The Pale Blue Sky

by Jack Lynch

Part 4 - Carey, Chapter 6

17 Years Old. The Party.

From the first day of his Senior year, Carey was ready to be done with high school.

Mostly out of boredom, he went out on a couple of dates with different girls. One of them tried to lure him into bed. She was cute but she had amazingly bad breath. It was repulsive. He successfully held her off even though she continued to pester him. Eventually, she moved onto another guy.

Gay? Bi? Straight? Too confusing. Laying in bed tracing the cracks in his bedroom ceiling, he tried to rationalize it. Raging hormones? Whatever they were. It seemed like his dick was hard more than it wasn't. Liam? Bjorn? Cade? Lots of guys probably experimented with other guys. Maybe it wasn't that big of a deal. Then, why did he get hard whenever he thought of them?

Setting all of that aside, he concentrated on taking the SAT's, researching colleges, and daydreaming about getting away from his home town.

Physically, he'd grown a bit taller: 5'10." Still skinny. He let his hair grow out a bit over his ears and somewhat longer in the back. His body remained mostly hairless except for his legs. Just for the heck of it, he got one of those Nair hair kits and shaved his pubic hair and all of the hair off of his balls. Using a mirror, he laid on the floor of the bathroom and shaved around his asshole, too. It felt good. He stared long and hard in the mirror. Curves and bumps, crevices and holes, pink and brown, smooth and coarse. Something he could enjoy himself? Something he would love to share with someone else?

Late in the fall, Carey was lured to a basketball game between his school and their arch rivals. Both schools were purported to have the best teams in the state. This game was important in the run up to the playoffs.

He went to the game by himself but quickly hooked up with some casual friends from school. The gym encapsulated sweaty anxiety. First half lead changes every minute. A breath of silence followed by either cheered intensity or mournful groans after every shot or change of possession.

Echos of laughter and nervous chatter in the concourse at half time as Carey stood in line for popcorn. A tap on the shoulder. Andrew! After a laugh and a shoulder bump, he invited Carey to join him off to the side after he got his popcorn.

It had been years since the picnic. Andrew looked the same but different. Stocky, not fat. Long hair down to his shoulders. Shadow above his lip and on his chin. An attempt to grow a mustache and goatee. In the intervening years, Andrew's family had moved. He now attended the rival high school in town. He'd set his sights on going to community college after graduation to become an electrician.

"I never saw you come back."

"No," Carey chuckled as he blushed a bit as he recalled having that straw pushed up his butt. "I take it you did?"

"Ya. We were regulars." A shrug. "For some reason, they stopped having those…things." He searched for the right word. "But, I kept in touch with a few of the kids I met there."

Carey was stunned. Laughing, he said, "Really? That's awesome!"

"Ya, some of us hang out once in awhile."

"Do you…?" Carey started to ask.

"Ya, we hang out naked," Andrew said with a smile.

Carey stared without any expression, processing what Andrew had just said.

"We're gonna have a party next weekend. Wanna come?"

This was kind of a shocker.

"Um…let me think about it."

Andrew pulled a scrap of paper and a pen out of his pocket and scribbled an address on it.

"Well, if you want to come, this is where it's at. It starts at 8:00 next Saturday night." He added, "It's a house."

Taking the piece of paper and quickly jamming it into his pocket, Carey said, "Ok."

The party.

It was all Carey could think of for the rest of the week. Memories. The feeling of being exposed. Frightening. Exciting. Daring. Round and round those feelings went in his mind. What would people think of him when they saw him naked? What would he think of them? Would he even dare look?

When Saturday finally came, he showered late in the afternoon. The scrape of the razor against his private areas as he trimmed off a bit of stubble. It made him hard. Another zit on his shoulder. Shit! Twisting to look at the mole that had appeared during puberty just above his butt. Not terrible, but… He shrugged his shoulders. It probably wouldn't make a difference but he'd selected a thick red and white rugby shirt and his nicest pair of jeans to wear. Would anybody actually see him in these clothes?

