Puppy for Sale

by James Matthews

Chapter 36

The Best Sunday of My Life

Dave sat down on Steven's bed, resting his elbows on his legs. The fear of him bolting for the door was now leaving me and I was able to relax a little. For some reason he looked even better now I was able to properly gaze at him, the commotion fading.

"Dunno if I told you this, but you look real nice," I said, initiating a shy smile from him.

"It was just something I threw on," he replied, but I knew he's made an effort, just like me.

I got up and closed the bedroom door causing a strange look to come over Dave's face. "Just for some privacy," I remarked. Sitting back down on my bed, I got into a crossed legged position and leaned forward. "You've gone quiet, are you still thinking about Steven?"

"A little, and I feel bad, because today was supposed to be kinda special... about us, you know?"

"I guess I caused you to feel like that, right?"

Dave sighed. "No Jensen, it's me, but hey, let's not talk about that anymore, I'm staying, I'm here and I want to know all about you."

"You mean this crazy person who ended up in a kid prison?"

"Kid prison?"

I laughed. "Just what Steven calls it... It's a children's home really.

"Yeah, Steven has told me some stuff, you know him, but it sounds like you've had a tough life."

I sighed. "It would be easy to say yeah I have, and in some ways that is true, but to be honest Dave, for the most part it's been ok you know? I was very young when I went there, so it's really been all I have ever known. The penalty I paid for that though, is that I don't really know a lot about the real world."

"You seem pretty clued up to me?"

I chuckled, thinking why. "Yeah Steven has taught me loads about being a dude, as he calls it, and Max and Susan have been great with the other stuff. But even so, I still get overwhelmed with some things that other people would take as everyday occurrences."

"Well I think that innocence is very attractive if I may say so." Dave declared, making me blush slightly. "So what's it like sharing a room with Steven? I remember when I stayed here, he was very territorial."

"We get on much better now, it was hard at first. But yeah I know what you mean. Steven has his ways and likes things in certain places. I felt the best way to appease him was just to fit into that. To be honest, I'm really easy going and coming from pretty much nothing at the home, I didn't care what this room looked like or how he wanted it."

"Uh huh."

"So, I really want to ask, that's if you don't mind, I mean, you might think I am being nosy, but really I'm just curious and-"

"Just ask," Dave said, cutting off my rambling and chuckling.

"You have-"

"A key to your house?"

"Yeah, um, I was kinda wondering what led to that."

Dave paused for a moment, looking at a spot on the floor. "It was a complicated time... still is in a way."

"I'm sorry, it's none of my business, we don't have to talk about it."

"No, its fine, I'm just thinking back to how it all started so I can explain it to you."

I decided to get up and go and sit next to him on Steven's bed. I lightly made circle motions on his back as he gathered his thoughts.

Dave rested his hand on my leg and looked at me, smiling.

"I like it when you touch me, it makes me feel good." He said. Something told me that, just like me, he had missed anyone being tactile in his life. It made me feel sad for him.

"When I was at Greenstone, although the staff were nice for the most part, no one ever really hugged you or touched you. Maybe those were the rules but even as a young kid, I never remember anyone picking me up and cuddling me. So I know how being touched makes you feel, believe me."

Dave moved his mouth towards mine and placed a soft kiss on my lips, cupping the back of my head with his hand. "You don't know how much I have wanted to do that since I got here," he remarked as he pulled away.

"I'd be lying if I said it hadn't crossed my mind wondering if you would."

"Your lips are amazing; I've never felt like this before."

"Me neither, it's kind of mind blowing isn't it."

"Ha-ha, I've kind of gone off topic a little, I'm sorry, you are just so distracting. So the key?"

"The key." I repeated.

"Basically, about three years ago my mum found out my dad was seeing another woman at work. You see my dad works in central London and we were always used to him working long hours as he's a Stockbroker. But it was getting to a stage where sometimes he was coming home at like, one in the morning and telling my mum he was working late because of a major float coming up."

"A major float?"

"Yeah, like when a private company sells shares to the public. I don't really know much about how it works, but apparently it's a busy time for people like my dad."

"Oh, ok."

"Yeah so one particular night, I was woken up by the sound of them fighting. It was really scary actually. I went into my little brother's nursery and closed the door. He was only about a year old and I remember just sitting down by the side of his cot hoping that he didn't wake up from all the noise."

