For Everything You Are

by James Matthews

Chapter 15

A Night He'll Remember, A Night He Won't Remember

The weekend was approaching and it was unusually warm for the time of year. Jake had just gotten home from school and found the house empty. He walked to his room, pushed back the curtains, and opened the window, a warm afternoon breeze drifting in, filling the room, bringing a fresh smell.

He leaned out, the swing chair catching his eye in the back yard. Cody was sitting in it, alone, a half filled glass of orange juice in his hand.

"Hey, Code," he called from the window, smiling. "Where is everyone?"

"Your mum and dad went to the school to sort out a placement for me. I think I'm starting Monday," he replied, looking up.

"About time, slacker. Hey, want some company?"

"Sure, c'mon down."

"OK, just let me get changed," Jake stated, disappearing from the open window. He took off his jeans and sweater, and replaced them with a blue vest and sweatpants. Pulling back on his trainers, he went downstairs and into the back yard, dropping himself next to Cody.

"Hey, watch it," Cody winced, having to steady his drink.

"So, tomorrow night," remarked Jake.

"What about tomorrow night?" Cody asked, uninterested.

"You are coming, right?"

"Might do," he huffed.

"Hey, why the attitude?"

"Because I'm not looking forward to going to this thing on my Jonas."

"You won't be on your own; you're going with me, oh, and Ethen, of course."

"Yeah, the happy couple and the hanger on."

Jake just growled at the comment. "Look, you'll meet people, and I guarantee by the end of the night, you will either be in Luke's pants, or at least have made a friend or two."

"You keep going on about this Luke. I might not even like him, you know, Mr Match Maker."

Jake turned to Cody and smiled.

"Oh, trust me, you'll like him. He's out there, a little like you, not to mention, drop dead gorgeous."

"Yeah, well, what you find DDG, I might not!" Cody went silent for a second before adding, "But describe him to me anyway." Jake cracked up laughing.

"Curious, are we?" he teased.

"Not really, but tell me anyway," Cody responded, grinning.

"Well… he's around five seven, blonde like you, well maybe a little darker, like dirty blonde. Erm… nice body, very tight, ass fits well in jeans." Jake smirked as if remembering, "Blue eyes, very blue actually, like a baby's."

"So far so good, keep going."

"The hair is short at the back but his does this thing with it on top, like a middle spike, very cute, I might add. Oh, and when he smiles, it sets of his eyes beautifully, yeah, a very sexy smile. I'd say seductive, as well."

"Hmm, so how do you know about the body?" asked Cody, playfully accusing.

"Meh, he wears tight stuff, nothing is ever baggy on him, shows up a lot, you know. Nice pair of legs, too. I saw him on the way back from the changing rooms after he had gym. Nice chunky legs covered in blonde wiry hair, hmmmm."

"Oh, shut up Jake, you sound like a slut." Cody giggled.

"Hey, I'm only messing with you, but seriously, all that is true, he's a nice lad, and… he's gay. Go work your charm on him."

"Yeah, well, we'll see," Cody said, shrugging.

"I gather you will be coming then?"

"If he yanks on it the right way, I might,"

"I meant, to the party; you're disgusting, you know that?" Jake declared, wearing a pitied look.

"Says he who was describing Luke like he was recording a phone sex line message."

"He is very nice, though," said Jake, daydreaming.

"So, how come you didn't end up with him, then?

"I'd already seen Ethen, and then, all the other talent didn't seem to matter anymore."

"Oh God, I hope this isn't gonna turn into a love story," Cody said rolling his eyes.

"Naa, hey, I'm going in; I'm starving. Did mum say what was for dinner?"

"Yeah, whatever we want, she left £25 dollars in the fruit bowl, said we should order in, as they are going out for dinner after they finish at the school."

"Well, that's great, but I don't exactly know what's around here to order from. I'll call Ethen; he'll know."

"Yeah, good idea., What do you think about Chinese tonight?"

"If they have one willing to deliver, I'm up for that, yeah."

Jake went to his room and picked up his cell phone, dialling Ethen. "Hey puppy, sorry to bother you, was you napping…oh really…yeah….yeah….no, I just called to see if you knew of a Chinese that delivers round here?.... yep, one sec, let me get one…. OK, go ahead… got it, thanks… yeah, will do, thanks, Ethen… yeah, bye." Jake hung up and took the phone number he scribbled down and gave it to Cody. "You wanna order while I have a shower?"

"Can I order after I've watched you?"

"Very funny. I'll have chow mein, rice, and something with pork in it, OK? Oh, and get some ribs. I'll be back down in a bit.

"Sure thing." Cody picked up the phone to dial while Jake headed up the stairs.

"Have you met the elusive Cody yet?" Holly said to her twin sister as she platted her hair in Kim's bedroom.

"No, I've seen him out front of Jake's house a couple of times, he's kinda cute." Replied Kim.

"Cute as in hot cute, or cute like a hamster?" Holly asked, giggling.

"Oh, definitely cute as in hot, why do you ask?"

"I heard he was going to Ed and Luke's party tomorrow night."


"Yeah," responded Holly, "I was talking to Jake at lunch, trying to dig out a little gossip from him, like, why he's here, 'cause they are not related. You know that, right?"

"What, him and Jake? Yeah, I knew that. Have you spoken to Ed, does he know anything?" Kim asked.

"Hmm, well, if he does, he's not letting on. Seems kinda weird, though, right? I mean, where are his parents? Hey, maybe he's an orphan," Holly mused.

"Why don't you ask him when you see him tomorrow?"

"I might, but he seems like a bit of a loner."

"Probably not his choice, Holly. It's not like he arrived with a suitcase full of friends."

"Yeah, I guess so; hey, you reckon he's a virgin?"

"Maybe you can ask him that, too," replied Kim sarcastically. Holly poked her tongue out.

"Anyway, there, all done," she said, signalling Kim's hair was complete.

"Thanks," Kim said, getting up to look in the mirror.

