The Pale Blue Sky

by Jack Lynch

Part 4 - Carey, Chapter 1

12 Years Old. The Picnic.

Carey tentatively slipped his boxer shorts off. He was now naked.

Flashes of dreams he'd had over the years went through his head. Like the one where he was in grade school. Everyone else was dressed, but he had no clothes on. They were supposed to pass from their classroom to the music room. He was profoundly embarrassed. He tried to cover his genitals, his chest, anything, but to no avail. Everyone just stared at him.

This was real. Almost as scary. In this case, however, everyone else was naked, too. Reluctantly, he had agreed to go to a nudist picnic with his parents. It was weird. At the same time it wasn't. His mother had been born in Denmark where she spent most of her childhood. Nudism was widely practiced there; part of their culture. Nude beaches, nudist resorts, nudist colonies, and social nudism were prevalent. As a young boy, Carey had vague memories of his parents spending time nude at home. He must have been naked, too, but he didn't remember. As he grew into adolescence, nudism slowly disappeared from his family's activities.

Until now.

A friend of his parents who was also Danish told them about the group. As he understood it, this informal club held a variety of activities throughout the year. Unbeknownst to him, his mom and dad had attended a few nude home parties in the past. The picnic was just a summer time extension of the parties. When his parents first broached the subject of him going with them, he just shook his head. No way. But, eventually he gave in.

Carey was really embarrassed about his body and had little interest in everyone seeing how unattractive and scrawny he was. Skinny, ribs showing whenever he moved, pale, bony shoulders, and no chest definition. It wasn't bad enough that he was so pale. But, a web of mildly visible veins snaked across his body, almost everywhere. Worst of all, freckles across his shoulders, upper back, and across the bridge of his nose. Mousy brown hair his mother still liked in a pudding bowl style. As he stared down at his totally inadequate dick and limp sack of nuts, he felt himself flush with embarrassment. 12 years old and not even a hint of pubic hair.

Somehow, he had allowed himself to be talked into going with them. His mom promised that if he felt uncomfortable, they would just leave. So, here he was. His mom took his boxer shorts from him and stuffed them into a bag they piled on the grass along with a cooler and a picnic basket of food.

He kept his eyes down. He had no interest in seeing his mother without clothes on. His dad had already walked away to greet some people he apparently knew.

Carey took a deep breath and willed himself to raise his chin. When he looked up, he saw all kinds of people and lots of flesh all blurring together. Young and old, fat and skinny, men and women, and kids of all ages. Just as he felt brave enough to release his hands from their fig leaf position over his crotch, a bolo from a ladder ball game landed at his feet. He instinctively picked it up realizing it came from a group of kids playing nearby. After carrying the bolo over to them, he decided to stay and watch.

Two sets of ladder ball games were being played by boys and girls ranging from around 8 years old to easily 16, maybe older. After a few minutes he was invited to partner with one of the girls to play a game. Concentrating on throwing the bolos as accurately as he could, he completely forgot that he and everyone else was naked.

It wasn't until after they played a game and he was standing on the sidelines waiting for his next turn that he noticed a few adults had wandered over to watch. One of them, an older man, brought a lawn chair with him. Sunken cheeks, greying hair pulled back into a pony tail and sagging brown skin. He looked sort of like Willie Nelson.

Watching intently. Watching the games or just looking at the kids? Creepy! Carey turned his attention back to the game. Something made him glance back at the man. He was staring. At him! Just then, he lifted his hand and beckoned Carey over. He started to shake his head but, for some reason, he went over to the man to see what he wanted.

"C'mon son. Have a seat."

He uncrossed his legs and patted his thigh. Obediently, Carey sat down on the man's lap, straddling his leg. He looked down at his dick and balls laying on top of the man's leg. It was repulsive looking but also strangely exciting. As the games continued, the man brought his hands up and casually stroked the smooth skin on Carey's sides from near his armpits to his bare hips. When one of his hands dropped over Carey's dick, it felt kind of good for a moment. He started to get hard. Something in his mind clicked; this was wrong. He abruptly jumped up and, without a look, walked away.

