The Pale Blue Sky

by Jack Lynch

Part 3 - Connor, Carey and Randy, Chapter 3


He was in trouble.

Connor was supposed to have been home by 1:00 to meet his mom. They had planned to head for the mall so he could get some new clothes for school. Instead, he had frittered away the time lazily boarding up and down the streets of the neighborhood. What he really wanted to do was hang out with Carey. Disappointed when he didn't answer the door, his spirits were lifted when he heard the knock on Brew-Ski's window. He smiled to himself as he jogged the last couple of blocks home.

When he walked in the door, he fully expected to be confronted by an annoyed mother with her hands on her hips. She could be that way sometimes. Instead, he heard her on the phone behind the closed door of her office. A note on the kitchen table said, "Sorry, Con. Putting out a fire. School shopping after supper." Whew! He thought. Saved.

He sat down at the kitchen table, resting his elbows on the table with his hands on the sides of his head. He mentally played back his latest encounter with Carey. The feeling of his stiff cock against the bottom of his foot was major. It was so…hard. He wondered what it might have felt like if he'd been able to reach under the table and wrap his fingers around it. Better yet, what would it have felt like if it was in his mouth?

That foot thing. It had been totally unplanned. All of a sudden, Mr. Applegate came to mind. Having his feet rubbed by that pervy old man was unreal. And awkward. At the same time, he enjoyed the attention, not to his feet as such. But, more just having someone admire him. He remembered glancing over to Jordy. He liked having Jordy watch, too. Something stirred inside. His cock started getting hard.

Jumping up, he left the house, threw his skateboard down on the ground, and rolled the several blocks to Mr. Applegate's house. Just as before, the rusty gate squeaked open in front of the dark and brooding house. Connor softly tapped on the door. No answer. As he was about to turn around to leave, the curtains in a nearby window shuffled and, shortly after, the door bumped open. Mr. Applegate peeked around the side of the door, squinting at Connor as if he was trying to recall who he was.

Without a word, he swung the door open. Connor leaned his skateboard against the porch wall and entered. If anything, the house was darker and smelled mustier than before. Mr. Applegate wheezed as he shuffled through the house toward the sun room. Just as he reached the doorway, he turned a corner and pushed a screen door open.

The screened in back porch was furnished almost exactly like the sun room. Couch and chair, coffee table, and more dried up plants. A tray of herbs in grow pots sat on a side table. Mr. Applegate collapsed into the large overstuffed chair, wheezing and out of breath, his eyes even rheumier looking than before. Connor sat down on the couch and looked at Mr. Applegate. He started to feel a little weird. Maybe this had been a mistake.

Mr. Applegate leaned forward, licked his lips, brushed his hand around the multi-day stubble of beard growth on his cheeks, and gestured to the coffee table. Connor slipped out of his sandals and moved over to the coffee table.

As he sat down, Mr. Applegate said in a commanding voice, "Take your shirt off."

Connor quickly complied, pulling it off and throwing it on the couch. He looked out to the fenced in yard. It seemed secluded enough but he wasn't sure.

"Is it ok out here?"

Mr. Applegate nodded as he leaned down, grabbed one of Connor's feet and pulled it up. At the same time, Connor fell back on his elbows as Mr. Applegate pushed him further back on the coffee table. Hungrily, Mr. Applegate started rubbing and licking Connor's foot, sucking one toe at a time into his mouth. Connor stared. The old man seemed to gain some energy from what he was doing. As he sucked on Connor's foot, he closed his eyes and started to move his hands up Connor's leg. First to his calf, then around his knee, and then further up his thigh, stopping just short of the hem of his shorts.

Mr. Applegate suddenly stopped what he was doing and opened his eyes to look straight at Connor. His wheezing became more pronounced. He coughed once, rolling mucus around his mouth before swallowing it.

"Would you…?" Was all Mr. Applegate could squeak out. He just waved a couple of fingers.