Alan and Jenny were in Alan's Jeep, driving back from the restaurant they had visited on the back of enrolling Cody in school. Traffic had started to build up on the main village road, with shoppers and workers alike looking to exit the small town for the little rural areas hidden away in swaths of farm land, many of them similar to where Alan and Jenny lived.

"I had another call from Craig today," Alan said to Jenny as they inched along.

"I gather Cody is still not taking his calls?"

"Nope, and I can't blame him. Apparently, him and Hazel might be separating for a while, he was saying."

"Oh my God, really?"

"Well, you know he works long hours, and she was always saying he was rarely at home, anyway. I'm sure they were only staying together for the sake of Cody."

"Hmm, I never got that feeling Alan. I mean with them both being so 'connected' with God, I thought they would always be together. Kinda makes a mockery of their whole issue with Cody if they can't save their marriage in the eyes of God."

"Well, he says it's the fact of what she did to Cody is the reason, but I'm sensing this has been coming for a while."

"Or maybe it's a way of showing Cody he doesn't agree with what she did," mused Jenny.

"Well, I have a feeling it could be, Jen; he swore he knew nothing about it, and you know, I think I believe him."

Alan pulled off the main road onto an obscure dirt track, which was the main winding road to their home. He slowed down, playing in and out the dusty bluebells with the potholes. He reached the familiar old shack on the left of the road before turning right, passing all their neighbours' houses, before pulling into their driveway.

"Perhaps you should ask him to think about calling his father, Jen."

"Yeah, I'll have a word with him on Sunday; I don't wanna ruin the boys' night out tomorrow."

They exited the car and went in, the smell of Chinese food wafting through the house. Jenny went into the kitchen and found it tidy, with the empty food pots on the side the only evidence of food having been consumed. Alan went into the lounge to pour a glass of brandy, finding the two boys asleep on the large sofa, a movie playing in the background.

Jake was in a seated position, gently breathing rhythmically, while Cody was lying down, his head on Jake's legs, with Jake's arm draped over his chest. Alan quietly took the bottle and two glasses out and left the room, meeting Jenny in the Kitchen.

"Go and have a look at the sleeping beauties; it's such a hard life they have," he grinned. Jenny had a curious look on her face as she left the kitchen for the lounge to take a look. She smiled when she saw them, thinking about what they had both been through over the last few months, their deep friendship seeing them both through, even if that very friendship caused them both problems at times.

Jake slowly opened his eyes, sensing someone was in the room with them.

"Oh, hey," Jake said, eyeing his mother by the door.

"Hey honey," she replied almost a whisper, "How was your Chinese?"

"Filling," he said, as Cody jolted up, disoriented.

"What's going on?" he said, squinting.

"Nothing, go back to sleep," Jake said, pulling his head back down. Cody laid there for a minute before becoming more alert and sitting up.

"Hmm, great movie," Cody grinned, rubbing his eyes.

"You start school on Monday, Cody," Jenny remarked, smiling. "Jake, you will need to take him to see the assistant principal first thing; your teacher knows you will be late."

"OK," they both said together, nodding.

"Jake, I ironed your shirt for tomorrow night; its hanging up behind your door. Cody, go to the boot of the car, yours will need ironing, too." Cody beamed a smile as he left the lounge, wondering what was in the car. He opened up the boot and pulled out a box, labelled with the words, 'Ralph Lauren'. Inside, he found a shiny grey casual shirt with a white collar. Sweet , he thought, bringing it through to the house.

"You like it?" asked Jenny, as he appeared with the box.

"Are you kidding me, it's awesome, Thanks."

"Well, give it here, and I'll iron it for you."

"Thanks, Jenny. Hey, Jake, you like my new shirt?" he asked, as Jake came through to the kitchen.

"Very trendy," he remarked, smiling. "Luke won't be able to keep his hands off you."

"Shut up Jake," wined Cody.

"Oh, you have date tonight Cody?" Jenny asked, winking.

"See, now look what you've done, I'm never going to hear the end of this now Jake," he chastised his friend. Jenny just laughed.

"So where is Ethen tonight, honey? You two have been joined at the hip lately." She asked, feeling it better to move on with another subject.

"Spending time with his dad; they haven't seen much of each other, he mentioned."

"Aww, that's nice to hear."

"Yeah, it'll be good for him," Jake said, before heading off to his room.

Ethen was sitting at the kitchen table with Colin, their empty plates in front of them. Colin poured some more wine into his glass, and then gestured the bottle to Ethen, who nodded his head.

"So, how goes it with Jake?"

"Are you really interested, or just making conversation?" Ethen asked, glancing at his father.

"I'm interested; at least, this one seems more… hmmm, suited for you."


"I'm just saying, it's nice to see you're through all that….whatever it was."

"Yes, I am, and I really don't wanna be reminded of it all over again," Ethen insisted.

"Look, the past is the past, and I trust you won't get arrested again, at least not with someone like him."

Ethen let out a long sigh, "I'm different now, I have more… control."

"Good to hear; you know, I wish I'd done more," he reflected. "I should have been here, stopped it, helped you… god I wish…"

"It was just a phase in my life, Dad. There was nothing you could have done; I had to find out for myself. I wish it had never gone the way it did, but I can't change that; all I can do is try to be a better person."

"Uh huh, you know, I've never had the courage to ask you this before… jeez, maybe it's the wine, but .were you ever… abused?"

"No… no way," Ethen shot back. "Look, it was my choice, a bad one, yeah, but my choice," he said, stabbing his chest with his finger. "I don't blame you, and neither should you, and why are we having this conversation? Can we talk about something more cheerful?"

"I guess this is the first time we have really sat down and had a conversation about this part of your life. I must admit, I was never really comfortable talking about it; I mean, it was a shock finding out I had a gay son, let alone what the police filed in their report."

"Yeah, well I didn't know I was being watched, but looking back, it was probably a good thing."

"You know, since your mother died, I feel like I've missed two years of your life. You seem older now, more mature." Although a serious comment, Ethen couldn't help laughing at the comment.

