nothing to do. Having told Sage to fuck off some hours ago, which he regretted, he decided to brave the heat outside to go see him.

Adam opened up the front door and walked the short distance to where Sage lived, shielding his face from the sun as he went. He could see Sage doing something to his small multicom when he knocked, getting his attention. Sage looked round but upon seeing Adam's face just turned back around and ignored him.

Adam knocked again.

"Why don't you fuck off, like I did!" Sage screamed across the large room. From outside Adam heard nothing, feeling it more appropriate to give him the peace sign with his fingers. Sage let out a violent sigh and stomped over to the door.

"Before you rip my head off, I'm sorry for the way I acted, I'm just… adjusting." Sage stood looking at him, silently. "Look, I said I was sorry… so can I come in?"

"If you must!" Sage replied, stepping to one side.

"It's just… it's just this heat, and constant questions and stuff I don't know how to use… and the bordom, I-"

"Yeah well, at least you HAVE someone paying you some attention, no fucker is interested in me, it's all about Adam Smith."

"Hmm, you know that's almost as bad… it being about me I mean. I just want to be left alone for a bit."

"You're their slave Adam, that's all. I really do wonder what they will do with you once they get what they need."

"What do you mean, do with me?"

"Well, you know… like what happens to the hostage after the ransom is paid?"

Adam shrugged. "They let em' go?"

"Exactly. Or, they kill em' anyway."

"Don't you think that's a little extreme, Sage?"

"Maybe… maybe not!"

"Everything feels normal, part from the fact Christian keeps asking me about twenty times a day if I wanna go to the birthing chambers to see how it all works. Yeah… I really wanna see how they fuse together two sperms by zapping it, or whatever the hell they do; it just reminds me that I still have to do something for them… WHICH I might add hasn't even been explained properly!" Adam's tone was growing more irritated as he spoke.

"Adam, why don't we just ask to go home? This place… these people…man, we don't belong here."

"I owe them, Sage. To walk away would be…" Adam paused and shook his head. "They fixed me, Sage. I can't just say oh, thanks, gee I better be going now."

"Why not? It's not like you came here at your own request. You were knocked unconscious, drugged and then bundled into a fucking spaceship and flown millions of miles away. Since when did you ever say yes to that?"

"Actually, I was given the option to go back in a year."

"Tell them it's not good enough, tell them you have had enough and you wanna go home now."

Adam quickly walked away from Sage, and went to stand at his rear door. "Truth is, I don't know if I DO wanna go home. Maybe I just need some time here. I mean, what have I got back on earth?"

"It's your home Adam! No matter how bad it was, it's still your home!"

"What, having no family and sleeping rough in a cold, damp shack with only a filthy bucket to shit into. Yeah, great home Sage."

"But at least your head was on straight and you knew where you stood with life."

Adam sighed. "True, I guess."

Sage came over and stood behind Adam, placing his hands around his friend's slim body. "We could always… well you know?" Sage mumbled, nibbling at Adam's ear.

"I wondered how long it would take you. Do you have no shame? You are down on an alien planet which in itself is a mind fuck, and you somehow have room to think about sex?"

"What's your point?"

"It's too hot anyway!"

"Notice you didn't say no there… hey I wonder what an orgasm would feel like down here, you know with the pressure change and different air."

Adam turned round and faced Sage, a big smile on his face. "You know, you must think about some fucked up things during your day."

Sage moved his head forward and sunk his tongue deep into Adam's mouth, before plunging his hand into Adam's lose pants. He gently massaged his cock until it came to attention but knew the real treat would come when Adam was excreting pre-cum he could use as lube to further tease his friend's senses.

"Stop, I don't want this," Adam said, his words muffled as Sage continued his assault on Adam's mouth.

"Then pull away," Sage replied, working his dick even harder. Before long Sage could feel the beginnings of a silky liquid coming from Adam's tip. As if draining a tube, he ran his index finger up the back of Adam's shaft in an attempt to increase the flow. Adam was now gently whimpering as Sage started to perform circular motions with his thumb on his helmet.