Silently, Connor got up and pulled his shorts and underpants off, throwing them on the couch with his shirt. Now naked, his half hard cock exposed. Standing there, staring at Mr. Applegate, he wasn't sure what he was supposed to do. Mr. Applegate's eyes roamed the entire length of Connor's body. With another cough, he twirled his hand around directing Connor to turn around. With his back to Mr. Applegate, Connor looked over his shoulder. Mr. Applegate's eyes were locked on his butt.

With another wheeze followed by a cough, Mr. Applegate dug into the cushion of the chair and extracted a wide piece of elastic that looked like an exercise band. It had been tied and knotted into some kind of bow.

Leaning forward he handed the elastic to Connor.

"Put your hands through there," pointing to the holes on either side of the knot.

Running his hands through the bow onto his wrists, Connor waited. He wasn't too afraid because he could easily pull his hands out of the band if he needed to.

"Over there."

Mr. Applegate pointed to a post next to the couch. Gesturing to the top of the post near the ceiling, he saw a large hook. It looked like an old ceramic hook used to hold a hanging plant.

"Up," said Mr. Applegate.

Connor lifted his arms and set the knot into the hook. Naked, arms stretched over his head. He liked the way this felt, a soft breeze tickling his armpits, the feeling of helplessness and vulnerability. Without even being told, he spread his legs wider, his balls dangling beneath his cock. This was almost like one of his dreams. He was on the boat with Carey, in the same position, with his arms tied to a post next to the cabin. He closed his eyes as he thought about it. Carey softly brushed his hands along Connor's sides.

It was quiet for a moment, save for Mr. Applegate's deep and almost gasping wheeze. He seemed to be breathing even harder than before. Suddenly, Mr. Applegate gripped the arms of the chair as if he was going to stand up. Instead, he collapsed back into it. Eyes barely open, he pulled a pendant on a chain out from around his neck. It was kind of oval shaped and had a couple of buttons on it. He pressed the red one.

"You'd better go."

Connor instantly pulled his wrists out from the band, leaving it hanging from the hook. Silently he tugged his clothes back on and slipped into his sandals.

As he was about to leave he asked, "Are you gonna be ok?"

Mr. Applegate just waved his hand as he gestured for Connor to leave. Grabbing his skateboard outside the house, he jumped down the steps and swung the iron gate open. Closing it behind, he started walking down the block as he heard a siren in the distance.

Before he reached the corner, a police car came roaring by with strobing lights and siren screaming. Connor turned to see the squad car stop in the middle of the street in front of Mr. Applegate's house. The two officers got out of the car and walked quickly to the house. Without knocking, they walked right in. More sirens. An EMS van approached from the opposite direction stopping just ahead of the police car.

By this time, neighbors were coming out of their houses, some standing at their front doors, others in their yards. As Connor looked on, two men emerged from the van. One of the policemen appeared at the front door gesturing for them to come in quickly. As they rolled a stretcher up to the door, Connor felt a presence near him. He turned to find Jordy standing at his side.

"Hey, Mink!"

They stood together and watched.

"I wonder if Mr. Applegate bit the big one."

"I dunno."

"What are you doin' over here?"


Jordy chuckled.

"I see."

Connor blushed.

"Well, I can bet the sight of that dick of yours might give someone like Mr. Applegate a heart attack."

Connor blushed more deeply. Just then, the front door swung open. The EMT's rolled the stretcher out. Mr. Applegate, wearing an oxygen mask, lay prone like a beached whale. Much to Connor's relief, he appeared to be conscious, moving his arms, and talking to the men through the mask. Once he was loaded into the van, one EMT stayed with him while the other one climbed into the driver's seat. Jordy and Connor watched as it slowly rolled past them and turned the corner.

"Wanna come over and finish the deed?" Jordy asked as he brushed his hand across Connor's back.

Connor hung his head.

"I dunno. I'm a little wigged out."


Connor turned to go.

"Later, Mink."

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