The Pale Blue Sky

by Jack Lynch

Part 6 - Carey and Connor, Chapter 3


While Randy hustled down to the dock to get the boat ready, Carey organized the sandwiches and accompaniments into one cooler and drinks into another. As he reached into the pantry for napkins, Connor came marching by, laden down with a large stack of beach towels. Carey smiled, watching his blond curls bounce up and down as he headed toward the boat.

Just as he was hauling the food and drinks out of the cabin, Scottie rode up on an old junker of a bike. Jumping off, he leaned it against the house.

After greeting Carey in his soft voice he asked, "Need help?"

In the interim, he'd pulled the tie out of his pony tail letting the hair fall around his shoulders and perfectly framing his narrow face. His sensuous lips and seductive dark eyes stood out even more prominently against his thick straight black hair. He wore board shorts, a tank top, and flip flops.

"How about taking this stuff down to the boat? I need to change into a swimsuit."

"Got it!"

He took the bags from Carey and headed toward the dock. Carey could see that Randy already had the sailboat off of the lift and tied to the end of the dock. Connor was busy hopping around trying to help.

Carey quickly changed into a swimsuit. Before he put on a t-shirt, he coated his pale sensitive skin with sun block. As he was smearing it across his chest and neck, he wondered if he should apply it to his private areas, the ones covered by his swimsuit. Just in case. He smiled to himself and shrugged his shoulders. Let's see what happens.

As he headed down to the shore, Carey met Randy and Connor going the other way.

"We're gonna get swimsuits and then we're off!" Randy said.

Turning to watch them go he yelled, "Connor! Sunblock!"

Connor waved. Carey smiled again to himself. Am I sounding like a parent?

Randy stopped, turned, and yelled back to Carey. "Me too?"

"Ya, You too!" Carey chuckled.

Approaching the dock, Carey observed Scottie crouched down on his knees staring into the boat. Carey knew nothing about boats, especially sailboats. This one was probably the most beautiful one he'd ever seen. Midnight blue hull, trimmed in a rich teak, white cockpit, and a black carbon mast. It sat unusually low in the water. It wasn't all that big; maybe 30 feet long.

Scottie squinted up at him. "It's a beaut, isn't it?"

Carey could only nod in awe.

"Where's all the food and stuff?"

"Under the seats." He pointed to the benches covered by elegant white leather seat cushions.

Next thing he knew, Randy and Connor were on the dock. Randy, wearing knee length board shorts, stepped confidently into the boat. Connor wore a skimpy tight swimsuit, the outline of his dick clearly showing. Randy got them into the boat, assigning Connor and Scottie to the bench on the lake side. He directed Carey to the dock side of the boat and sat down next to him. Leaning over, he pulled a tie rope off of a cleat and shoved them away from the dock.

"Raise the main!" Randy yelled in his captain's voice.

Who was he yelling at? Carey smirked. Turning a winch, the main sail rose to the top of the mast in just a couple of seconds. Softly flapping in the breeze, he leaned over and pulled another lever to tighten up.

"Unfurl the jib!" He yelled as he grabbed a winch on the other side. The Jib unrolled.

"Set for tack!" Randy grabbed the teak handled tiller, pulled it to the left, tightened both sails, and the boat took off.

It was like stepping on the pedal of a sports car and going from zero to 60 in 3 seconds. Smooth! It rode like a limo. Hardly a sound except for the soft "whoosh" of water along the side of the boat. The boat ran so low in the water, Carey could easily put his hand over the side and run it through the water.

Scottie laughed.

Connor yelled, "Whoooo-Hoooo!" In a high scream.

Carey laughed, too, and Randy smiled broadly. Their hair flapped in the breeze as they tacked along.

"What kind of boat is this?" Carey asked in a stunned voice.

"It's a CW Hood 32 Day Sailer," Randy said.

"My God! It's gorgeous!"

"Give it a good look boys! It's what a hundred grand will buy ya."

"Holy shit!" Carey said, shaking his head.

Randy smirked, "She's custom made. My dad's a boat snob."