"What were they arguing about?"

"My dad had attended a birthday party of one of his work friends. Anyway, someone there had taken some pictures of the man whose birthday it was and posted them on Facebook. It was in some badly lit pub in London and there were a few group photos and some of this man just messing around pulling faces."

"So what's so bad about that?"

"Well nothing at first glance, but as my mum found out, in two of them, if you look closely, you can see in the background barely visible, my dad with his tongue down another woman's throat."

"Oh my god, he was caught out by those pictures?"

"Yes, and that's when it all got really bad at home. After a few weeks she forgave him but then found out it was still going on a couple of years later. Basically all the time he said it was a one off drunken thing, he had been seeing her."

"How did your mum find out that?"

"One of my dad's friends who obviously had a conscience apparently told him that what he was doing was wrong, because he had a family, and either he told his wife, meaning my mum, or he would tell her himself. Suffice to say, my dad didn't have the guts to tell my mum he was still having an affair so my dad's friend called her and told her what my dad was up to."

"Wow, that's so sad. So, how did you end up staying here."

"Mum and dad were arguing daily after it all came out, and she had told him two weeks previous that she wanted him out of the house, but he had refused to go. By this time my mum was drinking heavily because of the stress of it all. My dad was also drinking, and with the two of them drunk it was a recipe for disaster. My dad started hitting my mum one night during a pretty bad argument and I stepped in to protect her. My dad lost his temper with me and punched me in the face splitting my lip so I ran out of the house and the only place of could think of going was here."

"Wow, that's awful, Dave," I said, squeezing his neck lightly. "I'm so sorry you had to go through that."

"Yeah it was pretty tough... still is actually. Anyway, he eventually left and now he lives with his mistress at some apartment in London.

But my mum had never been the same since and now she just drinks all day, even when she has to go to work. She had to get a job so we could keep the house. My dad still has to pay some money but it was not enough so my mum got a job in a working man's pub. The place is sleazy and I don't like her working there, but she shouts at me saying if she didn't we would all be homeless or living in some damp shack."

"My God!"

"She's nasty when she drinks and I get the brunt of it. Sometimes she blames me for dad leaving and says having us kids made her ugly. I try to ignore it but when it happens all the time, you start to believe it, you know?"

I shook my head in disbelief. Dave was not to blame here in any way I I felt crushed for him. I never knew what he'd had to endure at home and putting that together with what he's been through at school, I wondered how he'd coped.

"Steven told me about what happened with you at school, I hope you don't mind?"

"I thought he might have done, yeah that was a bad time, but I've forgiven him and the other two."

"So, going back to you being here, was that a long term thing?"

"It went on for a few months; I'd mainly stay here at night which was usually when my mum was worse. I felt bad for leaving my brother, but mum was always better towards him than me, and even though she was drunk most of the time, I knew she would never harm him. It was always me she inflicted her anger on. Susan has been amazing. She's spoken to my mum and that helped a little. My mum even went into rehab for a while... that's when I went back home full time, but since then she has started drinking again. I blame that pub she works in, it's like trying to diet, while working at McDonalds, you are doomed to fail."

"Does it still get bad?"

"Oh yeah, but as I'm getting older and used to it, I've just learned to cope. Sometimes I just cry myself to sleep as a way to vent. I read mostly, it helps me escape, you know?"

I took his face in my hands and gazed at him intently. "I think you're the bravest person I have ever known." I said, kissing him on the cheek.

We sat in silence for a moment curling our fingers together as we both came to terms with Dave's admission. For him, it must have been hard admitting all that. I knew in some way he felt weak for telling me and at times he did look uncomfortable. For me, it resonated quite a lot as to how my own life had been. Sure, the violence wasn't there for the most part, but the loneliness that came with being isolated from love was bang on the mark.

"It's funny how you never know what goes on behind closed doors, Dave. I remember watching the TV at Greenstone and got this idea that somehow when children have hard lives and troublesome parents that they should automatically come from a poor background. I guess what I've learnt, is that it takes all sorts, eh?"

"It does, Jensen." Dave replied, solemnly. "Jeez, look at me, I've come round here to be happy with you and now I have depressed us both."

I chuckled. "Nah, I'm glad you told me and thanks for trusting me all that hard stuff."

