The Pale Blue Sky

by Jack Lynch

Part 2 - Connor, Chapter 5

13 Years Old. The Sleepover.

"Does she put out?" Max asked Billy.

Billy blushed. "How would I know, penis breath??" They all laughed.

Most of the hockey team was at Max's house for a sleepover. After pizza and pop, chocolate chip cookies, and a burp contest, the boys used a sponge ball to have a spirited game of knock out basketball in the Epstein's basement family room.

Eventually, Max's parents rounded them up and got them organized for bed. The boys lined up their sleeping bags in two rows across the length of the family room. Once they got settled into various types of sleeping attire, mostly shorts, sleep pants, and t-shirts, Mr. Epstein turned out the lights. He left one light on in the basement bathroom with the door slightly ajar.

Still ramped up from all of the food and play, none of them felt sleepy. So they talked. A lot of the chatter had to do with hockey. Of course, they eventually got around to girls. They went down the list; who was hot and who was not. Which girls had the best tits; which ones were still flat-chested.

Most of the conversation surrounded the Johnson cousins. Jennifer Johnson and Joanne Johnson. Every boy seemed to have an opinion. One thing they all agreed on: they were hands down the two cutest girls in the seventh grade. Jennifer was known as J-Jo; her cousin's nickname was Jo-Jo.

They were completely different and yet the same. They both had the same cute figures even though neither appeared to have developed much up front. They had pug noses, narrow lips and high cheekbones. Dimples on each cheek. They styled their hair exactly the same; parted down the middle and long, just past the middle of their backs. The girls often swept it behind their ears, curled it, or held it back with a scrunchy or a pin. Whichever way it was styled, they wore it the same every day. According to one of the boys who claimed to have the inside scoop, J-Jo and Jo-Jo messaged each other before school everyday to decide how to wear their hair.

From there, their looks parted ways. J-Jo was a classic blonde-hair, blue-eyed girl, with pink skin. Jo-Jo had chestnut brown hair, deep brown eyes, and pale skin. J-Jo was the girl almost every boy wanted to be with. And, she knew it. With her nose ever so slightly stuck up in the air, she received constant attention from boys with offers to hang out. She was a master at playing hard-to-get. Always busy talking to her girl friends, avoiding eye contact whenever possible with almost every boy. The only one who had gotten to first base with her was Billy. She had agreed to come over to his house once to play video games. Billy had high hopes. They were dashed when she showed up with another girl.

"Why didn't ya go for a three-some!?!" One of the other boys asked. They all laughed and jeered. You could tell Billy was blushing even though the room was dark.

Connor was silent. Maybe it wasn't cool to admit it. He favored Jo-Jo by a mile. Her dark hair and eyes gave her a slightly sultry look, at least for a 13-year old. But, it was the way she talked that Connor found to be the most alluring. Her voice was lower than most of the other girls. It sounded grown up and sophisticated. She also talked in such direct and complete sentences. Not like the other girls who giggled a lot and said, "Um" or "Like" all the time. And, when she talked to you, she looked right at you with a confident expression like, "I know more than you know." Unlike J-Jo who was kind of an airhead, Jo-Jo was really smart.

Connor was sitting in the school library one day trying to finish his math homework before school was out. He knew he wouldn't have the energy to do it after hockey practice. As he looked down at the piece of paper, he crossed out yet another set of calculations. Obviously, wrong again. Bored, he doodled on the side as he tried to build up enough energy to start over.

"Do it this way," Jo-Jo said as she grabbed his pencil. Connor hadn't heard her walk up behind him. He jerked his head around to look at her. Her eyes were focused on the piece of paper. Turning his attention back to the math problem, he watched as she wrote the calculations out while she explained what she was doing in clear and concise terms. With her so close to him, he was having a little trouble concentrating. She smelled good, like shampoo or soap. He could feel the warmth of her breath as she talked. And, to top it all off, her hair touched his cheek briefly before she swept it away.

When she finished working through the problem, she set the pencil down and straightened up. "There ya go!" she said.

"Gee, thanks Joanne!" Connor replied. As soon as he said it, he knew he'd blown it. No one ever called her that; it was always Jo-Jo.

She noticed. She got a very slight frown on her face as though she was thinking about something. Two tiny vertical lines appeared between her eyes. Then they disappeared.