As they tacked, it was clear the boat was one of the prettiest things on the water. People either fishing, boating, or riding on pontoons stared in awe as they flew by. The breeze was perfect. They crossed the entire lake in less than an hour. Without leaving his seat, Randy loosened the main, pushed the tiller hard right, and the boat turned. A few more turns of the winch, the main tightened up, and off they went back again.

Carey gazed at Connor and Scottie sitting next to each other on the opposite bench. The thrust of the boat had pushed Connor into Scottie. As they continued their tack, Connor put his bare feet up on the bench as Scottie pulled him under his arm. He softly stroked Connor's chest. The shell necklace sparkled against his skin and lit up his eyes. Damn! They are so cute together!

At the end of the second tack across the lake, Randy asked, "Who's hungry?"

"Me!" Connor immediately answered.

Randy and Carey laughed. Scottie smiled.

"Let's see if we can find a nice spot to pull in," Randy said.

"How about Little Bear Bay?" Scottie suggested.

"Nice idea. But, that's reservation land," Randy responded.

"It's ok," Scottie replied. With a soft smile, "I'm a tribal member."

The other three looked at him for a second. Of course! Carey said to himself as he mentally slapped himself in the forehead. Scottie's black hair, black eyes, coloring.

Randy smiled. "That works!"

Halfway through the third tack, Randy grabbed the tiller and sent them sharply to the right. As they neared the shoreline, an opening appeared out of nowhere to reveal a channel. With incredible skill, Randy navigated the sailboat straight through.

Sailing into the bay was like entering another world. Not a boat in the water or a human being on shore was to be seen. No cabins. The tree-line extended all the way to the water in most places. A bald eagle circled lazily above some trees. The boat was becalmed as the wind disappeared completely. The sails slackened.

Momentum carried them almost all the way to the far end of the bay where the boat just came to a stop by itself. The water was like glass.

They were all speechless. The tranquility was overwhelming. After sitting quietly for awhile, Randy jumped up and pushed Carey aside.

"Move your ass!"

Carey got up, they opened the bench, and pulled the coolers out. Unwrapping sandwiches, removing lids from salads, popping soda cans open, they began gorging themselves. It was amazing how hungry you could get just by being on the water. All that fresh air!

Carey laughed as he watched Connor inhale an amazing amount of food. After taking a long swig of his pop, Connor let out a burp that could be heard in the next county. They all broke into hysterical laughter. Connor blushed a deep red as he chuckled, too.

After the eating slowed down, Randy said, "How about a swim?"

Connor yelled, "Ya!"

"Oh no ya don't," Carey chimed in immediately. "Not after eating that much. Let's take a break or you'll end up puking all that food into this pristine water."

"All right," Connor said with a hang dog expression. But, the protest was without conviction. He pulled his t-shirt off and laid down on the bench with his head in Scottie's lap. Scottie ran his fingers through Connor's hair.

"Move over," Randy said as he pushed Carey to one end of the bench.

He pulled his shirt off, too, brought his legs onto the bench, knees up, and laid his head onto Carey's lap. Carey stroked Randy's hair as he closed his eyes. After a moment, Randy brought his hand up to his head and, taking Carey's, brought it both down onto his chest. Carey stroked Randy's chest, lightly pinching his nipples every once in awhile. Randy kept his eyes closed but smiled softly. Carey slowly brought his hand down to Randy's tummy. He could clearly see the tented out shape in front of his swimsuit. Just as he was about to dip it underneath the waistband, he opened his eyes and jumped up.

"Swim time!"

With the other three watching in surprise he stripped off his swimsuit, displaying his fully erect cock, and dove naked off the side of the boat.

Laughing, the other three stripped off their suits, too, and jumped in after Randy. The water was clear, cool, and perfect. Water fights ensued. Randy and Scottie took turns throwing Connor through the air. Carey began to worry Connor might swallow half the water in the bay. Eventually, exhaustion set in. One at a time, they hauled themselves over the side of the boat into the cockpit. Out of breath and laughing, they wrapped themselves in towels.

"Hey Connor!" Carey said. "Give them your best turban demonstration!"

"What?" Randy said with a chuckle. Scottie just smiled.

