Puppy for Sale

by James Matthews

Chapter 44

Snuggle Time

The night before my first day at school was a quiet affair. Steven, Dave and I were watching Terminator on the TV in the bedroom. Steven was on his bed clipping his finger nails, much to our annoyance and Dave and I were lying on my bed. With my head relaxed on Dave's chest he softly played with my ears as I lost myself in the contentment of the movie and the sound of his rhythmic heartbeat. I thought about this being yet another little piece of heaven as he gently made a fuss of me. It was so nice to be in someone's arms. I was a person who craved tactile affection as I had gone without it for so long. When you don't have it, it's neither here nor there, but as soon as you do, it becomes like a drug and you want more.

The way Dave treated me proved that to be the case, as I would find any excuse I could to make him touch, or stroke me. Dave had a way of hypnotising you when he was affectionate. It was the unconscious way he would use his hands on me, gently playing with different parts of my body. Earlier on in the movie when we were still both upright he was lightly caressing my fingers and locking his in mine. Most people wouldn't pay attention to this, but I did, loving how his mind was on the movie, but somewhere in there was me.

"You ok babe?" He asked, kissing me on the head.

I nodded. "Yeah, a little thirsty, I was thinking of getting a drink. Would you like one?"

"Hmm, I would love a coke if you don't mind?"

"Sure Dave, no problem. Stevie, would you like a drink?"

"Horlicks please," Steven replied monotone, still clipping away. Dave and I looked at each other and laughed.

"Horlicks? Mum drinks that for stress," I said, smirking at him. "Are you stressed Steven?"

"Jensen, do I look like the sort of person who gets stressed? I just fancied a Horlicks, that's all. If it's too hard for you to make then I'll have water instead. For the record it has nothing to do with the fact I have an essay to hand in tomorrow either, before you both start thinking.

"I hadn't even made the connection Ste, but thanks for revealing the real reason why you want a Horlicks," Dave said, giving Steven his own smirk.

Steven rolled his eyes. "If I knew I was going to get such a hard time over my choice of drink I wouldn't have answered."

I got up from Dave and climbed on to Steven's bed, jokingly putting arms round him. "Awww, big teddy bear want a hug because he's being picked on?"

"You have some balls," he said, trying to stay serious but failing. His disgusted look at me slowly turned into a grin before he pushed me away.

"I'll be back in a minute then." I said, relenting.

Downstairs mum was in the kitchen cleaning the oven when I walked in. She was wearing a pair of those bright yellow rubber gloves and there were various chemicals scattered on the floor beside her.

"Hi Button, you guys ok up there?"

"Yeah mum, just getting a drink. Steven wants Horlicks apparently," I said reaching for the cupboard containing the malt drink.

"Hmm, must be an essay day tomorrow then," She mused, flipping her bottom lip over.

"It is! How did you know?"

"He always drinks that stuff before an essay hand in… says it makes him relax. I say it's all in the mind, but whether it works or it's physiological, it still makes you nice and sleepy."

I placed the tub down and leaned on the worktop. Susan stopped scrubbing and looked up at me.

"Something on your mind?"

"I was just thinking," I said, dreamily.

"Wanna give me a clue?"

"How would you feel if I was to somehow invite Cindy round for dinner one night?"

"I think that would be a lovely gesture, and it would give you guys a chance to catch up. I'm sure she would love to meet Dave and know you have a little romance going on."

"Hmm, true… I just wonder if Dave would like to meet her."

"Yes, there seems to be something in the male brain that makes you all jealous over the slightest things. But listen, if you want my advice? I would try and get Dave used to Cindy, because if you don't you will lose a very good friend. Not to take anything away from Dave, Puppy, because he really is a very lovely boy, but as the old saying goes, love interests will come and go, but friends will always be there."

"So… so you're saying I should ditch Dave for Cindy?" I asked, wide eyed.

"Oh God no, you're getting me all wrong, Honey. What I'm saying is, you need to realise that Cindy has been a rock to you for many years, a close friend to confide in… a sister. Dave on the other hand you have only known a little while. You just need be mindful of that."

I looked at the floor and sighed. "Would it be really bad of me to say that if I had to lose contact with one of the other I'd rather hang on to Dave?"

Susan gave a wry smile. "No Puppy, that would be human. Right now, Dave is new, shiny and interesting. I'm not saying he ever won't be, but your emotional attachment towards him might be clouding your real feelings. It's natural to want to spend every minute of the day with Dave and maybe push others to the side, we've all been there Puppy, but just remember your friends, ok?"

