Like Dust in the Wind

by Jack Lynch

Chapter 20



Jordy lay on his side, spooned against Have's smooth back. He nudged his nose against him, drinking in his smell. His cock, still slick with cum, nudged between Have's butt cheeks.

"C'mon little buddy. You better scram," Have said as he coughed once, and nudged himself off the bed.

It was just two weeks ago. The first high school hockey game of the year. Just like the other guys on his team, Jordy was there to watch, of course. Not just the game, but one Haverton Moore. Senior, starting center, captain, future college hockey star.

He even had his own cheer. "Get Moore! Have Moore! Have Scores!"

So graceful and athletic, a jaw dropping performance. Two goals, two assists. What a way to start the season!

After the game, Jordy stood in the arena lobby watching Have sign autographs for adoring young fans. He seemed to loom above them. 5'11" according to the program, more than a half a foot taller than he was. Long straight blond hair, hanging on his shoulders. Oval face, almond shaped blue eyes, a long narrow nose that looked almost smashed against his flat cheeks.

As he signed another program, Have glanced up and smiled at Jordy. After scribbling out a few more autographs, he extracted himself from the kids swarming around him and sauntered over to him.

"How ya doin'?"

Jordy's mouth dropped open. He was literally speechless.

A brief conversation and they agreed to meet later at a nearby fast food joint. Have chowed down on a burger and fries while Jordy nursed a soda. Jordy blushed, totally stunned, when Have told him he'd watched him play in a couple of games.

Jordy didn't see it coming but they ended up in bed a few days later. The exhilaration he felt was hard to put into words. Naked, flat on his back, Have standing in front of him, completely smooth, small nipples, contoured body, pulling on his cock.

Jordy nudged himself toward the edge of the bed as he pulled his knees up and spread his legs. He grunted when Have entered him with his dripping cock. It didn't hurt really, just more of a surprise. Watching Have orgasm was one of the most beautiful things he'd ever seen.

After Have gave him an exquisite blow job, they just lay there. From his breathing, Jordy guessed he was taking a little snooze. As he planted soft kisses on his back, he happened to glance up to see a flash of blond hair as a boy streaked by the open door to Have's bedroom.

"Do you have a little brother?" Jordy asked, startled.

"Mmmm, no. I got an older brother. Why?"

"A kid just ran by your door."

"What?" Yawn. "You must be dreamin.'"

Jordy didn't think about Connor everyday. But, he thought about him a lot. His crazy mop of blond hair, straight on the top, curled on the ends, bouncing off of his shoulders. Pale blue eyes, twinkling when he smiled, his teeth badly in need of braces. 13 years old. Forever. As time went on, he was afraid he'd forget about him. And that made him sad. The best friend he'd ever had, probably would ever have. The hardest thing he ever had to do was watch his casket being lowered into a grave.

A couple of days later. The same fast food place where they'd first hung out. Have was getting their order as Jordy sat on a bench against the wall.

Out of nowhere, a little kid jumped up on the bench next to him. Probably two or three years old, a mop of blond hair, bright blue eyes.

"What's your name?" He asked in a surprisingly clear voice for a little kid.


"Do you play hockey?"

"Ya. I do." That's odd, Jordy thought. "What's your name?"

"My name used to be Connor. But, now they call me Elston."


Just then, the boy's mother called for him.

"Elston, come on! We've got to get going!"

The boy jumped off the bench and ran to his mother as she waited by the door. Just before they left, he gave Jordy a little wave and smiled. One dimple on the left side of his face.

Jordy was practically hyperventilating. Tears filled his eyes.

"What's with you? You look like you just saw a ghost." Have said as he sat down with their tray of food.

"Did you just see that kid?"

"No." Have looked around. "What kid?"


Buried in work, that is.

What better way to assuage the guilt? What better way to forget about Apollo? What better way to just get through?

The four by twelve foot work table on the third floor of the library, assigned to him by the Assistant Librarian. Filled end-to-end with books, notebooks, his lap top and an additional tablet. Sandwich wrappers, empty or mostly empty coffee cups from the nearby vending machine. Working on two Poli Sci papers in tandem, Carey stayed focused as he ground away on research and writing.

He glanced over once at his vibrating phone. Dirk again. First game of the conference playoffs was probably over. Carey guessed they'd probably won. He instinctively clutched his asshole. Nevertheless, he was ready to be done.

