The Pale Blue Sky

by Jack Lynch

Part 2 - Connor, Chapter 2

7-1/2 Years Old.

Connor was quietly playing, "Here is the church. Here is the steeple. Open the doors and see all the people." The real church, the one where he was now sitting during Sunday services, held little interest for Connor. He was doing anything to stay awake. Suddenly he heard the phrase "…And strippeth the forests bare..." being recited from some Old Testament psalm. Connor perked up immediately. The words "strippeth" and "bare" triggered something in his now 7-1/2 year old mind. For the rest of the church service and throughout the rest of the day the words kept rolling through his mind.

After he woke up the next day, he'd completely forgotten about those words. But, on a cold and very boring day after school, the words came back. He laid on his bed softly repeating them to himself.

Connor could hear his mother on the phone. It sounded like she was on one of those long calls for work. He quietly closed the door to his bedroom and went to look at himself in his closet door mirror. He looked at himself closely. His body had lost all of its baby fat. He was now just a skinny kid. His mom liked to keep his hair cut short, parted on the left side and neatly combed. She thought it made him look grown up. Whenever his hair was freshly cut, his mom called him "Little Man." At the slightest hint of a smile, a dimple would appear on his left cheek. He grimaced slightly. It made him look too babyish.

With the words "strippeth" and "bare" appearing in the mirror almost like a vision, his fingers went to the top button of his shirt. The first button was the hardest. His heart was racing. But, he did it. The second button was a lot easier. He folded the front of the shirt back. He could see some of his smooth chest now. In short order, the rest of the shirt was unbuttoned. Part of his chest and tummy were visible through the open shirt.

For a moment, he got scared that his mom might come in. Opening his bedroom door quietly, he peaked out and listened. She was still on her call.

Returning to the mirror, Connor took another look at himself. He made the decision to take his shirt off. Pulling it off his shoulders and his arms through the sleeves it was off, just like that. He looked at his flat chest, pushed his thumb into each nipple, and stuck a finger in his belly button. Turning around so his back was to the mirror, he turned his head around as far as he could. He looked bony, shoulder blades too big for his back. Remaining in the same position, he unbuckled his belt. When he unbuttoned his jeans, they drooped down to expose his underwear.

Turning to face the mirror again, he looked at himself now bare chested and with his jeans open. He could see pretty far down below his belly button. Just to see how it looked, he hooked his fingers into the belt loops and put his weight on one hip. It looked kind of sexy, whatever that meant. Kind of like some of the fashion magazines his mom looked at.

Before he went further, Connor sat down on hid bed and pulled his socks off. It would look weird if he was just wearing socks.

Connor looked down at the zipper as he slowly pulled it all the way down. Turning his gaze back to the mirror, he let his jeans fall to his ankles. Lifting his left foot out of the leg, he used it to kick the jeans off of his other foot.

The only thing left were his briefs. He was wearing his favorite Star Wars briefs with trimmed in red. The ones with Chewbacca all over them. He turned around one more time to look at himself from the back. Through the thin material of the briefs, he could see the shadow of his butt crack. He got up on tip toes for a second so he could see it better.

Turning back to face the mirror, Connor took a deep breath and pulled his underpants down and off. He could now see every part of himself. It was the same as taking a bath but it was different. You had to be naked to take a bath. Just being naked like this was totally different. It felt kind of thrilling.

Connor liked the way he looked. His skin was a nice shade of pink, smooth and unblemished. He raised one arm and then the other to look at his pits. Then he raised both arms and clasped his hands behind his head. This looked better, he decided.

Turning his back to the mirror again, he twisted around so he could look at his butt. His hands were still behind his head so he arched his back and stuck his butt out. Dropping his hands, he grabbed his butt cheeks and pulled them apart. He couldn't quite see his butt hole but he could see the dark colored skin near it. He wondered if it was stained like that because he didn't wipe good enough. He turned again so his body partially faced the mirror. More of a three quarter turn.

Now it was time to check out his dick. Cripes it was small, he thought. The same shade of pink as the rest of his skin. It was lightly bobbing in front of his nuts. He pulled it out to see how far it would go. Not far. Then he pulled it up and out of the way so he could see his nuts. Smaller than walnuts, more like peach pits. The skin on them was kind of prickly.

He did one more turn around to check himself out and then with a swing of his arms, he dove onto his bed. After a couple of bounces, he steadied himself. Grabbing a book from his night table, he decided to do some reading. He read a couple of pages and stopped to think. This had been fun. He liked the way he felt without clothes on. He wondered if anyone other than his father would ever "strippeth" him "bare." That would be fun. But, he couldn't really think of anyone he wanted to do that.

A few days later, the urge to get naked hit him again. The only thing frustrating him was that he really couldn't see what he looked like from behind. As he was laying on his bed naked, it suddenly occurred to him that there was an old three-way mirror in the basement. It had been left by their home's previous owner.

Connor went to his bedroom door and peaked out. He didn't hear anything. His mom had gone out to run an errand. Even still, he was being cautious. What if he ran downstairs right now and took a quick look? He listened again. Silence. He cautiously opened the door. Then he ran like his life depended on it. Down the steps to the basement. Partially out of breath, he ran over to the mirror standing in the corner of the unfinished basement. He stepped into it, did a quick turn. This was great! He turned to the side. He could see everything! There was like eight of him or something. At least half of reflected images were of his butt. His heart was pounding. No way was he going to get caught. He scampered back up the steps and ran to his bedroom and closed the door. Out of breath from the running but even more so from the excitement.

Laying on his bed on his tummy with his arms propped up supporting his head, he thought it through. The right day, the right time, and he could spend some time down there.

But, it wasn't to be. At least not right away. It seemed like his parents were always around. After school and on the weekend, he would lurk around trying to see if there would be an opportunity to get down to the basement.

His mother picked up on it. As she was going over some work, she looked at him with a puzzled expression. "Connor, is everything ok?" She probed.

His dad expressed it differently. "What is your problem?!" He asked in a sharp voice.

On a Sunday afternoon a couple of weeks later, he had his chance. A good solid chance. His father was over at a neighbor's house watching some game. His mother had gone to the mall. She'd said something about a big sale. Connor played with some legos in his room for awhile to create a pretense for what he hoped to do.

Once he felt the coast was clear, he dashed down the basement steps. He pulled his shirt off before he even got to the mirror. In seconds, he was completely undressed. Stepping into the mirror, he turned this way and that. Every possible angle. Connor didn't want to say anything but he thought his butt looked really good. It was high and round. When he was younger, he had sometimes played with dolls at the home of one his girl friends. They would frequently change the dolls' clothes or give them baths. He thought his butt looked like a doll's butt. Maybe better.

Turning to the side, he observed how his small chest and side met his hip and the side of his butt cheek. If he turned just so, he could see a nipple, his dick, and his butt all at the same time. Just looking made him feel good.

One more good look at his butt. And then he got a funny feeling in his stomach. It was both excitement and fear. Connor didn't want to get caught but what if he did? What would happen?He shook his head. I need to get out of here, he thought. He dressed quickly and headed for the stairs.

Just as he reached the top step, the back door swung open. "Whaddaya doin' down there?!" his father bellowed, stepping into the house.

"Nothing. Just looking for a toy," Connor mumbled. He slipped by him as his father gave him a puzzled look.

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