"I think I get you. These feeling are all new to me and…"

"I know which is why I'm having this little conversation with you. Don't be afraid to shower Dave with your attention and affection, it's the natural course of how these things go, and you are not different to others despite what you might think. Just be there for Cindy if she wants you and give her the time you always have in the past."

I heard footsteps coming down the stairs and turned round to see Steven patting into the kitchen.

"What are you doing, milling the wheat or something?"

"Sorry Stevie, I got distracted."

"Mum, stop distracting him, I am dying of thirst here and so is Dave."

Susan rolled her eyes and went back to scrubbing the oven while I put the kettle on and got out the Coke while I waited for it to boil.

"By the way boys, all your uniforms are hanging up in the lounge, I have ironed them so please don't just sling them somewhere when you take them up."

"Thanks mum," I said, pouring some Coke into two glasses.

"And I want you all in bed by eleven and sleep by half past. I don't want zombies wandering round my kitchen in the morning."

"Is that kettle boiled yet Jensen? I can hear a whine coming from somewhere."

"Less of the cheek young man! Unless you want to be picking up litter for a living when you leave school you'll thank me for the discipline I have installed in you both."

"Mum, do we have to have this lecture? I'm sure Jensen here will get a good enough job to keep all of us with his Maths brain. I'm pretty certain we'll all be able to give up work for the rest of our lives."

Susan looked up at Steven and sighed. "An answer for everything you, Steven Chase."

I stood there watching, slightly amused. "Steven, why don't you go back upstairs, I'll finish up here and bring your drink up," I offered, hearing the kettle flick off.

Steven did as I asked and left the kitchen leaving me to mix up his drink and thank mum for the chat earlier. I pulled out a small rectangular tray and placed the three drinks on before kissing her good night and heading back upstairs.

It was just coming up to eleven o'clock and we all heard Max and Susan coming up the stairs, obviously heading for bed. All three of us had showered ready for the morning and were laying in just our boxer shorts with the duvet pulled up to our knees. Steven was doing one last piece of revision using pen and paper while lying on his side. I was struggling to watch the last bit of Air crash investigation on Discovery, and Dave? Well the reason I was struggling to finish the programme was because he has his hand down my boxers and was very stealthily running his thumb round the head of my penis making me ooze pre cum out. As well as using the excess fluid to give his digit a smooth glide it was also making me fidget with pleasure. I really wanted to moan out load but knew I couldn't. I was helpless, he knew it, and I hated him for it. I guess I could have just slapped his hand away, but what he was doing was fucking awesome and I didn't want to arouse suspicion in Steven as to what Dave had been up to… and still was.

I cleared my throat. "Uh, Dave, mind if I pull the duvet up a bit?"

Steven placed his pen down and looked over at us. "You two must think I came down on the last banana boat."

"Huh?" Dave and I said in unison.

"Don't huh me, I know what's going on. You have Jensen here who has been watching people being killed on a plane, but seemed to be wearing a face like someone would when they are about to blow their load. Now unless you really get off on people being mangled up in place crashes Jensen, then I suspect there is more to this. Let's move on to Dave, who I might add has TOTALLY worn the wrong colour boxers if you are trying to hide wet patches. So the evidence there suggests whatever is going on is making him leak everywhere… look at you, you are fucking soaked down there," Steven pointed. Dave looked down and placed a hand over his crutch. "Can't you guys at least wait until I'm asleep before you start exchanging fluids?"

Dave pulled the duvet up over both of us and tried to get some blood to disappear from his face. I slowly pulled his hand out from underneath the waist band of my boxers and tried not to burst out laughing.

"Pathetic," Steven muttered, picking his pen and paper up, placing them on the floor. "I'm going to sleep now, if you two have sex, keep the noise down."

Dave and I waited about twenty minutes, both of us still awake, until we were sure Steven had drifted off. We both knew something was going to happen tonight and didn't need to tell the other to stay awake. After all we were unlikely to leave things in their current state, i.e. both of us leaking heavily.

Dave's lifted his head up and leaned over to my ear. "Lay on your back," he whispered. Trying not to make the bed creak, I did as he asked and turned from my side over onto my back. Dave shifted up to the wall a little to allow me room, and then went disappearing under the duvet out of sight.

I could feel him wrapping his fingers inside the waistband to my boxers before pulling them down to my knees. I was instantly rock hard in wonderment of what he was going to do to me.

"Are you ok?" he whispered again. "You're trembling."

"Yea… yeah fine, just a little excited that's all."

"I'll take that as a good thing," was all he replied with, before my mouth fell open and my eyes went wide.

He had just enveloped my penis head in his mouth!