Dirk had come close to crossing the line the last time. Carey liked the butt fucking. Well, he loved it. But, Dirk insisted on adding his frat brother into the mix. Carey said, no, like four times before giving in. Ok, Blackie was cute but that cock of his was something else. When Dirk made him drop trou, Carey practically tossed his cookies. How could such a diminutive person have a horse cock like that? On his back and clutching his knees, Carey thought he was going to be split in two when Blackie entered him. Dirk just chuckled, laying there, watching them as he stroked his own dick.

Carey rubbed the memory out of his eyes, yawned, and gazed down the row of stacks to the left of his table. Turning his eyes to the book shelves in front of him, he found himself staring. A pair of twinkling pale blue eyes was watching him from behind the row, just barely visible above the books lining the fifth shelf.

"Uhh-h-h!" Carey gasped, sucking the air down his windpipe.

Heart racing, he ran around to the other side of the row of books. The aisle was empty. Literally shaking, he ran around the entire floor of the library, listening for the sound of footsteps or the ding of the elevator. No one else was on the third floor. No one.

Her back pressed against the side of the barn, hands supporting her hips. Jo-Jo could feel her heart thumping away in her chest. She didn't know where to direct her eyes. First, out in the distance, then glancing quickly into Ally's blue eyes. Blazing blue eyes.

Ally leaned into the barn, supporting herself with one hand. With the other, she pulled her cowboy hat off and dropped it to the ground, quickly shaking her blonde hair loose.

She giggled softly. Fuckin' A she was cute! Jo-Jo's dark brown hair tied back in a pony tail, those adorable pinhead freckles across the bridge of her nose, dainty pink lips. 14 years old, looking younger. Just the way she liked 'em. Just like the way she was when she was fourteen.

It was a chilly late fall day with a bit of a breeze. They both wore jackets. If it had been warmer, she would have stripped her right then and there and eaten her out. Instead, Ally reached behind Jo-Jo's head and pulled the rubber band holding her hair. It tumbled around her face making her look more sultry but still quite innocent. Tipping her chin up, she nudged her lips apart with her own and darted her tongue into the young girl's mouth.

Jo-Jo's heart raced. She'd never experienced anything like this. Not since Billy Martin kissed her two years ago. Well, sort of kissed her. He was so inept she had to stifle a giggle. But, this was so crashy. As Ally's lips approached hers, she had a funny sexy half smile, her lip slightly curled almost in a sneer. She tasted so sweet and she smelled so good. Not like other girls. A combination of leather and pine and kind of a horsey smell with a dash of cheap soap.

Jo-Jo pushed her away, her hand flat against Ally's chest. They looked at each other for a moment before they crushed their lips together again. This time, arms around each other heads, shoulders, and necks held tightly together.

"C'mere!" Ally gasped as she struggled to pull themselves apart.

Taking her by the hand, she led Jo-Jo into the barn to a corner of one of the empty stalls where there was some fresh hay piled up. Throwing her down, Ally tried to catch her breath.

In less than a minute, they were both naked. At least, more or less. Jo-Jo's bra still hung off of her arm. Ally had paused just long enough to pull her cowboy boots off. The socks remained half way on, half way off. When Ally hit Jo-Jo's clitoris with her tongue, she saw stars. She felt like passing out. But, instead she grasped the wood of the stall and held on for dear life.

It was then that she saw him. He was just sitting there on the other side of the stall, legs crossed, elbows on his knees, fists under his chin. Smiling. Still as cute as ever. His messy blond hair, straight and then curly, pink skin, his one dimple, a crooked teeth smile. Pale blue eyes.


"Hi Joanne."

"Is that you?"

He just nodded.

"I miss you."


"Yes, Con."

"Everything's gonna be ok."

Just then, it happened. She wasn't sure exactly but other girls had told her about it. Her first orgasm. She squeezed her eyes shut as she clenched her stomach and gasped over and over.

A soft giggle. Ally moved up so their faces were close to each other. Jo-Jo looked over Ally's shoulder at the empty side of the stall.

When he leaned over the side of the boat, the water looked like glass. Maybe it wasn't glass. He stopped to consider it more closely. It kind of looked like ice.