"What?" asked Colin, amused.

"I am older, Dad, by two years. Look, you're a good dad. You handled things in the way you knew how; it doesn't mean I never felt any less loved."

"Yeah, but I realise I was never here. I… just couldn't be here, in his house, her things everywhere. I suppose I'm still not here enough now."

"Hey, our system works OK, and since Jake, I don't feel so lonely anymore."

"You felt lonely?" Colin asked, feeling ashamed.

"For a time, yeah. It's funny, you know, I used to talk to Mom, like she was still here. In fact, sometimes, I felt like she really was."

"Maybe she is, son, maybe she is."

"I'd see things out of the corner of my eye, but one of the docs at the base said it was lack of sleep and explained it away."

"Hang on, what are we talking about here, ghosts?" Colin asked incredulously.

"No, of course not; that's just silly, Dad. No… it was more like a feeling. It hasn't happened since I've been seeing Jake. I realised that it was just loneliness, and I lost count of the times I cried for her, like the act would somehow bring her back."

"We'll always have the memories, son, and for what it's worth, I'm proud of you. You have come through this so well and taught yourself to love you . Stick with Jake; I can see he's good for you. His parents are really nice people, too, and I feel better knowing they are there."

"You know, Dad, I know you have always been accepting of me, the way I am, I mean, but that's the first time I felt like you were really happy that I have met someone, another guy."

"Listen, son, it's not the way I was brought up, admittedly; things were a lot different then, still are in these parts of the world, you might say, but I've done a lot of travelling, seen a lot of things. Love is universal, Ethen; it don't matter if you love a girl, a guy, Jesus, even that damn dog of yours, as long as it's good honest love."

"And you really believe that? You're really happy I'm seeing another guy?"

"Yes, son, I'm happy you are seeing a guy. How else do you want me to say it?" he replied slightly slurring.

"Will you still think that tomorrow morning?" Ethen grinned, in the same boat himself.

"Hey, shall I crack open another bottle?" Colin grinned.

"Why not?" Ethen replied, "The last one was a really nice taste."

"Yeah, South African, two thousand and seven vintage. So remember, I'm away tomorrow in Arizona. You're going to this party, right, at the Underwoods?"

"Yeah, that's right. I won't get there until nine, but I'll show my face. Oh, and I nearly forgot to ask, is it OK if Jake stays here the night?"

"No problem with me, just make sure his parents are OK with it."

"Yeah, I will. Hey, Dad, I was thinking, would it help if we redecorated the house?

"Do you know how much it would cost?"

"Look, I could do all the work myself, so all we would need is materials."

Colin sat for a moment, looking round the room, thinking before speaking again.

"Ok, here's the deal; I'll let you do this on four conditions."

"OK, name them."

"No outrageous colour schemes; your budget must be less than one thousand dollars; any pictures, ornaments or anything else, I want to see before you throw it out or sell it. Lastly, If you start this job, I expect it finished."

"Sounds fair, but anything you allow to be sold, can I keep the profits, you know for payment of the work?"

"Hmm, you drive a hard bargain, but yeah, OK, can't expect you to do this for free, I guess. Maybe you can hire some slave labour. Get Jake and Cody in to help if they can hold a brush."

"I'll pay them with fried chicken."

"Hmm, well, here is a hundred dollars for the bribes to get started, I'll go to the bank Monday and pull out the rest for the materials."

"OK, Dad, look, thanks for tonight. I enjoyed it."

"Good to talk to you, son."

"Cool, so you mind if I head up?" Ethen asked, as he cleared away the dirty plates into the dishwasher.

"No, course not., Just remember I'm leaving early tomorrow.

"Yeah, no worries, Dad. Good luck with the hangover. Night." Ethen kissed his father on the cheek and left the kitchen, leaving him alone at the table, sipping the remaining wine, lost in his thoughts.

The sun had been up for a while, bringing with it Saturday. The Underwoods were preparing for their trip away to Trent's parents. Jackie was upstairs packing a bag when Luke walked in.

"Hey Mom, so, what time are you leaving?"

"Hmm, I'd say around noon; why, are you trying to get rid of us?"

"Haha, uh, no, of course not, we…uh, I mean, I was just curious."

"We? Luke, what are you and Ed up to?"

"Nothing," Luke said nervously.

"Oh Jackie, don't be so naive" remarked Trent as he walked into their bedroom, "They're planning a party." He smirked.

"A party…what, oh no, no way."

"But Mom, it just a small…"

"Absolutely not, Luke, you can get that idea straight out of your head," Jackie cut him off.

"But please, we've already invited people, what are we gonna tell them?"

"Well, you'll just have to uninvite them," she barked.

"I said they could have it," Trent blurted out of the blue.

"You did?" said Luke, surprised. Trent shot him a 'shut up' look.

"Luke, why don't you give us a minute?" Luke nodded and left the room, shutting the door behind him.

"Did you really tell them they could have a party while we were away?" Jackie snapped at her husband.

"Well, yeah, I guess I might have forgotten to tell you."

"Trent, I mean, hell, we've just had a new carpet laid, can you imagine the mess… I can imagine the mess, my God."

"Baby, I think you are overreacting a little; they're just gonna have a few friends around, it's no biggy," Trent insisted, his hand placed on Jackie's cheek.

"So, you're OK with this ,,, I don't think…"

"Shhh, I'll lay some ground rules; just let them have their night; it's not like there is a lot to do around here on a Saturday night." Trent smiled and walked out of the bedroom, leaving Jackie standing there, hands on her hips. He walked into Luke's room and shut the door.

"You and your brother owe me big time," Trent said, pointing at him.

"Sorry, I didn't know you had told us we could…"

"I didn't you dufus, jeez!"

"Oh… so, oh, I see," said Luke, the penny dropping.

"Right, I've settled down your mother; now, you listen to me… in fact, go get your brother." Luke nodded and sheepishly passed his father out of his room and into Ed's, who was blissfully unaware he had entered. Ed was sitting at his PC, headphones blaring, watching a young scantily dressed girl being fucked by what looked like a guy dressed up in police uniform.