He began running circle motions on it with his tongue, making me squirm in pleasure. My legs were flapping about involuntarily as the intensity of his actions caught me off guard. With his other hand he took hold of my loose balls and firmly pulled down on them pulling my foreskin tight back. I think I almost came there and then but managed to suppress it somehow… although a whimper did escape my mouth.

Not giving up his relentless attack he began to run his fingers up and down my inner thighs, ever so gently, while at the same time taking my shaft deep into his mouth. I felt him gag a few times as the end of my cock must have been touching the back of his throat.

I felt my balls tighten up as the pleasure of it all just got too much. "I think I'm gonna cum," I wheezed out. But there was no thinking about it, as pulse after pulse of fluid jetted from my cock straight into his waiting mouth. Dave seemed to cough a few times seemingly unable to catch all of it. I could feel a dribble of my essence running down my shaft and into my pubic region. But much to my surprise he actually went round and mopped it all up with his soft lips. Yeah, he was actually cleaning me of spunk!

"Fuck, you taste nice," I heard him say, as he continued to lick my cock, balls and the surrounding area. He then pulled the duvet back, revealing a red, hot and dripping-with-sweat smiling face.

"T-t-that… that was amazing!" I said, in a state of shock.

"Glad you liked it big boy… man that dick is a handful!"

"Here lay down, I'll sort you out."

"Nah, its ok, I'll do it in the morning, you get some sleep." He whispered.

I sighed.

"What's wrong?" he asked, keeping his voice down.

"Nothing, it's just, that's twice you have pleasured me and when I offer to do you, you don't want me to. Is everything ok… I mean, are you worried I'm gonna be crap or something?"

Dave pulled my head towards his and kissed me on the lips. "Oh God, no baby! I just..." He stopped and sighed himself.

"What? Talk to me."

"Its… well, you are so well endowed in that department, I'm just feeling a little inferior, that's all. Ahh fuck, and now I've embarrassed myself by telling you that!"

"Don't be silly! So what you are telling me is that you are not as big as me, is that it?" I asked, sincerely. Dave gently nodded, and looked away from me.

"I know it shouldn't matter."

"And it doesn't. From what you and Steven have told me, I'm a little abnormal down there, so really, it should be me who has the complex. Look Dave, I don't know what is supposed to be a normal size, but I sure as hell aint with you because of what your dick looks like. Whether its big, small or square, as long as I can use it to give you pleasure, then what the issue?"

"I know, I know," he replied. Dave looked at my hand before taking it in his and putting it down his boxers. His dick quickly came to attention and I was now expecting it to be something very small after what he was saying. I had a feel around, running my hand over his erect shaft and smooth balls before looking into his eyes.

"It feels ok," I said, shrugging.

"Really?" Dave whispered.

"Yeah, I don't know why you would be worried. It's a nice size," I replied, continuing to massage him down there.

Dave really had no reason to worry and eventually he let me take it out of his boxers so I could have a proper look in the dim light of Steven's lamp. I would have said at a guess it was about six and a half inches long. Sure, it was smaller than mine, but nowhere near as small as he had led me to believe. He had a nice set of shaved low hanging balls that sunk between his toned legs. He was simply adorable, one hundred per cent of him… now I had seen all of him.

I looked briefly in Steven's direction to make sure he was still asleep before I tried to mimic what Dave had done to me…

I took him in my mouth.

I did gag a few times having never done this, but as Dave twitched about on the bed, I knew I must have been doing something right.

Dave seemed to have more control over his sexual drive as it did take him longer to cum than me, but in that time he seemed to have produced a very healthy load, as before long I was gagging again as he spent himself into my mouth. I looked up at his face to see it contorted and straining, and I swear it was the hottest thing I ever saw. He almost looked in pain, but that was good to see and I knew those expressions meant he was enjoying himself.

I let him come down from his orgasm before letting his cock drop from my mouth. With the complex he had now in the past, I felt he was able to relax and enjoy what I had done to him. I couldn't help feeling a little smug and proud of myself actually. I really thought our first time was going to be a disaster… well technically our first, FIRST time was, but even this time I was scared I would nip his foreskin with my teeth or not be able to make him cum, or something like that. I lacked experience with this, but I had to keep in my mind that he did too. I guess I was just worried I was going to fuck it up.

Thankfully I didn't, and it was a good time had by all!

I lay back down and Dave put his arm around me. No sooner had I closed my eyes I heard Steven's bed creak.

"Thank fuck for that, maybe I can get some sleep now!" Steven said, turning over. "Yes guys, I saw and heard everything, good night!"

I could have sworn Dave almost vomited on hearing Steven speak, or maybe it was me.

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