With a smile she replied, "You're welcome, Connie!"

And off she went with a slight bounce in her step. Connor didn't know what to think. Sure, lots of guys called him Connie; never any girls. There was something about the way she said it, though. It made him feel special. He got a warm feeling inside.

It got quieter as the boys drifted asleep. Connor could hear the even breathing around him as he sighed, yawned, and turned on his back. Very quietly, he eased his shorts down. Nudging them, first over his left hip, then over his right. Careful to avoid any noise, he inched them down until they hung off of one ankle. T-shirt next. As he pushed it up to the top of his chest, past his nipples, he felt a strong erection coming on. Jo-Jo's face came into his mind.

Very quietly, he brushed his fingers along the sensitive underside of his cock. He wasn't sure but he thought it might be getting bigger. He had heard from some of his friends that jerking off made your cock grow more. He'd never measured it but it was starting to look longer and thicker. Not so much like a pencil dick. Carefully and quietly, he brought his right hand around to encircle his cock. At the same time, he brought his left hand up to his chest and lightly pinched one nipple. After squeezing it until it stung a little, he brought his left hand back down, across his tummy, where it ended up cupping his balls.

All was quiet except for some soft rustling and his quiet breathing. Suddenly, he felt the sleeping bag move slightly on the right side. Connor froze. Fingers lightly touched the side of his bare hip. He realized they were coming from the adjacent sleeping bag. Connor turned his head slightly where his friend Jordy was laying on his side looking at him.

Just like Connor, Jordy was also 13 years old. Together, they were two of the smaller boys on the team. His loosely curled dark brown hair was almost as long as Connor's. Deep blue grey eyes and pale white skin. Because of his looks and his crafty hockey skills, his teammates nicknamed him, "The Mink." On the ice he was small but formidable. He had an uncanny ability to dig the puck free when other players had it jammed against the boards. When he shot, his aim was razor sharp.

Connor held his breath. They just stared at each other. But, pulling on his cock felt too good so he quietly resumed stroking. Connor closed his eyes for a moment, enjoying the feeling. When he reopened them, he could see Jordy blandly staring at him.

His hand slowly crawled up Connor's hip. It stopped for a moment as if he was waiting to be sure it was ok. Connor didn't stop him; he just kept lightly stroking. Almost like a spider, Jordy's hand resumed its movement across Connor's abdomen to his cock. Tentatively, he placed his hand over Connor's.

Connor turned his head to look up at the ceiling. Closing his eyes again, he first imagined it was Jo-Jo's hand over his. Those two little frown marks between her eyes. He loosened his grip on his cock, allowing Jordy's fingers to replace his. In no time at all, Connor's stomach tightened. Quietly gasping, he came in long slow jerks.

As his respiration returned to normal, Jordy slowly loosened his grip on Connor's cock, withdrawing his hand and returning it to his own sleeping bag. They turned away from each other and fell into a deep sleep.

The next morning when Connor woke up, he turned over to find Jordy's sleeping bag empty. He was apparently up as were several of the other boys. The sound of talking and laughing came from upstairs in the kitchen. He stumbled up the stairs barefoot in his shorts and t-shirt, wiping the sleep out of his eyes.

When he emerged from the lower level, Connor found the boys sitting on stools around the kitchen island. Some were chomping on toast; a couple had bowls of cereal and milk in front of them. All of the stools were full but Jordy motioned for him to come over to where he was sitting. He scooted half off of his stool inviting Connor to sit with him. They sat together with their hips jammed up against each other.

Connor tossed the hair out of his eyes and looked at Jordy. Likewise, Jordy looked back at Connor, took a bite of his toast, and jammed the remainder of it into Connor's mouth. They both laughed. The tension and awkwardness of the previous night's encounter was broken.

Connor chuckled again when Jordy asked him if he'd had good dreams.

"Very good," Connor answered as he chewed on the toast and nodded his head.

Later that morning when they were all packing up their stuff, Jordy came up to Connor and said, "You should come with me to visit my friend, Mr. Applegate."

"Who is that?"

"Oh, he's just a nice old man. Kind of lonely, I guess. I go over to see him sometimes so he has some company,"

Connor just shrugged his shoulders. I don't get it, he thought.

"And, he always gives you a gift," Jordy added.

"Ok. Whatever."

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