Luke walked up behind his brother and peered over the back of his black office chair to the scene of a rapidly moving right hand. He giggled, covering his mouth to stifle the sounds. To maximise Ed's pending embarrassment, he pulled out his phone and took a picture before tapping his brother on the shoulder.

Ed let out a scream as he pulled out his headphones and scrambled to pull his shorts up, now so red he looked like a tomato with eyes.

"WHAT THE FUCK, Luke," he bellowed. Luke fell onto Ed's bed, laughing his head off, tears rolling down his face. "You could at least fucking knock, you asshole." Luke was now in a silent laughing stupor, rapidly needing to breathe, holding his stomach. He inhaled quickly before unleashing another belly laugh. Ed was now pulling at his hair, sweating.

"What the hell is going on his here?" growled Trent, walking into the room.

"I was waiting for Ed to finish… well, himself, really," Luke said, bursting into laughter.

"Shut the fuck up, Luke," ranted Ed.

"Look, both of you shut up and listen up," Trent demanded, raising his hands up in the air. "I have somehow managed to convince your mother to allow your little secret party to go ahead, but let me be clear on this…" Trent stopped, looking to make sure he had their complete attention. "First, do not plan things behind our back again; it destroys trust. Second, please do not take me or your mother for fools; we were young ourselves once, got it?" The boys both nodded.

"Thanks for sorting this out-" Luke started, but was silenced by Trent.

"I haven't finished," he added. "There will be rules, and you will stick to them, agreed?"

"No worries, Dad, name them," Ed said, now looking composed and sincere.

"OK, If any girls are invited to this party, they are to be gone by twelve at the latest, second, no alcohol at this party, and third, food and drink are to be kept in the kitchen or outside. Oh, and absolutely no weed." Trent caught a look at Ed and grinned. "Hey, don't give me that 'butter wouldn't melt in my mouth' look. I mean it, Ed, no weed, and that includes the stuff you keep inside a fake coke can in your fridge." Ed's face filled with heat as he suddenly couldn't find a place to fix his eyes.

"Might as well just go and sing hymns in a church," Ed muttered. Trent didn't hear.

"OK, so any questions, rug rats?" Trent asked, looking at each of them. "Good," he added, seeing them both shake their heads. He left the room and closed the door, and Ed giving Luke his most dirty look.

"Get a good look at my cock, you incestuous fucker?" Ed hissed.

"Yeah, man, hey, you're pretty big," he smirked.

"You're a sick puppy, Luke, you know that?" Ed said, shaking his head.

"Oh, Ed, I'm just tugging at ya, so what, I saw your dick, get over it, and thank your stars I wasn't Mom… God, if you think it was embarrassing me catching you."

"Yeah, well… like I said, you could have knocked," he snapped.

"Huh, like shit, you would have heard me with the Red Hot Chilli Peppers making your ears bleed. Just lock your fucking door next time, assface." Luke picked up a hand towel from the floor and threw it at Ed before heading towards the door. "Here, I'll leave you to finish; the speed you were going there, I'm sure nirvana wasn't far away," he creased up laughing again. Ed growled through gritted teeth and threw the towel back, but it was too late; Luke had gone.

Fucking pervert!

"Holly?" Kim called to her from the bottom of the stairs. "You better start getting ready; we're leaving in 4 hours."

"Very funny," came a sarcastic reply.

"Stop teasing your sister," Sally Garrett said, passing her on the stairs. "Why don't you make yourself useful and help your father wash the car."

"Really, Mom, I really need to wash my hair and sort out some clothes."

"Well, like you said, you have four hours, now do the car; I need to vacuum and I don't want you under my feet." Kim huffed and went outside to join Richard who was pulling a hose from its reel.

"Hey princess, what's happening?" Richard asked, heading for the tap.

"Mom says I have to help you clean the car; she said you'd give me ten dollars for it."

"Oh, OK honey, here you go, then," he shrugged taking out the money and turning on the hose. He took the other end, connected to a power washer, and gestured to her, "You wanna wash, or rinse?"

"That one's easy, Dad, I'll rinse."

"How would I have guessed? OK, well start the spray on maximum and get as much brake dust off those wheels as you can; I'll fetch the soap gun. Kim took the hose and pressed the trigger, the power knocking her back slightly. She went round each wheel as carbon filled dirty water started spreading across the driveway and down the drain. She carried on until the water ran clear before letting go of the trigger, shutting the machine off. Her father started the foam gun, completely covering the whole car in thick wide suds.

"According to the instructions, we just have to leave this now to do its work for fifteen minutes and then you can spray it all off. You don't even need to scrub. Kim just gave her father a dirty look, knowing that she had drawn the short straw.

"Mum, I was wondering-"

"If you can stay at Ethen's, by any chance?" Jenny cut in, grinning at Jake, as she wiped down one of the work surfaces in the kitchen.

"Wha… how did you know that's what I was going to ask?"

"Hmm, maybe I'm psychic," she replied, waving her hands mysteriously. "Actually, Ethen, being the gentleman he is, has already called me and asked my permission, which I thought was very nice."

"Oh, so that's fine then, is it?" he asked, surprised.

"As long as you don't give me any reasons to regret it, then, yes, it's fine. Just make sure Cody gets home, will you?"

"Yeah, of course."

"It's just, I don't know who else Ed and Luke have invited, and you know how Cody is….well, easily led," she remarked, wearing an slightly anxious look.

"Yeah, don't worry; me and Ethen will make sure he's with us for home. If I keep him with us, I'll text you."

"Good boy," she said, stroking his hair. "Now, I better go and start getting ready. Oh, and tell Cody to hurry up in that shower. I need to get my face cream out of there." Jake padded away up the stairs into his room, shutting the door. He pulled out his phone and called Ethen.

"Hey," came Ethen's voice, the line connecting.