Carey left for the party close to 8 pm but got lost. By the time he arrived at the address Andrew gave him, it was after 8:30. Just a couple of cars dotted the quiet street in front of the house.

Eery. A single story ranch style house, mid-1970's era, painted off white with black shutters, the curtains and shades drawn on all the windows. It looked like no one was home. Carey stumbled in the dark as he groped his way around to the back door. Part of the directions Andrew had given him.

The back of the house was also dark, lit only by a distant light in the alley and a softly illuminated door bell button. Instead of ringing it, he knocked softly on the door. After what seemed like an extraordinarily long time, the door bumped open. He was greeted by an older man and invited in.

"I'm Rocky."

Dead ringer for Willie Nelson. Gray hair, a pony tail, skinny with sunken in cheeks, and a thin scraggly beard. Faded Lynryd Skynyrd t-shirt and baggy shorts, long white athletic socks, and leather sandals. Oddly, he looked familiar.

"Follow me," he said in his raspy smoker-drinker kind of voice.

He led Carey through the back hall to a large kitchen.

The kitchen was dark, illuminated only by three lights over the island. Standing on opposite sides, Rocky eyed Carey skeptically as he sipped from a glass of brown liquid swirling around half melted ice cubes.

"Who invited you?"

"Andrew?" Carey said meekly.

Rocky just huffed. Pause. One eye scrunched up as he made some kind of mental calculation.

"Ok. Here are the rules of the road. Everyone's gotta be naked, ok? The only exception is girls on their period. That obviously doesn't apply to you," Rocky smirked. "No alcohol, no smokin' and no weed." Smoker's cough.

As he continued talking in vague terms about certain "behaviors," code named for sex, two kids emerged from the basement door on the far end of the kitchen. At a glance, the boy and the girl appeared to be 14 or 15 years old.

The girl was completely naked except for short white socks, turned down at the tops, and red high heels. Dark straight hair, parted in the middle, hung down to her shoulder blades. Brown eyes, almost ghostly white skin, and a field of freckles across the bridge of her nose. Small breasts, stiff brown nipples, narrow hips, and a small patch of dark pubic hair.

The boy was completely naked. Black, hair cut short against his scalp, dark eyes, full lips. Dark brown skin, high hips and a bubble butt. His ample circumcised cock, at least 6 inches as it bounced between his legs, was almost outsized for his frame. No pubic hair; actually no hair anywhere.

Both carried small serving trays. Together, they went to the large side-by-side refrigerator and loaded cans of pop onto one of the trays.

"This is Jilly and that's Antoine," Rocky said.

Carey nodded at them. They just looked blankly at him. Jilly turned to a movie theater style popcorn machine and started putting small bags of popcorn onto the other tray. Gosh! What a cute butt! Carey thought as he stared. Perky? What a dumb name! Carey thought. But, that fit, he guessed.

Pointing to an open doorway on the opposite side of the kitchen from the stairs, Rocky said, "You can get undressed in one of the bedrooms. Just leave your clothes in one pile. I'll hold onto your wallet."

Pulling his rugby shirt over his head and taking his pants off, he wondered if he had the nerve to go through with it. He got part of the answer when he let his boxers drop to the floor and his erect cock came bouncing out. Embarrassed, he spent a couple of minutes trying to think about his math homework to get his cock to shrink back to a respectable size. Now completely naked, he let out a long breath and stepped out into the hallway. He had to walk the entire length of the kitchen to get to the basement steps. As he padded across the room, he could feel Rocky following his every move.

Going downstairs to the basement was like entering a dark abyss. The large family room was illuminated only by small lights on the floor in each corner and twinkle lights strung across the ceiling in a criss cross pattern. Music blared from a boom box. As his eyes adjusted to the darkness, Carey saw a couple of small tables with snacks and drinks off to one side.

Lots of kids. All naked. Chatter. Laughter. It appeared as though most of the people were around his age, give or take. All sizes and shapes; tall, short, skinny, fat. From his vantage point, most of the people were in silhouette against the spare lighting. He saw only flashes of skin and body parts as the kids gyrated to the music. Arms raised, hips swinging. Most danced together as a group. Only a few paired up.