With that Connor took the towel from around his shoulders, put it over his still dripping hair, and with several turns and twists, converted the towel into a towering turban. When he finished, he smiled, fully naked except for the necklace. His cute dick dangled between his legs. He bowed once and followed it up by holding his arms out and making a curtsy. They all laughed heartily.

It got quiet for a moment as they all caught their breaths. Stretching his legs out and looking at his own nakedness, Carey compared himself to a still standing Scottie. There was no comparison.

Scottie was an amazing creature. Tall. Slender. Complexion a gorgeous shade of brown. Completely hairless chest with decent pecs considering how thin he was. Round, dark brown nipples. Flat stomach. Treasure trail leading to a full black bush. A large, thick, uncircumcised cock. Probably seven or eight inches. Kind of dark grey and brown. Bobbing up and down a bit when he moved. Narrow hips that made his cock look even bigger.

Scottie looked at both Carey and Randy.

"Connor, let's go up front and chill," he said.

With that, Scottie grabbed a towel and jumped out of the cockpit onto the forward deck. He reached a hand out, Connor took it, and boosted him up. Connor pulled the turban off of his head, gave his hair a good shake, and followed Scottie up towards the bow of the boat. Carey watched his cute butt as he stumbled away. Scottie laid his towel out flat on the gorgeous teak deck. Taking the towel from Connor, he did the same. Both of them laid down flat on their backs next to each other.

With just the two of them left, Randy settled down onto the opposite bench, rested his back against the side of the boat, and stretched his legs out wide. Carey stood up. Randy looked up at him; Carey looked down at Randy. All stretched out like that, Randy looked positively delectable, Carey thought. He immediately felt his cock stiffening.

Randy looked up at him with his smiling eyes. Without a word, Carey collapsed down next to him. He immediately put his arm around Randy's shoulder.

As they floated there, barely moving, Carey said, "This is the life, isn't it?"

"Mmmmm." Randy softly scratched the back of Carey's neck.

Carey glanced forward. Scottie was now turned and up on one elbow looking at Connor. Connor had his arms around Scottie's neck. They were just looking at each other very closely and whispering.

After giving Randy a long, sensuous kiss, he moved his gaze to Randy's cock. It sat there so beautifully between his legs as it alternately stiffened and relaxed. Taking his right hand, he moved it slightly over Randy and wrapped it around his cock. Randy tipped his head back and closed his eyes. He let out a long sigh.

Carey again checked Scottie and Connor. They were now in full make out mode.

After seeing they were occupied, he turned his attention back to Randy. Sitting up and turning to him, he bent down and took Randy's now hard cock into his mouth. He wasn't sure if it was the lake water or not. It tasted so fresh, so good. He swirled his tongue around his cock. Randy immediately started gasping. Carey tried to make it last; he stopped a couple of times to withdraw Randy's cock and just kiss the head and shaft.

A quick look forward. Connor was on his back, his legs wrapped around Scottie's waist. Scottie on top, his butt visible as it thrust up and down. Soft grunting.

Randy pushed his hips up toward Carey as he tried to get his cock back into his mouth. Carey finally relented. Using his hand, lips, and tongue, he dove in for the finale. Randy came in jerks as he gasped over and over. Carey could feel the back of his throat fill with Randy's spunk. Pulling his mouth out half way, he swallowed it all down. Randy's legs and stomach spasmed as he pulled the rest of the way out. Carey returned himself to his original position as Randy put his arm around Carey's shoulder again.

After a minute or so, Randy's breathing came back to normal. With his eyes still closed, he smiled one of his special smiles.

"That's why they call this a cockpit."

They both laughed.

Carey sat up a bit so he could check out Scottie and Connor. Connor was now on top of Scottie. They both lay still, their heads facing away from each other.

Randy sat up and ran his hands through his hair.

"I lost my cherry right on this spot,"

"You did?" Carey responded. "Tell me. Inquiring minds want to know."

"I was 15, hot, and non-stop horny. It was with one of my dad's buddies. He was a persuader," Randy chuckled.

Carey just looked at him.

"But, I wanted it bad so it didn't take much persuading."

"How did it happen?"

"Sunset cruise. I let him have his way with me."