"I think you are right though... about being honest I mean. Its better to be up front about stuff, and I feel I can trust you." Dave said, stroking my leg.

"You can, and I can relate to what you have said. My life has had its challenges too and I'm happy to share that with you. Besides, with Steven as my brother and your friend, there won't be a lot of secrets left between us soon anyway."

Dave sniggered. "Yeah, you got that right."

I paused for a moment. "I'm really glad we met, I want you to know that."

"Aww, me too. So tell me, how did you know you were into boys?"

"Wow, erm... hmm, you caught me off guard with that one. Erm..."

"Sorry, just curious."

"No... no that's ok, I'm just thinking. So, have you ever seen the movie Brokeback Mountain?"

"That's the one with the two cowboys who fall in love right?"


"I've heard of it."

"Well, I think, that's when I first noticed something was different about me. You need to understand, Dave, that while I was at Greenstone I was isolated from most things and that included the subject of sex. Living here... and with Steven, I look back now and laugh because I really didn't know about girls, or boys, or sexual stuff so it was never something I was brought up to connect with."

"But didn't you have sex education or see stuff on TV?"

"Sex education? Ha, non-existent. My first sex lesson was taught to me by Steven... oh and I got my first safe sex lesson from Max, last night. As for TV, Greenstone had a filter system which cut off any programmes deemed inappropriate. So no, quite literally I knew nothing about anything." I declared, giggling.

"So what about this girl Cindy, Steven mentioned. Didn't you have any feelings develop for her?"

"No, Cindy's and my relationship was like brother and sister. Equally there were no other children at the home near my age that I could relate to as I hit puberty, so like normal kids would probably find out from their friends at school what jerking off, sex and stuff like that was all about, I had no reference."

"Hmm, seems unreal."

"Yeah, it's very hard to explain to people, but that's just what it was like. So, what about you?"

"Me?" Dave asked, raising a brow,

"Yeah, like, when did you know?"

"Pfft, I had a crush on Steven. I think I even did when he was being evil to me. He was the first boy I ever had those sorts of feelings towards. At first, I wondered what was wrong with me, after all, I never got that with any girlfriends I had at school, and I was... still am, friends with some beautiful girls. It sounds really sad, but there were times when I used to lay in bed day dreaming about Steven, even after he had beaten the shit out of me the previous day. As he would say... it was fucked up."

"Oh my God!"


"You swore... I've never heard you swear before."

"And that's shocking to you?"

I laughed. "Uh, yeah it is actually."

"Hmm, well I don't swear very often, it must be said."

"I know what you mean about Steven though, he is rather attractive."

"Jeez Jensen, he's your brother!" Dave, sniggered.

"I guess, but you know, it's not like we are blood related."

"Have... have you seen his body?"


"Amazing isn't it!" Dave said, licking his lips, unconsciously. I hoped.

"Careful, I might get jealous... but yes it's pretty easy on the eye."

"Haha, jealous? We just met."

I took on a serious look, slightly hurt he said that. "Is it wrong then... to be jealous I mean?"

"Hmm, I don't know, you look at me as if I'm the expert."

"It's just... I really like you and was hoping we could become more than... than, um, well this I guess."

"You mean as in boyfriends?"

"If that is the normal thing to do, then yeah."

"Don't you think it's a little early for that?"

"I don't know, I mean, when is the time you say it, or mean it, or feel it?"

Dave's eyes went wide and he took in a quick breath, letting it out slowly. "I think we should just see how things go, let's not rush into anything, ok?"

"Are... are you having second thoughts about me?"

"Whoa, hold on there... what are you talking about, where has this come from?"

"I don't know, I'm just scared now, it's like you are backing away from me."

"Backing awa... Jensen, I..."

He didn't finish his sentence, as before I knew anything, he had grabbed me forcing his tongue into my mouth exploring the inner recesses of it. My eyes went wide as I took in the new experience wondering what the hell I was supposed to do. I tried to imitate what he was doing, wondering if I was getting it right. Dave didn't seem to complain as he slowly pulled me down onto the bed and clamped my head in his hands, kissing me ever more passionately.

The thirty or so seconds he was attacking my mouth with his soft wet lips was totally mind blowing as I embedded these new feelings forever in my mind. The taste of another person's saliva was never something I anticipated enjoying all that much, but Dave's was like nectar... sweet and pure.