Not having anyone to talk to and feeling a little self conscious Carey went to peruse one of the food tables. He felt very naked. Was everyone staring at him? When he finally dared to look up, he realized no one at all was looking.

"Hey Carey!"

Just then, Andrew came bounding up.

"There ya are! How ya doin', bro?"

They shook hands.

"Whaddaya think? Isn't this rad?"

Carey nodded as he nibbled on a chip. He perused Andrew's naked body. He had obviously matured. His hairy chest was full and his arms more muscular. He was built like a wrestler. Strong hips, tight waist. A thick patch of pubic hair surrounded his large cock. Almost six inches even when soft, dark, and thick.

"Gee, Andrew," Carey, glancing down, couldn't help saying with a smile. "You're all grow'd up!"

Andrew laughed as he gave himself a quick tug.

"You should see what it can do!"

Carey laughed.

"Where do all these kids come from?" Carey asked as he watched a girl walk past who had enormous breasts.

"From all over, really. When we first started having parties, it was just five of us from those picnics. Then, a couple of people invited friends and then they invited friends. It just sort of grew.


Andrew grabbed Carey's arm turning him slightly to the side.

Staring down at his butt, "Well, you look amazing!" Carey chuckled.

Just then, a girl appeared out of nowhere.

Pulling on his arm, "Andre-w-w, c'mon," she whined as she pulled him into the dancing mass.

Andrew called out as he disappeared, "Hey, have fun! And, be sure and check out the bedrooms down there."

He jerked his chin at a hallway on the far side of the room.

Carey turned to watch the crowd. He picked up another chip to nibble on. Looking more closely, he realized some of the dancing was just an excuse for people to grope each other. Here and there, a breast was clutched, a hand tugged on a cock, or another cupped an ass cheek. Standing there, he looked down at his body. So pale, too pale. His hairless dick and balls looked…average. Especially, compared to Andrew. Jeeesh!

Suddenly, a girl breezed by and grabbed his dick, giving it a tug. Involuntarily, he clenched his stomach and stepped backward bumping his butt against the food table. Giggling, the girl just kept moving. Not a minute later, a tall guy, probably 6'2" or more, walked by and glanced at Carey. He was a big dude, probably a college student. Staring directly into Carey's eyes, he reached down and put a large coarse hand around Carey's dick and balls and gave his entire package a strong squeeze. Carey gasped. Holding it for a moment, he could feel himself stiffening. Surprisingly, the guy dropped his hand, gave Carey a twinkling smile, and disappeared into the gloom.

He didn't have to look down to know his cock was standing at full attention. Feeling embarrassed, he clover leafed his hands as he tried to cover his erection.

A minute later, Antoine dropped by with his tray of soda.

"Want something to drink?"

Relieved to have a diversion, Carey said, "Umm…ya! How about a Coke?"

Deftly balancing the tray, Antoine twisted the flip top and handed the can to Carey. The moment gave Carey a chance to admire his smooth shoulders and handsome chest. A soft shadow separated his flat chest plate. Two ample dark brown nipples all of a sudden looked tasty. And stiff. With a blank look, he looked straight into Carey's eyes. The moment passed quickly. Antoine turned and left, carrying his tray with one hand like a restaurant waiter.

Next, Jilly approached him holding a bag of chips. A long pause as she stood silently in front of him staring straight into his eyes.

"I need to refill the chips."

"Oh, sorry," Carey said as he realized he was standing directly in front of the bowl.

When he moved aside Jilly stepped up to the table and pulled handfuls of chips out of the bag. Carey looked her over. She definitely scored high on the cute meter. Naturally rosy lips with a definitely kissable quality. She seemed to emit a coolness factor. Completely unashamed of her nakedness, her demeanor suggested one should be careful about what they said to her or about her. Carey briefly wondered what would taste better, her lips or his mouth around one of her delectable nipples. For the second time in just a couple of minutes, he felt himself stiffen up.