"What are you wearing?" Jake asked.

"Nothing, want a picture?" Jake sighed down the phone.

"As much as I'd love that, I actually meant to the party."

"Oh, just jeans and a shirt. I'll get showered and changed at the base; it'll save time."

"Ok, so what time do you think you'll be here?"

"Hmm, say around nine thirty; I'm sorry, it's just that I promised the guys I'd see James off. He's being transferred to Germany."

"Yeah, you said; honest, I don't mind. I'm sure Ed understands, too."

"Yeah, just a shame the two nights clashed."

"It's fine, have fun; listen, I gotta go, Mum wants me to drag Cody out of the shower, and that can take an age when he gets in the bathroom. He's probably arranging each hair on his head." Ethen laughed down the phone before saying goodbye. They hung up and Jake left his room, heading for the bathroom – which was still locked. "Cody, are you done in there?"

"Be out in a minute."

"Well, let me in; Mum wants her cream." Jake heard the door click and he walked in. Cody was standing naked in front of the mirror. Jake tried not to, but stole a glance or two while grabbing the cream. "You're modest," he said, looking at Cody through the mirror.

"Not like you haven't seen it all before," he replied, poking his tongue out. Jake brushed off his comment.

"So… you're my date tonight until nine thirty, OK?"

"Used and abused, yeah, cool! Is that what time lover boy is turning up?"

"His name is Ethen, and yes, that's what time he's turning up."

"Oooh, someone's grouchy."

"No, I just think the lover boy thing is getting old. Now put your dick away and let me have the bathroom."

"OK,OK, I'm going." Cody said, rolling his eyes.

"Oh, and put a towel on, you'll give my mum a heart attack if she sees you." Cody muttered something as he left, and Jake smiled in the mirror. Their relationship had simmered down into a comfortable groove, with Cody accepting both their current setup and Ethen. Something told Jake that a certain person he was looking forward to meeting at the party tonight was having some influence.

Cody found his ironed slim fit Ralph Lauren shirt hanging on his door, and put it on, just as Jenny knocked on his door.

"Hi Jenny, hey look, it's a really nice fit," he said, as she came in.

"Very nice, Cody, very handsome." He grinned at her compliment. "Listen, I'm going to meet Alan at the base; can you tell Jake I've gone, and to have a good time, and I hope you do, too."

"Yeah, sure Jenny, you have a nice time yourself."

"Yeah, we'll see. If I know these things, Alan will just get drunk and end up with a load of guys smoking cigars. Oh, and Cody, behave yourself tonight, no funny business."

"Who me?" he put on his best innocent look.

"Just be good."

"Yeah, no worries, see you later." Jenny left his room and he carried on getting ready, pulling on a pair of 501's and Nike tennis shoes. He heard the bathroom door unlock and popped his head round the door, seeing a dripping wet Jake heading for his bedroom. Wolf whistling, he received a middle finger from Jake as he went in and shut his door. Cody shook his head and smiled.

Jake and Cody stepped out from the front door of the house and looked towards the Underwood's. They could already hear the distant sound of music playing. They crunched down the driveway and headed towards the sound.

Knocking on the front door, Cody started checking his hair and straightening his clothes. He got an elbow from Jake just as the door opened. A very jolly Ed opened the door and grinned, exposing his pearly whites.

"Guuuuys, welcome, come in," he shouted above the noise. They moved past him and stood in the reception room, the sound of the bass vibrating the walls. Ed led them through to the lounge, where people had started to collect. Jake knew some of them from school, others he didn't recognise.

Ed, being the perfect host, took the boys round and introduced them to all the people who had already arrived. They ended up in the back yard, where a tall dark young man stood attending to the grill.

"Last but not least, I would like you to meet Benny, my cousin; he came all the way from Yuba City," beamed Ed. Benny put down the tongs he was holding and shook Jake and Cody's hands.

"Nice to meet you guys, Ed's told me a lot about you both; it's nice to meet people from the same batch."

"Same… batch," Cody remarked, tilting his head.

"Yeah, Benny bats for the other team, like you," Ed said bluntly.

"Yeah, according to Ed's parents, I'm the cause of Luke's orientation." Benny cracked up, making them all laugh. "Cody, I heard you're on the market. I might put a bid in later if Luke doesn't get there first."

"That's Benny's subtle way of saying you're hot, Cody," said Ed. Both comments caused Cody to turn a deep shade of red and shift his feet.

"Looks like you met your match, Code," Jake whispered, as Ed spoke to Benny.

"Shut up," Cody hissed.

"So where is Luke?" Jake butted in.

"In his room, getting changed, again ," Ed spoke, rolling his eyes. "Apparently, his socks didn't match his hair; he's such a diva. Well guys, wander around - I'm gonna go see who else has arrived."

Kim and Holly had just turned up, and true to their conversation, they had sought out the elusive Cody, both of them chatting something to each other before giggling from a distance Cody who was eyeing them, wondering what they were saying.

"Jeez, he is hot," Holly declared, agreeing with Kim's earlier statement.

Jake and Cody carried on chatting to Benny for a while before heading back to the kitchen, with Cody doing his best to ignore the flirtatious girls. Jake saw some more people from school and started chatting to them, introducing Cody to them as he did. Cody was mostly listening, when out the corner of his eye he saw the cutest blonde guy appear in the doorway, grinning wildly, greeting people as he moved.

Luke's and Cody's eyes locked, causing Luke to stop in his tracks. The music was blaring, the smile on Luke's face turned to one of curiosity. Cody remained still, looking the boy up and down. He was wearing a tight white YSL tank top and skinny jeans, with white plimsolls. His hair was arranged immaculately and was dusted in glitter - some settled on his face, making him appear to glow.

For Cody, the conversation going on next to him had become muffled, the music dull, as all he saw were Luke's eyes, ocean blue, drawing him in. He noticed the sounds again as Luke smiled at him and came over.

"You must be the famous Cody, right?" Luke asked, immediately giving him a hug, bringing a dirty look from Kim and Holly.