Eventually he slowly pulled away, and I even lifted my head up, following him, not wanting the moment to end. My action made him smile the cutest I had ever seen him do.

"Still think I'm backing away?" He asked, winking at me. I could have died happy, right there and then.

"Sorry, I went a bit crazy for a second."

"Well I hope that put your mind at rest. I like you Jensen... I like you a lot, and me saying I want to see how things go does not mean I am backing away. It means, let's just see how things develop. We don't need to have a title to express our feelings. When it feels right then we'll know we are together, but right now, I just wanna enjoy being with you. Is that ok?"

"Well, when you explain it like that, it's fine. Why didn't you just say that?"

Dave rolled his eyes and kissed me on the lips again, before wiping some excess away with his thumb. "Messy, Puppy!"

Dave and I were lying on my bed and had been chatting for the last two hours. I had my head on his chest while he stroked my hair as we quietly talked.

Just then we heard Steven's voice, before footsteps coming up the stairs. I went to dive off the bed thinking how it would affect Dave if Steven saw us, but Dave stopped me, pulling my head back down on to his chest.

"What are you doing... he'll see us," I hissed.

"Let him, I'm tired of running from who I am."

Steven came into the bedroom humming and stopped in his tracks as his eyes settled on a very intimate looking Dave and I.

"Hello Steven," Dave said. I would have loved to have seen the expression on Dave's face, but couldn't. I didn't know whether he was shit scared or fucking crazy.

"Well fuck me sideways, fancy seeing you here, oh, and in the arms of another guy... well finally Dave... finally."

"Hi Stevie," I said, almost smug.

"I didn't know you were comi-"

"You can drop the surprised look, Steven, You knew I was coming round and I know you were sent out, its fine. I admit it, I'm... I'm gay."

Steven laughed. "Well, you know, Dave, I think I could have told you that."

"So, how did the others take it?" Dave asked, almost sarcastic.

"The others?"

"Billy and Jessie."

"Jessie wasn't there, it was just Billy and me, and they didn't take it any way, because I didn't tell them anything."

"You're joking right?"

"Hey, I can keep some secrets... well, ones that are worth keeping."

"Hmm... now part of me wishes you had told them."

"Well, I can phone them now if you want Dave, and tell them the good news," Steven said, pulling his phone from his pocket.

"NO! I will do it, and thank you. It means a lot to me that you didn't."

"No sweat... so, did you fuck or what?"

I screwed my face up at Steven, half out of discust and half out of embarrassment. "Um, no STEVEN! We didn't do anything like that...Jesus, you are something else sometimes.

"Oh C'mon, you mean since I went out you have managed to keep your clothes on. Man If I were gay I would have fucked both of you round the bedroom by now. Oh and I must say, you actually look very cute lying there together, I'm almost jealous... I said almost!"

"You have a wonderful way with words Steven, I look forward to your next syllable with great eagerness," Dave said, not impressed.

"Shush posh head. Oh, but when you do get down to business, make sure you get our boy Jensen here to shave his asshole, he's a hairy fucker waist down."

"STEVEN! I squealed, my face jetting with heat.

"What?" Steven replied, innocently. "Have you seen his legs Dave? Jensen, show Dave your legs, they are like... well covered."

"I happen to like that," Dave remarked, pulling up one leg of my Jeans. I gently pushed his hand away feeling like I was under some kind of fucking microscope.

"Oh and one more thing..." Steven started, until I threw a pillow at his head. "Wait, I think Dave needs to know this."

"No Steven, he doesn't, you are totally embarrassing me now." I said glaring at him. Steven smiled and looked at Dave.

"All I was going to say, was that when he cums, stand back, because, firstly, there is gallons of it, and secondly, he shoots hard enough to dent metal." Steven looked bad at Jensen with a smirk, "I wasn't going to say ANYTHING about you being hung like a horse!"

"Right that's it, fuck off Ste..." I stopped suddenly; feeling the unmistakable twitching of what was Dave's thingy pressing against my lower back.

He was...aroused? Man!

I slowly twisted my head round and looked at him. He just smiled at me and shrugged his shoulders. Steven was looking at us both strangely wondering what was going on, like he had missed some private joke or something.

This was turning out to be the best Sunday of my life!

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