Creeped out! He went looking for his parents. He had to get out of there. He saw them over by the food table. But, before he could get his mom's attention, someone thrust a hot dog and chips on a paper plate at him. The food smells were distracting. Carey realized he was starved. He sat down on a picnic bench with a plastic cup of Kool-Aid and ate. As he chewed on his hot dog, he let his eyes roam around some more.

The picnic was being held in a secluded area, more like a field, a few miles out of town. Families had left their clothes and other belongings in piles dotted around the small picnic area. A few people occasionally disappeared between pine trees that lined two sides of the field. Carey wondered where they might be going. Were there porta-potties back there or something?

After Carey finished eating he felt better. The grossed out feeling had gone away. When he stood up, he had another moment of feeling self conscious about his nakedness. His heart started racing and he could feel his cheeks burning. But, no one was paying any attention to him. Exciting and humiliating at the same time. Confusing!

He decided to check out what was going on through the trees. Once he was there, the trees seemed to close in on him. Carey didn't see anyone else at all. There was no sound except for some soft murmurs and giggles coming from a nearby thicket. It sounded like other kids so he thought it would be safe to check it out. He pushed some branches aside and, as some of them scraped against his sides and arms, he entered a small natural enclosure.

Three or four trees and several bushes had grown over a small patch of ground to create a natural cave. Smelling of pine, bark, and damp mulch, it was almost completely enclosed and dark except for the few rays of sunlight filtering in. Six or seven kids of varying ages were standing around watching two older boys who were in the middle of the group. They were older than Carey, probably around 16 or 17. The two boys were standing real close to each other, both with long and thick erect cocks. One of the boys had his hand around both of their cocks at the same time. He mashed them together as he pulled them back and forth. The boys thrust their hips toward each other in a rhythmic fashion. Eyes closed, grunting and gasping. It was repulsive and interesting at the same time.

As the rest of them watched from the shadows, the thrusting and gasping became faster and more violent. One of the boys ejaculated, his cum shooting onto the other boy's stomach. They used their hands to spread the spunk across their cocks and stomachs. Finally, the boy who had cum stumbled back, out of breath. A couple of girls who had been watching giggled and whispered to each other. One had her hand over her mouth in shock.

Carey whispered to a boy who was standing next to him.


"Wait! There's more," the boy replied in a hushed tone.

Another boy appeared out of the shadows. He was younger; around the same age as Carey. Skinny with short hair, a small chest and tiny nipples, he sort of resembled Carey, except for one thing. His cock. Holy crap! Compared to his noodle? It was big, thick, hard, and pointed almost straight up.

Stepping up to the first boy, he brought his hands up and grasped him by the hips. In turn, the older boy did the same, but more. He cupped his hands around other boy's butt cheeks, pulling on them so his crack opened up, his pink butthole, plainly visible. Carey began to imagine what it would feel like if someone was holding him like that. His own dick began to stiffen. More quickly than before, both boys came. They had spunk all the way up their tummies onto their chests.

The "show" appeared to be over. The kids who had been watching slowly withdrew from the thicket. Carey hung back. There was no way he was going to walk out of there with his raging erection. Just then, the boy he'd exchanged words with came up to him.

"You ok?"

He looked at Carey, his eyes dropping to his hard cock. Carey just blushed. The moment brought him back to his senses. He started to relax and his erection disappeared.

As they left the thicket together, they exchanged names. Andrew and Carey were the same age. Walking around the periphery of the picnic area, Andrew pointed to a pile of bags and baskets.

"That's our stuff."

Without a word, the two boys split. Carey was crossing the picnic area to his family's belongings when he encountered that same old guy, now standing with a beer in his hands. The man's eyes roved over Carey's body. He chuckled, let out a gravelly cough, and leered at him. Feeling creeped out again, he did an about face and headed back to where Andrew was spreading a large blanket out. Andrew dropped down on his back and put his arm over his eyes to shield them from the sun.

Carey stood over him for a moment. Andrew's skin was brown compared to Carey's ghostly white complexion. His nipples, dick, and balls were darker, too. He had a neat patch of dark wiry pubic hair. Carey was mildly jealous of his more muscular frame and legs.

"Do you mind if I hang out?"