"Uh, yeah, Cody, yeah, my name's Cody, you must be…Luke?" he said, melting.

"It's good to finally meet you, Cody, You look really nice; I love your shirt, very cool. And Jake, it's good to see you, Ethen coming later, I hear?" Cody was almost drooling, so Jake decided to speak first.

"Hi Luke. Yeah, he'll be here about nine thirty."

"Cool. So, are you enjoying the party?" Luke shouted over the noise.

"Music's cool; I didn't think so many people would be here."

"Yeah, neither did we, but you know how word travels. Good turnout, though. I was just complimenting your friend on his fashion sense."

"Yeah, it's all for you," Jake grinned. Cody almost fell over blushing.

"Jaaake… shut up," he winced. Luke just grinned, trying to play it cool, but Jake could see they were both smitten.

"Anyway, as I was saying, you can have him after nine thirty; until then, he's my date," Jake declared, joking.

It was not long until Cody had settled in and was making chit chat with other people. As the night went on, Jake noticed more and more bottles of alcohol appearing on various worktops and tables throughout the house. He was standing there looking at each one. Vodka, Whiskey, bottles of beer, all just lying on the side opened.

Benny came in and saw Jake looking at the merchandise, and tapped him on the shoulder. In his hand was a jug filled with blue liquid and ice.

"Hey Jake, wanna try some of this?"

"Hmm, what is it, it looks weird?"

"Cocktail, called Moon Paradise; here, have a glass." Benny pulled a glass from a cupboard and filled it up, passing it to Jake. He took it and smelled the glass before taking a sip.

"Hmm, this is really nice, what's in it?"

"Oh, not much," he said, catching Ed's face and grinning. Jake started to get more confident, until he finished the glass, and Benny was on hand to give him a refill. Filling the glass to the top, he told Jake he was going to make another batch.

Jake was starting to feel a peculiar buzz as he wandered back out to the yard, and saw three boys sitting there with a bottle on a plate, surrounded by salt and lemon wedges.

"OK, now, this I gotta know about, what's going on here?"

"Hey, what's your name, dude?" asked one of the boys.

"Oh, Jake, so what is this stuff? It looks kinda full on."

"This, my friend is the old fashioned way of doing tequila shots," said the boy.

Jake, feeling relaxed from his earlier drink, was now up for more. Ed had noticed, and came out to see how things were going.

"Everything OK out here, guys? Remember, all empty bottles of the banned stuff goes in my trunk. I'll get rid of it tomorrow.

"So, what's your name," asked Jake to the person explaining how to take tequila shots.

"Jack, Jack Talbot, I'm one of Ed's friends. So, you ready to give it a go?"

"Sure. So, let me get this right - salt on the hand, , then the tequila, and then suck the lemon?"

"You got it guy. If you can do four, I'll give you twenty bucks."

"Meh, easy," Jake said confidently. Ed came over and whispered in Jake's ear.

"Don't let on to your mom or dad we had this stuff here tonight, will you? It's just that a party without booze is like a party without music, you understand? Oh, and go easy on that stuff, it will put you on your back."

"Your secret is safe with me." Jake was already slurring and pulled Ed in for a cuddle. Ed laughed and plopped Jake back in his seat. The rest of the boys looked between 17 and 18, Jake guessed, when he turned to the rest of the table and Ed asked them to look after him while he went and played host.

Ed found Luke sitting with Cody in the lounge. He noticed that as much as Luke tried to wander round the house chatting to people, he always seemed to end back talking to the same person – Cody.

"Hey, you two, how's it going?" Ed asked.

Cody spoke first. "Yeah, good, hey, I meant to ask… those two girls, Kim and Holly, right?"

"Yeah, that's right," Ed replied.

"Uh… do they actually know that I'm…"

"Into cock?" Ed cut him off, "No we thought it would be fun to let them figure it out," he smirked.

"Bro, so like, do you think we could have some more beer?" Luke piped in.

"You can do whatever you want tonight, just as long as you're not sick, which by the way, your friend Jake is likely to be," Ed said, laughing.

"Jake? Is he OK," Cody asked, concerned.

"Oh yeah, I'd say he's pretty well oiled," replied Ed, cracking up laughing again.

"C'mon Cody," said Luke, "Let's go find him." They both got up, leaving Ed to move off, talking to another group of people. They went through the kitchen and out the back door, finding Jake slumped in a chair with four other people, all playing drinking games, shouting loudly, goading each other on. It was clear to Luke and Cody that Jake was completely out of it, and neither of them really had a clue how to proceed. Cody stepped forward and touched Jake's shoulder.

"Jake, uh, I don't think you should drink anymore, dude."

"Code, my best friend in the whole world, meet the guys. Hey everyone, this is Cody; he lives with me," Jake bellowed, slurring his words. Cody looked back to Luke, who was giggling. Cody just shrugged and looked back at Jake, who was getting up from the table.

"Hey Cody, can I have a hug? Hey, this is a really great party. Are you having a good time with Luke?" Jake got up but missed his footing, causing him to fall over, his head landing at Cody's feet. The table roared in laughter; Jake just lay there and burst into laughter. Then his face went serious.

"Oh, I don't feel so hot, you know."

"I'll go get Ed," Luke said. "He'll get him to the toilet."

Luke came back with Ed, who took one look at Jake and cracked up laughing.

"Holy shit, what have you done, Jake?" he asked.

"What are we gonna do?" Cody asked Ed. "How the fuck did he get like this?"

"He tried to out drink us," came a voice from the table.

"He nearly did," came another.

Cody ignored their comment, waiting for Ed to do something.

"Jake, dude, are you gonna puke?"

"Uh huh."

"Right. OK, help me get him up," Ed said to Cody. They dragged him to his feet and pulled him towards the house and into the toilet, where he promptly vomited. Cody stayed with him while Ed went to get some water. Returning, he handed Jake the glass, who rinsed his mouth and sat beside the toilet, his head slumped over the bowl.