Connor had the sudden impulse that it might be fun to skate. He started to put his legs over the side of the boat before he realized he wasn't wearing skates. And, in spite of the fact, the boat wasn't rocking in the water, it was, after all, a boat.

He looked at the distant shoreline as he contemplated his situation. Gray and foreboding low hills, not a tree or any other landmark visible. He was unable to recall how long he'd been here. He wasn't hungry and he wasn't tired. He was just kind of there.

A sudden flash. He was floating above a wrecked car. At least, he thought it was a car. More like a big hunk of twisted metal, it was hard to pick out its features. People were crawling all over around it. Policemen or firemen, maybe.

Connor wanted his mom. And, just like that, he was in his room at home. As he peeked out of his closet door, he could see his mom laying on his bed. Why was she doing that? She was crying. He tried to go to her to comfort her but his feet were planted where he stood, stuck to the floor. He opened his mouth to call to her but no sound came out.

He needed to get someone to help him. Wandering up and down the streets of his neighborhood, he looked for anyone. But, there was no one. He walked by Mr. Applegate's house but the front gate wouldn't budge. It was as if it was welded shut.

Just like that, he was in a room with Mr. Applegate. He was sitting in a wheelchair, slumped over as if he was dozing. Slowly lifting his head and opening his eyes, he saw Connor and smiled softly.

"Do you want me to do anything for you?" Connor asked.

Mr. Applegate smiled more broadly and nodded his head. Obligingly, Connor's hands went to the bottom of his t-shirt so he could pull it off. But, for some reason, he couldn't find the edge of the fabric. It wouldn't come off. He looked at Mr. Applegate.

"Do you want to come with me?" Connor said as he extended his hand and shook the hair out of his eyes.

"Yes, I do. I would very much like to go with you." Mr. Applegate responded clearly and with enthusiasm.

Just then, another voice.

"What did you say, Henry?"

From out of nowhere, there was a nurse sitting in a chair near Mr. Applegate. She looked on with concern.

Out of breath, Connor was flying down the ice along the sideboard. Just as he was about to cross the blue line, he stopped short, banged his stick on the ice, and looked back at Jordy. In an instant, Jordy rifled the puck in his direction. Just get the stick on the puck and he had a clear line to the net. He made one stride into the zone, expecting the puck to be right there. It was, but instead of hitting the blade of his stick, it went right through it. He heard the crowd groan. A defenseman from the other team quickly gathered the puck and shot it up ice.

The coach called for a line change. When he got to the bench, Jordy was already there. He sat there, his head against the side board. Their coach was chewing him out.

"Why did you just shoot it away? Why didn't you carry it to the net?" He demanded to know.

Connor wanted to defend his friend. When he opened his mouth to protest, he couldn't think of any words. Jordy looked sad and distraught.

A long sigh. Connor was back on the boat. When he looked up, another Connor was sitting on the opposite bench. His twin. An exact duplicate. The other Connor just looked at him, expressionless.

"Who are you?"

The other Connor smirked, shaking the hair out of his eyes.

"Who do you think?"

"I have no clue."

"Well, I'm the Big Guy."

Connor chuckled.

"You're not such a big guy. You're my size. Who made you the Big Guy?"

"I made me the Big Guy."

There was silence for awhile. They stared at each other with their pale blue eyes.

"I'm God."

Connor gasped and laughed at the same time.

"That's ridiculous. You look just like me and I know I'm not God."

"I made you in my image."

Connor just stared, unable to respond.

They just looked at each other.

"So, this is it," Connor finally replied, somewhat resigned.



"So called."

Connor sighed.

"This is forever?"

"That word has no meaning here."

God turned his head. He appeared to be looking off into the distance."

Complete darkness. Pressure. He felt like he was being squeezed, as if someone had their arms around him and they were hugging him tightly.

He choked, spat something gelatinous out of his mouth, opened his mouth and cried.

First warm and cozy, now cold and wet.

Someone wiped him off. Then something was wound around his legs, wrapped around his body. His arms were constrained. He couldn't move. It felt good, though. Especially after something was stuck in his mouth and he sucked on it. A warm milky substance. Tasted pretty good.

He couldn't really see anything. It was all a blur. Just light and dark. People were talking but he had no clue as to what they were saying. It just sounded like gibberish. Once in awhile, he heard a cooing sound, though. It sounded nice.

Connor yawned. It had been a very long day. I think I'll take a nap, he thought.

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