Adam eventually did pull away, but it was just to lead Sage by the hand to his new bed that had yet to be christened. Adam started to remove his white top given to him by the Puritans as Sage watched in excitement, his own dick rapidly pulsing in his own pants. Next came the removal of Adam's bottoms which he did slowly and deliberately making sure Sage got worked up. Sage, now leaking himself grabbed hold of his own manhood and squeezed it as if to release some tension from his own sexual feelings.

"Where do you want me?" Adam asked, now standing completely naked, his dick glistening, now soaked in his own juices.

"Want me to fuck you with spit?"

"Are you gonna do it hard and deep?"

"As always!"

"Go for it cowboy," Adam said, revealing an unusual side of himself that seemed consumed by lust and excitement. Laying on the bed, Adam arched his lower back up revealing a peachy ass that was as smooth as silk. Whatever the Puritans had done to his skin it was beautiful as Sage struggled to find a spot, dimple or trace of any mole. It was perfect!

Sage gobbed into his hand before removing his trousers. Choosing to keep his top on he started to massage the spit into his dick before gently probing Adam's rosebud with his head. Adam drew in breath as he took in the sensation. It had been so long since Sage had shown any care in his actions rather than just force-fucking him, Adam chose to enjoy the moment for all it was worth.

"I miss the you who used to be like this," Adam whispered. Sage stayed silent as he went into a world of his own.

Sage gave gentle presses with his hips, while gently running his hand up and down Adam's back in a soothing manner. Testing the water with Adam's state of relaxation he began to press ever so slightly against his hole, looking down to see how receptive it was. Trouble was, Adam was now losing patience in a good way and before Sage could pull back for more teasing Adam grabbed hold of the back of his thigh and yanked him forward, plunging Sage's wet dick half way inside himself.

"Yaaaowww!" Adam cried as pain replaced pleasure for just a moment before swapping places again.

"There's no need to be greedy, I was getting to that part… you just had to wait." Sage remarked with a huge smile forming. Adam on the other hand lay silent and panting.

Now inside a decent length, Sage stood on tip-toes and adjusted his angle of penetration, remembering how Adam used to love being fucked right against his prostate. The new position sent Adam in to a cluster of spasms accompanied by a high pitched yelping sound. Sage always said it sounded like a whining dog that wanted to go for a walk.

Building up some speed Adam got in on the action by pushing back as Sage pushed forward, maximising the thrust impact. Although young, Adam had got used to fucking like a dog ever since finding out how pleasurable it could actually be with his best friend and first fuck… Stuart.

Now loosened up, Adam began to beg for more of Sage as Sage tried his best to satisfy his sexually hungry friend. Both boys' knees were trembling as they were each reaching their points of no return. It was Adam who became vocal first.

"Keep going, keep going… I'm gonna… I'm gonna… oh Fuck… yeah keeeeep… AAAhrrrgh, I'm coming!"

Sage took one last deep thrust and fucked wad after wad of hot cum out of Adam's dick. 4 to 5 large ropes covered the bed before it was Sage's turn to climax. Pulling out with a loud grunt he shot all over Adam's back drenching him as Adam moaned in pleasure before falling flat onto his stomach, soaking THAT as well from his own juices. Sage collapsed on top of his friend and they both lay there is a sweaty mess.

"Talk… talk… talk about fuck it out of me, man that was intense!" Adam panted, his heart still racing from the trip to paradise.

"And you Smithy, are an animal."

In Heidgate Brandon stood outside a rather depressing building and knocked. He heard footsteps coming down before the door opened with a creak. Whoever was on the indie didn't seem impressed to see him.

"Wait, wait, don't close the door… you're Tony right?" Asked Brandon as he was just about to have rotten slats of timber slammed in his face.

"Who wants to know?" the man replied, his eyes tired and half shut.

"I um, I was told, you know, that I could find you here."

"Like I said… who wants to know." The man was becoming frustrated and Brandon knew that door was coming real soon if you didn't answer the question.

"You knew my brother, right?"

Kid, I know lots of people, but many don't know me. Now if you don't mind, I have a bird in here I'm in the middle of fucking!"

Brandon, not being able to help it, briefly stared at the man's crotch and mentally cringed, wondering how long it had been since his… thing had been washed. "His name is Adam, hes my brother, his name is Adam," Brandon quickly rushed out.