"Oh, Jake," Cody said, "what a fucking mess you look."

"Yeah, thanks, I love you too," he slurred.

"Feel better?" asked Ed.

"A little. My head is spinning, but I don't feel so sick anymore."

"OK, big guy; well, let's get you cleaned up, and you can go and lay on my bed."

Cody and Luke got Jake upstairs and threw him on Ed's bed, where he immediately passed out. Ed asked Cody to hold him up while he took Jake's vomit splashed shirt off. He put it in a plastic bag and handed it to Cody.

"Get Ethen to wash this; better that Jenny doesn't find it."


"Cool, OK, we'll just let him sleep some of this off." They were both just about to leave the room when Luke came in, a worried look on his face.

"Uh, guys, bad news,"

"Don't tell me…." Ed said, rubbing his temples.

"Yeah, Ethen's here."

"Oh shit," Cody said, running his hand through his hair. "C'mon, let's go tell him what's happened." The three of them went and caught up with Ethen as he chatted to some people he used to know from school. It was obvious he didn't know.

"Hey Ed, Luke, Cody, good to see you, hey, this is a great party; I can't believe how many people are here. So… where is Jake?" Ethen was waiting for an answer, but no one spoke, instead, they just looked at him blankly. "Guys… where is he?"

"Uh, well, you see, we were all mingling, and…"


"Yeah, mingling, and uh, well, I was with Luke, and Jake was talking to these guys on the table outside…."

"Yeah, I was playing host, so I didn't…."

"OK, shut up, both of you, and will someone please just tell me where my boyfriend is, like now?"

"He's passed out on Ed's bed, drunk," came a very sheepish reply from Luke. Ethen rolled his eyes.

"Oh man, you got him wasted?" he asked. "Oh Jesus fucking Christ, I am so dead."

"Yeah, um, really, I think we need to get him home."

"Are you kidding me? If Jenny or Alan find him like that they will tear you and me a new fucking asshole, not to mention, ban him from seeing anyone from this neighbourhood again, oh fuck, this is bad." Ethen said panicked. "How did he get… oh, never mind, I'm going up there." He added shaking his head.

Ethen entered Ed's room with Ed, Luke, and Cody behind him. Jake was on his back snoring. Ethen went over and shook him awake.

"Jake, wake up, oh man, what have you done?" Jake opened his eyes and saw Ethen sitting on the edge of the bed.

"Oh, hey babe, oohh, you don't look so happy," he said, still slurring his words.

"Fuck it, Jake, c'mon, we are going home," Ethen said, exasperated.

"I'm sorry, I don't think I can walk." Ethen turned and looked at the three boys behind him, as if to note his disapproval of them.

"Ed, do you have a sweater I can put on him?"

"Uh, yeah, sure," Ed replied, immediately heading to his drawer, pulling out a black Fruit of the Loom. He gave it to Ethen, who gently pulled Jake to a sitting position and pulled it over his head. He then lifted Jake into his arms like he was a feather, and carried him out of the room.

"Cody, are you coming?" Ethen asked, looking back at him in the bedroom. Cody looked at Luke, not wanting to leave, but really feeling obligated to.

"Luke can come with us if you want him to; I just need to get Jake to my place and cleaned up."

"Ed, is it ok?" Luke asked, feeling he should get some kind of permission.

"Yeah, it's cool, Luke, just let me know what you are doing later… text me, OK?"

"Yeah, sure, Ed, thanks."

Ethen, still with Jake in his arms, carried him downstairs and up the track to his house. He gave Cody the keys and asked him to open the door. Ethen took Jake straight to his bedroom, where he laid him down and went to the bathroom to turn on the shower.

"Luke, why don't you show Cody around, and get yourselves a drink? I'll take care of Jake."

"Yep, OK, C'mon, Cody." Luke led him to the kitchen, and without warning, pulled him into a kiss. The world seemed still as their lips touched. Luke could feel his heart beating hard and fast against Cody's chest. The embrace was passionate, new and innocent, both making a mental note never to forget. Their bodies tingled. Luke broke the kiss and stared into Cody's eyes, their foreheads leaning against each other. He smiled, making his eyes look even more beautiful than usual to Cody.

"You know I've been waiting to do that all night." Luke declared

"Yeah? Well I've been waiting for you to do that all night."



"Fuck, you're cute; I just wanna eat you like a cake," said Luke, rubbing his hands over every part of Cody he could reach. Cody grabbed Luke's head and kissed him, as they explored each other feverishly.

Ethen had managed to get Jake's clothes off him, and got him into the shower, and he seemed a little more alert.

"I'm sorry about tonight, Ethen." Jake said sadly.

"Hey, we'll talk about it later, but I'll admit, this was not how I expected to see you naked for the first time," Ethen replied, grabbing Jake's flaccid cock in his hand. Jake wasn't quite sober enough to be remotely embarrassed.

"Are we having sex tonight? It was supposed to be happening. I don't mind if you still want to."

"You know, Jake, you really know how to be romantic."

Ethen smiled as he massaged shampoo into Jake's hair. "I don't think we should tonight. I want us to both remember our first time." He rinsed Jake down with the shower head, feeling his boyfriend needed him. "Maybe I'll surprise you in the morning," he added, before turning the shower off. "Stay there, I'll grab you a towel."

Ethen came back and helped Jake out of the shower, gently patting him down with a towel. Luke suddenly appeared in the doorway with a cup in his hand, causing Ethen to look back at him.

"Your boyfriend has a nice piece of meat on him," Luke declared, eyeing up Jake's tackle.

"Luke, this really isn't the time," Ethen said, rolling his eyes.

"No, I suppose not. Here, black coffee, strong, for the lightweight." Jake just had a stupid grin on his face as Ethen finished drying him.

"Thanks, good idea. Just leave it in my room, will you? By the way, are you and Cody staying here? I would rather he did."

"Yeah, cool. I'll text Ed and let him know everything is under control, and tell him I'm staying here."