Jilly finished her task, grabbed some used napkins on the table, turned, and walked away. Carey's eyes fell to her butt. The reason she wore the heels was obvious. They elongated her slender legs raising her hips and causing her back to arch. Her butt tipped up, slightly separating her cheeks. Added to all this, the white socks made her look a bit naughty.

Jilly stopped and turned her head back to catch Carey drooling over her back side. He quickly tried to cover up his hard on. She smiled knowingly and gave a short wave of her hand.

Still feeling hot in the face from getting caught ogling Jilly's ass, Carey turned to gaze at the side of the room. Two guys were laughing as they emerged from the hallway. Recalling that Andrew suggested he check it out, he decided to do just that. He shouldered by the dancers and walked through the opening leading to the hallway. The first door on the left was slightly ajar. Further down on the right, he heard noise coming from another room. This door had been left half open.

When he peered through the opening, he could see the backs of a couple of naked guys who were apparently watching something happening. Stepping quietly inside, he saw seven or eight people facing into the middle of the room where some kind of activity was taking place. The room was stuffy and smelled of sex. The bed had been tipped up and was leaning against the back wall. He heard groaning and gasping. As he strained to get a better look, Carey saw some kind of apparatus made of ropes that was hanging from a large bolt in the ceiling.

Nudging around people who shuffled slightly aside to accommodate him, he saw a naked boy tied and bound to the array of ropes. Elevated about three feet off the floor, his feet were in stirrups with his legs spread and his knees bent, fully exposing his cock and spreading his ass open. His arms were extended over his head, appearing to be restrained. Another boy stood between his legs with a stiff erection as his cock plowed in and out of the other boy's ass. Both grunted and gasped.

"What is that thing?" Carey whispered to a boy standing next to him.

"It's a sling."

Craning his neck around further to see more of what was going on, he was shocked to see that the boy in the sling was Cade. Alternately, he clenched his eyes shut in pain and opened them to wildly look around the room. Other guys in the room were jerking off as they watched him get fucked. One girl stood in the corner with her arms crossed as though she was either bored or disgusted. Standing next to her, another girl caressed her own breast, squeezing the nipple, while the other hand massaged her pussy.

Cade's beautiful erect cock lay neatly on top of his stomach. His stomach clenched with each thrust into his butthole. Carey noticed that Cade had shaved his pubic hair just like he had.

Just then, the boy who was fucking Cade stepped back and ejaculated all over Cade's cock, his stomach, and the floor. He stumbled back as he tried to catch his breath. Another boy pushed him to the side as he jerked his own cock harder in preparation for entering Cade.

As Cade gasped, he spied Carey. His eyes widened. With a jerk of his head, he beckoned Carey over to him. Cade looked like he was about to say something to Carey. As he leaned over, Cade released one of his hands from the sling, grabbed the back of Carey's head, and pulled their lips together. His hot breath and tongue forced Carey's lips and mouth open. He thrust his tongue deep into Carey's mouth. It was the first time Carey had ever kissed another guy. Or, rather, been kissed. He pulled back in surprise and stumbled back. A small cheer and some laughs came from several other people in the room.

Embarrassed, he stepped back and exited the room. As he did, he heard Cade yell in pain as the next boy entered him. Standing in the hallway catching his breath, he wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. He shook his head as he tried to process his mixed up feelings. On the one hand, being kissed by another boy was repulsive. On the other hand, he loved Cade's sweet taste, the smell of his skin, the other smells. Cum, sweat, even the smell of Cade's ass.

As Carey walked back down the hallway his eyes fell to the slightly open door of the room across the hall. When his fingers nudged the door open, he found another dark bedroom where the bed had been tipped up and pushed against the wall. A series of benches and chairs lined the walls of the room. In the dim light he could see a variety of couples engaged in various forms of sex play.

In one corner, a girl straddled the lap of another as they furiously made out. Hair entangled, their hands groping each other's bodies. On a bench off to the other side, a boy with his legs spread wide and outstretched was being given a hand job by a girl. Her hand barely reached around his thick erect cock. His eyes were clenched shut; her eyes were glued to his cock. Directly across from them, a girl sat with her knees up and her legs spread. She fingered herself as she watched the boy and girl.