So, Carey flopped down. He had one hip down on the blanket and the opposite leg up and bent at the knee. They traded information about where they lived and went to school. Different towns, different schools. Carey got more comfortable as he adjusted himself so he was now laying on his tummy with his elbows supporting his arms and chest and his hands supporting his head.

Andrew turned on his side and propped his head with one hand and supported it on his elbow. Carey faced straight ahead, staring at nothing.

"What did you think of all that?" Carey asked.

"I thought it was cool, I guess. I mean, who doesn't like to jerk off?"

Carey turned his head to see that Andrew was looking at him, his eyes roving up and down his body.

"I kind of liked seeing how that one kid's butt got pulled open," Carey confessed.

"Me, too." Andrew admitted. "What did you like about it?"

"Seeing his hole." Carey said after a pause. He could feel his face getting red.

Andrew smiled at Carey blandly. He took his hand and lightly brushed it from Carey's lower back across his butt cheeks and down his thigh. Carey wriggled a bit and sighed. It tickled but it felt good.

"Did you ever stick anything up there?" Andrew asked.

"No. Never." Pause. "Like what?"

"Umm…like a pencil or a straw?"

Carey chuckled.

"Umm…ya, that's interesting. Well, whatever. I doubt you have either one of those handy."

Andrew jumped up and rummaged through one of his family's bags of food and drinks.


He pulled a box of straws out of a bag and held it up. Carey, still on his tummy, pulled himself up to look. Andrew hopped over him and sat back down with his legs crossed facing Carey's body.

"Is anybody looking?" Carey asked.

They both looked up at the people who were chatting by the food table a short distance away. Andrew scooted forward so he was directly next to Carey. Tentatively, he placed one hand on Carey's lower back at his kidneys. Carey first tried to twist around so he could see what Andrew was doing. Then he turned back and put his head down on his hands.

Andrew softly rubbed Carey's ass and lower back, running his hands up and down his thighs and in between his legs.

"Wanna know something?" Andrew asked.

"What?" replied Carey softly.

"You have a really cute butt,"

"That's gay!" Carey exclaimed.

They both laughed.

"If you're gonna call me gay, I'm gonna stop," Andrew teased.

Carey murmured, "Don't stop."

Andrew resumed massaging Carey's butt, going back and forth from cheek to cheek.

"Spread your legs a little," Andrew directed.

"Is anybody looking?"


Carey had been involuntarily clenching his butt cheeks.

"Now relax," ordered Andrew. "Relax like you're going to take a dump."

With that thought in mind, Carey unclenched his butt. He just sort of felt "open." He couldn't see what was going on but he felt the sharp edge of the straw scraping along his butt crack toward his hole. Carey raised himself up on his elbows slightly trying to concentrate on a point in the distance.

"Is this ok?"

"Ya, you're doing fine." Andrew responded.

He jumped as he felt a sharp prick at his anus.

"Easy," said Andrew. "Just relax."

He placed a palm on Carey's lower back and butt.

A little more pressure and Carey could now sense the straw was in. With one hand straddling both buns so he could use two fingers to push Carey's cheeks apart Andrew used his other hand to gently push on the straw.

Carey didn't know how deep it was, but he had to concentrate hard to keep from clenching up.

The pressure alternately felt good and stung. With his eyes shut tight, he started breathing more quickly. He badly wanted to grind his erection into the towel but he was afraid the movement might force him to squeeze his butt cheeks together and push the straw back out.

All sound dropped away until he faintly heard Andrew say, "Ok. I think that's as far as you can take it."

The release of his anus as the straw was slowly withdrawn gave Carey a warm and fuzzy feeling.

"I didn't dare go any further."

He brought the straw forward so Carey could see it. He had bent it at near to the six inch mark. There were some brown stains on it and it smelled mildly of poop.

"That was amazing," Andrew said.

Carey smiled weakly.

"Now, my turn!" Andrew exclaimed.

Just then, his Mom yelled, "Come on, Carey! Time to go!"

Andrew yelled, "Crap!" as he looked over to see his own parents approaching.

They both quickly sat up and then stood. They must have looked totally guilty of something. Thankfully, both sets of parents seemed to be clueless.

Andrew laughed as he handed Carey the straw.

"Here! Have a souvenir!"

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