"Hey, are you two planning…?"

"I don't know, I don't wanna rush things, but damn, he is one cute boy."

"Give him the time of his life, Luke; he needs the release," Jake piped up, smirking. Luke grinned back and left the bathroom to go and join his new toy downstairs.

"C'mon, let's get you settled in bed. Then I'm gonna head downstairs for a little while. I want you to drink that coffee, too, before you pass out again."

"Yes, boss," Jake said, saluting Ethen.

"Do you want fresh boxers?"

"Will I need them?" Jake asked.

"On second thought, let's leave you in your birthday suit - makes life more exciting."

"Hey, I'm game."

Ethen led Jake into his room and pulled back the covers to his double bed. Jake got in, and Ethen pulled them back over him.

"Hmmmm," Jake said, smelling the sheets, "Smells like you, but more intense."

Ethen burst out laughing, "You're crazy, you know that? Now drink that coffee. I'll be up in a bit."

"OK, see you soon, puppy."

"Yeah OK, oh, and I'm gonna text your mom and tell her Cody is staying here."

"Is Luke staying?"

"I think so, why?"

"Just hope Cody gets some sex tonight," Jake said, grinning.

"I'm sure Luke has something in store for him. Now drink." Ethen waved and left the room, heading downstairs to find Luke and Cody undressing each other in the kitchen."

"Oh jeez, guys, at least wait until you get to the spare room," Ethen said, covering his eyes.

"Sorry Ethen," they both muttered.

"C'mon Cody, lets go to bed. I'm tired," Luke said, pulling at Cody's arm.

"Don't give me that crap," Ethen said, smirking, "I know you too well, Luke, and I have to ask, not that I'm assuming or anything, but will you be needing condoms?" Cody and Luke both turned a shade of red, neither of them willing to answer that question. "OK, let's just say if you happen to need any, I will leave two in your room with some lube." Cody's face was suddenly serious, thinking about what the condoms would be used for.

Luke took Cody upstairs and into the spare room, shutting the door. They both got undressed and climbed into the bed with Ethen tapping on the door with the goods soon after. He dropped them on the bed and winked at them both before turning on his heels and leaving.

They both laid there in silence, not knowing where to start. Cody was the first to speak.

"Um, can I tell you something?"

"Yeah, sure, what is it?"

"Uh, well, I um, well, I have never done anything with another guy before… well, actually, with anyone before."

"So, what you're saying is, you're a virgin?"

"Yeah, is… is that sad?"

"No, of course not, I'm hardly experienced," stated Luke, looking into Cody's eyes.

"So, uh, how many people have you been with?"

"Just one, and it only happened twice; you don't really get the opportunity to be with loads of guys stuck out here."

"Is that what you want, I mean, to be with loads of guys?"

"No, I didn't mean it like that. You're not just a notch on my best post, Cody, if that's what you're thinking."

"I wasn't thinking anything. I'm actually coming to terms with lying in bed with a guy I met five hours ago. Where this goes after, my mind hasn't got that far yet."

"Well, as long as you don't think I'm a slut or anything…"

"I don't," Cody replied quickly. "But, what do you think will happen after tonight?"

"Well, I would like to see you again, if that's what you mean."

"For real?"

"You make it sound like this was a one night stand." Luke said, sounding offended.

"No, I didn't mean that. I mean…we're not very good at this, are we?" Cody laughed.

"How about, we just see what happens, and not think too much about what will happen."


"Good, now kiss me. I wanna taste you again."

Cody did as he was told and leaned into Luke, pushing his lips hard against his mouth. He pushed his tongue in and noticed how sweet Luke tasted. He ran his hand over Luke's chest and explored the contours of his body, stopping just short of his cock, hard and wet. Cody gripped one of Luke's pecs, making him moan. Luke squeezed Cody's ass, causing him to whimper through the kiss.

"Do you know what rimming is?" Luke whispered to Cody, his eyes glazing over.

"No, what is it?" replied Cody, almost hypnotised.

"Wanna find out?"

"Will it hurt?" Cody asked, becoming suddenly alert again.

Luke smiled. "Trust me, this won't hurt a bit," He pushed Cody on to his front and straddled his calves. He began massaging Cody's back and ass, causing him to sigh. When he felt he had relaxed him enough, he slowly made his way to Cody's crack. He pulled his cheeks apart slowly, causing Cody to suddenly flinch.

"Relax," whispered Luke, "Trust me." He felt Cody relax again, and placed the lightest pressure on Cody's rosebud with his tongue, making his breath hitch.

"What is that you're doing?" Cody asked, his eyes closed. Luke didn't answer, but a wry grin came over his face, satisfied. He continued, applying more pressure to Cody's cleft, his tongue probing deeper and deeper. Cody was fighting to stay still, moaning with the new found feelings. Luke could feel Cody's ass relaxing as his tongue made its way past his sphincter, entering him.

"Oh my fucking God, that feels nice," Cody panted huskily. Luke continued, massaging his butt cheeks and lower back, Cody squirming more and more.

Luke stopped and placed his mouth at Cody's ear, nibbling on it. "Would you like to go to the next stage?" he whispered, continuing to work Cody's hole with his finger.

"Is it gonna hurt?" he asked, between moans.

"No, not if we take our time."

"Then go ahead. I want you, fuck, I want you so bad," he whimpered.

Luke slid his hands over the bed sheets, finding the condoms and lube Ethen had left. He took the rubber in his mouth and tore off the wrapper, spitting it out. Placing it over his erect organ, he applied a generous amount of lube to Cody's hole, the coolness making him shudder.

Luke began using his thumb to probe him again. Circling with moderate pressure, he began gently pushing it in, taking his time, watching Cody's reactions as he went. With his other hand, he was massaging Cody's back, soothing him. The bed sheets were soaked, Cody's cock leaking more pre-come in the last twenty minutes than he felt he had in his whole life.

Luke removed his thumb from Cody and whispered again to him.

"Are you ready?"

"I think so," he replied, trembling.

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