Turning his gaze straight ahead, he saw Jilly sitting by herself on a bench against the back wall. Her shoulders were slumped forward, palms of her hands pressed together between her knees. Her eyes were cast down as if she was in deep thought. Feeling Carey's presence, she looked up suddenly. Their eyes met.

For the second time or was it the third time, Carey allowed himself to enjoy how she looked. Pale, pale skin glowed against her dark hair. Fine features, small developing breasts, girl-like hips just broadening into womanhood. His already hard cock flexed.

As they continued their stare down, Jilly slowly brought her right arm up with her fingers closed into a fist. Curling her index finger, she motioned for him to approach. Almost in a trance, Carey followed her direction. She stood up, grabbed his upper arms just above his elbows. Pushing him to the side, she turned away from the bench as she firmly directed Carey to where she had been standing. With a soft push she forced him to sit down.

Eyes still riveted to each other, Jilly turned to the side and sat down on his lap with her legs dangling off to the side. Wordlessly, she put her arms around Carey's neck and brought her lips to meet his. What followed was the deepest, most erotic kiss Carey had ever experienced. Warm, wet, electric. Her tongue buried deep in his mouth. First pushing her chest into his, she pulled back long enough to grab one of his hands and place in on her breast. Carey lightly pinched her small, stiff nipple.

A moment or an hour. Carey couldn't tell. Jilly suddenly pulled back. They looked at each other, hot breath occupying the space between the two of them. Holding his head with one hand cupped behind his neck, she brought the other hand up to his face. Using two fingers, she softly closed Carey's eyes.

"Keep them closed until I say," she whispered in a soft, hoarse voice.

When Jilly stood up, Carey felt his erect cock spring out and up. Complying with her wishes, he kept his eyes closed. He heard the door brush across the carpet as it opened and closed. Carey didn't know exactly what was going to happen but he had a strong suspicion he was going to lose his virginity. He was certain Jilly was going to get a condom.

His respiration quickened, his cock throbbed. This was it! He was finally going to get to do it.

Carey heard the door open. The soft brushing against the carpet. A rustling sound. He could sense she was nearby. He could even smell her.

Her breath on his ear.

"Now keep your eyes closed, ok?"

She sat down again on his lap, her legs off to one side. Instead of putting her hands around the back of his head and neck, she rested them loosely on his shoulders.

Carey felt her breath as her lips came to his. She kissed him, pressing her lips against his, forcing his mouth open again. Her tongue grazed his lips before it tickled his own tongue.

But wait! Her lips felt different. Thicker and more luscious. Her whole mouth felt different. Her legs on his lap, firmer and somewhat more coarse. His hands went to her sides. Hot and silky before, now they were cool.

Carey's opened his eyes to just a slit and then wide in surprise. It wasn't Jilly naked on his lap and kissing him so passionately. It was the boy, Antoine. In shock, his first instinct was to pull away. As he began to stand up, Antoine's hands went to Carey's sides to gently hold him in place. He slid one hand down further, taking Carey's hand in his and wrapping it around his large and erect cock. Carey couldn't believe how good it felt. The pressure on his own cock increased when Antoine pressed his hand against Carey's chest and pinched his nipple.

Their mouths separated as Jilly pulled Antoine up and off Carey's lap. She pushed him down making him lay on his stomach, his round butt across Carey's lap. His legs were spread; one on the bench, the other dangling on the floor. Jilly stared at Carey as she took his hand. She brought his index finger to her lips and sucked it into her mouth. Bringing it out slick with saliva, she used her other hand to spread Antoine's butt cheeks. In one slow but steady motion, she guided Carey's finger deep into Antoine's ass.

"Uhhhh," Antoine let out a long gasp.

His anal muscles contracted hard against Carey's finger.

Carey's first instinct was to look away but the pressure around his finger created a cocktail of eroticism and revulsion he couldn't resist. When Antoine began to squirm, Jilly slowly pulled Carey's finger out of his butt. Holding it in front of her so she could examine it, she pulled it to her lips and sucked it into her mouth.