"Nope. Not right now. Maybe later." He looked out to the horizon. "Well-l-l-l. I guess we'd better get along." Looking forward to where Scottie and Connor were still prone he yelled, "Hey love birds! We're headin' back!"

Scottie and Connor stirred. When they returned to the back of the boat, they were both quiet. Carey certainly wasn't going to pry. With little conversation, they all got everything organized and climbed back into their swimsuits.

Randy didn't even attempt to set for tack. Instead he opened a small door near where he was sitting, and turned the key that was concealed behind it. With hardly a sound, the boat started moving back to the channel. Carey looked on in wonder.

"Electric motor," Randy explained.

As soon as they passed through the channel, the wind picked up. Randy turned the motor off and deftly tightened the sheets. Once again, they flew through the water.

Carey looked across at Connor again. His eyes were squinting into the wind. His hair bounced and flew back. The shell necklace adorning his neck made him glow. Perhaps the most beautiful boy he'd ever seen.

They all felt a little melancholy. No one wanted this day to end.

In no time at all, the dock was visible. In utter amazement, he watched Randy bring the boat in. At just the right moment, he dropped the sails and swung the tiller. The boat glided slowly into the dock. Scottie got up, jumped out, and steadied it so wouldn't hit the dock.

They quickly pulled their stuff off the boat.

"I'm gonna put her to bed," Randy said.

"I'll help!" Scottie chimed in immediately.

Connor and Carey hauled the food, drinks, and towels up to the house. Connor went immediately to the bathroom, remaining there for a extended amount of time. Carey wrapped up the remaining sandwiches and put them in the refrigerator along with the leftover salads. The drinks went into another refrigerator. The ice packs into the freezer.

A few minutes later, Carey glanced down toward the lake. Clouds had suddenly moved in, striking the sun, and sucking all of the color out of the lake and shoreline. It oddly looked a bit like the dream Carey had the night before. Somewhat foreboding.

Randy and Scottie stood on the dock talking. The sailboat was back on the lift and covered up. He turned his head and saw Connor throwing the last bits of his clothing and other stuff that had been strewn all over his room back into his overnight bag. He wore his signature double t-shirt and baggy shorts.

When Randy and Scottie walked in, Connor was waiting along with Carey.

"So, we've decided," Randy announced.

"Decided what?" Carey looked at him.

"Scottie's coming back with us."

Connor jumped up and down and yelled.

Carey chuckled. "How's that gonna work?"

"He's going to stay with you for the week and come back with the 'rents and me next weekend."

"Well…I guess that's ok. What about your job?" Looking at Scottie.

He just shrugged. "There's other jobs." He smiled.

Connor did some air punching and hopping around, a big smile on his face.

"This is great! Great! Great!" in a kind of sing song pattern.

Carey wasn't trying to throw a wrench in things. He was just trying to figure it out.

"Ya, I guess we can do that. I've got the couch…and then I have a queen sized bed." Thinking ahead of the possibilities, he smiled and chuckled, "Sure! Let's do it!"

Carey and Randy quickly packed and got the Beemer loaded up. Randy told Carey to just leave the linens and towels. A service came in weekly to take care of everything.

It was decided that Scottie would leave his bike at the cabin. He would ride with them to Town so he could pick up his stuff.

As Carey threw Connor's bag in the trunk of the car, Randy appeared with a small digital camera on a lightweight tripod.

"A Bergman family tradition," he announced. "We take a picture with everyone for the album." He went on to explain that at the end of every gathering, whether it was a day or a week, whoever was in attendance gathered between the same two trees for a quick photo. The photos were later printed and added to a big album kept at the cabin.

"Ok," Carey chuckled. "C'mon guys!"

Carey insisted, and Randy agreed, that Scottie should join them. Randy arranged them between two ash trees and set the camera up. Checking to see they were framed properly, he pushed the timer and ran to join the others. They took several photos, each one goofier than the preceding one.

"I'll get these printed when we come back next week," Randy said. He stuck the camera in the house and locked it up.

They were just getting into the car when Randy tossed the key fob at Carey.

"Wanna drive?"

"Do I? Hell ya!" Carey couldn't wait to have a chance to drive this car.

They jumped in and headed to Town.

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