"So I'm Tony, what do you want?"

"Uh, may I come in so we can talk?"

Tony twisted his head round so he was facing the opposite direction. "Hey Leah, fuck off home will you, we're done for the night!"

"Thank you," Brandon said as a busty middle aged woman barged passed them both.

"Don't mind her; she's just angry I didn't make her squirt tonight." Brandon turned his head, swallowed hard and rolled his eyes, really wishing he had not just gained that rather unwanted information.

Tony wandered off back upstairs leaving Brandon to follow him. Upon entering the room where Tony festered most of the day Brandon was actually surprised as to how tidy it was. He stood by the door until Tony gestured him in.

"Close it. Once the heat gets out, it's a fuck to get back in."

"Uh, yeah… no worries."

"Now sit, oh and tell me you don't like dick!"


"Well your brother certain does… offered to suck me off one for a cheese roll a while back… a fucking cheese roll."

Brandon cleared his throat. "Hmm, uh, well they say hunger can be all consuming."

"Well it was the last time I let him up here that's for sure. Last time he came I told him to fuck off… said I couldn't help him, but…"

"But?" Brandon asked, hoping this was going somewhere useful.

"But I wish I really hadn't. Now the boy has gone missing. Gather that's why you're here?"

"Yeah, you met my mother right?"

"Posh slut, yeah I met her."

"Look, my parents, they… they don't think like most people, they live a highly-"

"Pompous life, and they have fucked up views on gay people!"

"Uh, I rather thought you did to after what you-" Brandon begun,

"Look boy, there is a difference between hating a gay person and having to turn down one who wants to nosh you off for a bread roll. For the record, I don't hate your brother, I'm just into the finer sex that's all, not some hairy ass and chin stubble!"

Brandon sighed. "Look, do you have ANY idea where he could be?"

"No, but something weird happened the other day which left three guys from round here dead in the gutter. It seems after that day your bro has not been seen."

"These three men, did the police kill them?"

"Fuck off boy, they were homeless kids with big mouths, not armed robbers."

"A gang fight then… was my brother ever in any gang?"

Tony shook his head. "Your brother… he was a quiet lad who kept himself to himself. Used to turn up to the food bus each week and spend most of the time in that old Laundrette down the street. I used to help him now and again with food. Skinny fuck he was, all skin and bone… I felt sorry for him being so young and all."

Brandon nodded sympathetically. "My parents… they threw him out for his… well you know."

"Tough luck huh?"

"You could say that. I do miss him."

"Well boy, feeling sorry for yourself ain't gonna find him is it!"

"I guess not. Hey, do you know a really old guy round here? Says he used to live with his wife until she died… he's the one who told me where to find you."

"Did, did he? Meh, that's old man Fred!"

"Is he all there?"

Tony lent back and held his stomach as a big belly laugh came from deep within. "Ha! He been telling you about the little green men eh?"

Brandon didn't look impressed. "Yeah, something like that!"

"He did forty years at GCHQ, the British Intelligence Service, must have done something to his brain." Tony remarked, sniggering.

"Look, Tony, I really need to find my brother, is there anyone you can put me touch with who may be able to help?"

"Sorry boy, I can't help you. The only reason I came to your house was because I thought he might be there. I know as much as you. But hey, Old man Fred says he knows a lot, why don't you see if you can push aside the bullshit and get to anything remotely sensible."

"Yeah!" Said Brandon dejectedly. "I'll be going then."

"Good idea, oh and please close the main door on your way out, a lotta thieves around here!"

Back on Purity There was a meeting occurring in a large circular hall. In the centre lay a white polished plinth upon which sat a chunky wooden chair, encrusted with coloured stones and delicate cloth. A man is seen approaching the large seat. He appears old by his walk, but his stature and the way he holds himself suggests he is wise and still strong.

Around the perimeter are three rows of pews that circumnavigate the whole room and a small white table is positioned every couple of feet. The pews were currently filled with Puritans, their tables covered in flexipads and other strange devices. They watch intently as the man near the centre lifts himself up the step and positions himself into the chair.

"All rise for his highest Lordship, Grand Master Telstrek!" A voice called from no fixed position. There was a thunderous rumble noise in the hollow hall as almost 300 men got to their feet.