This was too much. Standing quickly, Carey shuffled Antoine off of his lap. After balancing himself on the floor, Antoine stood up, too. Carey had to get out of there. He felt himself blushing to his toes. Glancing left and right, he saw that all other activity in the room had paused. Everyone was looking at him. He was acutely aware his engorged cock was sticking out and up.

"Can I…? Would you…? A girl said as she reached for Carey's cock.

No way! In his mind, he was done. He strode to the door and left the room.

All Carey could think of was escape. He walked directly through the larger room where kids were still dancing. He didn't see Andrew but he really wasn't looking for him. He took the steps back up to the kitchen.

Knowing he had to cross the gauntlet, he looked straight ahead trying to avoid Rocky's stare. He was still standing at the island. He blushed red. His cock, still at attention.

"Hold it, there," Rocky rasped.

Carey stopped dead in his tracks. Oh, no! But, Rocky's firm tone made him feel like he had to obey. Coming to stand in front of him, Rocky put his hands on Carey's hips and boosted him up onto the island.

"Lay back."

Carey followed his direction. He laid back on the island length wise, his hard cock falling back onto his stomach. In one swift movement, Rocky placed a hand on Carey's stomach and took him into his mouth, swallowing his cock all the way to his balls.

Carey felt helpless, but he needed this. He thrust his hips up so his cock could get the most of Rocky's mouth. Rocky's beard scraped against his pubic bone and thighs. His other hand slipped under Carey's ass to cup one cheek and push the tips of his fingers firmly into his butt crack.

Carey groaned and gasped. His first time receiving oral sex. It was better than he could have ever imagined. A sudden flashback. The picnic. That old guy who had pulled him down onto his lap. Realizing it, the shock of it, made him gasp even harder.

Feeling their presence, he glanced to one side and then the other, to find Jilly and Antoine standing on either side of the island. They watched, expressionless. The cumulative sexual tension of the evening and the exquisite blow job quickly had him gasping. He needed to cum so badly. Sensing this, Rocky suddenly pulled his mouth away from Carey's cock. Clenching his stomach and gasping, Carey let loose stream after stream of cum. It shot out across his stomach and most of his chest landing in thick globs.

As his respiration slowed and his chest stopped heaving quite so hard, Carey felt hands on his stomach and chest. When he opened his eyes, he saw Jilly and Antoine playfully spreading the cum around as if they were finger painting. The smell of his own sweat and the salty aroma of the semen filled his nose.

Rocky chuckled and coughed as he pushed the two kids away and wiped Carey's stomach and chest with a dampened dish towel. Carey jerked a little when Rocky grabbed his cock and balls so he could wipe them off, too. Sensitive and a bit painful.

Turning his head first to Jilly and then to Antoine, he allowed himself to again run his eyes around the boy's body. Lips, nipples, shiny skin, flat tummy, the shallow creases from his hips to his groin, his amazing engorged dick, thick and erect.

Carey covered his face with his hands. OMG! What is happening? Such mixed up feelings. In spite of the violent orgasm, he felt himself stiffen once more. How could he react in this way to another boy, especially someone younger than him? The whole evening had been so…what was the word…sordid. The embarrassment of being naked, kissing and being kissed; Cade, Jilly, and Antoine. Getting jacked off by Rocky. Disgusting. And, yet, wanting more of it. Being watched, being the center of attention, other people knowing what he was like without any clothes on.

His cock quickly stiffening, he knew he needed to call a halt to it all. Sitting up, Rocky, Jilly, and Antoine stood back. Without a word, he swung his legs over the side of the island and stood up. He turned and walked directly to the bedroom where he found his clothes neatly folded where he'd left them.

He returned to the kitchen after he got dressed. Jilly and Antoine had disappeared. With a fresh drink, Rocky stood there with one hand on his hip, the other holding Carey's wallet. Retrieving his wallet, Carey went down the rear entry hall and left.

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