Grand Master Telstrek waved his hand, gesturing for his people to sit. "Puritans, the chamber meets today for a momentous occasion, which is the saviour of our planet. It has been made no secret that we have been pursuing a male boy from the star system Sol. A boy who we believe has the key to eliminate a devastating illness that is currently plaguing our people."

The silence that had been present in the hall now turned to a gentle chatter as Puritans began looking at the person next to them and chatting. With the noise level increasing Grand Master Telstrek banged his staff on the floor and brought the hall to order.

"Our brave scientists have travelled across the galaxy to find this boy we call human and I will now hand you all over to the two lead Puritans who have conducted this risky mission and painstaking research, Lords Kelshen and Relshek of Purity."

There was a round of applause as Relshek and Kelshen made their way to a 3 dimensional multiscreen with the two men standing just to the side of it in front of the Grand Master.

"Speak my sons; tell our world what we are to do!"

Relshek spoke first. "Grand Master, high Lords and fellow Lords, as Master Telstrek has announced, it has been no secret that for many doons now we have been looking for a way to cure this terrible disease which is increasingly harming the development of our world. Not just on Purity Prime but also on Gerious and Plestina as well. We call the disease Solitaryarolous and latest figures show it is now affecting one in eight hundred post design Puritans of sexual age. The disease can best be described as a genetic kink in the code that makes up all of you and me. Sufferers are left infertile, have no desire for sexual activity and in doing so lead a life of isolation and conflict."

"Where did it come from?" a Puritan shouted from the crowd.

Kelshen spoke next. "We do not know. We believe it the planet may have been infected by an outside being but we cannot be sure. We tried to run computer simulations to see how far back we could take our evolutionary chain bit it revealed nothing. The problem we are facing is we are not able to screen it at the pre-design stage of development and are still only able to do so at sexual maturity as the gene responsible for turning on physiological sexual functions does not do so. This results in a repulsion of fellow Puritans sexually."

"Impossible!" A random voice came.

"Why does it make those Puritans infertile?" Another shouted.

"This dominant gene is responsible by itself for sexual function which we have long known. What it also does by not turning on, is affect another gene responsible for reproduction. It inhibits the production of sperm and renders the person not able to produce a seed for mating."

"This boy from Sol, where is he now?" Came another question.

"The boy is acclimatising to his surroundings, and might I add his planet is called Earth my Lord. Sol is the Star his planet revolves around."

"So what can this boy do to help us?"

"Adam has a human gene which we can extract and replicate. Due to a hormone of Earth called Testosterone, which is less potent than our equivalent, we will be able to mix both into the pre-design stage of the birthing process thus solving the issue. Our simulations have shown it can be done and is not rejected by the gene chain."

"Why did we have to get another life form for this, why not locate someone of our own species to solve the problem?" A question came from behind them. Kelshen turned round to try and get a fix on the man who was now holding his hand up.

"We have tried my fellow Lord. We have tried for thirty doons and nothing. Each time we took a healthy gene from a Puritan and placed it in an infected person it detected as a parasite and broken down. We have not found a way, even after 30 doons of research to fix the issue. The only combination that works is the human gene together with the hormone. One without the other is also nothing, but both together? Now that is a cure."

Everyone in the room looked at each other and the chatter began again. This time, Grand Master Telstrek let them continue their noise while Relshek and Kelshen stood in silence absorbing the atmosphere, relieved they had finally been able to release their years of research to the people of representatives of the entire Puritan race.

Gerious is the inner most planet of the Purity system. It is almost completely covered in a sand like material which glows red at night. It is sparsely populated with the majority of the inhabitants working for the science quarter. Although there is air to breathe the Puritans located on the planet live under huge glass pods that support life more comfortably. The planet is also rich in minerals which are harvested for all manner of objects. Population: 744,471

Plestina is the 3rd planet from the Puritans main star Puria. It is a cold and barren place but like Gerious is lightly populated in a concentrated area. The Puritans use this planet as a research and heavy industry station. Due to the very light gravity pull the majority of Purity's newer space vessels are now made and launched from Plestina. Population: 12,675

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